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Christmas Trees...I drove by a civic center and the tents with signs are already up. It's 93 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny day with Thanksgiving a week away. Not easy t...

chatillion761Nov 14Nov 14
Midnitecwby1122Nov 14Nov 14

When the mind is gone, but the heart remain............When the mind is gone, but the heart remain...

jarred174-Nov 14

Stairway to heaven, or a slippery slope to hell ?Today in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Warns That Democrats Would Drag Nation Back to Days of Tolerance and Decorum...

JimNastics1504Nov 5Nov 14
stringman1246Nov 12Nov 14

Singing Words Of Wisdom...Often, when trying to express a point, one reverts to the wisdom of ancient philosophers. I have recently, however, come across a quote by th...

daniela77747542Jul 12Nov 14

Stopping birth right citizenshipIs it really possible? I'm not sure if an executive order can really make this happen. What do you think? Anyone?...

lindsyjones1,111109Oct 30Nov 14

An honest deathRest in peace to a hero I was unlucky not to meet...

tatami20513Nov 11Nov 14

MENTALMENTAL requires a DENTAL . . . AWWWWWW haahaaahaa Buy a new SHOE baby !!! but It will pinch you again i bet weeeheeheeheeeeeee...

zeroBalance63-Nov 14

How the Dickens did he think them up?Charles Dickens is one of the best known and loved authors in British literature. There is no denying the man’s capacity for coming up with a good st...

Harbal22623Nov 13Nov 13

Welcome to my universeMy first ever blog on this website. Hello! Nice to have you here! I am an avid blogger, so I will probably use this daily. I can ramble along, and...

Philipsen18110Nov 13Nov 13

Now that the 2018 elections are over, get ready for more Mueller indictments.And it looks like Roger Stone is among the first ones to get dragged into court. From Business Insider; Mueller reportedly plans to issue new...

JimNastics600Nov 13

Change your name change your lifeAnd no I don't mean on CS although some of us did and there was a real difference How much does your name influence your life? When someone gives...

Elegsabiff1,651177Nov 2Nov 13

Allopathic/osteopathic medicines....Sure, they have their places, in the right caring and trusted hands. Especially over the past decades with more knowledge of the immune and inflamat...

Vierkaesehoch1093Nov 13Nov 13
Stan Lee Dies

Stan Lee DiesStan Lee has died at the age of 95. The Marvel Comics creator passed away in the early hours of this morning at his home in the Hollywood Hills....

ysabeljhen1406Nov 13Nov 13

When I Am OldWhen I Am Old........

jarred1101-Nov 13

Emotional Baggage or Life Experiences?Emotional Baggage are negative emotions that we should try not to carry over onto the next relationship, whereas experiences are memories, things that...

daniela7771,09972Apr 2017Nov 13

LOCALHOSTYou know what--- i am unable to go for a paid hosting, so i decided to run my CMS(Content Management System) which consist of a blogger's wall/msg box...

zeroBalance61-Nov 13

Make what happen?................... Make what happen?...

jarred161-Nov 13

Winter darkness.....feeling in the northern latitudes, especially with the time changes, seems to get some folks blue. The old timers here call it "cabin fever"; modern ter...

Vierkaesehoch15012Nov 12Nov 13

Why is it when a woman likes my profile and I answer by sending her a messageLast night I got a email saying that a woman wants to meet me but it’s really just liking that after I message her she deletes her profile ? Did I...

Greatguy19881905Nov 12Nov 13
Create a Blog

Create a BlogI dont care what time it is, 1AM or 1PM, I dont care how far you are, I dont care about you, I care, I care about your call, If you call, I wil...

zeroBalance97-Nov 13

Hate crime up in the USA since Trump was electedRacist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump's Election. . Lucy Nicholson—Reuters By Katie Reilly November 13, 2016 In the days since the preside...

JimNastics41448Oct 27Nov 12
Its a private matter

Its a private matterwoken by a phone call in the early hours of the morning, just sitting in limbo ever since.... soon I have to face someone without falling apart when...

itchywitch813-Jul 15Nov 12

WTFdid you delete my comment for? and then shut down from anymore comments? Oh yeah thats right, I forgot I called you cranky Actually doesn't...

itchywitch468-Nov 11Nov 12

The social media 'threat'It would be unusual for any large company not to have a website with links to social media like Facebook or Twitter. I mentioned in a previous blog ab...

chatillion2068Nov 11Nov 12

The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones2,044145Sep 3Nov 12

Animal DreamsI've always wondered what my pets dream about. Most of my dogs used to run in their sleep. You could tell because as they lay on their side sound as...

UnFayzed13112Nov 11Nov 12

StudentsForumWhy do immigrants hate the 'white British' people? watch Announcements Immigrants come to the UK, and all they seem to do is complain and spew ou...

zeroBalance76-Nov 12

ManEaterOrManHater::: Do Indians care about the British any more? Seventy years since India gained its independence from the British Empire, the UK is seeking a clos...

zeroBalance75-Nov 12

Sex for sale in SpainSex for sale in Spain ......

jarred1100-Nov 12

Just as an interesting discussion gets going......and there it is, gone. Which begs the question, with respect to communicating in this medium, what is of real value?...

jac_the_gripper1,14795Nov 9Nov 12
Look Ma I am awake

Look Ma I am awakeThe old lady woke up when she saw the MSG box flushing with NO msg !!!...

zeroBalance93-Nov 12

jarred1Jarred You are married !!! haahaahaa CS is unable to bring trafic due to absence of an ADDME button which normally creates Catagory !! No b...

zeroBalance125-Nov 12
Lukeon1468Nov 11Nov 12

Dear Attention Seekers................ Dear Attention Seekers...

jarred1107-Nov 12

Your Place In The WorldEver noticed that you’re stuck in your ways when it comes to seating preferences? Do you always sit in the same place when you enter a conference roo...

daniela77734051Nov 8Nov 12
stringman1165Nov 9Nov 12
Big FAT Liar

Big FAT LiarI see twitter and other social media sites were all aflutter with the White House Occupant's latest racist, LYING ad. It's unbelievable to me how gull...

LadyImp62341Nov 1Nov 11

Why Aren’t Democrats Walking Away With the Midterms?The night Donald Trump was elected was supposed to be, for most liberals and a few conservatives, the beginning of the end of the world. The economy w...

Willy341141437Nov 3Nov 11
Because I loved him

Because I loved him....I remember him still...

itchywitch586-Aug 16Nov 11
What are some things men dont tell women

What are some things men don't tell women?They might behave macho, but they have no idea how the f***k they can bear the pain of childbirth. Even picturing it sends shivers down their s...

ysabeljhen53150Nov 9Nov 11
abcWOMAN: "SpellingBee"(meet us in the puzzles)

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