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"PFC... DAN BULLOCK"He Was Born In Goldsboro North Carolina.....And Lived There Until His Mother Died When he was Just 12 Years Old...........It Was After That...That He...

namaron29722Jan 4Jan 5

AFTER DARK!Officially, my forced labor season ends today; working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for 45 days. One of those days I met a gentleman of advan...

Huitzilopochtli2492Jan 3Jan 5
Sans vous lhumanit nest pas meilleure

Sans vous, l'humanité n'est pas meilleure!Le seul moyen d'affronter un monde sans liberté est de devenir si absolument libre qu'on fasse de sa propre existence un acte de révolte. L'Homme rév...

Huitzilopochtli1196Jan 4Jan 5

WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN FOR LOVEi have been on connecting singles for a long while and all ive been getting is scammers[women asking for money] im tired of it . im 48 years old soon...

Kindheartedguy6931719Jan 3Jan 5

BEST WISHES FOR '18, WORLD-HAPPY 12th NIGHT, Y'ALL Yule is come and Yule is gone, And we have feasted well! So Jack must to his flail again And Je...

miclee58156Dec 31Jan 5

How's Your 2018 Started Off?Mine started with my best friend and my sister deciding they like each other and wanting to date, I am now more uncomfortable than I have been in a lo...

Track162509Jan 2Jan 5
November 2017 Nature photos by Jim

November 2017 Nature photos by JimIn my futile effort to try to catch up with my photography, earlier this week, I posted a blog covering my photos from December of last year. This...

JimNastics2218Dec 31Jan 5

Okay, How About ThisGo door to door selling "no soliciting" signs...

Track161051Jan 5Jan 5

the........the hurry.......the speed......the wet road...... the bend............ ....the car gone mad........ . ...I saw concrete...... I feared the pai...

bloodyawfull52026Dec 9Jan 4
Charter III

Charter IIITo; My Beautiful Friend '' Britishcolumbia. The Land We Were Giving Is Right Here, Red Rocks Streaked With Brown Up High All Around Our Homes, a...

eagle5520161704Dec 30Jan 4
Em l ai

Em là aiAnh à , ch?c anh không d?c du?c nh?ng dòng tâm s? này c?a em . ..Nhung ma em không th? chia s? v?i ngu?i khác vì h? cung b?n r?n .. thôi thì e vi?t...

poprice2589Jan 3Jan 4
Biggest Weirdo on CS for the past year

Biggest Weirdo on CS for the past year... and since I created this blog , my name should not be mentioned .or im deleting your post So, who, in your opinion is the biggest weirdo, Mal...

Dedovix56828Jan 3Jan 4

I only seesawI only seesaw if there is a ' R ' in the day, but also on Mraandag, Drinsdag, Wroensdag and Zrondag...

jarred163-Jan 4
Track16872Jan 4Jan 4
No Doubt In my tiny Mind

No Doubt In my tiny Mind...................................... Yes, no Doubt whatsoever. I can sense it. Hope your year will be as fantastic as mine....

Lukeon34229Jan 2Jan 4
The best Wishes For This Year

The best Wishes For This YearGreetings to all here, I wish all the best for 2018, The last months of 2017 alot has been happening in the life of Fly, I am now a grand-f...

FLYJAMES22026Jan 2Jan 4
To Vik 0 Everything changes

To Vik :0) Everything changesI do not know how is your spanish like but this is a beautiful song from Mercedes Sosa, a famous argentinian singer whom I had the pleasure to work wi...

Cachuchi121-Jan 3
An iconic singer

An iconic singerAn iconic singer with his iconic song welcoming the new year...

tatami17712Jan 1Jan 3
i had a nice chat

i had a nice chatwith a customer today. i always approach people even if they're not seriously looking at recliners. so, a man plopped down in the Hamilton glider/re...

freehand29113Dec 8Jan 2
miclee1452Jan 2Jan 2

New yearHow was your new year first day? What did you do special on first day of 2018?...

only1life1030Jan 2
Do NOT play fetch

* Do NOT play fetch !I just saw this commercial for the first time tonight. It apparently debuted in 2013 during the Superbowl. It's kind of silly, but I couldn't...

JimNastics1343Jan 1Jan 2

You are not aloneYou are not alone. Do not doubt. Do not be afraid. There is love for you. For a long time. Only you often do not see it. Do you often have grief and p...

jarred1101-Jan 2
no self confidence

no self confidencesomething always buffles me as in how do people start praising other countries and forget their own.. I do always move from countries to countrie...

hatelies42631Dec 16Jan 2
Celebrations stood still

Celebrations stood stillBeen dying with a man flu these past few days, still not over it so no drinkie for me tonight but 11.45 I thought with the night thats in it, what the...

itchywitch583-Dec 31Jan 1

NewsWow, The more I watch the news the more I see of how much of a troubled world we are living in now. Yet I can complain of what something someone m...

wenever23331Jan 1Jan 1
Jack Daniels

Jack DanielsGood morning guys. Last night, I have to admit, I was a little down. I needed something to make me get through the night. Without moping, w...

lindsyjones1,219103May 2017Jan 1
Track161422Dec 25Jan 1
Still lonely but I keep on looking for my right woman

Still lonely but I keep on looking for my right womanHi there! :) I'm relatively new to this site. I haven't had many positive experiences here so far, I'm afraid to say, as I've mostly communicated...

XAVIERELX39028Dec 24Jan 1
Happy new year again

Happy new year againLike, didn’t we do this last year? a real dejavous...

Palmfrond1254Dec 31Jan 1
I will 50 years old soon

I will 50 years old soon.How would i say "when i am old enough i will find some love"...Maybe It's funny words. I am feeling wonder I still get a change or not?...

wanyiwa_wa42232Dec 23Jan 1
If you dont know what you want please dont come in my life and playing game

If you dont know what you want, please dont come in my life and playing game...!If you dont know what you really want, please dont come in my life and playing game...! Life is hard enough already without games....

thuyanhgj123015Jan 1Jan 1
What Are Your NY Resolutions

What Are Your NY Resolutions???Mine is to stick to the newly-created Sunday Assembly like the one in Pittsburgh, PA. Another is to focus hard on liberal religion like Unitarian-Univ...

Unitarian2211657Dec 31Jan 1
whats happening

whats happeningit looks like I am the only one awake and steady by now no sleep ,no hungover,no sleep overs,no traffic in the inbox and even when I peep thru windo...

hatelies1486Dec 31Jan 1
Track161210Jan 1
Things To Do In 2018

Things To Do In 2018This time of the year some of us undertake to do certain things in the New Year in order to improve our lives. I’m one of those. I have a few things I...

Catfoot48838Dec 28Jan 1
Party Like Its 1999

Party Like It's 1999!About 4 years ago we (the older members) had A NYE party on one blog. We had this lady from Spain spearhead the event as well as a young lady from the...

Ed194123714Dec 31Dec 31
She smiled a quick smile with her head cast down

She smiled a quick smile with her head cast down!About 6 months ago this man, his GF and her 2 kids moved into our apartments. They made such an impression that we all became friend immediately. They...

Ed194127915Dec 22Dec 31
nighty7018010Dec 31Dec 31

Are you a good actor?Are you a good actor? That's totally fine and perfectly normal. But some people are such good actors that they have trouble staying themselves....

jarred194-Dec 31

"CREATION"..("RECONCILIATION")..(98)You Can Sit There and Wonder.........................While Going Through It All Once Again......................................... Wracking Your Hea...

namaron105-Dec 31
I just

I justI adore is.... so.....”out of this world “.....imagine if...there was no ....................silliness...

Palmfrond1454Dec 30Dec 31
tMickeyMann: "Bachelor Recipes"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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