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Its my pleaure who like contacts me

It's my pleaure who like contacts meI am a Chinese, 62 years old,178cm tall,divorced,living with my only daughter 25 years old,retired ,before was an electrical engineer,designing automa...

shdnglu920Apr 29
LincolnsCousin1351Apr 21Apr 29

I have just one word for this - Wow !I've met pitbulls that were nicer. The 2018 Correspondents Dinner in Washington DC

JimNastics810Apr 29

My GarageMy Garage ...............................................................................................................................................

galrads224-Apr 25Apr 29
stringman1031Apr 29Apr 29

Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence..........

jarred178-Apr 29

AstrologyHow many of us ever had time to see what the study of astrology offers? I made this question to me once. Thought it was waste of time to explore it...

taurusjoey59211Sep 2012Apr 29
too hard

too hardwhy is it so hard to get a woman in here maybe something wrong with me!!??...

babaluli42414Apr 23Apr 28

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part V....continuation... Rattlesnake Lake is not the home of poisonous rattlers, and, in fact, no poisonous snakes inhabit Washington State. Legend has...

LadyImp740Apr 28

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part IV...continuation... Campsites for backpackers and bikers can be found at Carter Creek, 8.3 miles from the tunnel (just past the Bandera sign) and A...

LadyImp620Apr 28

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part III...continuation... Picnic tables gleam wetly from a recent rainfall, and lily-like wildflowers bloom abundantly along the trail edge. Steep drop-of...

LadyImp660Apr 28

The Hollow Whistle of Iron Horses Part II...continuation.... Heading half a block further west, Compass Outdoor Adventures rents bikes and offers a shuttle to Snoqualmie Tunnel from a second...

LadyImp650Apr 28

The Hollow Whistle of Iron HorsesVisions of heavy steam engines chugging up dense forest mountainsides, clacking across steel girders spanning deep chasms cross your mind while cyclin...

LadyImp960Apr 28

I have power!I’m bingeing on TV. I watched a favorite movie “Used Cars”. I’ve done 2 loads of laundry, not in my bath tub. I have WiFi! The artificial light has...

Palmfrond25021Apr 27Apr 28

The appreciation of thingsIve had power fo 24 hours. Did some tidying in the house. I looked at my efficient coffee maker and then looked at the coffee pot on the stove. I was...

Palmfrond17511Apr 28Apr 28

What Possesses Some People?Well, one thing for sure, online, you'll find all kinds of behaviour. What I wonder is, what do people get out of behaving in such a bizarre fashion?...

LadyImp2595Apr 27Apr 28
Hopefully some will have a sense of humor

Hopefully some will have a sense of humor !!The boys may appreciate it hopefully the girls will find the humor as well. Subject: FUN AND INJURY AT VFW I was standing at the bar at the VF...

Akeldama401083Apr 27Apr 28

Bill Cosby found guilty of 3 charges of aggravated s*xual assault.Cosby could get up to 30 years in prison. I do hope they have jello for dessert. :D From the NY Times; NORRISTOWN, Pa. — A jury found Bi...

JimNastics22610Apr 26Apr 28

In a world where you can be anything - be kindThe heading, and the following, are Facebook philosophies picked up today - it may be just my timeline, but there's a faint trend towards optimism aft...

Elegsabiff44040Apr 27Apr 28

When the going gets toughWhen the going gets tough, the tough goes balls to the walls. Today is my day off one more day til payday and ill have electric. I got a sewer shu...

Palmfrond33331Apr 26Apr 28
is it fair

is it fair ?i am here on this site since last one year .. i am not disappointed from this site coz i still not met someone on this site .. sometimes i am in a h...

freebird1025024Apr 28Apr 28
Our young why no speak

Our young - why no speak?Having spent over eight years living in China where I was an English teacher, I have now returned to the UK, at least for a while. As I no longer have...

Bunyi8881879Apr 26Apr 28
An amazing moment Ive ever seen one I wont forget in a long time

An amazing moment, Ive ever seen, one I wont forget in a long timeI really enjoyed watching this guy perform his act, something that brings both happiness and sadness at the same time. And he shares it with the world...

tame97970Apr 27

ffsHere is the problem with depression. Its never on your schedule. It always pops up whenever the hell it pleases and by the time you start coming out o...

Track1632918Apr 25Apr 27
Faux England

Faux England.There was a time when Japan appeared to be another England.The house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha led Europe in the industrial revolution; The "heavenly leade...

Dfrezne20516Apr 27Apr 27

MicrowaveIs micro oven tea dangerous for health ?...

only1life36725Apr 24Apr 27
JimNastics690Apr 27
stringman1652Apr 25Apr 27

Attention Seekers (and internet obsession)Attention Seekers (and internet obsession)...

jarred184-Apr 27

Sometimes you make beautiful plans for your lifeSometimes you make beautiful plans for your life And then suddenly life takes you. It takes over control of you And suddenly you are completely tra...

jarred1100-Apr 27

Just a heads upEven if you think your king or queen if the shit pile.... Your covered in it And yes your shit still stinks...

Onthcrestofawave3087Apr 25Apr 27
Psychological warfare

Psychological warfare!Now, being on here for around a week, I had lots of traffic in my inbox. It is very long time ago that I participated on a dating site. First: compare...

Protegaia1,05237Mar 23Apr 27
stringman26928Apr 8Apr 26
tatami13210Apr 22Apr 26

Lawyers in the courtroom............unreal...............Hear are some excerpts from actual court cases. Lawyer: Did you blow your horn or anything? Witness: After the accident? Lawyer: Before the acc...

britishcolumbian880Apr 26

For NamI know we are not friends at the moment (but that's us).... same old you and I Nevertheless, miss seeing reading you here ... hope you've or w...

itchywitch84320Apr 20Apr 26

"CREATION"...("SO SOFTLY THE WIND")..(102)In Order To Fill In A Space................................One Must..................... Put Down The Words That Will Consume The Emptiness That Lies...

namaron116-Apr 26Apr 26

Dream WeaverI love this song, a great pianist, a great drummer, a great singer, great composition, great musicians, perfect mix. Copyright of author David Foster...

Willy34111133Apr 26Apr 26

For your considerationTrolling is not exclusive to CS. Anyone who’s been on FB knows trolls are alive and well. In addition, trolls pop their heads out while shopping and i...

Palmfrond1372Apr 26Apr 26
One more blog for men

One more blog....for menIf a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very w...

Johnny_Sparton64478Apr 21Apr 26
Emotional investment

Emotional investmentGosh how emotional investment be it online or up close and personal is measured in so many ways. To consider the pain of emotional investment in som...

Akeldama4017119Apr 25Apr 26

Cloud-cuckoo landWiki says cloud cuckoo land is a state of absurdly, over-optimistic fantasy or an unrealistically idealistic state where everything is perfect. Someon...

Elegsabiff1,756132Mar 15Apr 25

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