Street food rules!

I went to a street food market in Copenhagen earlier today, and it was insane just how much different food were on offer. Everything from Afghani to Greek food. I went with a pulled pork burger, that had pork crackling in it. Oh my, what an experience!

The succulent pulled pork combined with the pork crackling gave it a very satisfying crunch! I am definitely incorporating that into my cooking! I also went there last week, and I got a pizza. Sadly, it was so salty that it gave me an upset stomach, so I am avoiding that if I ever go there again.

Tomorrow, it's off to more street food, this time it's in something called Banegaarden, which translates to The Railway Yard. One of the outlets is called PMY. They serve Latin American soulfood from Peru, Mexico & Venezuela, and that sounds like something I HAVE to try!
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Are these markets part of a (week long) food festival or something seasonal?

Nothing better than street food...and lots of choices...

Many food trucks out there not just the markets...Japadog is one food truck I visit...a fusion of sorts...

In my new neighborhood we have food trucks come once a week. Different ones every week. I'll look forward to not cooking for a night!
Ya...I am heading out to shop and will pass by a local food truck...always a good option...

Agree. Once you tasted a food truck's fare it's difficult to walk on by...thumbs up
Cuisine wise Fresno has quite the variety...
Hmong. Japanese. Korean.
McMerikan.... PepsiCo. KFC. Taco bell...yada..
And a plethora of my 2 Faves
Chinese..a. mandarin...B. Hunan...c. FUSION..

MUY CALIENTE MEXICAN..[ Cantinas...Taco trucks
& Lil holes in the wall ...where you can still get 2 meals
Worth of food for under $7. !.
This is an interesting Automat imported from Germany...a place to eat for many that was cheap eats!!

It's open all year round. Read more here
Hmm what street food do I like the best…would have to be mexican. They can dish out great food anywhere. I’m talking about the authentic Mexican lady cooks. They’re amazing.
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