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Exactly 2 years ago today

Exactly 2 years ago todayI checked into the Kuala Lumpur airport hotel in the afternoon. Took a nap and by 8pm started to get dressed and dolled up. His flight was schedul...

MiMiArt297-Feb 15Feb 23
Funny Turn

Funny TurnThe man at the check out next to mine at the supermarket last Saturday had a funny turn recently; I know that because I heard his wife telling someon...

Harbal63878Feb 22Feb 23

Do you believe that Dragons once lived on the earth?Your first thought most probably is that it must have been during the Jurassic Era! Maybe if Dragons lived, then Fairies, Pixies, Trolls, Unicorns, Dw...

smiley96328525Feb 21Feb 23
Be Music Night

Be Music, Night......Be Music, Night' Be music, night, That her sleep may go Where angels have their pale tall choirs Be a hand, sea, That her dreams may wa...

gingerginger1,1452Jan 2014Feb 23

"CREATION"...("DEEP WITHIN")...(133)You Should Know The Drill By Now.............................I Am Filling In The Space................... That Begins The Blog In Order To Be Able.......

namaron1010Feb 22
Bump bumping bump bump

Bump bumping bump bumpJust a little social experiment to see if anyone reads the blog info or just comments on anything And was tired of the same old topics and faces...

Onthcrestofawave26413Feb 12Feb 22

Why Trump Will Win the Wall FightHe continually adapts while the Dems remain static. The Democrats squealed with delight when the President decided to temporarily end the partial g...

Willy341145333Jan 31Feb 22

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("ANY OTHER WAY")...(93)Yes.....It Is True.........Everything Does.................. And Will Come To An End........................But It Doesnt Mean That It Is Over...........

namaron1190Feb 21Feb 22

ChoicesToday I heard a young man ask a wise old man "Sir, in which field would you suggest I make a great career?" The wise old man answered with a smile "B...

Lukeon25813Feb 6Feb 22

Venue: Bringing up old blogs...The CS blog counter currently shows 60,495 blogs. I see occasionally someone will bump an old blog and bring it to the top. It's interesting to see wh...

chatillion1531Feb 22Feb 22

Jussie Smollett saga....exploring the underLYING dynamics...Oh, ye light in the loafers Peebles! From those of us who used actually to get paid to ponder such juicy topics, I aver without a trace of malice. No...

Vierkaesehoch3174Feb 22Feb 22
stringman930Feb 22
Track162462Feb 13Feb 22

The first steps towards FINALLY getting Trump's tax returnsIt's well known, that every presidential candidate in recent US history has released their tax returns to allow scrutiny of proper procedure and also...

JimNastics57054Feb 10Feb 22
Why santa is more loved than god

Why santa is more loved than godEvery child believes in santa Every adult pretends to be santa He gives presents He can fly He only comes once a year He asks nothing in return...

Onthcrestofawave47728Dec 19Feb 22

You make the caption contestYep, it's about time for some fun on here. If you want to join in, add your own caption(s) for the following photo. My first one is; "Honest,...

JimNastics31616Feb 4Feb 22

Homeless Vets vs Illegal AliensI spent 6 years in the United States Air Force. I never went looking for a salute but I sure do appreciate it when I get one. When someone says "Thank...

Willy341143240Feb 10Feb 22

San Francisco - Sanctuary City - Slum CityDecades of Democrat leadership has led to one of the prettiest cities in the world becoming a slum infested cesspool eyesore called San Francisco. San...

Willy34111436Feb 5Feb 22

CNN To Give ISIS Equal Time To Respond To Trump's State Of The UnionATLANTA, GA—In the interest of fairness in broadcasting, CNN has announced the cable news channel will give members of ISIS equal time to respond to P...

Willy34111296Feb 6Feb 22
Pro Abortion

Pro AbortionPersonally, I find it hard to believe that anyone contemplating having an abortion does it cheerfully. Slight edit....

Harbal1,624110Feb 3Feb 22
Children smarter than any adult

Children smarter than any adultObsolete. We are all obsolete. China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced Story at

Ken_19850Feb 22

Islamic terrorism hit the PhilippinesThis is the latest news in my native country.

lindsyjones37816Feb 2Feb 22
Willy34112115Jan 23Feb 22
stringman1508Feb 10Feb 22

Texans are mad!There is a small tuner company in Sealy, Texas. They are making high performance monsters. What is that company? It is Hennessey Performance. They...

Philipsen1752Jan 26Feb 22

What is Trump TRYING to hide ?Trump has replaced Jeff Sessions, because he appropriately recused himself from being involved with the Mueller investigation of Trump. He also las...

JimNastics24017Feb 20Feb 22

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(192)When One Cannot Get Through?................Its Probably Best To Give It Up.................................. And Let Them Think They Have Dominated O...

namaron2088Feb 19Feb 21

Dear Doctor...Dear Doctor, last week my turds started floating. The nurse at the clinic said it's because I need more iron in my diet. I told my carpenter friend wh...

chatillion1131Feb 21Feb 21
Three tips for becoming a well liked blogger on CS

Three tips for becoming a well liked blogger on CSWhile very few will be able to check all three boxes, two is still better than one. #1 Be nice. People tend to like people who are nice better than...

MiguelUknow60643Feb 19Feb 21

Chicago Police takes the high road. MSM and others the low road.Chicago Police Chief: Jussie Smollett Faked Attack 'To Promote His Career' - We saw the institution of the Chicago Police Department stand up and...

Willy34111312Feb 21Feb 21
the second indochina war

the second indochina warto those who never came back and those who came back but are "still in Saigon"...

Onthcrestofawave28312Feb 2Feb 21
Willy34115833Feb 21Feb 21
Perfect match but which one

Perfect match - but which one?Let's call him A (for Adventure ) he's around 50, a good technician, will never have a problem finding a job, right now he's up for technical manager...

Elegsabiff1,107114Feb 13Feb 21
Grave New World

Grave New WorldWith quickly advancing robotics technology and artificial intelligence coming on in leaps and bounds, it seems likely that in the foreseeable future m...

Harbal52159Feb 17Feb 21
Damn its cold for LA

Damn, it's cold...for LAThe peaks surrounding the valley are covered with snow and while I've only been here 5 years, I'm pretty sure this is not the norm. It snowed in North...

BadlyDrawn1310Feb 21

Hilarious Church Bulletin BloopersOK. There’s a lot of serious stuff going on in the Church and in the world right now and I was prepared to write on them but then I received an email...

bcjenny1722Feb 19Feb 21

Impulsive and Spread-himself-too thin superiors..Being an employee, we could experienced different superiors..which we need to adjust and learn how to deal with them. But an impulsive superior is a k...

ayoneq1081Feb 21Feb 21
This is for SINGLETONS right

This is for SINGLETONS right???????????????Hey everyone, Can I just ask this site is for SINGLETONS right? Can all the married men or men who have partners please get off this site and let us...

stidleyj1,12628Aug 2011Feb 21

Trump Administration plan to give nuclear power to Saudi Arabia for profit !Trump administration pushed for sale of nuclear plants to Saudi Arabia, Democrats say in report USA TODAY February 19, 2019 Christal Hayes W...

JimNastics1301Feb 21Feb 21

They had to pee......................GOTTA PEE Two women friends had gone for a girl's night out. Both were very faithful and loving wives, however they had gotten over-enthusiastic o...

bcjenny21715Feb 17Feb 21

There's no such thing as fun for the whole family......according to Jerry Seinfeld. In my duties as executor of my folk's estate, I'm learning things, and perhaps being confided in, more these days. Lea...

Vierkaesehoch1850Feb 21
Onthcrestofawave63327Feb 17Feb 20
"PLAY NOW: Office Escape"(meet us in the games)

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