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I GOT NOTHINGWell it's Friday, the day is starting off good. I was thinking of putting up a blog and thought about it for a while then said to myself.....I GOT NO...

wenever27827Apr 6Apr 7

Identical Twins Meet for the first time at age 33I'll start by telling you that I was adopted shortly after birth. In 2005 I was found by my birth family and reunited with 5 sisters and 2 brothers....

Willy34111092Apr 7Apr 7

Pick Up LineEveryone needs to try pickup lines at least once....

Track1623510Mar 11Apr 7
Riddle me this

Riddle me thisIf my mother is also my sister and my father my half brother do you think the gene pool will become too small if I marry my fist cousin

ribabezvode1431Apr 6Apr 6
What is a friend

What is a friend?We take for granted our need for friends but really what is a friend? Well, on one level a friend is the opposite of an enemy, so anyone on your side...

Bunyi88824911Mar 14Apr 6

SPAIN´S JUMBO PROBLEMAnother incident to add to Spain´s many problems... An elephant has died and four others are recovering from injuries after a circus truck tipped o...

daniela77747344Apr 5Apr 6

InfidélitéYes,Xtra-marital,brief infatuation,a tryst,an indulgence,a liaison,dallying,philander....infidelity oh my,oh my ,thats a lot of words to describe what...

Dfrezne1614Apr 6Apr 6

Parsnips and old laceHe sat in the recliner, pretending to read a magazine His eyes peering over glossy pages Watching a feminine figure, dusting She bent down to po...

Palmfrond1742Apr 6Apr 6

Life in social media 2Life in social media 2 Life in social media 2 Life in social media 2...

galrads1,046-Mar 30Apr 6
Not into this

Not into thisalright look..... im 20 and have been here for a couple months and honestly im getting pretty fed up with the s*xual perverts, the overwhelming amount...

PH03N1X255242314Apr 4Apr 6

It won't be long now......Art and I would be reunited on the 11th April. He made the arduous trip to Malaysia to meet his MiMi for the first time last year February. That was a...

MiMiArt210-Apr 6Apr 6
Life Without Smartphones

Life Without SmartphonesJust how many things became useless because of smartphones. Lost my phone for almost 3 days. I had difficulty climbing the stairs in the dark beca...

Crazyheart3838531Mar 28Apr 6
Cherish The Moment

Cherish The MomentQingming fastival (tomb sweeping day) is a day for us to recall the deceased relatives and old friends ... Time flys fast. year after year, our age is...

July0121316Apr 6Apr 6
stringman1707Apr 5Apr 6

Do We Really Live Forever?For thousands of years there have always been those who believe in past lives and reincarnation. The reasoning behind this belief is that many people...

daniela77768960Mar 27Apr 6

MyWordsCutUnstimulating ramblings that paint a biased picture of contemporary life in post-code JP as a foreign-born person,in all my layered,contradictory and...

Dfrezne23817Apr 4Apr 6
Looking at faces making choices

Looking at faces – making choicesIt’s weird isn’t it? Looking at all these faces and wondering which one’s you should contact and which ones you won’t. How is it, we can make such...

Bunyi88835031Mar 15Apr 5
I need to VENT Because IM MAAAAD

I need to VENT!!!!!!! Because I'M MAAAAD!! ??????I need to VENT!!!!!!! Because I'M MAAAAD!! ?????? I just went to Woolworths to pick up a few things. I'm waiting in the queue and I dropped a R100 no...

BelladonnaMaria49625Feb 13Apr 5

I’m off to work butTruly, why are you here? There are some good ones but always far away. There are profiles that stoke the fires Too far away to make fires real Why...

Palmfrond39215Feb 28Apr 5
Who are the alpha females on this site closed for comments

Who are the alpha females on this site? closed for commentsI notice some women are competing for alpha female status and is this to impress men? Is it for ego boost? Is it to boss over other women? What’s you...

LeeCharming1,688-Apr 3Apr 5

"THE MAKING OF RUDE"Go Ahead........................................Ive Become What Ive Never Wanted To Be....................................But Alas.....It Has Happened...

namaron840-Apr 3Apr 5
Why is depression so depressing part one

Why is depression so depressing? part...oneI know I am not alone when asking a question as simple as this… yet the answer is not quite easily rendered. I have often stated and will continue to...

TattoedMonk4564Apr 5Apr 5

Miss MagpieThis is just BLOODY AWFUL and I'm not in the least impressed would of been more so if you uploaded a suitable song to me as well.... given my n...

itchywitch3537Apr 5Apr 5
I need help getting a good rooting

I need help getting a good rooting,are there any experts out there willing to share their knowledge of any previous experience's in this particular activity. Can anyone offer any good...

nonsmoker35018Apr 3Apr 5

Since The Week Before ChristmasMy sister has spent hundreds on a "snake" (bunch of cables rolled into one) plus other cords for Xmas, and since Xmas, probably spent over a grand in...

Track161835Apr 1Apr 5
Google translater

Google translaterHow to make a complete fool of self in multiple new languages Then increase number of people's who find stupid talk funny...

ribabezvode2135Apr 1Apr 5

Photo Caption Contest - Let them eat cake !Here's my first caption for the following photo; Sharon seemed to take dieting a lot harder than some people. Add your own caption(s), if you...

JimNastics21210Apr 1Apr 5
5ECX5M790Apr 5
The Potential Males on this Site

The Potential Males on this SiteI have never found so many men with the color "black" for eyes. So many "mixed race" men and when you ask them what "mix" they are reply something stu...

StellaSato41734115Apr 4Apr 5

America is great but not the greatest and can still be betterRight off the beginning, I would clarify this statement to be not absolutely true. It depends upon so many things and many reasons, to some that thi...

lindsyjones1,643105Feb 24Apr 5
Its Not Me Its You

Its Not Me Its YouThere are very specific reasons why we will never connect, and distance aint one of them, Baby...

My_Lover2438Apr 4Apr 5
Why is depression so depressing part two

Why is depression so depressing? part...twoFor everyone out there who has these conditions and those who don’t… please remember it does not make you less of person or even an outcast… you are w...

TattoedMonk890Apr 5
Shinguruzu the JP equivalent of singles

Shinguruzu,the JP equivalent of singles.Like the English original,shinguruzu is used to not only describe young people,but also the leftovers who never got hitched,the divorcees and the bere...

Dfrezne1784Apr 4Apr 5
What do you think about people on this C S site

What do you think about people on this C.S sitei think there are more unserious people here, or is it that they are new to the online dating?...

rich142k536320Apr 4Apr 5

Share your tales from Hell.Has anyone here ever been possessed by the Devil, demons or evil spirits? If you have an amusing anecdote about an encounter with evil or a spot of b...

Harbal42336Apr 1Apr 5

miss Magpie.....and a few grudges ......inspired by another blog. Since I've been told: "Bloodyawful NEVER put your ugly self on any of my blogs ever again...

bloodyawfull2341Apr 4Apr 5

Did the Pope commit Rank Heresy ?"Pope Declares No Hell?" So ran the riveting headline on the Drudge Report of Holy Thursday. Drudge quoted this exchange, published in La Repubb...

Willy341142637Apr 1Apr 4
stringman1687Apr 3Apr 4

Cute FriendsCute Friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

jarred177-Apr 4

Blog ExperimentI am going to try a social experiment on the blogs. There are many topics which should be discussed, which would be interesting to discuss, and nee...

mollybaby2,248140Mar 29Apr 4

PeoplePeople wonder why they don’t meet anyone. Maybe if you wrote to someone within a days and understand the and understand th...

Palmfrond34417Apr 2Apr 4

AS 70% OF THE WORLD HAVENOT ENOUGH TO EAT, HAVE WE BECOME SELF ABSORBED.You cannot open a Magazine /Newspaper or even watch some T.V. without being bombarded with articles on Staying young [it is a sin to age ], About Vit...

goldengloss71465Mar 27Apr 4

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