Where Covid is in the US today, a nuisance to those vaccinated.

But possibly lethal to those not who have not yet had a Covid infection. LoL

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I was out of my depth with many of the technicalites, but getting the gist of it was helpful.

I didn't get that the BA.2.86 could be lethal to to those who had not yet had infection, but it has left me reviewing my personal position.

I'm feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place with respect to vaccination. sigh
It isn't a firm conclusion, but it is mentioned early on as a possibility when looking at fatalities in hospitals. In any case we see that Ba286 is not yet widespread in the US. The real gist I get from it is that for most of America, which either has had a bout of Covid or the vaccination that Covid is merely a nuisance and not a wide spread health crisis.
Unless there are comorbidities.

The data also didn't cover post infection, or post vaccination of more than six months.

I agree that for most people covid has become nothing more than a nuisance, but the presenter of the video stated that his aim was to provide information so people could make informed choices. I certainly feel more informed, but still feel, as I said, caught between a rock and a hard place.
Their still trying to push every vaccination under the sun here but not many people are taking the bait, we do have swine flu here in NZ apparently but most likely another scare tactic..

It's nothing to worry about really, we will all exit through the same door when our death numbers come up..
Totally agree with you Butch conversing

But the next door thereafter, will be a tight one for a few around here roll eyes

Depending on which door people choose yeah it could be a tight squeeze for many..
First time round it was ages before anyone I actually knew got it, this variation now doing the rounds in the UK has affected many I know, including one who'd neither had it nor been vaccinated and is in her 70s. She said the bout itself wasn't bad but the lingering exhaustion took her by surprise and is proving hard to shake - she's usually a dynamo and very frustrated by her slow recovery to full energy. The other people I know who got it were disgruntled but not too affected. You know the Brits ... their reaction to most things, good OR bad, is "can't complain" ... laugh
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