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Dont trust this world

:”Dont trust this world.................. My mom used to say:”Dont trust this world because Words can change a persons mind”....

jarred175-Dec 31
I Dont Feel

I Don't Feeland It feels Great. I took my trash down By the lake. Threw it In, and watched it Sink. (Hmm thought' it'd Float) ^that's how i think....

secludedStar113-Dec 30

One wonders, what could change his mind so drasticly. lolIn The New Yorker today; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Suddenly Expresses Deep Concern About Conditions in Nation’s Prisons By Andy...

JimNastics25314Dec 11Dec 30

Milton Friedman - Lesson of the PencilThe late great Milton Friedman uses a pencil to illustrate how the free market price system promotes cooperation and harmony among those with no commo...

Willy34111437Dec 30Dec 30
Do the lies ever f*ck end

Do the lies ever f*ck end?Ok people here it is, I can't find any curvature of the earth! why is that? we have been told all our lives the earth is a globe and it spins, but I c...

knowledgeantruth70246Dec 29Dec 30
press reset to continue

press_ reset_ to_ continue_................... press_ reset_ to_ continue_

jarred1111-Dec 30
8 parts skynet the film can

8 parts.. [ skynet, the film canthe trend.. } 2 0 1 8 * U S A Today, Country chart .. 33. sunrise, sunburn, sunset / bryan . -32. mercy / young ...................... 8 parts of s...

Agentbob1130Dec 30

Steven Wright quotesThe Quotes of Steven Wright: 1 - I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. 2 - Borrow money from pessimists -- they don't expect it back. 3 - Half the peop...

Willy34111285Dec 1Dec 30
The SS connecting singles

The "SS connecting singles"Had no destination No cargo Free passage to hundreds of lost souls Never sailed Nothing happened Except people constantly join the voyage but no...

Onthcrestofawave51013Dec 27Dec 30
Track161320Dec 30

OIL...I take issue with oil. Not petroleum based oil or oil/fat derived from animals. My issue is with plant or 'vegetable oil' and that includes nut oils...

chatillion1735Dec 30Dec 30
Happy New Year

Happy New Year................. Happy New Year...

jarred174-Dec 30
Dont let China build your dams

Don't let China build your dams.This ran in the NYT but since they have a paywall you can read about it here.

MiguelUknow2178Dec 28Dec 30
Lets just for a moment

Let's just for a momentPut aside our childish egotistical bickering and morn the tragic event that has unfolded in NZ

Onthcrestofawave2657Dec 9Dec 30
Maori Polynesian language and haka vs maori dance performance explained from my previous blog

Maori/Polynesian language, and haka vs maori dance performance explained from my previous blogI was about to reply to some of the messages in my previous blog, then realized I needed to write a whole new blog instead. Many Polynesian langua...

tame971386Dec 15Dec 30

can quality children parenting exist in single households?I would argue in so many ways it cannot. ....even if the single parent was home 24/7 to provide a parental figure in the child's life when it was...

Johnny_Sparton52978Dec 29Dec 30

Jerome Corsi: “political criminals.” Mueller and DOJ Are ‘coercing witnesses’ Into False TestimonyJerome Corsi is going on offense against special counsel Robert Mueller. During an appearance on Newsmax today, Corsi told host John Cardillo that...

Willy341133425Nov 29Dec 29

Disabled Veteran creates Go Fund Me account to help build the Southern border wall !!There was no bigger campaign promise from Donald Trump than securing our southern border and protecting the American people with a wall. It’s also bee...

Willy341155337Dec 19Dec 29

I just heard GREAT news !Yep. All your Christmas expenses, no matter how much. Trump is going to have Mexico pay for them. Whew, what a relief....

JimNastics57549Dec 25Dec 29

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(185)There Was A Song.......................................................... And The First Line Was...............Call Out The Instgators But That Is N...

namaron1807Dec 29Dec 29
Another year just over and a worst one yet to come

Another year just over and a worst one yet to come!So has any government around the world kept their promises they made while running for office? do they think so little of us that they do the same thi...

knowledgeantruth2024Dec 28Dec 29
Feeling alone

Feeling aloneI am feeling alone here , no one wants to talk to me here.....

Mahesh221037521Dec 26Dec 29
if cs imagine a real world was

if cs imagine a real world wasI ask my self ever wonder if cs imagine a real world was I think a lot would slaughter each other off...

jarred188-Dec 29

Things that annoy me #42,065...My cellphone is rarely more than a few feet from me and I try to catch every call. The exceptions are using the restroom, being on another call or in...

chatillion2557Jul 2018Dec 29

Choose life and GodMan have free will to choose, He will choose good or evil,he will choose God or devil, he will choose Life or death, he will choose Heaven or hell....

starrayfil78-Dec 29
Baby Baby Baby

Baby Baby BabyNewest email...first contact “Baby, I'd be all over you like a Rash.” Any of you think you can help this poor fellow out with a better opening l...

Gypsytramp1,588104Dec 13Dec 29
Love makes the world go round

Love makes the world go roundWe all want to be loved, we seeking for love mostly cz we tired of being alone we wana share our happiness our achievements our proud moments with som...

Phoenix05091142Dec 28Dec 28

Name dropping brands and not products...Achoo... please hand me a Kleenex. Most of the time, it's tissue as Kleenex is a name brand. I had a client give out her contact information and sai...

chatillion21112Dec 6Dec 28

How many of your gifts / decorations were made in China?On Dec 23rd one of my Chinese pupils did his internet class on the move in a Beijing supermarket with Jingle Bells playing audibly in the background (...

Elegsabiff28030Dec 27Dec 28

Tension in the aislesDoing the weekly shopping isn’t one of my favourite things but, luckily, I can make it more bearable by combining it with my hobby of people watching....

Harbal43149Dec 28Dec 28

"SS EDMUND FITZGERALD"On November 10th 1975.............................The SS Edmund Fitzgerald............................Which Began Her Career On June 7th 1958...Was Th...

namaron21813Dec 27Dec 28

How to write good1. Avoid alliteration. Always. 2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with 3. Avoid clichés like the plague. They’re old hat. 4. Comparison...

Elegsabiff28228Dec 28Dec 28
US Government Needs to Step Into THIS Century

US Government Needs to Step Into THIS CenturyThe end of the year and, as usual, the stupid US border patrol has deemed that everyone has to file an electronic manifest. Okay, that's not a problem...

LadyImp1756Dec 28Dec 28
I choose for question 2

I choose for question 2can internet get us crazy or do you fool yourself here I choose for question 2 …….. I come here every year every time I log in I think which...

jarred171-Dec 28
stringman1573Dec 28Dec 28

Walls to keep people out.Who doubts our last affirmative action POTUS is against the southern border wall? Well, he's said to be erecting one up around his DC mansion. Ten f...

Vierkaesehoch1390Dec 28

God Only KnowsThe meaning of the Beach Boys classic....

Willy3411991Nov 18Dec 28

Eye wood bee in treble...Eye all waves re lye on my speel ling checkered cause eye meek sew Manny miss steaks when tie ping. Read ding sung of duh blogs hair aye thank sung pe...

chatillion1553Dec 28Dec 28

Radio FavouritesThere’s a programme on BBC Radio 4 called Last Word, it looks at the famous or notable people who have died in the previous week and gives a short bio...

Harbal1010Dec 28

Where is the logic - IIUpon arriving to Charles de Gaulle, while the plane was taxiing to the terminal, saw a fox trotting along the runway strip. What was it doing there? L...

Tulefell19713Dec 16Dec 28
O Beloved

O BelovedO Beloved …………………. ……………………………….....

jarred164-Dec 28

Trump Can Build the Wall Without Congress, Here’s How…If Congress refuses to provide funding for a border wall the President has the authority AND the cash to do it on his own, as USA Today reports: Th...

Willy341127018Dec 25Dec 28

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