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Horrible experience

Horrible experience.Maybe I am wrong on this one , therefore I need you to inform me and I am hoping someone out there in blog land would have an answer. Some of my rela...

Annleerose25012Jan 11Jan 17

The Last RoomThe Last Room The cigarette stained ceiling casts a yellow hue over the small space bellow giving the room an air of jaundiced ill-health. The onc...

TokyoRogue1072Jan 16Jan 16
What do you want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas???This blog is what everyone wants for Christmas...

Alanique_Ali36325Dec 22Jan 16

WHAT ARE WOMEN EXACTLY LOOKING FOR IN A MAN??????????i have been on this site for quite a long time and all i can say is IM A GOOD HEARTED GOD FEARING CHRISTIAN I AM A HUGE ANIMAL LOVER[ big dogs e...

Kindheartedguy6988774Jan 5Jan 16
itchywitch44530Jan 15Jan 16
Our great president takes things up a notch

Our great president takes things up a notch....this time coming as close as ever to calling it as it is. While qualified- educated -solvent- vetted applicants for US citizenship exist in Haiti (wor...

Vierkaesehoch26319Jan 12Jan 16
Track16901Jan 15Jan 16
Yes someday the tears will flow with the regrets and the guilt yes sorry it is now too late

Yes someday the tears will flow, with the regrets and the guilt , yes sorry it is now too lateSomeday the tears will flow with the regrets and guilt to go with it Promises made, “Will phone you tonight dad” Only the phone does not ring, not...

britishcolumbian18814Jan 14Jan 15
False alarm

False alarmHawaii was in frenzy about a missile heading their way. Thank God, it was a false alarm. Imagine the chaos they experienced. Must have been a ne...

lindsyjones38743Jan 13Jan 15

MARTIN LUTHER KING DAYAugust 28, 1963... He delivered his 'I Have A Dream' speech 55 years ago this year. He was murdered 5...

miclee16817Jan 15Jan 15
Cancelled the flowers

Cancelled the flowers....................Yeah he was send home with a kidney stone and a twisted bowel. No wonder the poor guy was in so much pain. Hospitals send you home as soon as possib...

britishcolumbian23233Jan 14Jan 15

Time For Introspection - Looking Within....At the end of every year, many people make new resolutions (including myself) to start a new year. But, shouldn´t we first look at the last one and cl...

daniela77720624Jan 15Jan 15
Here is a serious question

Here is a serious questionHere is a serious question I wonder about. Do we live in a world with REAL problems and REAL situations, or do we live in a FAKE WORLD with FAKE SITUA...

jarred156-Jan 15
An Age Of Enlightenment

An Age Of Enlightenment..Those who dance are consideerde insane By those who cant hear the music G,C, The dark days are leaving, Its time to think about this year...

FLYJAMES11411Jan 15Jan 15
Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous......P.S It could also be directed to any of our fellow bloggers here but of course, no names mentioned please...

MimiArt73482,17372Dec 30Jan 15
What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything

What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything?What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything?...

jarred166-Jan 15
Husband Store

Husband StoreA store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a des...

Gentlejim19017Jan 12Jan 15

2018...I’m walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind...If you owe me a favor, don't worry about it - you're welcome...If you wronged me, it's all good -...

1_SPCTR3159Dec 30Jan 15
Track16800Jan 14
Track16852Jan 14Jan 14
Brrrrrr brrrrr it is cold here

Brrrrrr brrrrr it is cold hereGlobal warming? Not in Canada! Not this year for sure. Record cold not heard of for many many years. I live in the West and compared to the rest of...

britishcolumbian48453Dec 28Jan 14
tatami13614Jan 14Jan 14
stringman1101Jan 14Jan 14
Cant believe I missed Kiss A Ginger Day

Can't believe I missed Kiss A Ginger DayActually I don't know if they celebrate it here, there aren't many gingers in the south of Spain, I may be the only one in my small town. But if they...

Elegsabiff68283Jan 13Jan 14
The Mating Game

The Mating GameThe world is filled with single people looking for somebody to share their lives (or maybe just the evening) with. At least some will show an interest...

Catfoot870100Jan 12Jan 14

Finish this sentence.You know it's not going well when he/she... (Fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller)...

TokyoRogue75064Jan 12Jan 14
Whats your favorite part of Christmas

Whats your favorite part of Christmas?As the hustle and bustle of the festive season approaches, I ve noticed alot of friends , and family have different parts of the season they enjoy. I...

1to1to151928Dec 2016Jan 14
Vacant Position Idiot Required

Vacant Position: Idiot RequiredSometimes I forget that I’m an Idiot and from time to time I need the services of another Idiot to remind me that I’m an Idiot. One such Idiot di...

Catfoot52945Jan 11Jan 13
Are some people really taken it serious Oprah for President Tell me it aint so

Are some people really taken it serious? Oprah for President? Tell me it ain't so.............Reading the reaction from some people it sounds like a done deal. Even President Trump reacted saying he would welcome her in the next election to go...

britishcolumbian28522Jan 10Jan 13
Philosophical Fiction

Philosophical FictionI have created a new avant gardist genre of fiction called Philosophical fiction. Philosophical fiction is post-post modern fiction. Philosophical fic...

psiberite25918Jan 11Jan 13

Elephant in the Room and AjiElephant in the Room Riding sea snakes on the freeway, making sand castles on the moon I just found my deep water point held my breathe for the...

TokyoRogue27615Jan 12Jan 13
No more broken toys

No more broken toysHave anyone got into a relationship with someone an they just seem to not be able to do anything for you bu,t when you first met they talk about what...

Lisa2291846Jan 13Jan 13
This should not have happened doctor now says it was a terrible misunderstanding he is lying now

This should not have happened, doctor now says it was a terrible misunderstanding, he is lying nowAnglophone accuses French-speaking doctor of denying him tests at Montreal hospital CTV Montreal: Patient denied treatment A 67-year-old man s...

britishcolumbian933Jan 12Jan 13
Track161322Dec 15Jan 13
weekend comes

weekend comesHi my CS Friends I wish you all a nice weekend...

nighty701155Jan 12Jan 13
Portrayal of Women in Batailles Blue at Noon

Portrayal of Women in Bataille’s Blue at NoonBlue at Noon by Georges Bataille is a fascinating avant garde novel. In this essay I would like to deconstruct the way in which women are portrayed. M...

psiberite580Jan 13
No Pot

No PotNo pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and every female here looking for a bailout emotional or financial. Very sad indeed for most fools loo...

Akeldama4020410Jan 12Jan 13

DO YOU SWEAR TO TELL THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP YOU GODthis is what you have to swear to in a court of law, but there is no law with this in life. One thing that has been put in my life from a young age wa...

wenever23331Jan 12Jan 12
Track16810Jan 12
how some things work

how some things workJust got off the phone with a friend of mine. He was talking to me about how some of corporate America works. He told me to Google about how only 10...

Johnny_Sparton19618Jan 12Jan 12

Manchester.With all the cold weather and such, wouldn't it be nice if the Government gave all the pregnant women in Manchester an extra pack of fags with their r...

pat8lanips2135Jan 8Jan 12
Time to get weird again

Time to get weird againOkay folks step right up.. . Dedo`s weird but sober Which CS`rs do you think of when you`re constipated ... Hey Mods,step out of the woodwork...

Dedovix55238Jan 7Jan 11
kyacheo: "Life Yes it Is"(meet us in the blogs)

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