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"THE PROTESTERS"Of Course You Have The Right To Protest...Well...In Most Countries ....You Do..... Anyway.....Maybe Its A Wrong You Are Protesting....And You Want It...

namaron51835Jul 29Aug 5

"FAILED ACTIONS OF YESTERDAY"After All This Time That Has Passed...Im Still Left As To The Wonder Of You............That Magnectic Grasp... That Always Seems To Pull One Inward......

namaron1170Aug 5
if today is tomorrow

if today is tomorrowif today is tomorrow. tomorrow was yesterday. when is today. never ...... tomorrow. never comes an yesterday has been an gone.many times. today is now...

jarred173-Aug 5
My Homemade Kefir Im Finally Making My Own

My Homemade Kefir - I´m Finally Making My Own!What is Kefir? It is a cultured beverage that originates from Russia. It is a fermented, enzyme-rich food resembling yogurt filled with friendly ba...

daniela77768012Jul 26Aug 5
International Kissing Day

International Kissing DayHow did we miss this? Have you kissed someone today? This is a pretty iconic kiss. Who would you like to kiss today? What celebrity /...

Elegsabiff96789Jul 6Aug 5
People do not care whether you live or die

People do not care whether you live or die.People do not care whether you live or die. The truth sucks but it will set you free.?...

jarred1117-Aug 5
how we are being dumbed down

how we are being dumbed downI have not even given this a lot of thought and I do not even know if there is a point to this. I think perhaps it is just to stimulate possible post...

Johnny_Sparton65352Aug 4Aug 5


Track161144Aug 4Aug 4
Disabled Comments Blogs

Disabled Comments BlogsA lot has been written about “Disabled Comments Blogs” lately. My suggestion re the same is that the viewer should be informed up front that such...

socrates4431619Aug 3Aug 4

"IN SOLITARY"When You Put Certain People Into Solitary Confinement..For Whatever Reason..You Are Not Helping Him/Her............ And I Understand That Some People...

namaron33916Aug 4Aug 4
Disco So Love 80s

Disco...So Love 80sMeeting friends tonight, might have a date too... will be a fun night dancing trying to come up with some plausible reason to leave work early...

Crazyheart382905Aug 4Aug 4
When Hauggh met Sallhhg

When Hauggh met Sallhhg(A caveman love story) (fun only) It was full moon and Sallhhg knew there had to be more to life than the village and picking a good hunter to coo...

Elegsabiff64549Jun 12Aug 4
What a woman want from a man Is the same what a man want from a woman In my own opinion

What a woman want from a man? Is the same what a man want from a woman! In my own opinion!What a woman want from a man? Is exsactly what a man want from a woman! Their want to be trusted and to be able to trust! Both want love,...

Balicia49017Jul 26Aug 4
Im a classic

I'm a classicI'm a classic enabler. I have never not enabled. In fact, the idea of not being an enabler sounds foreign and, quite frankly, distasteful. I pr...

Gypsytramp70070Aug 3Aug 4

HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT AND HAVE FUN! STEP BY STEP (Based on my own experience)I did loose !7 Kilos in 3 months! I can Not Warranty that it will happen to you too ! But you have to give it a try! You have nothing to loose...

Balicia29612Aug 3Aug 4
Checking out Stephanie Evans

Checking out Stephanie Evans!Turkish-born but living in Chicago! Has an interest in me through private texting.By looking at her selfies she looks more like a model????!...

Magnet580106-Aug 4
What Would Wouldnt You Compromise In A Relationship

What Would / Wouldn't You Compromise In A Relationship?To be in a relationship, we usually adapt to many changes, they could be good changes, they could be bad changes but if we really want that person in...

Crazyheart3836122Aug 3Aug 4
Looks like we got another preacher

Looks like we got another preacherI guess I can add him to blogs I don't even open. Oh well....

ooby_dooby54639Jul 31Aug 4
Date sites

Date sitesjust a simple question for you guys how many of you think Date sites really work how many of you have found true love found your soul mate, I have use...

doreen165826Jun 2016Aug 4
Want need

Want/needDo you want or need a man in your life? Why do men feel like they have been insulted when I say I want a man in my life but don't need one? Surely t...

emmy151140Jul 29Aug 4

RIGHT TO REPLYI have only been a member of this site for a week. Already I have noticed that some people post on the Blogs then disable the ability to post comme...

graeme19691,265112Aug 2Aug 4
Who is The Fool And The Wise

Who is The Fool And The Wise?Who is The Fool And The Wise?U can't tell a fool nothing!!...

jarred199-Aug 4
Im Getting One For My Dog

I'm Getting One For My DogTake him to the park one day....

Track161310Aug 4
Track16950Aug 4
Your Reason

Your Reason?There was a reason you joined this site. What was it? To find love? To find friendship? To just read blogs? everyone has a reason....................

Cwizzy6545332Jul 28Aug 3
A Question

A Question.Should Prince Charles step aside and allow William and Harry to be the next Kings, as they are more popular with the public and lets face it, the whol...

pat8lanips31017Jul 29Aug 3


Track16831Aug 3Aug 3

"THE ("RIGHT TO")... DILEMMA"Ive Been Here Now For...Around Four Years..........And There Probably Have Been At Least 50 Blogs About Blogs That Dont Allow Comments...This Subject...

namaron22815Aug 3Aug 3
Would you rather

Would you rather...Be sitting in front of your PC reading the blogs or......

oldblue54311-Aug 3Aug 3
Alert Comment Disallowed Have you ever been driven by someone who just got their driving licence

Alert!! Comment Disallowed. Have you ever been driven by someone who just got their driving licence?Do you know how is it like to be in the car, biting your nails? However, in my case I chose to post a blog instead Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this...

MimiArt7348121-Aug 3

29This is my last year being 29, next year I'll be 39 for the next ten years...

Track161033Aug 3Aug 3
As the human body ages

As the human body ages.....across the life span, we see how that which we once knew, morphs toward the almost unrecognizable. In our mom's case, being bed bound was merely the s...

Aaltarboy22413Jul 23Aug 3
Disabled Blogs

Disabled BlogsI have no opinion on it, I just wanted to piss everyone off :)...

Track16119-Aug 3

Meeting up with one of our long time member, Gentle JimJim and I had finally met after some failed attempts. We had a good dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in Jamesville, Wisconsin. Instead of flying ou...

lindsyjones59535Aug 1Aug 3
Sharia lets woman off for throwing her newborn out a 8 story bldg

Sharia let's woman off for throwing her newborn out a 8 story bldgChicago, goes down the rabbit hole. A 19 year old mother throws her newborn baby out of a 8 story building, head first. For fear of her parents commit...

seaworthy59645Jul 13Aug 3
If this is true

If this is true....'Eyes are the windows to the soul.' It means, mostly, people can see through someone else by eye contact in seven seconds.... It would explain why...

oldblue5433032Aug 2Aug 3


Track16830Aug 3
as if you will be any better

as if you will be any bettermr NYCitylove. Would love to see your blog, once when you start walking the walk....

bloodyawfull3427Jul 31Aug 2

"A DIFFERENCE IN TIME"I Have Allowed Myself... To Take Stock Here...I Really Dont Know Why I Wrote This...Maybe... Its Because.... I Am Just Filling In The Spaces...So ..At...

namaron396-Jul 31Aug 2
Watch Out World

Watch Out WorldI haven't written a blog in a long while and have barely been on CS to comment. My computer went on the fritz a few months ago. I loathe typing on my...

Gypsytramp30016Aug 1Aug 2
How one looks at things

How one looks at things...Why do some people see an admiring glance as a lecherous stare, a smile as a grin, confidence as ego, flirting as harassment and choice as a prejudice...

ChrisJWood36716Jul 30Aug 2

PaoloerikEven demons fall in love. Love is just everything!...

Paololuv1363Aug 2Aug 2
zweet4you: "do you know me?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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