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A lost generation

A lost generationNow as I type this, I imagine that is possibly an automated assumption that I am talking about the youth of today. Crikey I sound old! I am not.....

Rachie1446536Aug 7Aug 9

Who exactly is Paul ManafortAs the first week of Paul Manafort's FIRST trial is underway, one might want to know exactly who he is. The first trial has to do with money launderi...

JimNastics2019Aug 7Aug 8

"CREATION"..("ILLUSIONS WITHIN")..(117)There Is Not The Need To Explain Myself..........................................................Understanding Just Doesnt Exist I Could Say A Lot Of...

namaron133-Aug 8
Bentlee1714Aug 8Aug 8
Proving our reality

Proving our realityOften we are told we create our own reality. We have our own perceptions of reality We judge by our own perceptions. Yet, how we discern reality is m...

Windrifter25726Aug 7Aug 8

Mister lonely.Mister lonely...............

jarred1136-Aug 8

.... You must earn the friendship of a dog..................... You must earn the friendship of a dog my friend :chee...

jarred1113-Aug 8
Best Double A Sides

Best Double-A SidesIf you're as old as me you remember 45 rpm records and that they had an 'A' side and a 'B' side. The 'A' side was projected to be the hit and the 'B'...

Talldreamy21012Aug 7Aug 8
Track161887Aug 6Aug 8
Truth does it even exist in our Governments

Truth!! does it even exist in our Governments?So lets see a show of naive hands who believe in their so called governments, for the people, by the people right? Why are we so stupid? would we let...

knowledgeantruth44641Aug 7Aug 8

What Is Like To Be A SINGLE MOMIn my years of planning, deciding and figuring out the best for my boys alone. I came to realised that it's nothing even I knew it's so hard being...

ysabeljhen34312Apr 2017Aug 8

Women and men.....illnesses.....Great variation between the sexes, as we all know. Fellas, no matter how disturbed may be your abnormal s*xual choices, don't try to get pregnant. But...

Vierkaesehoch1150Aug 8

MIDLIFE CRISISA midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45–64 years old....

ysabeljhen2785Aug 7Aug 8

When is someone nice and when is someone ugly?When is someone nice and when is someone ugly? I understand that this is different for everyone, The film Shalow Hal gives a good example here. "...

jarred189-Aug 8

"Dreams Become Reality "Over the years,days, weeks, months or even few hours that experienced of knowing each other doesn't measure on how both have the connection. I have...

ysabeljhen2728Apr 2017Aug 8

Why I prefer Adoption over abortion....For a very selfish reason...And a positive reunionI was born in a home for unwed mothers and given up for adoption. If abortion had been legal in 1949 I might not be here today, I grew up in Royal...

Willy341123711Jul 12Aug 8
What Do You Want

What Do You Want?I know what I want....

Track161678Aug 7Aug 8
Willy34111591Aug 7Aug 7

2FER aka Buy one get one FREE...I shop for grocery deals in a few different places. The one place I avoid is Costco. I'm not saying you cannot find deals there, it's the quantity pur...

chatillion1336Aug 6Aug 7

the bottle is your friendthe bottle is your friend...

jarred185-Aug 7

lolA man goes to bed one night and falls asleep. The next thing he knows, he is standing at the gates of heaven with St. Peter. He says "where am I?" St...

Track161361Aug 7Aug 7
How our needs and wants change the older we get

How our needs and wants change the older we get!A 79-year-old man is having a drink in a bar. Suddenly a gorgeous girl enters and sits down a few seats away. The girl is so attractive that he just c...

Windrifter1482Aug 6Aug 7
JimNastics1,05567Aug 2Aug 6

Former CIA Officer: Clinton "Involved In Biggest Treason In History"Former CIA Officer and whistle blower Kevin Shipp says what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was...

Willy341137738Aug 6Aug 6

ParasailingThis weekend I'm a vendor at the local music and arts festival up at the lake resort, about a 15 minute drive from me. I've never attended before, thi...

LadyImp28114Jul 14Aug 6
Lifes Wake Up Calls

Life's Wake Up CallsAfter 12 long years, I finally have a family doctor. It isn't that I haven't received medical care, I have. I just haven't had a family doctor due to...

LadyImp40447Aug 5Aug 6
Excuses excuses excuses

Excuses excuses excusesWe've all used them at one stage or another.... to get what what we want/do what we want, get ourselves out of a bit of this and that " what ever th...

itchywitch68748Aug 4Aug 6
Track162027Jul 22Aug 6

selfie 2selfie 2............

jarred195-Aug 6

Unprecedented Hate For President TrumpI am 68 years old and I have never in my life seen the level of hate some people have for anybody, than they have for our President, Donald J. Trump....

Willy341185860Aug 3Aug 6

DEATH SUMMARY OF MR SIGARETWe report you with deep sadness, but in all resignation the passing of Mr. SIGARET husband of Madam PIJP Born centuries ago passed...

jarred191-Aug 6

Gender Identification - What does that even mean?Gender Identification What the heck does that even mean? So you were born as a boy but you identify as a woman. Wrong Either you were born with...

Willy341137926Jul 22Aug 6

Louie LouieBig hit from 1963. ==================== ==================== ====================

Willy34112245Apr 3Aug 6

Food Allergies...For me it's peanuts. I like them but they don't like me. I don't recall any peanut allergy as a kid, but in the last 20 years or so, I break out in h...

chatillion1435Aug 6Aug 6

Things that annoy me #42,065...My cellphone is rarely more than a few feet from me and I try to catch every call. The exceptions are using the restroom, being on another call or in...

chatillion1986Jul 23Aug 6

Tofu...I'm a picky eater. I know what I like and I know what I dislike. If I had to make a list, Tofu would be near the top of the list of foods to avoid....

chatillion1465Aug 5Aug 6
WiZiD Zoo Part 7

WiZiD Zoo (Part 7)2. The memory bundle and somewhat beyond. When I was young, very, very young, the path I psychologically and intellectually trekked was incontrover...

Wrinklylove1102Aug 5Aug 6
Are you drunk

Are you drunk.......................................................... Jarred lol Put if you put the bottle down I'll take the chance and yeah" lets dan...

itchywitch232-Aug 6Aug 6

selfieselfie.................. .....................

jarred1116-Aug 6

Practice What You Preach..And you think that has given you all the rights to say anything as you please about MY RELIGION, eh Sands88...

Kalpataru285-Aug 4Aug 6

Just take the time to read, at the end you understand why.A little sweet girl stood under a canopy. She had just gone shopping in the supermarket with her mother. She will have been about 6 years old, t...

jarred1124-Aug 6
Annoying Neighbours

Annoying Neighbours.Have you any funny scary creepy stories to add about annoying/weird neighbours. I had a neighbour once who used to want to do alot of jobs around m...

deedee123xo87994Aug 4Aug 5
"PLAY NOW: Puzzle 15"(meet us in the games)

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