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EntertainingThe rituals of being beautiful...

tatami20322Nov 24Nov 25

James Taylor updates his 1970 song 'Fire and Rain'.Don't worry sensitive little peeps It is not political....

JimNastics16420Nov 23Nov 25

Bad president, bad president. What you gonna do, when they come for you.New York state judge allows suit against Trump and his personal charity to proceed By Jonathan O'Connell and David A. Fahrenthold November 23 at...

JimNastics28229Nov 24Nov 25

Your using the pop all wrong!!!.................. Your using the pop all wrong!!!...

jarred173-Nov 25

Predicting Earthquakes and why we need them.HellO dear readers. So here are some of the common resources we use in our society today that we take from the earth: gold, diamonds, water, timbe...

tame971003Nov 24Nov 25
Where The Lightening Struck

Where The Lightening Struckis a safer place to stand-__ now, that you took away that 0.0001%...

secludedStar44-Nov 25
Bearwoman227-Nov 21Nov 24
The untold date gone wrong story

The untold date gone wrong story.About a year ago I went on a blind date with this woman. I met her on another dating site. One that you swipe till you reach your potential match. Sh...

IMatt31518Nov 21Nov 24

"WHEN SOME WOMEN DONT GET THEIR WAY"This Blog................. Is Not With The Intent Of........................................... Aggravating Anybody...Or.....Because Of Any Blog That...

namaron72850Nov 20Nov 24

Oh my, what BIG eyes you've got...I'm a member of another dating site with a high percentage of young Asian women. Many have photos with really large eyes. They appear unnatural, almos...

chatillion17912Nov 20Nov 24

Bahahaha!!!! Perfect!!!......................... Bahahaha!!!! Perfect!!! …………………………………..

jarred169-Nov 24

Happy thanksgiving to all our CS AmericansI so like the idea of a dinner just for giving thanks - been invited to a few in Scotland by an American family living a long long way from home and i...

Elegsabiff30127Nov 21Nov 24

I laughed at this soooooo hard!....................I laughed at this soooooo hard!...

jarred1102-Nov 24
stringman850Nov 24

Loneliness, the weekend and moreFirst of all, Happy Thanksgiving! So I am sitting here, listening to a playlist made from my top played songs in 2017. I am browsing the web and p...

Philipsen17011Nov 22Nov 24

The bright side of the Democrat partyThe brilliant democrat party is proud to announce their new leader who is the future leader in brainpower for their misguided flock. Ocasio-Cortez...

Willy341117511Nov 20Nov 24

Well Corsi won't remain alone, because Mueller will get Roger Stone.By The Associated Press JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A conservative writer and associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone said Friday that he is in pl...

JimNastics934Nov 23Nov 24

Most of us guessed it correctly - The alleged bomber is a misled active Trump supporterI actually saw one blog on here predicting that the bomber was a Democrat. Nope. He's Trump supporter seen at MAGA rallies and posted ridiculous s...

JimNastics86668Oct 26Nov 24

I thought it would be a happy song...I took the day off and relaxed at home with my wife. We ate some leftovers from the feast yesterday. I did some model helicopter flying in the morning...

chatillion761Nov 23Nov 24

Video of Invasion caravan proving they're just uncivilized barbarians!According to the left, the migrant caravan is harmless and just wants jobs? Footage yesterday Courtesy of Milenio Televisión....

Willy341132836Nov 6Nov 24
Midnitecwby31434Nov 17Nov 24

Every single one of us sees the world in a different way................ Every single one of us sees the world in a different way.

jarred146-Nov 24
I have many SIDEs

I have many SIDEs !!!Dear , i am 4th DIMENSION , I see things thats normally not visible, so i have many sides like LAUGHTER/FIGHTER/WRITER/MIGHTER/BRIGHTER/FRY(TER)/...

zeroBalance26524Nov 22Nov 24
How Cool Are You

How Cool Are You?Being a mom dad friend colleague or even an anemy if worst comes to worst or you are in any situation where wonder woman...

ysabeljhen1152Nov 23Nov 24

It Is Not Over, Arizona Election Results Being Audited For Election FraudThe Arizona senate election in which Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema defeated Republican Rep. Martha McSally is not over. McSally lost to Sinema despi...

Willy34111115Nov 21Nov 23

How Black Friday Got Its Name.I only shopped once on that day but never again.How Black Friday Got Its Name. BY KIMBERLY AMADEO Updated November 05, 2018 Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving....

Bearwoman127-Nov 23Nov 23
JimNastics24631Nov 19Nov 23

Hurrah, it's Black FridayIt's Black Friday and I'm so excited. I've been looking online and I'm absolutely buzzing. The offers on some electrical goods are amazing. Laptops...

Harbal35545Nov 23Nov 23

The Month Before XmasThe Month Before Xmas 'Twas a month before Xmas, Thanksgiving itself, when Black Friday started ahead of itself. Despite a recession and ominous...

kornbluth985Nov 23Nov 23

It Ain't Paradise any longerThe most destructive fire in California's history has now claimed at least 9 lives. However, at least 35 people are also missing. Almost the enti...

JimNastics67866Nov 10Nov 23

BlabbermouthWhen your Mother-in-Law blows the surprise ending to a mystery you are about to see you call her a ............

Willy3411631Nov 23Nov 23

This one will tug at even the coldest of hearts …Thinking back a few years, living in Florida, I remember Hurricane Matthew. I was ready for it but my wife was not. When the wind reached a scream...

Gentlejim1166Nov 23Nov 23

Too much paper down the pipe...The house I'm living in was built 70 years ago and fitted with a septic tank about 10 feet from the back of the house. The city did an upgrade connect...

chatillion18313Nov 22Nov 23

Sadly, yes.... lol............ Sadly, yes.... lol...

jarred171-Nov 23

what is loneliness?i read recently that there is only one real cure for loneliness and that is solitude . . and i tend to agree with that . . everything else (anoth...

huhanna92739May 2012Nov 23
Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner

Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner?Have you ever held two magnets together? And noticed how they attach tightly to the other magnet? But if you flip the magnet, they push away? And...

ysabeljhen44754Nov 21Nov 23

NormoPHILIA....verses all the other -------PHOBIAS, libs like to toss about etymologically incorrectly. Let's see. Trumpophilia. BrilliantPOTUSophilia. Moonbatophob...

Vierkaesehoch1216Nov 14Nov 23

A little Turkey humorMy baby sister, cuter than a bug's ear, has hosted Thanksgiving for many years. All us households have prepared our dishes. While I wait on a bro t...

UnFayzed12913Nov 22Nov 23

President Trump honoring Elvis Presley with a Medal of Freedom awardPresident Trump honoring Elvis Presley with a Medal of Freedom award...……......

jarred168-Nov 23
Moment of Enlightenment

Moment of Enlightenmentlet me make it minimum missunderstanding because the moment you speak, you are bound to be MISSUNDERSTOOD...

zeroBalance903Nov 23Nov 23

Dont be afraid to be alone............Dont be afraid to be alone...

jarred162-Nov 23
Power of Almighty

Power of AlmightyThe power of ALMIGHTY...::: Onday SAAI was wandering inside the garden, a young man came and said " i want to stay here with you " . -- but yo...

zeroBalance1389Nov 22Nov 23

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