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Vaping...I was told by a nurse practitioner that it’s considered smoking because of the nicotine. Okay, so be it. I’m not quitting because of that. So...

Deeluv4coffee28313Apr 6Apr 8

SwitchelKombucha is so old hat Switchel is where it's at Ingredients: 2 cups mineral or filtered water ¼ cup raw, organic apple cider vinegar ¼ cup...

OIdblue1295Apr 8Apr 8

Kombucha, Kombucha all I can say is Kombucha...Last week, OIdblue did a blog about a drink he brewed called Kombucha. I never heard of it and did some research. In layman's terms, it's a beverage m...

chatillion23111Apr 4Apr 8
If looks dont matter

If looks don't matterName me 5 ugly film stars Weather or news readers...

OIdblue49342Apr 6Apr 8

You're on your first date............................ Your challenge is:...

Willy341119311Apr 7Apr 8

EXPERIENCE THE FUN OF SEASICKNESS -In The Comfort Of Your Own Home! Courtesy Of Bigwavemaster1 Enjoy!......

miclee13714Apr 7Apr 7
Track161241Apr 7Apr 7

"CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS"I Have Come Across..................... Many Different Situations...................... That Have Happened In The United States..............But There...

namaron871Apr 7Apr 7
Out of work again

Out of work againBy my own decision. Sure, I'll get my gas shut off soon and be bathing by coffeemaker. At my age and with my experience, I couldn't step foot in tha...

Palmfrond31013Apr 7Apr 7

We are getting older, with many of the changes.......Just saw my neurologist and ophthalmologist. Tiny peripheral neuropathy on a right foot toe area and slight balance issues, for former, (demon alcohol...

Vierkaesehoch2052Apr 7Apr 7
Track161163Apr 7Apr 7
Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful morningA strong cup of black coffee, a cigarette and the film Deliverance. Add a faux fur blanket and my fancy balls, bliss....

Palmfrond21912Apr 6Apr 7

Is responding to......everyone in your blog, like a handing out participation trophies? ...but I like my participation trophies. Don't judge me....

Ocee10286532Aug 2015Apr 7
This Weekend

This WeekendI thought I might do something out of the ordinary again this weekend; I also thought it last weekend. There is very little chance of my doing anythi...

Harbal50856Apr 5Apr 7

Florida man gets out of jail, immediately steals from car in prison parking lotWell, that was quick! A man leaving jail in Florida this week was arrested minutes later — accused of stealing from a car in the prison parking lot...

Willy34111234Apr 6Apr 6

You never knowThose that read my blogs may remember that I'm dealing with aging parents. Dad with alzheimers is in a physical therapy rehab, Mom goes three times a...

UnFayzed1518Apr 6Apr 6

For Every ActionThere is a reaction...

Track161262Apr 6Apr 6

Back in the US, back in the USNJHome is car is. After 25 hours of driving (plus 3 hours of sleeping), I arrived home to New Jersey very late Friday night. The car 'b...

JimNastics1104Apr 6Apr 6
Blog mash up

Blog mash upShould women be allowed to back up into your home topless drinking Kombucha?...

Palmfrond30011Apr 5Apr 6
Reasons to sleep naked

Reasons to sleep naked!Do you usually sleep with clothes ?, If so, here I bring you 10 reasons for you to start sleeping naked. 1. Sleeping naked slims Brown fat, the on...

Amed3226311Mar 9Apr 6

The evolution of s*xual activities in committed loving relationships......In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are rules for frequency of s*xual activity based on age. There are suggested frequencies of such, by ten year...

Vierkaesehoch1430Apr 6

Social smoker?.......A fairly large percentage of women's profiles here on CS and elsewhere have this entry, or something similar. Perhaps men as well. But just what do...

Vierkaesehoch39725Apr 3Apr 6

Voila!It's not everyone's taste but I hung my drapes with balls....

Palmfrond51764Apr 5Apr 6
When Solitaires the only game in town

When Solitaire's the only game in townMore and more people in their 30s and 40s are choosing to be alone, to have a social network but no partner and no lasting ties. Most people on their...

Elegsabiff33929Apr 3Apr 6
Who should I hate today

Who should I hate today?Whether it's the media, politicians, or self-interested shills, there always seems to be someone trying to influence my opinion and to persuade me to...

BadlyDrawn38534Mar 21Apr 6

Bad Night TonightA weather system has moved in and giving my province loads of rain as well as winds depending on where you are living that will get up to 180 kph. Whe...

Track1617411Apr 3Apr 6
What do you get when

What do you get when.....You take one mechanical pencil, one piece of paper, 10 milligrams of thc, and a couple hours? Sometimes I just draw. Many times it starts with an...

BadlyDrawn44032Apr 1Apr 5

Your HomePost some pictures of where you live on this blog. Lets see how many different places are out there.

Track161,504125Jan 15Apr 5

Should 16 year old's be allowed to vote?Nancy Pelosi is pushing for 16 years to be the legal age to vote. They've already aborted millions and millions of potential voters, and now the borde...

Willy34112138Mar 15Apr 5
Chat copied my blog

Chat copied my blogAnd like anything the original blog/product will be far different, original,and superior in evey way to a mass produced item,made in the cheapest way...

OIdblue3068Apr 5Apr 5

Here's a thought for CS folks.........perhaps important after finally finding committed romance. I suspect that for some of us, visits to CS represent more than mere searching for a pa...

Vierkaesehoch1970Apr 5

Why the pics and profile are really only starting points....and the next helpful vetting steps might be looking at blogs, even before chats, and certainly ahead of meetings. CS is great, but as with other sites...

Vierkaesehoch2093Apr 5Apr 5

The U.S. Southern Border Is Falling ApartEarlier today Bill O'Reilly reports the southern U.S. border is falling apart. In March they will have taken into custody 100,000 people at the sout...

Willy341120111Apr 3Apr 5

Will she or won't she ?Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 Have you noticed how quiet President Obama has been lately with all these Biden accusations? This reinforces my th...

Willy34111081Apr 5Apr 5
The case of the missing drapes

The case of the missing drapesI'm my effort to beautify my home I bought 3 sets of drapes a few months ago. I took one of each out and hung them to see if I liked how they looked....

Palmfrond30536Apr 4Apr 5

note to self...Find a YouTube video on headlight adjustment Pay three bills tonight Scan some documents for accountant...

chatillion974Apr 3Apr 5

Tooth extractionLots of people have fear of dentist So where does this come from Many have bad experiences from early days Nowadays seems that dentists are a lo...

munsterdreamer1849Mar 25Apr 5
Why hug

Why hug?That's fairly recent, the whole hugging thing, when I was younger (and mammoths roamed the earth, I know, I know) you offered your hand and the strang...

Elegsabiff746102Mar 30Apr 5
stringman2075Mar 19Apr 5
Crazyheart3823721Apr 4Apr 5

My yearly physical examination...Yeah, it was time. Different doctor who unlike the others, this one had me in the exam room for nearly a hour. Blood pressure is under control. We dis...

chatillion23118Mar 30Apr 5
An Evening With The Clintons

An Evening With The ClintonsWhen I saw this on Groupon I thought it was probably a comedy thing. It's not, it's the real deal. A real evening with the Clintons. Ok, you can th...

AmpleCurves1439Apr 3Apr 5
Thazager: "POF hacked"(meet us in the USA forums)

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