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Foxy Lady & my deer friendsI got back to New Jersey (NJ) a couple of weeks ago. The first few days I was busy unloading the car and unpacking. After that, there was a stormy t...

JimNastics19910Apr 17Apr 21

What just happenedTwo weeks ago I mentioned a pretty friend that lived just a couple of doors down got diagnosed with Leukemia, three weeks later DEAD. ugh I had gon...

UnFayzed2119Apr 20Apr 21

Lost opportunities...bucket lists.Helped a fellow sailor install an amateur radio/single side band radio/back rig antenna on his 34 foot sloop here a decade ago. He was bound for the M...

Vierkaesehoch14511Apr 20Apr 21

What Trump is guilty ofDonald Trump, the President of the United States, behaved like any innocent man would behave having been framed by fabricated propaganda prepared by f...

Willy34111255Apr 20Apr 21
No more mister nice guy

No more mister nice guyI have spent the last 15 minutes dashing around causing harmless mischief on several threads, yet no one will take a blind bit of notice. Do I ha...

Harbal58275Apr 20Apr 21
Finding Brick walls in Dating Sites

Finding Brick walls in Dating SitesHave you ever wondered how many people you connect with that are false? Yes, I'm sure we all will on occasions. It's happened to me previously and the...

dazl011769Apr 19Apr 21

TrinidadAfter spending 3 weeks in Tobago yesterday we left for Trinidad. We started sailing at 7 am. It was a clouded and drizzly day but started to clear up...

lshtar68169Apr 18Apr 21

SUMMER'S NEARLY HERE, Don't Sunburn To A Crisp, orA Fish Tale Of Acquired Sunburn Immunity. The subject of sunburn came up on gg's "Ireland's Not A Garbage Can" blog. (It's not as off topic a...

miclee65535May 2018Apr 21

December 26,1862/Dakota 38Another little known fact, surprising to learn of from whom the order was issued..........

Bentlee27126Apr 17Apr 21
Track161335Apr 20Apr 21

LOVE IS ...???Breathless Heart breaking...

itchywitch7,443276May 2015Apr 20
stringman19818Apr 20Apr 20
Who is God Does God exists

Who is God? Does God exists?This is one concept many people don't want to talk about, because they claim it is Religion. Others don't want to, because it is controversial and do...

WhyNotAgain4love52448Apr 11Apr 20

Been journaling for decades......As with the home movies of our twins, and pets, and travels---fun to look back at the entries from time to time. Always describe/record dreams, whe...

Vierkaesehoch1774Apr 18Apr 20

Premillennial Snowflake Julian Assange......and our enlightened USA prison system. Apparently, the Equadorians have had enough. Almost a decade of hospitality, including ceviche and lampadas, an...

Vierkaesehoch2435Apr 11Apr 20

S. Hucklebee Sanders...The White house Press Secretary comes under a lot of scrutiny because some of the things she tells the American press have been proven not to be true....

chatillion982Apr 20Apr 20

"HangInThere " By( Falicia,s Own Experiences)Not Matter What Life Throughout at You! " Please Hang In There" Yes I Understand Life Is Getting So Hard, for Some People! But We All Are Ne...

falicia1977Apr 14Apr 20

Two volumes........of the Mueller report. First one has a good deal that is court/legally vetted, saying no collusion. Vol. 2 is almost all she said he said. Alt left...

Vierkaesehoch1023Apr 19Apr 20

Quotes of the day - "Oh my god ! This is the end of my presidency. I am fuc*ed"Stated by Donald Trump to then attorney general Jeffrey Sessions when hearing of the appointment of Robert Mueller and fully spelled out in the Muelle...

JimNastics1676Apr 19Apr 20
My Easter Blog

My Easter BlogWhat relevance or significance does the crucifixion of Christ have to mankind? I’ve always been puzzled by this and even asked the question several t...

Harbal62976Apr 19Apr 19

Beatin On All FrontsDon't care how you look at it. You can pretend like Soupy, hope like Chat, or be oblivious like Liberal1....but you girls are done. McCabe confirms...

Drcoctail32411Feb 15Apr 19
Hans471116111Apr 18Apr 19
Im conflicted

I'm conflictedI'm conflicted about the idea of getting emotionally involved with at man. There are sacrifices that must be made when one becomes half of a unit. L...

Palmfrond40326Mar 29Apr 19
61 000th blog

61,000th blogSorry mac seems the blog number reset...

OIdblue1958Apr 18Apr 19

Kombucha Cherry & Black CurrantI finally found the Kombucha I have been wanting to try. The taste startled me a little bit, not sure I would buy it again unless I found out if it i...

UnFayzed1166Apr 14Apr 19

I'm making a list...and checking it thrice. Taxes are done, no last minute rush to the post office. Client meeting today. the contractor is 4 weeks behind schedule and ho...

chatillion1399Apr 10Apr 19
Life After Death Day of Judgment

Life After Death, Day of JudgmentAtheists don't believe in the existence of God Almighty Allah or life after death the day of Judgment. Atheists only believe in science that the whole...

Unknown39,0301,939Nov 2011Apr 19

Some of the BEST cabinetmakers are...Alcoholics. My adult life has been involved in woodworking and cabinet manufacturing. The first few years it was in wood shops cutting parts, assembli...

chatillion1251Apr 18Apr 18

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(196)"And They Said....................................................."Do It For Yourself Man"..........."There Is No Message To Send" "To Hell............

namaron27327Apr 8Apr 18

As “mainstream media” openly calls for Left-wing violence against white is the time to start carrying concealed firearms. (Natural News) In a recent segment on the CBS series “The Good Fight,” a chaotic r...

Willy34111613Apr 17Apr 18

"ANTIFA"......("NUT JOBS")Poor Oregon ..................California............And Washington....................They Have To Deal With These Insane Nut Jobs ..............Who C...

namaron992Apr 18Apr 18

WD-40...It's safe to say the whole world knows about WD-40. Sold in cans as a water-displacing spray, people probably use it more for it's penetrating oil lu...

chatillion17811Apr 17Apr 18

FoolishSomeone sent me there phone number asking me to call them so we could start a friendship . They mention that they are interested in me . I am no...

Annleerose25314Apr 18Apr 18
Bentlee74-Apr 18
JimNastics33124Mar 26Apr 18

KIM JONG-UN MAKES SUDDEN MOVE SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea said on Thursday it no longer wanted to deal with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and...

stringman820Apr 18
Best news website ever

Best news website ever?Every day a schoolday - and today in class I found out about - news snippets delivered in nice simple language, as far as I can see no...

Elegsabiff1408Apr 18Apr 18

Putin influences the Mueller report 'bigly'. lolSome more satire today from Andy Borowitz; Satire from The Borowitz Report Putin Almost Done Redacting Mueller Report By Andy Borowitz...

JimNastics903Apr 17Apr 18

hey, hey, we're down to two Monkees...Musician news today reports Peter Tork who played bass for the 60's teen sensations The Monkees died at the age of 77. Mickey and Michael are the two...

chatillion1969Feb 22Apr 18

UpdateLooks like RGB is still rollin'...

Willy3411852Apr 16Apr 18

Walking a mile in other's moccasins....She's perfect, on so many levels. And still pretty, in our age group. We separated over parenting prerogatives, but have become best of friends. Doing...

Vierkaesehoch2187Apr 16Apr 18
Track162104Apr 17Apr 18

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