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"HONEYMOONERS"They Were All Made And Done In One Season...(The Classic 39 Episodes).....But... In Order.... To Cover Ones Tracks... From The "Correctors"..(Who Woul...

namaron379-Aug 21Aug 26

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("THESE PEOPLE")..(65)For Some Of The People......Well....These People... Are Firm And Determined ...For...With These People... Just That One Time.... Is Too Many.............

namaron1703Aug 24Aug 26
Born Happy

Born HappyWere we not all born happy?you are happy if you decide to be happy. Being grateful is essential, high self esteem is helpful, your choice, your decisi...

Unknown51516Aug 2012Aug 26
Johnny Cash country and western legend

Johnny Cash - country and western legendAny requests? I will start with “The Gambler” and “Hurt” his last song. What do you consider to be the best song "Johnny...

Freedomofspeech926517Aug 24Aug 26

ScammerFellow Women out carefull!!! The guy who calls himself don4love7 on dating site is not real, the profile photo is...

Tina47439222Aug 25Aug 26
Soul to soul

Soul to soulHave you figured out your priorities when it comes to your love life. It's crazy the excuses you’ve made for him! He’s not ready to commit becau...

2317588F1040Aug 26
Be Careful

Be CarefulBe Careful...

jarred1119-Aug 26
blog up

blog upto give you a pleasure..... chicory, my favorite flower, grows in my garden was very surprised when saw a white one, which is really rare he...

bloodyawfull3269Aug 25Aug 26
Pricelist of a Gigolo

Pricelist of a Gigolo-Holding hands-30 bucks/hour -Picking up your walking cane (exposing my heinie ) 15 bucks -Watching a chick-flick on the sofa -30 bucks -Rubb...

Dedovix46631Apr 7Aug 26
If a Lamb Falls in a Forest

If a Lamb Falls in a Forest…If a Lamb Falls in a Forest…...

jarred163-Aug 26
Another Baby

Another Baby!My son's little brother. We are all happy today...we are blessed with another angel Our little Mahmoud

Crazyheart3849154Aug 25Aug 26
Track161357Aug 25Aug 26
Canadian Humour

Canadian HumourThis comedy group has been been around for a long time...poking fun at Prime Ministers and other politicians including our friends south of the border...

loulou7735326Aug 23Aug 26


Track16803Aug 25Aug 25
stringman1103Aug 24Aug 25
So There you have it

So There you have itIts one of those days. It started of normal. Light shone in my eyes waking me from sleep. I got out of bed and prepared for the day. Dressing qu...

nonsmoker76094Aug 23Aug 25
All my

All my...good extensions was for her, she didn't care, she didn't want my good extensions....

Duromojon1313Aug 25Aug 25
Not Nagging But Constantly Positive Communication Between 2 People Is Important

Not Nagging! But Constantly Positive Communication Between 2 People Is Important!As Trust And Compromise! ( By Balicia) This Should be Happen In A Daily Basis Through Messages, Texts, Emails, Phone Calls Or Face To Face. This,...

Balicia1954Aug 24Aug 25
Adams Rib

Adams RibAdam was walking around the Garden of Eden feeling very lonely, so God asked Adam, “What is wrong with you?” Adam said, “Lord, I don’t have anyone...

Gentlejim2086Aug 7Aug 25

BraggartsI was reading about people who are affected by braggarts and expressing their disdainful taste about it, here's what I can say: leave them be, they'...

lindsyjones39529Aug 23Aug 25
Rohinghya refugees

Rohinghya refugeesBurmese troops kick them out of its territory. Looking at the little children, I'm scratching my head. Living in climate controlled modern house i...

humansurplus1552Aug 24Aug 25
Only One Thing

Only One ThingOnly One Thing......................

jarred166-Aug 25

Uppers.....and downers. In the USA, and now a growing number of other places, the alt-left is pushing to erase history by taking down, sometimes forcibly and vio...

Aaltarboy940Aug 25


Track16933Aug 24Aug 25
John Denver

John DenverThis song is very under rated and has such beautiful thoughts expressed. Annies Song - John Denver When I hear this song it makes me think deep and...

Freedomofspeech937223Aug 19Aug 24

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(124)When Someone Asks A Politician A Question....It Amazes Me... That The Politician..(Bull Shit Artist)Will Go Off... In Another Direction..Ranting About...

namaron30029Aug 20Aug 24
An open invitation to all

An open invitation to all ....menopausal women and eunuchs I have been labeled a hater and now an angry white male News flash ! Stay in your delusional bubbles Keep yo...

oldblue54200-Aug 24

HiI'm back after taking a break from here. Did you miss me? Hope everyone is doing well?...

myhome34131Aug 23Aug 24
Two Results

Two ResultsTwo Results...

jarred170-Aug 24
Sad Funny at the same time

Sad & the same time.There was a 56 year old New Jersey, USA man, Jeffrey Clayton Riegel who died recently. He was a father and a husband who lost his battle with cancer...

JimNastics1174Aug 24Aug 24
Perceptions of Hopes Dreams

Perceptions of Hopes & DreamsI know for sure, everyone has dreams & hopes to explore each of some possibilities if they do come up. Why not. It doesn`t hurt anyone, unless yo...

moonkitten1002Aug 24Aug 24
This guy said

This guy said...god put me there to save this woman life. at the same time a 3years young girl was smashed by a pick truck. 2 different news I watched on local...

Duromojon820Aug 24
NewYorkcitylove119-Aug 24
stringman972Aug 23Aug 24
When the rich throw away something

When the rich throw away somethingWhen the rich throw away something...

jarred168-Aug 24


Track16850Aug 24
s*xual Orientation Homosexual Heterosexual Bisexual What Are You

s*xual Orientation: Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual...What Are You?I'm STRAIGHT, no doubt about it. My latest escapade to bar and disco turned a bit annoying when a lesbian started hitting on me. She was very pretty...

Crazyheart3844235Aug 22Aug 24
The Anti Christ

The Anti-ChristFor centuries (if not longer) the Anti-Christ has been talked about. We have been led to believe that the Anti-Christ was going to be a figure-head (...

Johnny_Sparton91974Aug 19Aug 24
Mathematical equation

Mathematical equation...According to estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with "faith" or "belief sy...

oldblue5437928Aug 3Aug 23


Track16762Aug 23Aug 23
Angry White Males

Angry White MalesThe blogs here have a certain negative quality as of late... Men calling other males manginas, or putting women down because we now have more cont...

loulou7754735Aug 22Aug 23
One packing problem sorted

One packing problem sortedHow long does bubbly last, anyway? I found six, count them, six, bottles (so far) waiting to be packed. I don't even remember who gave me the first fe...

Elegsabiff63875Aug 19Aug 23

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