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Who created this world? God or Devil?First of all sorry for my weak English. Who created this world? God or Devil?This question was disturbing me since childhood. People told me that G...

Mr_Amor53140Mar 28Apr 12

Overcoming FearA couple of years ago I attended a workshop on travel writing, which then segued into a group meeting to write a book with each member contributing a...

LadyImp1566Apr 11Apr 11
Just some questions not condoning not accusing Just asking

Just some questions not condoning not accusing Just asking ?................................................................................................................................................. ......

nonsmoker1,52076Mar 11Apr 11

Profiles and innocenceI joined a writing website to post my work. Unlike here, one must comment on other people’s work before posting. I’m new to the site and don’t know an...

Palmfrond52067Apr 11Apr 11
stringman1042Apr 10Apr 11

Woman meets her birth Mother 47 years laterNightline - One Woman's Journey to Find Her Birth Mother was released new episode on January 2016.

Willy3411971Apr 11Apr 11

"AYNI" - The Andean Philosophy of Reciprocity.....In our daily lives we function within a worldwide system of exchange. Every time we purchase something in a shop, visit the doctor, call some builder...

daniela7771,11039Apr 2016Apr 11
stringman20120Apr 11Apr 11

You Know You Have It Bad When.....As I mentioned yesterday in my introductory blog, I took up photography a couple of years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera. I'd had an SLR ca...

LadyImp35936Apr 10Apr 11

Extract from a blog comment..... she will be killed 100%.... How can you be killed any other way...

Onthcrestofawave1250Apr 11

Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings. MEN: Use my wording in profile 1st msgI am 70 years old. I quit looking in the 1980s & last (and best ever) sex was in 1984. I was surprised that she picked me up. So it took her 20 mi...

LincolnsCousin19012Apr 11Apr 11
stringman1988Feb 25Apr 11

Advice to Change Girls into Women Part 2ITEM 1. Unless you are 30 or older, do not talk about being hurt. 1 or 2 times is nothing. My heart was broken two times by drop dead gorgeous Rus...

LincolnsCousin1302Apr 11Apr 11

I worry about man and the earth in 5 billion years.Is it possible to move the earth to a different orbit farther away from the sun before then? The sun is predicted to get real big before it dies in fi...

galrads2366Mar 29Apr 11

Even old peopleEven old people get their hearts broken. The hurt seems to remain as severe as when I was in my twenties So, I make the assumption that love is...

Palmfrond42228Apr 9Apr 10
Weird pop up message on computer

Weird pop-up message on computerI was recently on Skype....the first time in many years. I had to download the program and make a new account. Anyway, after a few days of using it,...

Johnny_Sparton45437Mar 5Apr 10

Links.Why do people post links to videos and articles supporting their, quite often crackpot, views as if it's some kind of authoritative confirmation when...

Harbal59046Apr 7Apr 10
Angry I am angry

Angry, I am angryAs many know already a brand new, not yet opened, 960 ton concrete pedestrian walkway bridge dropped 40 feet onto a line of cars waiting at a red ligh...

Ken_193037Mar 16Apr 10
Soul searching

Soul searching..Day 11th: f*ck! What I am trying to prove is that through my intentions I am creating angels, messiahs and prophets. Isn't that better than living an...

Wanderlust11956Mar 7Apr 10
ha ha I love Chihuahuas

ha ha... I love ChihuahuasI have five of them. I love Chihuahuas. They are so awesome. This is the first time I have ever had them. I have had them now for about two years. Ama...

Unknown5524Mar 2007Apr 10
The Human Pie Genome Project

The Human/Pie Genome ProjectWe have all probably eaten pies containing bits of human, now Scientists are combining human and pie DNA. A Dr.Gregg has managed to not only combin...

Mapmaker40535Mar 12Apr 10
Very sad indeed

Very sad indeedReviewing various female profiles and their perception of self and the quality of men they seek It's rather sad when they preach about how loving cari...

Akeldama4041125Mar 12Apr 10

No Wars"If women ruled the world, there'd be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other." Sorry Jarred, this is way too funn...

lindsyjones91534Oct 2017Apr 10
Hoochie Coochie Bloggers

Hoochie Coochie BloggersWell here it is! My attempt at a vlog Thought I'd write a song for ode to CS bloggers. Don't laugh to much or cringe...don't think it wi...

robbyreal93742Jun 2016Apr 10
Without communication there s no Relationship the

Without communication there s no Relationship, theWithout trust there's no reason to continue! Not communicating for quite long say weeks together and for no valid reason,when u know the other one in...

Unknown7167Feb 2016Apr 10
stringman21710Mar 29Apr 10

THE PERFECT HUSBANDSeveral men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cellular phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker function and begins...

Gentlejim2186Mar 13Apr 10

"get a life" blog cliche" I have a better life comparing to yours. I'm always busy. I post the most interesting topics and I take part in a constructive debate. You, .......

bloodyawfull47214Mar 31Apr 10
A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words.The Ruling Party. ANC. Bravo. Moral of the story is: DO NOT PROTEST AGAINST THE ANC's DECISIONS....

Lukeon2328Feb 6Apr 10
Track161402Dec 28Apr 10
LeeCharming184-Apr 7Apr 10

The Complex Life Of A "Skunk"Jeff "Skunk" Baxter was quite a rock star. He played in the group "Spirit", "Steely Dan" and "The Doobie Brothers". Baxter isn't quite a household nam...

Willy34111352Mar 30Apr 10

Is the Devil a Son of God?I read that Satan is one of God’s Sons on a religion’s web site that shall remain anonymous. Any opinions or biblical references on this?...

galrads44222Nov 2017Apr 10

Would you rather never watch tv again or never use social media sites?Easy choice for me to give up tv because I seldom watch tv anymore....

galrads29921Mar 27Apr 10

Blind Dating 101 with Rodney DangerfieldHow bad could a blind date with Rodney Dangerfield go? Within the first 5 minutes, Rodney asks his date to scratch his back, eats off another table’s...

Willy34111857Apr 10Apr 10

Murder or self defence -There's a lot of play right now in the UK media because a couple of thugs were threatening a man of 78 in his kitchen and he got the screwdriver off o...

Elegsabiff56855Apr 8Apr 10
Trinity time

# Trinity time.s*xual misconduct/harassment against women; being grabbed by Vees, bums, b00bs or anything some men could get hold of was happening way before Weinst...

usha12350631Mar 7Apr 10
Genesis Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel closed for comments

Genesis, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel - closed for comments So many classic songs to choose from and I will enjoy this blog ht...

LeeCharming327-Apr 7Apr 10

Life in social mediaLife in social media Life in social media Life in social media...

galrads357-Mar 28Apr 10

mesmerisedStrange how some simple photos can fascinate (me) This is the area (just West of Port Elizabeth) where lightening struck and killed more than 60 catt...

Lukeon39139Apr 6Apr 10
Are you who you say you are

Are you who you say you are?Are blogs the easiest way to tell who is real? What they really think? Their attitudes and what they really say about what they want in life?...

JajahJung2,469113Nov 2014Apr 10

Anthropomorphism, Theism and AtheismWhen the term “God” is mentioned, it seems it is generally assumed that everyone has a clear and common understanding of what it refers to. But is th...

socrates4447640Apr 1Apr 10

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