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Hes Exasperating

He's Exasperating!It's a battle of wills between us from the beginning... and I'm losing it We both have crazy work schedule but it's always on his time. Last night...

Crazyheart3821517Sep 29Sep 29
Len051010Sep 29
NewYorkcitylove82-Sep 29
Did you Know

Did you Know?Japan asked permission to Vichy's France to take over Indochina. Permission was granted. Japan didn't fire a single shot to take over that country tod...

Duromojon65-Sep 29
To all bloggers

To all bloggersNot being rude but wy u all still here? Men and women, date each other! As to me am not into the blogging thing but love to read them!...

flowra76323Feb 2012Sep 29

Racial Tension Brewing in America (Trump vs NFL)Racial Tension Brewing in America (Trump vs NFL)...

NewYorkcitylove64-Sep 29
Friendship Is Like A Butterfly

Friendship Is Like A ButterflyFriendship Is Like A Butterfly...

jarred198-Sep 29
Would You Give Up Your CS Profile For Someone

Would You Give Up Your CS Profile For Someone ?I know most of us bloggers are here for ages, we've met and dated but still here on blogs. I know some are not here for dating but for blogs and foru...

Crazyheart3847156Sep 27Sep 29
Thursday sex thoughts

Thursday sex thoughtsI suppose that some of you still have a vague idea what sex is... So, if chocolate wasnt fattening what would you prefer, Sex or chocolate ...or...

Dedovix46248Sep 28Sep 29
Buddhist vs Muslims

Buddhist vs MuslimsIn Bangladesh Buddhist are killing Muslims from Myanmar, people running away from their country. Not even in Myanmar are welcome. Buddhist? I thoug...

Duromojon21410Sep 14Sep 29
mr Toblerone

mr Toblerone,the chocolate made for eastern folks is a lower quality compared to one for the west. Your reason would be that i have a different taste and you care...

bloodyawfull20511Sep 28Sep 29
Ladies these are mens rules

Ladies these are men's rules..................1) Men are not mind readers. 2) Learn to work the toilet seat, you’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. You don’t hear us complaining when you l...

britishcolumbian17811Sep 28Sep 29

Dating for the undatablesGathered here and there are a bunch of diverse intelligent and not so intelligent beings, some are good looking most are not, some are just an outline...

Mapmaker70572Sep 27Sep 29
The Four Qualities of Love

The Four Qualities of Loveby Thich Nhat Hanh (Details on : ) “The...

Swami880Sep 28
NewYorkcitylove82-Sep 28
They say that the Woman loves what she hears

They say that the Woman loves what she hearsThey say that the Woman loves what she hears, that is hearing Don't trust him to a hackneyed and hackneyed phrase lazy cynics have considered. The...

Ummka26120Aug 29Sep 28

$Ive had contact with about a dozen women on here,NEVER fails,get asked for money....

mikebeed991Sep 28Sep 28
Track161537Sep 28Sep 28
SS Obergruppenfhrer Herr Juncker wants European Union to serve purpose to new nazi Wehrmacht

SS-Obergruppenführer Herr. Juncker wants European Union to serve purpose to new nazi WehrmachtSS-Obergruppenführer Herr. Juncker calls IMMEDIATELY/SWIFTLY(they had to wait for totally useless privilege for entire 10 years - both became EU membe...

5ECX5M1637Sep 27Sep 28
A Rose

A RoseA Rose

jarred168-Sep 28

ageThe stigma of an age difference. Funny because chronological age is different from emotional age. It's possible that the younger may match an older...

freehand42831Sep 24Sep 28
NewYorkcitylove66-Sep 28
Anyone else awake

Anyone else awake?Lying in bed with the van door open drinking coffee and roaming the smartphone for anyone else awake. Nearly 9 am in Spain. I seem to have the world...

Elegsabiff1,527176Sep 25Sep 28
True Friendship

True FriendshipTrue Friendship...

jarred1100-Sep 28
Traditional Techno Dj from Belgium

Traditional Techno Dj from BelgiumSpreading my audio works online for who want to listen to. freely, daily Enjoy daily quality techno...

cravatar1002Sep 27Sep 28
Where is my favourite blogger

Where is my favourite blogger?I am wondering where my favourite blogger is. His user name is catfoot. I haven't seen him and his new blogs for several months. Wish him, ALL...

kk20102426Sep 27Sep 28
Tell the truth

Tell the truth ...and shame the devil ... or perhaps I should say .. upset society...

itchywitch44024Sep 26Sep 28

The Flesh is the Sworn Enemy of the SpiritThe Flesh is the Sworn Enemy of the Spirit...

NewYorkcitylove57-Sep 27
WD 40 Who knew

WD- 40............ Who knew?WD-40 Well, Who Knew...? A WONDERFUL FIXER UP WD-40 was created in 1953 by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company. Its name co...

britishcolumbian1699Sep 27Sep 27

Brazil probes ‘Amazon massacres’ by illegal minersBrazil probes ‘Amazon massacres’ by illegal miners...

NewYorkcitylove62-Sep 27

"ANY GIVEN TIME"It Was..................At Any Given Time.....................In Any Situation....................It Was Something... Of Which You Were So Sure Of.......

namaron25530Sep 26Sep 27
Mans Worth And Evolution Throughout The Ages

Man´s Worth And Evolution Throughout The Ages...Following my blog about how wonderful women are, I thought I´d write about men and their wonderfulness and how little appreciated they are.... in ord...

daniela77737343Sep 27Sep 27

"HOW IT WAS""When I Was In First Grade..The First Thing We Had To Do.... Before School Actually Began Was..... The "Pledge Of Allegiance"....Every Morning.... Eac...

namaron72070Sep 25Sep 27
The age of a meat pie does it matter

The age of a meat pie does it matterPies in all walks of life and the wild r complex creatures ruled by their pastry ,filling, shape ,and size Very few r more like sausage rolls in thei...

oldblue5424720Sep 27Sep 27
Good morning Fellow no hopers

Good morning Fellow no hopersI just thought I might try save some of you a few valuable seconds here and there buy *BY letting you know, Just in case you did not already ....

nonsmoker34540Sep 27Sep 27
Hi everybody

Hi, everybodyMy respect to all bloker. I love you and I remember....

Ummka1,17757Sep 2013Sep 27
Afternoon Tea

Afternoon TeaWho wants to join me for afternoon tea? There is 3 kinds of tea, biscuits, cheese, assorted fruit, and cookies....

Track1617114Sep 26Sep 27
The new pledge of allegiance so very true so very sad

The new pledge of very true so very sad..Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If scriptur...

britishcolumbian1609Sep 26Sep 27
Having a deep appreciation for those who deeply appreciate

Having a deep appreciation for those who deeply appreciateAs of late Ive been awe inspired by a group of enthusiest musicians from Ukraine, that even the original band they copy, would have to take their hats...

LoveRanger521462Sep 24Sep 27


jarred153-Sep 27
NewYorkcitylove66-Sep 27

whereare the German women? Not here on CS maybe I should move west by west...

Duromojon25435Sep 26Sep 27
Rain30: "Watch my dance clip"(meet us in the blogs)

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