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Caravan of 4000Who thinks the Central American caravan of 4000 Guatemalans, Hondurans, and El Salvadorians, 3 weeks before the U.S. elections is spontaneous ? Or is...

Willy34111099Oct 19Oct 19
How Grandma brought up and moulded grandkids

How Grandma, brought up and moulded grandkidsWhenever am with my kids, I could hear people say..."you are lucky to have your four kids " . Am supposed to be proud. But the truth, it's not me, tha...

ayoneq793Oct 19Oct 19

Behind Close Door@times in life there are reasons why we cannot just say/tell something if we knew some would oppose positively or negatively....

ysabeljhen25711Oct 16Oct 19

So ya thought ya knew how to dance......I bet ya can't keep up with this chap...... ........

Hans471124132Oct 18Oct 19
Clooney heading for divorce

Clooney heading for divorce?If Clooney can't keep his woman, all us men are in trouble....

Johnny_Sparton19913Oct 18Oct 19

Baby Trump is so cute.................. Baby Trump is so cute...

jarred164-Oct 19
stringman1065Oct 18Oct 19

Kavanaugh Accusers Are Harming Those Who Were RapedWe’ve all heard the adage that “the personal is political,” and as we watched the slow motion train wreck that was Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hear...

Willy341146938Sep 30Oct 19

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman5,399681Jul 6Oct 19

Just:frustrated ,. my phone.. fell , to many times got to get another one : it is very difficult to text or i am alive...

Annleerose702Oct 19Oct 19

Around a dozen for our Brilliant POTUS Trump.....Count them all, Teflon armor against near constant sore -loser -over- Hilary -attacks, by every day libs, Pols, and the biased media alike. This time,...

Vierkaesehoch12610Oct 16Oct 19

"Gee, do you think they have insurance ?"Or make your own photo caption(s). Here's the photo;...

JimNastics934Oct 18Oct 19

High to CanadiansToday pot became legal in Canada. Canada is only the second nation to legalize marijuana. It is no longer illegal to carry up to 30 grams of pot...

JimNastics18817Oct 17Oct 19

A Summary of Your CaseI was reading through Track’s thread about marijuana legalization, in the forum. There were a few comments about the relative effects of pot and alco...

Harbal61960Sep 30Oct 19
The truth

The truthI decided to stop being rude by not answering mail so started to tell them about my wonderful life in the woods. None of them bothered to reply to my...

ekself72465May 19Oct 19

Yogurt...There must be some scientific explanation as to why I can open a container of yogurt and the top surface is smooth and solid. After taking a scoop or...

chatillion766Oct 19Oct 19

PictureThis is in front of my grandmother's place the next community over from mine.

Track1611313Oct 19Oct 19

AloneHere is a controversial topic that I find very interesting, "So are we alone"? Personally I have a very open mind to other dimensions, levels or pl...

UnFayzed23619Oct 17Oct 19

I have to remember this one!!.................. I have to remember this one!!...

jarred157-Oct 19
Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides

Kids without a mom and a dad at their sides ...Just talked to my 3rd son, after work today. I felt that pain, as am supposed helped them in every difficulties they are going through. He was worrie...

ayoneq924Oct 17Oct 19

Putin is FURIOUS !! lolSatire from The Borowitz Report Putin Furious at Saudis for Using His Puppet Without Permission By Andy Borowitz October 17, 2018 MOSCO...

JimNastics680Oct 18

It's Never Too LateHave you thought of what would it be if you were the same age when you were so active in everything? You are in a stage where...

ysabeljhen17420Oct 18Oct 18

Lovable tunes.....Some astonishing scenes to accompany the music for your easy listening:...

Hans471116925Oct 18Oct 18
Seriously Anyone Here Still Interested in Finding A Partner

Seriously, Anyone Here Still Interested in Finding A Partner?A Bf ? A GF? Wife ? Husband ? I'm quite happy with my life at the moment, done my share of breaking hearts so I'm trying to live a quiet life now....

Crazyheart3825934Oct 18Oct 18

ThankfulI've always felt very blessed that I earned another day on this earth to continue to be very Thankful....

Bearwoman117-Oct 18Oct 18

Let them think whatever they want....................... Let them think whatever they want. Unless their opinions are going to pay your bills it doesn't matter! https:...

jarred165-Oct 18

Trump threatens to call US military to close south border 4,000-strong migrant caravan pushes northPresident Trump warned Thursday he will “call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER” with Mexico if officials there don’t stop the northw...

Willy3411833Oct 18Oct 18
Private Messages

Private MessagesDon't leave private property out in the open, unless you want it taken....

InstincThis55-Oct 18

.We need wise people in today's society.................We need wise people in today's society....

jarred154-Oct 18

Off BalanceI'm sure I've been described as "off balance or air head, whatever" at times probably trying to hurt me, however it just makes me proud. I like bein...

UnFayzed44429Oct 16Oct 18
Pink is the new Black

#Pink is the new BlackToday we are in the process of making the English language gender-neutral, and manliness, the quality of one gender, or rather, of one sex, seems to d...

usha12361251Oct 16Oct 17

Skype updateAnyone else have problems and a message you have to update skype before it will start...

Onthcrestofawave25616Oct 17Oct 17
He said

He saidWell, this is what he said , he said. "He said he said, He said He said., He said He said" Well, This is what he said "He said , He said -- H...

InstincThis47-Oct 17

#DreamIt's true that someone has lot's of dreams about life but he/she has no money to fulfill and people who are rich do not care about dreams and don't...

Dream2018692Oct 17Oct 17


stringman37830Oct 10Oct 17

.this is how I see him............. .this is how I see him, cheap,tasteless,classless, con man, friends w criminals all round the world, at home in CrimeCity=Vegas...

jarred186-Oct 17
To be in a BIG Jail

To be in a BIG JailIn my million dreams, I never dreamt to be in this place. I had to be confined in a place where, nothing could quenched my thirst. Yeah, I was so thi...

ayoneq1556Oct 12Oct 17
Why am here

Why am here????Just like most who are here, obviously, looking for the love of my life.... I got registered at about 22:00 hour of June 24, 2016. After a few minut...

ayoneq1417Oct 15Oct 17

The Times They Are A-ChangingFor many years now the Spanish have been criticised for their ill-treatment of animals (bullfighting, circuses etc.) and the official answer to this h...

daniela77744336Sep 19Oct 17

A sexy costume HalloweenSo, lets say you went to a Halloween party with everyone in costume. You and another guest of the opposite sex that you met there, were flirting, dan...

JimNastics19716Oct 16Oct 17

3 for the love of nature 1One of the things I enjoy is nature. I used to post nature photos on CS a while back. I'm thinking of perhaps doing it again on a weekly, monthly, o...

JimNastics46734Oct 16Oct 17

looking for loveAre there any single women near Amanda Ohio who want a passionate lover and friend who is caring and honest...

whitebarn1373Oct 14Oct 17
emmy1: "Hunt the chicken"(meet us in the blogs)

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