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Undiagnosed illneses

Undiagnosed illneses......Millions world wide---tens of thousands in the EU and USA alone. After extensive medical and laboratory investigations, having seen many competent nur...

Aaltarboy22410Oct 13Nov 11

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(134).Great!!!....Everybody Is Gone!....And Im Not Saying This To You..........Why?..I Aint Tellin You.........I.................Im Here Now Because It Is...

namaron46130Nov 5Nov 11
The Sweetest Game

The Sweetest GameThe Sweetest Game...

jarred161-Nov 11
Did you know

Did you know...WTF Why didn't someone tell me I missed my calling So who wants to join my congregation first prayer meeting...

oldblue5478073Nov 9Nov 11
NFL National Anthem Rituals Patriotism

NFL National Anthem Rituals - Patriotism?OR $multi-million DoD sponsored recruitment propaganda aimed at young Murkuns? How 'bout a 'Separa...

miclee19522Oct 20Nov 11

HiJust popping in to see how everyone is doing....

myhome1924Nov 10Nov 11
Veterans Day Remembrance Day Nov 11

Veterans Day & Remembrance Day, Nov. 11 -A Message To, For, And About Veterans, And The Wish Of A Dying Vet...

miclee18810Nov 10Nov 11
stringman1683Nov 11Nov 11
Latest on Weinstein

Latest on Weinstein"Harvey Weinstein's former intern claims he exposed himself to her ...

lindsyjones74173Oct 17Nov 11
New kinda naked

New kinda nakedWell now that I have your attention.. I'll get straight to the boring part.. A couple of days ago I had to take a medical exam for insurance....

IncubusBaig54861Nov 10Nov 11
Coimbra Fado

Coimbra....Fado....Lisboa...nao sejas Francesa, tu es Portuguesa, tu es so P'ra nos! Memrise and Duolingo---great platforms. Aa....

Aaltarboy1060Nov 11
John Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industry

John Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industryJohn Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industry...

NewYorkcitylove67-Nov 11
Who to give the bride away

Who to give the bride awayLife as it was/is for some. What ever about me he walked out of his three year old daughters life.... so she like many grew to call another man d...

itchywitch49727Nov 5Nov 11
Armistice Day The 11th Hour 11th Day 11th Month

Armistice Day, The 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month99 Years Ago Today. "'A PEACE TO END ALL PEACE: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East' is a 1989 history book w...

miclee1123Nov 10Nov 10
Cell into Cell

Cell into CellNowadays, it is very easy to measure love, affectionate, fraud and cordiality. Please check your cell phone (if you didn’t erase). Are you ashamed, d...

shamsul840Nov 10

"RIDERS OF THE LIES"Here is Another of Those.................Where I Change The Words To A Song................................................... ............"With The...

namaron216-Nov 9Nov 10
life battery yin yang

life.......battery......yin/yangReading further about Eastern Mysticism, I am at the section speaking about the Chinese and the yin and the yang. The symbol that represents it is v...

Johnny_Sparton49159Nov 9Nov 10

"JONATHAN CHAPMAN""And Can You Believe it?....I Always Thought That He Was A Myth...More Likely ....A Legend............................. But He Was As Real As You Or...

namaron25410Nov 5Nov 10
Wicked false Sun God final

Wicked false Sun God finalDeuteronomy 12:1-3 12 These are the statutes and judgments, which ye shall observe to do in the land, which the Lord God of thy fathers giveth the...

NewYorkcitylove63-Nov 10
Wicked false Sun God part 1

Wicked false Sun God part 1Compound word=Sun-Day=Day of the Sun=Your worshiping the Sun God=Nimrod=His wife Semiramus fled, but spread the rumor that he had ascended to heaven,...

NewYorkcitylove59-Nov 10
Track16961Nov 10Nov 10
Ser Rubio Es Una Maldicion

Ser Rubio Es Una MaldicionSer Rubio Es Una Maldicion...

NewYorkcitylove70-Nov 10
I wish it to be true

I wish it to be true....I came across a recent survey that something about 3% of Americans, blindly follow Trump. If it's true, then it can relieve the depressed intelligents...

iotaoo1914Oct 12Nov 10
The so call Christians in antioch

The so call Christians in antiochThe so call Christians in antioch...

NewYorkcitylove66-Nov 10


jarred171-Nov 10
Brain Washing Jesus Camp

Brain Washing ( Jesus CampBrain Washing ( Jesus Camp...

jarred151-Nov 10
The name does matter

The name does matterTHE ANCIENT PALEO HEBREW -YAHAWAH & YAHAWASHI THERE IS ONLY ONE NAME THAT CAN SAVE YOU! Zechariah 14:9 And the Lord shall be king over all the ea...

NewYorkcitylove56-Nov 10
OH Demon Alcohol

OH, Demon, Alcohol.From time to time here, where almost all posts are largely in good taste, if pointed, one does see the rare quite inappropriate blog. Profanity, too d...

Aaltarboy1916Nov 8Nov 10

Portugal.....Perhaps a little overly cautious in life. Love most of the EU, but in looking for a place to spend winters, as is my wont, trying to maximize pluses,...

Aaltarboy1297Nov 10Nov 10
stringman2216Jul 9Nov 10
Yeah right Facebook

Yeah, right, Facebook !Forgive my scepticism. However, there must be a better way. I envision that the following 'solution' is the dream child of some 15 year old techi...

JimNastics17812Nov 9Nov 10

Lets sort this out for once and for all.OK, I'm hearing a lot of people want to know the truth about tooth gaps. There is plenty of anectdotal evidence and hearsay about the matter, but appa...

pat8lanips1,02320Mar 2016Nov 10

The most boring blog ever written.Yeah whatever. Like totally, you know, whatever. Yeah....

pat8lanips1,16347Dec 2015Nov 10
White Terrorist Poisons College Roommate BriannaBrochu

White Terrorist Poisons College Roommate #BriannaBrochuWhite Terrorist Poisons College Roommate #BriannaBrochu...

NewYorkcitylove78-Nov 10
Lets have some fun

Let's have some fun!Name something you should never do naked?...

myhome66761Sep 6Nov 9

LoveLove is a matter of nothing !! Don’t believe ?? Okay , just ask your eyes.. what do they like ?? You will get answare that, `eyes’ liking is unlimited...

shamsul1376Nov 6Nov 9
stringman13113Nov 9Nov 9
I like to travel

I like to travel...A lot of people will tell you ...or point out in their profile that they love to travel - I have to say - what the fook is wrong with you folks -Is it...

Dedovix32626Nov 9Nov 9
Young Love

Young Love!I like coming to the library to use their computers and while doing so I listen to Y**T*** music. My genre is the R&B Soul music. The oldies play a...

Ed1941954Nov 9Nov 9
ive been loving you

i've been loving youi've been loving you...

jarred162-Nov 9
stringman100-Nov 9
stringman25214Nov 8Nov 9

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