Got to give CS some huge credit...

Scammers seem to be deleted as soon as they come. thumbs up
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I notice that Johnny. A good change. wave
wave SR....always nice seeing you.
wave Spotme...welcome aboard.
Johnny Sparton ~ I had been getting v fed up with Scammers. Recently I notice that I get a few that I know are Scammers by the Dear used a lot and also they are always American [stolen profile pics ] and out in Afghanistan and widowed looking for a God f earing woman. They are taken down very quickly.
Great for everyone.
Really? I’ve not noticed that at all. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve lost count of the people asking for my private contact information in the last week alone! I’m no oil painting so I get quite offended with the “Hello Beautiful” messages. Do they really think real women are going to fall for that? We do have mirrors and fortunately we also have the brains to assess our own worth.
Dear JS. ..... thumbs up
Well Scammers use always new tactics.
Hope you're doing good...... handshake
peace .... : teddybear

Aww man! Some younger lady had just joined CS and sent me a dirty picture of herself. Next thing I know, when I tried to write back to her, she was gone. Her profile deleted.

Sheesh! And there I was all hot and bothered only to find she was deleted. frustrated

Hey Johnny what about your mate that uses the 49 year old pic !
Is he a scammer ?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
"Scammers seem to be deleted as soon as they come"

I hope it means more people are reporting.
Hit or miss. Some I reported weeks ago are still here, while others are removed within a few hours of reporting.

A trick I heard about from another site was to lock the profile (and not delete them) so membership continues to grow. They never return to bother the other members.
The classic mistake of intelligent people is to assume intelligence in other people and ask who could fall for one of these scams? Almost blind to the consequences of freedom.
Hello Urban...

That is exactly what I have been experiencing too. Thank you for sharing. thumbs up

Hello Gee,

Yes...I have been noticing that I have gotten notifications of mail from a member, only to find that it is not there. It used to be, I could literally post a message or write a blog, and like clockwork, I would have a new message, like, or whatever from this supermodel...who just happened to be a new member...not very much now.

Hello Tim,

Very nice to see you still here and thank you for your comment. thumbs up I am doing well, thank you. Likewise, I hope life is treating you beautifully.

Take care.

wave should have reported that to CS. rolling on the floor laughing

wave cheers
Hello Blue,

I kind of feel scammerish myself. That picture I have is from when I was 38-ish I think, now I am an antique at 49....pushing 50. grin Honestly, I think age did not touch me, I look identical today. Hmm...maybe I should update. But I do hate taking pictures of myself...thus a 10+ year old picture. I wonder if CS will crack down on that or not. dunno

Hello Korn,

That could be what is going on...maybe more people reporting them. thumbs up

or perhaps...just occurred to me...

Now that Twitter has been ousted for fake profiles...maybe other social sites are taking note of that. dunno

Hello Chat,

That is an interesting way of dealing with them. thumbs up

Hello CC,

One has to assume there is a motive behind all those scammers....meaning they must still have the ability to deceive. dunno Good point though.

When I get a 'like' I run over to see the new profiles and find the person doing the like to be the newest member on the list.

My guess is as soon as they create a profile, they hit every guy online at the time. I'm not sure if there is a limit to the number of profiles a member can like.
I'd give it up to them more if only they could prevent blocked members being still able to go on your profile.

What's that all about anyway, why keep looking in on someone who's blocked you?
crazy if you ask me uh oh
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