Post your most fav song ever.....................

this is gonna be cool...
1,104960Nov 5Nov 1334 mins ago

Poof.....up in smoke

Have u ever had a blog all of the sudden vanish, when ya do you need to know a nerve was hit........directly lol....
373250Sep 25Sep 26Nov 13

"Sally Earle"

I always thought it was someone else that was my first love, yet as I get older I go back to that place with her the one that first stirred it up in m...
9500Sep 24Sep 24Nov 13

your best over the top song/video/got you rolling on the floor laughing

My pic...
15771Sep 12Sep 14Nov 11

Into the blue/pump it up

I'm very proud to be among the ones that abstain.From that dastardly little blue pill that is. Turning 60 next year an proud to say attentions never n...
219170Sep 6Sep 8Nov 13

Auto tech today is pretty amazing, seventies was pretty amazing too..

8910Sep 4Sep 4Nov 13

JRE, recently I been catching his shows as much as possible, this one is pretty interesting,

17140Aug 8Aug 8Nov 12

A convincing read..........get a coffee an snack, a bit of a long read yet worthy of your time

Setting my belief and faith aside momentarily to read this. I really love the sense this write makes. TNRTB FYI: I.D. IN DNA Deciphering Design...
223121Jul 29Jul 29Nov 8

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