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MisconceptionsI’m far from being an expert on what impresses women, but, over the years, I’ve picked up a little knowledge of what doesn’t. Maybe I’ve even got mis...

Harbal45848Dec 16Dec 16

2012 - the year the world didn't endRemember when we were being told the world would end on December 21, 2012? . I'm glad it didn't. The last 6 years have been much more intere...

Elegsabiff23825Dec 16Dec 16
Willy34111645Dec 16Dec 16

Ninth Circuit Court Rules Border Wall Must Be Short Enough That A Pregnant Woman Could Scale ItNinth Circuit Court Rules Border Wall Must Be 'Short Enough That A Pregnant Woman Carrying A Child In Each Arm Could Be Expected To Scale It Without D...

Willy341114910Dec 14Dec 16

CancelledI received this email from the Secretary of my walking group this morning: Hi Ramblers Please see message below from Nigel.    “Owing to severe...

Harbal35834Dec 15Dec 16

Connecting the dots...It's been a blast of political news stories this weekend about Mueller, Manafort, Cohen and Trump. I have to ask myself "Have we passed the point of...

chatillion49441Dec 9Dec 16
Do You Cry at Drive Thru Weddings

Do You Cry at Drive Thru Weddings?On avg. 300 weddings a day are conducted in Las Vegas. It's the wedding capital of the world. It's fast and simple. Especially if you do a drive th...

AmpleCurves25226Dec 15Dec 16
There Are Traps For Everyone

There Are Traps For Everyone................. There Are Traps For Everyone...

jarred178-Dec 16

J&J Knew for decades that asbestos lurked in baby powder, but kept it a secret from the publicRecently 3 court findings have shed light on this situation resulting in potentially many thousands of people getting either ovarian cancer or mesothe...

JimNastics18110Dec 15Dec 15

"CREATION"..("WORLDY PEOPLE")..(126)Worldly People.......................Stay Away From Thee..........................Worldy People.....................You Best Let Them Be.................

namaron830Dec 15

Pets Guide To Humans - Why Do We Need Them?So in choosing to get yourself a human being, you've joined the millions of other cats/dogs/birds etc. who have acquired these strange and frustrating...

fiorenza39312Dec 14Dec 15
Top Ten Florida Man Misadventures

Top Ten Florida Man Misadventures!Whenever something REALLY strange happens in the USA, you can almost be certain, that it takes place in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to sev...

Philipsen1395Dec 15Dec 15

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(183)"When No One Hardly Talks To You?........(And Im Not Crying About It Believe Me).....(I Could Give A Shit)........................"It Is Always Great....

namaron19018Dec 14Dec 15
Hes lovely

He's lovelyTicks all the boxes But 6'' 9 heck man that's too tall for me .... Life/love would be so much easier if only I did not long for perfection...

itchywitch86348Dec 8Dec 15

Too funny & sad.The person who Donald Trump just appointed to the position of chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, is recorded on video stating that Donald Trump is "a ter...

JimNastics1120Dec 15

2,500-Year-Old Chariot Found - Complete with Rider And HorsesA chariot dating back to the Iron Age has been discovered in Yorkshire, making it the second time in two years there has been such a discovery. The...

Willy34111183Dec 15Dec 15
stringman1544Dec 13Dec 15

In the alphabet soup of life, I pick aitchHow weird is the alphabet? A J and K sound alike (unless you are a Scot – they say jiy, not jay) B C D G P T V sound alike – and if you are Americ...

Elegsabiff26830Dec 15Dec 15

The Final WordThe bottom line remains this: Trump did not violate federal campaign finance laws. Why? Because the payments to Daniels and McDougal amounted to a “pr...

Drcoctail24319Dec 14Dec 15

First phrasesCan we be serious a minute? Aye that'll be right But no, seriously. If you are going somewhere they speak a different language, what are the...

Elegsabiff54041Dec 14Dec 15

The god of Christmas shoppingA speaker invited to a school to talk about the meaning of Christmas instead went rogue and told the kids – some as young as 4 – that Santa doesn’t ex...

Elegsabiff950118Dec 8Dec 15
Today while I was fishing I realised

Today while I was fishing I realisedHow much trolls and fish have in common....

Onthcrestofawave2809Nov 17Dec 15

Judge Nap on Seriousness of Cohen Case If you're in the liberal camp that the President is in legal jeopardy with the Cohen case then you may want to check...

Drcoctail33212Dec 14Dec 15

Media biases....At home, in the Vierk-Aaltarboy Tajmahal-like mansions, I do not have land lines, ISP or cable TV. Smart/cell phone much better, occasional wifi use i...

Vierkaesehoch1960Dec 15

Mueller looks to interview Trump in personToday in the Huffington Post 12/15/2018 12:36 am ET Robert Mueller Is Pressing To Interview Trump After President’s Written Answers: CNN...

JimNastics980Dec 15
Men of God can be amazing

Men of God can be amazing!This is Father Roderick Vonhögen, a Dutch priest. I came across this priest, when I was looking for reaction videos to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I...

Philipsen1582Dec 14Dec 15

Unusual Animal FriendshipsI was inspired to write this blog as I was watching my dog (Dalmatian/Staffie) who has been friendly with a little pony since he was a pup, when I sta...

daniela77784748Jun 2018Dec 15
Hows it feel

How's it feel?...................How's it feel?...

jarred194-Dec 15
s*xual innuendo

s*xual innuendoDo they work for you I see the same bloggers both male and female throwing the same s*xual innuendoes into blog after blog. As most bloggers liv...

Onthcrestofawave47329Dec 12Dec 15

2 day boil down, it's minus 17 outside right now.....Once a week I help a friend of mine on his hobby farm. Yesterday I got some fresh duck necks, chest plates and other carcass pieces. Into the large st...

Bentlee19012Dec 8Dec 14
Nobody can replace your place

Nobody can replace your place............ Nobody can replace your place...

jarred1101-Dec 14
JimNastics1294Dec 14Dec 14
Do you ever wonder if God cares about your blog

Do you ever wonder if God cares about your blog?........... Do you ever wonder if God cares about your blog?...

jarred198-Dec 14

"HUMANITY"..... "IS THE PROBLEM"To Us Humans?..................What We See As Unusual?........................."Is Perfectly Normal In The Animal World We Could Learn A Lot............

namaron37766Dec 9Dec 14
8 parts of speech bee cause

8 parts of speech [ bee cause057. the holy bible / manic street preachers -46. temporary heaven / introflirt ..} ....Digital dreamer; Ryan's List [ 60 11. who are you / the who...

Agentbob1382Dec 14Dec 14

Criminals wish to thank Bergen County New Jersey and other's like them"The criminals of the world would like to thank soulless mindless freedom hating America hating law and order hating punks who tip the scale’s in thei...

Willy34111434Dec 14Dec 14

Trump should pardon Flynn, make him White House chief of staffSebastian Gorka, President Trump’s former deputy assistant, floated fired White House national security adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday as a possib...

Willy34111565Dec 13Dec 14

Driving update - It's no longer appropriate to drive with hands at 10:00 & 2:00 position b/c airbagsGet with the times: You’re driving all wrong by Bottom Line Most driving guidelines — including those now issued by AAA and most state transportat...

JimNastics21514Dec 12Dec 14
Christmas gift wrapping tip

Christmas gift wrapping tip............. Christmas gift wrapping tip :...

jarred196-Dec 14

About last night lolColbert's monologue in 2 parts;...

JimNastics1155Dec 13Dec 14

Nigh is the end.....Many will miss Biff blogs and comments, but I feel her pain. I too worry about the strident near crazy talk on both sides of the policies (and the cr...

Vierkaesehoch40015Dec 13Dec 14
Track1624312Dec 11Dec 14
methuzelah: "hey England..."(meet us in the forums)

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