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"EXPERIENCER OF EXPERIENCES"Let Us All.... Not Be On The Forgetful Side Of Our Memories....When Situations Arise ....It Is Always Best To Be "Calm And Cool"...When Dealing With T...

namaron28122May 25May 25
itchywitch217-May 25May 25

How To Use Different Levels Of Perception - Last PartWhile most of us are capable of interacting with all four levels of perception, we´re usually bogged down in the physical body, or caught up in the sp...

daniela77719726May 25May 25
soon jail time

soon jail timesoon jail time...

jarred1134-May 25
Just Friends Be Yourself

Just Friends - Be YourselfJust Friends - Be Yourself...

jarred1124-May 25
Not complaining

Not complainingAnd normally I do when one of my blogs has been removed by the mods.... but since the other one who tried spreading hate and lies with his has being...

itchywitch2857May 25May 25
Soul Mates WTF is that

Soul Mates...WTF is that?OK, people, I'm trying to lighten up the mood here. Didn't want to post a blog or talk about this topic but would be interesting to know what's your t...

Crazyheart3877272May 24May 25


Track161070May 25
OK who was it

OK who was it ?I know one of you nicked the last decent blog from the box, I just went to get one but all that was left was some fluff in the bottom, it's just not o...

zmountainman1,456101Dec 2013May 25

"LITTLE CHILDREN"While I Do Understand That Young Children Were Killed In The Bombing In Manchester.....Why Am I Thinking That I Never Heard An Outcry Before About You...

namaron42448May 24May 25
Lets Lighten The Mood On the Blogs

Let's Lighten The Mood On the BlogsA friend asked me to do this. So here goes! Here are comical quotes from Rodney Dangerfield: My wife and I were happy for 20 years. Then we...

Gentlejim1594May 25May 25
stringman1145May 25May 25
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria known as ISIS

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria known as ISISThis is to create a positive discussion about how ISIS was created. America while partly responsible is not directly involved in its creation....

lindsyjones35436May 24May 25
The Mind Manipulation Medium

The Mind Manipulation MediumThe Mind Manipulation Medium...

jarred196-May 25
Touching tributes from the world all over

Touching tributes from the world all over,............ So nice and touching to see, many tha...

Unknown1819May 24May 25
The US did not create bloody isis

The US did not create bloody isisEVIL creates evil. To blame the US for creating evil is Please, before you post, grow a brain first....

chame1eon_again19511May 24May 25

Our Fourth Perceptual Level - Part 3The Fourth Perceptual Level is that of Spirit. Also known as the level of Eagle - who is able to see both the entire picture and a tiny piece of it...

daniela77718317May 24May 25
Your Mirror

Your MirrorYour Mirror Are you a leader or a follower? Are you strong or weak? Are you valuable or replaceable? Are you worth the time o...

jarred196-May 25

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(108)The Current Situation Of The Planet Earth....Has A Lot Of Questions That Are Beckoning To Be Answered..... But Unfortunately...This Is A Complete Imp...

namaron22633May 24May 24
Incident At LifePittsburgh

Incident At LifePittsburghOn the 23rd of this month while I'm sitting down on a reclininer minding my own business in the activities room when music is playing this unstable wo...

Magnet5801021May 24May 24
stringman961May 24May 24
Could this be the way to success in romance

Could this be the way to success in romance?I love to read. i will read just about anything lying around. Old newspapers, throwaway articles from the freebie newsstands, old magazines and on and...

Ed194119010May 23May 24
World Poverty The Facts

World Poverty - The FactsWorld Poverty - The Facts...

jarred193-May 24
How Americans View Other Religions Will Wont Surprise You

How Americans View Other Religions Will & Won’t Surprise YouHow Americans View Other Religions Will & Won’t Surprise You...

jarred1101-May 24
Comments Welcome

Comments Welcome...Two thought provoking blogs below (WHO Is The Real Terrorist? / How The U.S. Created The Islamic State) do not allow comments. The vids are releva...

miclee27718May 24May 24
What are you afraid of

What are you afraid of?Why do some people create a blog that asks a question, but won't allow people to answer by not allowing comments? Are they so afraid that someone mig...

ooby_dooby21010May 24May 24
How Many Has God Killed

How Many Has God Killed?How Many Has God Killed?...

jarred189-May 24
Beware online filter bubbles

Beware online "filter bubbles"Beware online "filter bubbles"...

jarred198-May 24
Memorial Day

Memorial DayThe parade will be held on Monday at 10:00 AM at 40th&Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA! I had been coming here for as long as I remember; A...

Magnet580900May 24
Build Me A Bridge To Hawaii Lord

Build Me A Bridge To Hawaii, LordAnd God Said “Let There Be A Bridge” A biker was riding along a California beach when suddenly the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming...

Gentlejim1415May 23May 24

Have I made an evolutionary discovery?Like most people I have wall to wall carpeting inside my BBQ, I noticed that my Chicken (that was raised by cats) had been laying eggs on the carpet i...

Mapmaker30327May 23May 24
WHO is the Real Terrorist

WHO is the Real TerroristWHO is the Real Terrorist...

jarred1116-May 24

"THE DEVILS KINGDOM"Im Not Saying This In Any Way...To Throw A Shadow Upon What Has Happened In England..Or... What Has Happened In France....Or In Any Other Country...Bu...

namaron65747May 23May 23


Track16910May 23

CowardiceKilling innocent young defenceless children, youngest being eight years old, and shocking young people are still missing,............. Salam, your...

Unknown35352May 23May 23
RIP Sir Roger Moore

RIP Sir Roger MooreOur very own James Bond and amazing ambassador to children's charities,.....................

Unknown18415May 23May 23
The Best Place to Visit or Swap places

The Best Place to Visit or Swap places ?Anybody ever think of swapping places/homes for Christmas or some other special occasion ? Am single, n it could be a male or female, preferr...

1_SPCTR35447May 22May 23
Manchester Bombing

Manchester BombingThere are no words to describe the way I feel about this. I just hope that out off all darkness comes some light and understanding....

1r1shmale1285May 23May 23
Crazyheart3817810May 23May 23

#StayStrongManchesterThoughts with the people of Manchester today. A new level of depravity as children become targets. #StayStrongManchester Danny...

_Danny___16813May 23May 23
Ah bah humbug

Ah bah humbugHow come its easy telling a young man not bloody likely cause your young enough to be my son... yet when it comes to the older man, its not so easy...

itchywitch30620May 21May 23
Willy34111082May 23May 23
irishrebel75: "So I got a smiling one..."(meet us in the profile reviews)

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