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Weird and stupid explanations for dangerous things!Everywhere in the world, there are bound to happen some form of weirdness. Something that makes you think "Wait, what did I just read?" One such ev...

Philipsen1236Jun 21Jun 21

it's etc. not cetera (or etcetera) is abbreviated as etc. For some reason, many people spell it as ect. If you say et cetera three times, someone will think yo...

chatillion21910Jun 17Jun 21

FeminismFeminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political...

socrates4448242May 28Jun 21

"WONDERING MAN"..("NAMES")..(3)"It Is Sometimes Embarrassing............................ To Have A Name .............................That Isnt Exactly Going To Get You Unnoticed......

namaron47867Jun 10Jun 20

Nine Inch Nails...I know there is a rock band with the name Nine Inch Nails abbreviated NIN where the 2nd N is backwards, kinda like the backwards R in Toys "R" Us. Any...

chatillion17812Jun 17Jun 20

The GatorSince I live right smack across from a canal I've been watching for gators and today the SoB went swimming down it. Damn thing is about six foot long...

UnFayzed15315Jun 19Jun 20
The long descent

The long descentOn windy days I often think back to an event that took place long, long ago when I was but a boy and health and safety was still in short trousers. T...

Harbal29830Jun 19Jun 20
I had to be the first with a blog

I had to be the first with a blog...I had to be the first one with a blog, so here she is! That being said, who wants some ice cream? I'm thinking peanut butter cup or similar with ch...

Unknown1,80222Mar 2007Jun 20

"When Whales Walked"I just got done watching a PBS presentation of the title above. Despite the catchy title, whales never actually walked. But, their early evolutionar...

JimNastics783Jun 19Jun 20
stringman1285Jun 19Jun 20

NJ [ chamber of commerce..pR } pattern Recognition, McPeeps. Pivot point of American History: 12/25/1776........ Trenton, battle of .. Batter UP ! Elysian Fields............

Agentbob886Jun 19Jun 19

Feedback from Greece!So earlier today, my phone rang, and it was from Greece. I picked up, but the voice on the other end told me, that I was unsuccessful in getting the r...

Philipsen1245Jun 19Jun 19

Our daily bread...I usually select French bread for sandwiches. When it's not available, Cuban style bread is my second choice. Sunday, I tried something different. I'l...

chatillion1033Jun 19Jun 19

TV work went as expected!Up early, at 4.45 am. Not my preferred time to get up, but I made the best of it. I was meeting up with a friend, who is also a fan. We made it to...

Philipsen1193Jun 19Jun 19

Who Made God? some may wonder who made GOD this vid may explain it....

stringman58051May 29Jun 18

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(201)"It Is Times Like These ........And All The Unwanted Attention On Other Peoples Blogs ...............................................That I Created Th...

namaron28327Jun 9Jun 18
another day

another dayI'm sitting hear listening to David spade on tv. He's funny. I find that I self medicate with movies and television. When I'm down I try to find the f...

Unknown1,5161Mar 2007Jun 18

"A VERY LONG RUN""For Those Who Dont Know?"......................."The Term "Impeachment" Means This.........We Are Going To Take A Vote In The House Of Representative...

namaron15810Jun 17Jun 18
Sausages From The Heart

“Sausages From The Heart”:-Well another day at the office so to speak, do I just scan through likely matches send a few hopeful flowers, an email or three and sit legs crossed o...

Unknown1,6592Mar 2007Jun 18

Going on national tv!One of my Facebook-buddies wrote me, and said that I would be expecting a call from a producer on Denmark's biggest tv station. They are doing a segme...

Philipsen1285Jun 18Jun 18

Anti TrumpThere are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplo...

lindsyjones10,717578May 2018Jun 18

"CREATION"..("REACTION")..(143)If There Is One Thing.............................. I Dont Believe In......................................... Is People Who Take Ideas From Other Peo...

namaron67-Jun 18

Reading TOO MUCH into commentsJarred where ever he may be I do hope he is alright

itchywitch239-Jun 18Jun 18

Post-interview stuff!I had my Greek job interview today via Skype. I said it was gonna be a short one, but it wasn't. It took 40 minutes, but it was a good talk. I will kn...

Philipsen1113Jun 18Jun 18

Job interview later today!I got a call yesterday from Greece, where I had applied for a job. They want to talk to me in 4 hours time, at 12.30 Danish time. It's via Skype, so I...

Philipsen1207Jun 18Jun 18

with friends and family at her side...I've always found it odd how famous people die with an audience. Yesterday, fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt passed away with an advanced form of c...

chatillion905Jun 18Jun 18
stringman970Jun 18

spectrum [ 01Tagged: photo-Graph } Numbers from Dr Strong's Greek diction Aire, 1890 white... 3022 red...... 4450............ d3 ) ) digital dream door / Forgo...

Agentbob771Jun 17Jun 17

wrote about this before...increased suicideThis is the 3rd suicide I have heard of in my small community in the last month. Two of the people I better than the other, and the third...

Johnny_Sparton44438Jan 11Jun 17
Regarding rules

Regarding rulesI recently posted a blog in which I violated blogging rule 13. I didn't realise I was breaking a rule when I posted the blog, but when it was brough...

Harbal22710Jun 17Jun 17
Remember the old saying a picture never lies

Remember the old saying a picture never liesPhotography as an art form is now dead The days of the image taken being all down to the skill of the person behind the camera are long gone. I rem...

Nice2meetyoutoo822Jun 17Jun 17

The Candace Owens Show a couple of smart people discussing matters that concern us all....

stringman1297Jun 16Jun 17
June 2019 I am still alive and

June 2019 - I am still alive and ......Missing this site. Has it really been 2 years since I last surfaced here - oh boy! It is not that I have found someone special or busied myself dati...

titsy22916Jun 16Jun 17

DignityMy Dad was a proud man all his life. As a Father he was a hypocrite who taught us do as he said not as he did. No one is perfect. He loved the fami...

UnFayzed25617Jun 15Jun 17

Jinjer - Micro. A review!The first time I heard about this band, was when they set the internet on fire with their song Pisces. If I am completely honest, I wasn't blown away...

Philipsen630Jun 17
Unwritten History of the Unknown

Unwritten History of the Unknown:25 Nuclear detonations in the history of this planet, Have you heard of them? Now what I was thought in school was that back in 1945 their where 2 Nuk...

Thelastjubileeyr1466Jun 16Jun 17

English cuisine........sure, we all know how many look down their noses at the prospect. After welsh rarebit and F&C, what is there, really? But look a bit closer, espec...

Vierkaesehoch2266Jun 16Jun 17

To the dearly belovedAnd greatly missed. I do not stand alone. What's always standing behind me to be strong, and do the right thing is the honour and love of m...

usha1232598Jun 16Jun 17

Wish I had said goodbyeWhen I was forty and felt a little too old to be looking for love I thought nah I'll keep searching till I'm fifty and if it hasn't happened by then,...

itchywitch675-Jun 15Jun 16
Harbal21411Jun 16Jun 16

My Father's Day 2019...We are weeks behind in our schedule to renovate the house in Miami. Clearly, moving all of my 'things' to a condo won't happen. I'm procrastinating on...

chatillion992Jun 16Jun 16

HodgepodgeI was on YouTube and watching videos on everything from art/guitar building to DIY rhinoplasty when I looked in the 'related' column and saw "WORST ar...

BadlyDrawn32725Jun 14Jun 16
ananze: "Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"(meet us in the quizzes)

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