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Music blog John Lennon Songs

Music blog - John Lennon - SongsWhat goes through your mind when you hear this song? Does this song move you? Does this song make you question the world you are living in? Does this...

Freedomofspeech9206-Aug 19Aug 20

EarI didn't know till yesterday, that Van Gogh's ear mystery was solved. He cut it off himself. Some speculated his ear was cut off during a fight....

Duromojon29224Aug 12Aug 20
miclee1170Aug 19
Track161193Aug 19Aug 19
The Best Thing About Having A p*nis

The Best Thing About Having A p*nisIs getting to share it with those who don't.......................

Track161449Aug 19Aug 19
Why the tears

Why the tears???It's understandable why some songs make us cry but then there are other songs which carry a certain pitch/tone that for no reason brings tears to t...

itchywitch24211Aug 19Aug 19
Makeup tips for cheese

Makeup tips for cheeseAs with any makeup a good foundation is required, my choice is the L’Oréal True match blendable foundation as its great with your cheeses oily or dry...

Mapmaker66064Aug 18Aug 19
The Fifth Amendment of the U S Constitution

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. ConstitutionThe right to remain silent.... It is written into their constitution... BUT I have yet to meet a yank who has the ability to do do...

oldblue542866Aug 17Aug 19


jarred172-Aug 19
Yet another Fender Blog

Yet another Fender Blog.So which is better, the Stratocaster or the Telecaster?...

pat8lanips20711Aug 19Aug 19
NewYorkcitylove122-Aug 19
Dont Complain With Your Life

Don’t Complain With Your LifeDon’t Complain With Your Life...

jarred1169-Aug 19


Track161313Aug 19Aug 19
Yet another gender blog

Yet another gender blogI, as well of all of you, have noticed the amount of blogs of late about gender differences/gender-blaming, gender-bashing and even some gender-loving...

mollybaby1,469127Aug 16Aug 18
Did You Know

Did You Know?You can sky dive without a parachute . . . . But only once....

Track16950Aug 18
Malala Won

Malala WonMalala is now 20, heading to Oxford. She defeated those who tried to silenced her....

Duromojon1537Aug 18Aug 18
Please Read

Please ReadIf you see anyone displaying any of these symptoms, they may be depressed....

Track1629912Aug 18Aug 18
A serious few questions for everybody

A serious few questions for everybody.We have been through various scenarios regarding being stranded/shipwrecked on a deserted island. What to take- yeah a boat or a fishing rod blah blah...

pat8lanips40432Aug 18Aug 18
Just an old classic

Just an old classicGiving me a right old laugh Enjoy !

nonsmoker25427Aug 17Aug 18


Track161515Aug 18Aug 18
NewYorkcitylove106-Aug 18
Track161180Aug 18
Pleasing Everybody

Pleasing EverybodyPleasing Everybody...

jarred184-Aug 18
Is Weaponized Weather Being Used In North Korea

Is 'Weaponized Weather' Being Used In North Korea?Search: Famine In North Korea 2017... This was posted to YouTube last Fall... YouTube HAARP SBX Weather Weapon. Creates earthquakes and hurric...

miclee34726Aug 5Aug 18
The man made inventions that everybody uses to this day

The man made inventions that everybody uses to this dayBenjamin Franklin-Thomas Edison-George Stephenson and so many more inventers

Freedomofspeech91654Aug 18Aug 18
NewYorkcitylove83-Aug 18
Dont compare yourself with anyone

Don’t compare yourself with anyoneDon’t compare yourself with anyone...

jarred176-Aug 18
Track161509Aug 18Aug 18

"NO END IN SIGHT"It Is All Understandable That The Only News That Gets Anybodys Attention..Is Always Bad News........................... If Its Bad News?...Itll Be In...

namaron207-Aug 17Aug 17
Old women in giant pajamas looking for love

Old women in giant pajamas looking for loveWell, very recently I saw a picture of a woman in giant pajama seriously inquiring about the authenticity of proposals she has been getting from forei...

Unknown3,106223Jun 2010Aug 17
NewYorkcitylove79-Aug 17
Someone asked me this question just a few days ago found this answer

Someone asked me this question just a few days ago, found this answerQuestion: "How did people know about God before the Bible?" Answer: Even though people did not have the Word of God, they were not without the abil...

britishcolumbian26617Aug 16Aug 17
Barcelona Terrorist attack 5 killed 25 injured Dead bodies Graphic Content

Barcelona Terrorist attack 5 killed 25 injured Dead bodies Graphic ContentBarcelona Terrorist attack 5 killed 25 injured Dead bodies Graphic Content...

jarred195-Aug 17
Barcelona Terrorist attack 5 killed 25 injured isis attack

Barcelona Terrorist attack. 5 killed 25 injured isis attackBarcelona Terrorist attack. 5 killed 25 injured isis attack...

jarred196-Aug 17
This blog is directed at a guy from NY city

This blog is directed at a guy from NY, city!You come on here and do nothing but spout verses from the Bible etc.! Now you attack people in the protest in Virginia! Why don't you be man eno...

Gentlejim52736Aug 12Aug 17

AndropauseAndropause, the male menopause, low T—regardless of name, the condition is characterized by a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flashes...

usha12348140Aug 15Aug 17
NewYorkcitylove124-Aug 17
My First Blog

My First Blog(on connectingsingles) For several days now I have been dutifully awaiting the ability to write somewhere other than the poetry section. As well I...

eeejay2469Aug 14Aug 17
Just Live Your Life

Just Live Your Life..Just Live Your Life.....

jarred1109-Aug 17
From My Community

From My CommunityThis is a facebook post I came across this evening. Its in my community. "Pretty bad when we have to collect pcs of asphalt from the sides of the r...

Track161468Aug 16Aug 17
Losing the will to live

Losing the will to live........It appears that the men on the island that i live have certain category's It goes as follows. They are married .so they only want sex. They are...

angelteller31430Aug 16Aug 17
The Deer Whisperer

The Deer WhispererMy Monday & Wednesday evening softball team clinched first place a couple of weeks ago. Until Monday, we had won the last 13 games in a row. On Mon...

JimNastics1211Aug 17Aug 17
Dunhinda: "Decision Making "(meet us in the ecards)

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