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Kelsey Derringer

Kelsey DerringerAt the new venue for the atheist Sunday Assembly in Pittsburgh,PA, -Community Forge in Wilkinsburg-a married but hot chick named Kelsey Derringer was...

Unitarian2211594Jul 18Jul 18

"NEW COMERS""In Response To Miss Lindsys Blog About New Comers?.....While In Most Cases........................................The So Called New Comers Here.........

namaron291-Jul 17Jul 18
miclee23111Jul 18Jul 18

A Few ChucklesMy wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have Sex?' 'No,' she answe...

Gentlejim2938Jun 18Jul 18

CS is great, there's nothing like itYou know why? How is everyone? Well I still think this place is great. Especially with the addition of (good) newcomers. So I initiate th...

lindsyjones96357Mar 23Jul 18

New Technique for fighting brain cancerAdmittedly, having done cancer research, this news article in Scientific American is likely more interesting to me, than most of you, unless you know...

JimNastics1941Jul 18Jul 18
Dinner after birthday

Dinner after birthdayI don't know how to attach my favorite dinner image to this blog, it's the first time I post something public here, for a lonely day - after my birthd...

Little_sun39613Oct 2017Jul 18

Men and women....Pain tolerance....Among the many differences we discuss here, some evidence shows women can take more pain than us Macho men. Certainly wouldn't want to have a 10 pound...

Vierkaesehoch1310Jul 18
Finally 7 days have passed

Finally, 7 days have passed!Finally 7 days have passed until I can post something! 3 consecutive long working nights have passed until I can take a little break. There are still...

Emily_Yan45116Jul 16Jul 18

Conserv'tive? Lib'rul? What Are YOU?Take 'The Best Political Quiz' and you'll KNOW! It takes about 4 2/3 minutes. Are you living among your po...

miclee26911Jul 15Jul 18


jarred170-Jul 18

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(161)I Really Cant See Much Difference................................................. Between What Goes On Here....Or For That Matter.......................

namaron405-Jul 16Jul 17
verbal diarrhea

verbal diarrheathe master has spoken .... and we all know who that is ????.. on his visit to the uk ..the one and only ..just could not zip it ... so now the whole...

edison3242874Jul 16Jul 17

love and sexmostly people think that love is the meaning of sex. but i dont consider it true. Because sex is the nature and pleasure for only a few minutes while...

atifshz32223Jul 17Jul 17

What Happened? Donald J. Trump HappenedNot very long ago the Democrat Party and the liberal media hated the CIA, hated the intelligence community, and loved Soviet, Cuban, and Chinese commu...

Willy34111464Jul 17Jul 17
Hes back

He's backwanting me wanting me and I WANT him so.... But i can't ... yet its not enough when temptations gotten the better of me. how do you not do what...

itchywitch1,42160Apr 7Jul 17

Blessed Mary weeps olive oilThe two weeping statues I know of were in Akita, Japan in the 70's and now today from New Mexico, USA. Whether the 2nd one is miracle is yet to be de...

seaworthy2451Jul 17Jul 17

Trump, Putin Clash In Intense ‘GoldenEye 007’ DeathmatchTAG - SATIRE HELSINKI, FINLAND—In a historic sleepover after the 2018 Russia–United States summit in Helskini, President Trump and Vladimir Putin f...

Willy34111602Jul 17Jul 17

Why is a man with dirty talk to a woman called a sexist,Why is a man with dirty talk to a woman called a sexist, .................... but does a woman who hangs up dirty talks to men 100ct per minute?........

jarred1161-Jul 17
what do all the long distance msgs mean

what do all the long distance msgs mean?It is clear from my profile that I am not interested in Long distance anything. No chat. No skype. No anything if you are not from the Denver area....

aftershox27310Jul 16Jul 17

Women and men-----Crying.......Women reportedly do it more often and for longer. Several types of tears, ----Irritant (onions), Sadness, Laughter, Manipulative, Crocodile, Pain, etc...

Vierkaesehoch36133Jul 16Jul 17
WiZiD Zoo Part 4

WiZiD Zoo (Part 4)Within a split second a thought flashed back through my mind, “if you’re not strong enough now, you never will be.” These words also seemed to rise fr...

Wrinklylove1580Jul 16
guys i am searching

guys i am searchinghello am tashu party organisor of freakinout dating site nd i am inviting you here freakin-out event,which is in new delhi on27th of july, in t...

tashu11,31430Jul 2013Jul 16

We judge crazy and normal all day long.A ring through your nose is crazier for many people than one through your ear. To be married as a man with three women at the same time is crazy, but...

jarred173-Jul 16

Trump Meets Putin: ‘I Really Think the World Wants to See Us Get Along’( - President Donald Trump began his first one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in front of the cameras, sitting down...

Willy341123810Jul 16Jul 16

EpiphaniesAwake at 3 am last night, I put some magnesium oil on to help me relax and get back to sleep, and started journalling to get the busy out of my brain...

LadyImp18313Jul 16Jul 16
In the mirror

In the mirrorLook into the mirror. Not just at the face. Look into your own eyes. You are looking at the only person you have to put up with the rest of you life....

Marblecollector1060Jul 16

According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra............................ According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra....

jarred1276-Jul 16

Do not let others decide on your life - decide on your own life!Do not let others decide on your life - decide on your own life!............. You are the expert of your own life. Others mainly advise what the...

jarred1108-Jul 16

Reason 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 why I am not a liberalThese people look like zombie's there's nothing about any of them that you'd want to grab except a straight jacket to put them in and a nut house. Lor...

Willy341155818Jul 14Jul 15

Imagination running riot?I now take paying guests and I've had one here for a couple of weeks now and I might be turning into one of those slightly batty types who think every...

Elegsabiff1,287126Jul 11Jul 15
want to much

want to muchif you keep wanting more you will end up with less ...t. m. dillonger.....

Unknown1232Jul 14Jul 15
life and after

life and afterwhen you go to the next life ..if there is one ..and you have not been. to bad you will be ok ..and if you have been bad and still alive ..make up for...

Unknown26626Jul 14Jul 15

where are you on the monkey rockwhere are you on the monkey rock.......... at the top are one or more leaders who determine what happens, below that are their assistants, foll...

jarred1115-Jul 15

Que sera, seraWhat will be, will be. Alles sal regkom. Things will work out. Go where the wind takes you. On the other hand - my personal mantra is ‘if not now,...

Elegsabiff66250Jul 14Jul 15
Cant You Live Without Makeup

Can't You Live Without Makeup?It's less hand muscle work to apply and then remove your makeup, same day or a day after. Applying eyeshadow at times causes the fine particles to...

Unika_4154036Jun 17Jul 15

Women and and men... Men and women...TWINS...Our non identice (dizygotic) girls are terrific. Very smart, creative, beautiful, caring, etc. They are best of friends, although this was different b...

Vierkaesehoch1614Jul 15Jul 15

The Dance of AlonenessThe Dance of Aloneness We are all alone. This is not depressing. when you realise it’s the truth. We are born alone, we die alone. Along the way,...

jarred1138-Jul 15

Picture With My Shirt OffIts been suggested that I take a picture with my shirt off so I did it. I don't get what the big deal is.

Track161620Jul 15

A Boy And His Dog - Beyond ChanceAn amazing story of a boy with problems and a dog who did wonders for him. A dog is indeed man's best friend. This could be the best 9 minute vide...

Willy34111503Jul 14Jul 14

Community GardenIn my early twenties when I bought five acres of sand, I got into gardening, with that much land it was easy., once the truck load of chicken shit was...

UnFayzed2036Jul 14Jul 14

jarred1, unfortunatelyWas taught about Christianity by someone who completely misunderstood it, if he thinks it's "terrorism". Discuss....

texasgirl858552924Jul 13Jul 14
angela_han1975: "Colorful Flow"(meet us in the puzzles)

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