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Now this must come across everyone's mind, but its rarely discussed beyond a certain extent. To ask yourself the meaning of life is like asking the square root of pi, the answers are never short and simple, but it is interesting to know how people have come to their conclusion. No one is born knowing their outlook on life or the 'type' of person they will become, but is usually settled with one major life event or a divine intervention. I'm not saying I discovered the meaning of life, but I've come across a few conclusions, and the type of people they are linked to…These are my theories.

Life's a b*tch, then you die theory:

You gotta do what you can because life is too short. Make that money, and make a name for yourself because you will never know when that day will come. The Kamikazee outlook. Its all about survival and being at the top. Whether it be the toughest, the richest, the hottest, you got what it takes and you know it.

Pros: Determination, makin that money and getting your name out there with a high chance of being successful and to earn that respect that you worked so hard for. You're headstrong, and dont let anyone get to you.

Cons: Your living life so fast that you dont stop to think about the little things in life or the toes that you have to step on to achieve it. And at that time, it may already be too late to say sorry.

My view: Life is a competition regardless, but its totally up to you whether or not to let this affect your life and the people within it. Stand your ground on your choices in life, but dont brush off any suggestions that your loved ones bring up. Life can be a game, but with any game, theres always a competitor who is stronger, quicker, prettier, smarter. Reality check. Focus on your individuality, humilty and what sets you apart from the rest.

The Reincarnation Theory:

At one point or another one will figure out whether or not their past life was of a mighty king, or just an ant just trying to survive. Or perhaps these past lives were all human. You are born into the same path in which you go through the same stages and emotional experiences as your past life. The way I see it, we all deserve the same amount of respect. Karma is a beeeitch, and you'll never know what's in store for you.

Pros: Your careful about how you treat others, and are usually well loved by almost everyone. Or if you had previously lived as a well-respected being, all things fall within your lap without trying.

Cons: You get so caught up in doing the right thing that you forget about yourself sometimes. There comes a time when you have to stand up for the little guy, and also a time to stand up for youself. Or if you were a bad person, all those things follow and history repeats itself.

My view: The way I see it, all things continue in repetition until a force changes its course. And every person you deal with is a force to be reckoned with. If Karma does not hit you now, then you just might have to wait another lifetime to see.

Red Pill, Blue Pill Theory:

Probably the most ludicrous of all philosophies, but you never know. We are living more than one life. That maybe we have another life in another dimension. Or it being a mirror image of you, yet the opposite of who you are. A good person, but is actually sinister and evil. Or someone who's notorious, is actually an angel in disguise.

Pros: It travels deep into your subconscious. The person that you never thought you were to come into realization.

Cons: Perhaps you just have to lay off the drugs.

My view: I think our dreams have a message for us. To show us fears that are not normally realized while awake. Creativity and imagination makes life more interesting, but dont let it get too wild or people might just have to suggest the psychiatric hospital.

At this point in time, I think everyone at one point or another can relate to one of these theories. Feel free to post your thoughts.

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Very interesting read. I can relate to a few things for sure.
Nice callback to the Matrix theory! grin
Interesting thoughts Shorty,

I tend to believe in reincarnation, or naturally eternal life. I almost hate to call it ‘reincarnation’ because people often associate that with coming back to earth. I think the possibilities are as endless as the universe. I don’t remember my past lives. At least not in vivid detail. But this isn’t important to me. In some ways I remember being primordial, I just know that I’ve always been around as well as I know anything.

Even though I believe in reincarnation I don’t live my life today with thoughts of how my current actions might affect my future incarnations. I’m only concerned with the now. I’m also not concerned about being eternal. The thought of ceasing to exist doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t believe in reincarnation because I want to., I just believe it because I feel that this is what I am. It’s really unimportant to me.

I tend to do nice things and be a nice person because it makes me feel good. My niceness is entirely a self-gratifying thing. I’m not nice because I fear retribution from karma or from any other means. I can be nasty and wouldn’t hesitate to become lethally nasty should I need to defend myself or someone I love. But I’m not going to go out looking for trouble either.

I think the best philosophy for me is to simply sing “Que sara sara” and just be who I am. I can’t suggest that for everyone because there are obviously people who prefer to do nasty things. Hopefully those people will be become seriously religious so they will refrain from doing nasty things out of fear of retribution. It’s a shame that some people are like that. I seriously can’t understand those kinds of people because I have no inclination to do nasty things and never have. No philosophy or religion required. All I have to do is be myself.

Thanks for leaving your blog open to comments. wave
awww thanks for commenting...yep MATRIX grin beer

I like the way you express yourself, Abra...I enjoy reading your posts and your stories...

well I just thought that this is fun to think about...hug
Great little blog, Shows depth and understanding.

I subscribe to the Work Hard Play Hard theory. Cannot say which
above it belongs to. But as long as you work hard and play hard
you have done all you can do and nobody can fault you for that.
Only competition in this theory is yourself. cool
well I was gonna write more but I didn't have anymore room to put more dunno conversing

thanky you guys for your replies hug
Oh so these are blogs. Like a sub Forum thingie..... Nice.
my roomate just told me that he wouldn't have guessed that I was able to come up with stuff like that sigh confused mumbling cool...that must have written the other me then rolling on the floor laughing huh that thought is kinda creepy wow

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