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A riddle

A riddleIt's not easy. It doesn't feel good. It's difficult. It's painful. What is it?...

Palmfrond33225Mar 25Mar 27

"Save the planet......It's the only one with chocolate." (On a T-shirt I recently bought)....

JimNastics1085Mar 26Mar 27
Funny But Cute

Funny But CuteA husband and wife attend a small service at the local church one Sunday morning. The man was very moved by the preacher's sermon, so he stopped to sh...

sweetladydi1663Mar 19Mar 27
where are all the good woman looking for a honest

where are all the good woman looking for a honesti'm spanish 43 yearsold .i'm good looking and i'm here looking for that special person .who would love to be with me and enjoy each other .so we can s...

mr19699063Aug 2007Mar 27

NOOOOoooooOOoo!I have been lying awake at mind racing. Trying to be productive, trying to stay focused. I had invested so much emotionally that I would st...

BadlyDrawn1857Mar 25Mar 27

Cracked Myself UpSometimes I just do that. Actually I've been doing it a lot lately, it's fun. I simply can't take myself seriously anymore. I was raised in the s...

UnFayzed1294Mar 26Mar 27
Where are all the Sensually Seductive Goddesses of Passion and Rapture Hiding at

Where are all the Sensually Seductive, Goddesses of Passion and Rapture, . . Hiding at?Where are all the Sensually Seductive, Goddesses of Passion and Rapture, . . Hiding at? I just got back, and i'm lookin for a good time...

aJester221181Mar 26Mar 26

KarmaBought this t-shirt recently Maybe it's a sign from a higher power...

OIdblue2474Mar 25Mar 26
Keeper of my happiness This I need to practice doing this every day

Keeper of my happiness.This I need to practice doing this every day.The only keeper of your happiness is if you stop giving people power to control your smile,your worth and your attitude. ~Mandy Hale....

Bearwoman1470Mar 26
Arrested Development

Arrested DevelopmentI started watching this show and it cheers me up every time. It's so silly and clever. It's so not PC. Lol I love it....

Palmfrond1196Mar 26Mar 26
The doves

The dovesI took a risk and can only blame myself And although things don't always work out And although the lessons are tough I discovered there's always a...

Palmfrond18515Mar 26Mar 26

2 years of Mueller - 'Barack Obama's government did all this'Commentator Mark Levin lashed out against the Democrats in the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller submitting his final report to the Justice...

Willy3411941Mar 26Mar 26
Kristin Emery

Kristin EmeryWeekend metorologist at the KDKA-TV Weather Center in Pittsburgh; sent her a half-dozen tweets every Saturday morning with positive results....

bookworm5706653Feb 2016Mar 26

HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ON BREXIT?We are staring reality in the face on what it will mean to leave Europe without a deal. Is this what you voted for? It certainly was not what anyone...

ADAMMANT1264Mar 25Mar 26
Bye bye

Bye byeThis place is the reason it's over. This and a few dozen (probably) more "pointed" reasons. It must feel very freeing for you to have all your fri...

eeejay4019Mar 22Mar 26
Apologies To The President From Member Of The News Media

Apologies To The President...From Member Of The News Media!Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself... In a blurb that was posted for a short time on the Drudge Report, The Hill posted its apologies to Presid...

xquseme1364Mar 25Mar 26

The Collusion Connection slowly emerging Smoking Gun & time for full transparencyRussian Kremlin - Viktor Veselberg - Michael Cohen - Donald Trump Literally, just a few minutes ago in The New York Times; Special Counsel S...

JimNastics26915Mar 19Mar 26

She toad dem to cwal unda a wok...It was a spectacular event Friday night. The Conservative Borg mothership came into orbit around Earth and two hundred thousand sleeper cells lit up....

chatillion1464Mar 25Mar 25

The Host...For years, I had a personal website that I used to display photos and drawings of my work. They raised the price a few times while other sites were lo...

chatillion864Mar 25Mar 25
In the future

In the future ..In the future children will be raised believing it is their duty to seek a happy life, with just one proviso*. They will be taught from the beginning...

Elegsabiff61779Mar 22Mar 25

BOOM: MUST WATCH Video... Listen to Trump's words. Pain is coming...JUST IN: "Did this turn out not to be a witch hunt, after all?" @jonkarl asks. "It lasted a long time," Pres. Trump says. "We're glad it's over. It...

Willy34111043Mar 25Mar 25

Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil” from 1965Sounds a lot like today. Transcript: If I were the devil … If I were the Prince of Darkness, I’d want to engulf the whole world in darkness. And...

Willy341112310Mar 25Mar 25

adareyou are causing so much pain don't deny it. all you do is tell everyone what I have done. there is nothing I can say or do to repair the damage be...

eeejay1130Mar 25

"THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY"..(2)"I Was Driving Along The Street Today".............................................."And I Was Not Expecting The Un Expected" "Well...To Be Honest Wi...

namaron2148Feb 28Mar 25

CUTE BUT FUNNYA married man goes to confessional and tells the priest, "Father, I had an affair with a woman... almost." "What do you mean almost?" questions the pr...

sweetladydi1362Mar 25Mar 25

Dance Is a Great Thing! Why? You May Say? By falicia's Own Opinion)Dance, Will Help You to Forget All Your Problems! It Will Set You Free of All Of Them! " Please at List Try It" "Dance' You Do No Need to Be a...

falicia1556Feb 26Mar 25
My old fashion BlackBerry

My old fashion BlackBerryYesterday, I had a casual meeting with my secondary friend. He has been living in New Zealand for 25 years. We talked a lot. I need to show him pictur...

Lindzylin81714Jul 2016Mar 25
Bigger Mature Guys

Bigger Mature GuysHe's strutting by wearing white gym vest and a Capri a little too snug for comfort. Funny ensemble but the girls aren't watching his bland choice of w...

BlessedI1816Mar 24Mar 25

When someone of the same sex shows interest in us..........well, in my case, with the aaltarboy history still simmering, fairness and open mindedness in these regards isn't exactly a strong point. But som...

Vierkaesehoch32723Mar 10Mar 25

How?How does not 1 or 2, but 5 cats get on the bed with me and me not notice any of them?...

Track161433Mar 23Mar 25

Name one thingCan anyone name one positive thing that the Democrats have contributed to our Country in the last two years since @realDonaldTrump was elected? I can...

Willy341128422Mar 24Mar 24

HAREM GOSSIP 2Following Harem gossip 1, my harem of ladies finally demonstrated their version of Dallas cowboys cheerleaders routine. I was very impressed, but slig...

CROWNAFFAIR1694Mar 11Mar 24

IS IT IN A PERSON'S GENETIC CODE TO BE A RACIST OR TERRORIST?When people migrate to a country, do they bring their particular way of life with them? For example Africans are used to a tribal system and protect t...

CROWNAFFAIR28116Mar 19Mar 24
Womens preference six packs or other

Women's preference six packs or other.Noticed threads about ladies body - build - size preferences in general. What body - build - size to the ladies really look for In a soulmate....

Xxsmilesxx1143Mar 24Mar 24

The winter and my nipplesYep you read that right, for the first month or so the cold gets them really sore and sensitive, I'm sure others deal with the same. Any suggestions f...

Bentlee48940Nov 2018Mar 24
Track161161Mar 24Mar 24

Real maple syrup.Tap the tree in front of the Aaltarboy Mansion this time each year. 30 + quarts of sap, boiled down, yield 3-4 liters of the good stuff. We give most...

Vierkaesehoch1986Mar 23Mar 24
A foot and a Half

A foot and a Half ,.Marie and Tony were just married, and they're spending their honeymoon night at her mother's house. Maria, being a good Italian girl, is a virgin,...

sweetladydi1300Mar 24

Full syndrome---VERY full.....Trump derangement.....During some of my career, got to work with severely afflicted mental health clients. Some of the saddest, albeit most delightful...

Vierkaesehoch1970Mar 24
Over The Edge

Over The EdgeWhat does it take for a man to shoot his girl twice in her face? 54 years old, at that age he should know better... "For some reason, he got ou...

Lukeon22513Mar 20Mar 24

The president said "No collusion, it's all a big hoax, everybody go home..."Friday evening, Mueller concluded his investigation and amazingly every Conservative (like a fly on the wall) seemed to know what was in the report. N...

chatillion19311Mar 23Mar 23
Track16780Mar 23
Spiffy73: "Fit Into the Adventure"(meet us in the quizzes)

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