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Slippers... they're not just for the bedroom anymore!...or are they? I have some clients who won't let people in their house wearing street shoes. That's difficult for my servicemen as OSHA requires wor...

chatillion1686Nov 2Nov 2

Using All Your Senses... And More?When communicating with someone at distance for the first time... Which of your senses do you use most, and what way does that impress you to form...

daniela77774370Oct 29Nov 2

hackersgot this off rip off Britain to check if your e-mail acc has been hacked-compromised. follow these simple steps it takes less than 5 mins type HAV...

keentoplease011411Oct 9Nov 2

9 Things to Know About Birthright CitizenshipPresident Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s considering an executive order on birthright citizenship has raised questions and much interest in the...

Willy34111492Nov 2Nov 2

Amen..10% is what the world throws at you 90% is how you react............. Amen..10% is what the world throws at you 90% is how you react

jarred170-Nov 2

Our Brilliant President Donald J. Trump.....Have to admit, this latest in the long string of well overdue and awesome ideas/accomplishments may be too intelligent even for our dear leader and wi...

Vierkaesehoch20913Oct 31Nov 2

For the ladies only.........A cheap, totally effective, extremely low adverse (side) effect, no prescription necessary, easy to use...birth control pill. The humble 325 mg aspiri...

Vierkaesehoch1080Nov 2

England on high alertTerrorist bomber / terror plot uncovered Guido Fawkes aka John Johnson Is believed to have lead and planned a terror attack in greater London...

Onthcrestofawave1763Nov 1Nov 2

Pardon boards, executive clemency, governor's expunge(ment?), presidential pardon....Highest level of crime here is called a felony, but other languages have other names for same. There is a great difference betwen the USA, where these...

Vierkaesehoch1090Nov 2

My Question Is........My daughter is a far left liberal, and she claims Republicans want to do away with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. I can't find any evidence...

texasgirl858523216Oct 31Nov 2

A FULL PROVE LIE DETECTORIf you was in a conversation, and they had the gifts of reading your mind how much trouble would you get into....

wenever26025Oct 30Nov 2

exactly.................... exactly .....

jarred174-Nov 2

5 top atheist countriesBelgium together with Taiwan and Netherlands, followed by Japan and France. more shocking. The worst, Pakistan,Malediven, Afghanistan, Iran and Sa...

Len0527926Oct 30Nov 2

For your veiwing pleasure - Boo !Live from Miami Trevor Noah talks about - The Caravan...

JimNastics34126Oct 31Nov 2

Love is Noise...I wish MySpace was back. Whereas I listen to that song, I cannot help to think every-single-f*ck about that Ukrainian cutie that travelled to China. W...

WhatYouHadAndWha821Nov 1Nov 1

I gotta admit, this is not really my niche.Honestly, in general the genre doesn't really appeal to me. But, there's a few exceptions and since it is almost Halloween Here are my 5 favorite...

JimNastics18718Oct 28Nov 1
stringman19516Oct 31Nov 1

Rap musicI see.a lot of profiles that state they dislike rap music..i happen to like it.whats your taste?...

Bluesky6027115Aug 15Nov 1

The South Won't Rise AgainReoublicans freed slaves, and Southern Democrats continued to thwart any such efforts for close to a century. Fact: The 14th Amendment, giving full...

Drcoctail950Nov 1

Meeting up with an old girlfriend...I was in The Home Depot Tuesday night doing some last minute Halloween shopping and to my surprise, I crossed paths with an old girlfriend. It has to...

chatillion1776Nov 1Nov 1
Gods needs

Gods needs ....I've got to admit, I'm kind of struggling with one a bit Why does he need us to believe in him when really its us that needs him to believe in us...

itchywitch1,923113Sep 30Nov 1

At first I didn't get it, then... my innocence had been tarnished............... At first I didn't get it, then... my innocence had been tarnished....

jarred189-Nov 1

Who's truth is it?"The truth is worth it. Piecing together the facts. Vetting sources. Connecting the details. The New York Times applies journalistic rigor to eve...

lindsyjones23918Oct 30Nov 1

No titleToday I spoke to my psychiatrist about you. About her. You are her, at least you are what she represents. It is you, her. And it wasn't meant to be....

WhatYouHadAndWha1062Nov 1Nov 1

Three little guys...After doing what I'm not supposed to do, I finally saw you again... In my dreams. In my head. You gave me three children. Three sons. You, but you we...

WhatYouHadAndWha1482Oct 31Nov 1

Halloween Special - DIY PalmistryTo add a bit of fun to this, the Halloween season, here is a blog on palmistry. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, it is all a bit of fun....

mollybaby60963Oct 31Nov 1

gringo - talk to the handgringo - talk to the hand...…………...

jarred175-Nov 1

"ALL HALLOWS EVE"Halloween.............................................................Or Hallowe'en................................Also Known As "Allhalloween" Or......

namaron161-Oct 31Oct 31

You must say these words: Klaatu Barada Nikto...Halloween is upon us and hopefully there will be lots of Sy-Fy movie marathons. Of my favorites I would list "The Time Machine" Orson Wells version an...

chatillion1058Oct 30Oct 31

Does it even matterwhat i say? You're gonna take it out of context anyway....

secludedStar86-Oct 31
Onthcrestofawave4528Oct 15Oct 31

Let’s be clear. I trust no one................... Let’s be clear. I trust no one ………………………………………………….....

jarred1116-Oct 31

Don't panic, but it's Scorpio seasonTuesday 23rd October ushered in Scorpio season - the sign of death and rebirth, intensity and passionate convictions, and a time when all signs, not...

Elegsabiff69089Oct 27Oct 31

Is this finally..... the tipping point ?The recent murderer in Pittsburgh was clearly directly motivated by Trump's ridiculous rhetoric about 'the caravan', how they were coming with the in...

JimNastics1679Oct 30Oct 31
Is It Soup Yet

Is It Soup Yet?Do you remember the commercial Lipton's put out in the 1970's for their 'instant' soup? I believe it was a little kid that asked the 'Mom' - is it sou...

LadyImp1678Oct 30Oct 31
Puppies on Cliff Rescued

Puppies on Cliff - Rescued!On Saturday evening, a member of a local hiking group fb page posted a desperate plea for help in getting two dogs off a cliff ledge. According to the...

LadyImp18919Oct 29Oct 31
One needs to be careful nowadays

One needs to be careful nowadaysKarma of evil and good really exist...

Donraymond1112Oct 29Oct 31

Sayoc Accusation Doesn't Pass the Smell Test - He's no Trump supporter, just a charlatanSomething still doesn’t pass the smell test. In a moment of time where merely wearing a “MAGA” hat can get you fired, beat up, or merely harangued out...

Willy341186079Oct 27Oct 31
Love your neighbours

Love your neighboursWho are your neighbours? Neighbours are men you see daily. God,s commandment says: love your neighbours as your self. Jesus said: Your other self yo...

starrayfil68-Oct 31
Ken_1933120Oct 26Oct 31

You call that an investigation ?Brand new offering from Andy Borowitz Satire from The Borowitz Report By Andy Borowitz 10:28 A.M. Nation’s Criminals Ask for F.B.I....

JimNastics59741Oct 5Oct 30
Men and their jars

Men and their jarsSo we had exchanged a few Emails and after deciding he sounded nice, we then exchanged mobiles... after a few messages we decided a call, the moment h...

itchywitch77764Oct 29Oct 30
"PLAY NOW: Stained Glass"(meet us in the games)

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