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Get Out Of TownGet out of town Before its much too late my love Be good to me please So on your mark get set And get out of town Cole Porter. Th...

FLYJAMES21514Jan 12Jan 13
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Another plane goes down in Asia

Another plane goes down in AsiaA Boeing Co. jet with 62 people aboard is missing after losing contact with Indonesia’s aviation authorities shortly after takeoff from Jakarta. Sriw...

rizlared48030Jan 9Jan 13
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Haters of God

Haters of GodThere are many who hate God and who don,t believe in Him. Hating God is because the sin and devil makes you to do so. Honouring not God it posses yo...

starrayfil134-Jan 13Go to Last Post

OK step back....more.I had New England clam chowder with a teaspoon of garlic powder stirred in... for lunch this afternoon.

JimNastics1806Jan 11Jan 12
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Tonight I had breast reductionYes. Something just had to be done. The pain was getting to me. So, breast reduction seemed like the right thing to do. So, I ate one of the chi...

JimNastics2275Jan 11Jan 12
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Changing many ways.... Much calls for adaptability in life styles. Many are often technological or social, and many commercial. On this last issue, my man...

Vierkaesehoch2546Jan 10Jan 12
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2022 and GoogleOrdering a Pizza in 2022 CALLER: Is this Pizza Hut? GOOGLE: No sir, it's Google Pizza. CALLER: I must have dialed a wrong numb...

Lukeon38726Jan 10Jan 12
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1 2 3 turn 4 5 6 smile Wow Youre Dancing

1, 2, 3, turn, 4, 5, 6, smile (Wow, Your'e DancingI realize quite often men say they don't dance. But after all these years if they think about it they do. Every time a man sways while holding a b...

Unknown1,3885Jun 2007Jan 11
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Fragile_by stingIf blood will flow when flesh and steel are one Drying in the colour of the evening sun Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away But something in...

s1lordi1231Jan 10Jan 11
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Interrogatitus THE NUMBER ONE Most Annoying Human Affliction

Interrogatitus: THE NUMBER ONE Most Annoying Human AfflictionOf all the annoying afflictions that a human being can pollute the world with this has to rank as number one. And it's not even close. I call it I...

Dongg31418Jan 11Jan 11
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could you live in a van

could you live in a van ???this is not a new craze , but it has grown in popularity , and i dont mean the people who actually fake that they live in a van as there are many out...

edison32430515Jan 10Jan 11
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Just wondering out loud.........perhaps I'm reading a little too much into it. But in answering the smaller subset, VERY smaller, of all the hundreds, nay thousands? of likes an...

Vierkaesehoch2938Jan 11Jan 11
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OBSTACLES - Something to Ponder...A Little Story to Ponder over... Freely translated from the original Spanish (Cuentos para pensar, from Jorge Bucay) OBSTACLES I'm walking alon...

Dan_7772055Dec 12Jan 11
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Double you or double vee...Depending on the font or if you are printing or writing cursive the letter "W" usually has a different appearance (pointed bottom or rounded bottom) b...

chatillion24212Jan 9Jan 11
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Word block...Most sites I've posted to have some type of filtering. Different names for the same thing, it could be called word filtering, censorship, word block,...

chatillion1759Jan 10Jan 10
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Would this make your day?.....................I was in the six item express lane at the store quietly fuming. Completely ignoring the sign, the woman ahead of me had slipped into the check-out li...

bcjenny1490Jan 10Go to Last Post

Time Travel at the speed of blues soundSome say that it is impossible. They claim you would have to go faster than the speed of light, which they also claim is impossible. However, it'...

JimNastics1417Jan 10Jan 10
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Creating your own microblogging social network site...It wouldn't take much time and money to create your very own platform for microblogging social network site. You'll need to create and register your s...

chatillion23518Jan 10Jan 10
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Already thinking about my next travel adventure.I know it might be a while before we are allowed to travel abroad again, but that has not stopped me from thinking about my next trip. At this moment,...

Philipsen1735Dec 19Jan 10
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JimNastics1480Jan 10Go to Last Post

Still lookin' Great after all these yearsThe McGuire Sisters, 2012 I remember them from way way back...

FargoFan1635Jan 9Jan 10
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.. technical data..} .Tag...} aka. And Relevant..[ A R. O 3 7...big Idea. 1152...wise . Dna. Sage. ..only the A student can pass thru the Arch...the Numbers give physi...

Agentbob1413Jan 8Jan 10
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So I want to write about

So I want to write aboutHandel's quantum 1/f noise and quantum blinking. You know the theory, how the reason everything inn the Universe flickers and creates wave function...

Ken_1920310Nov 1Jan 9
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Politically Correct Idiocy In The NFL - Washington DC's FOOTBALL TEAMHad Long Been Know As The Redskins & Used An Murkun Injun As Its Logo. They're Now Called The Washington Football Team and use "W" as a logo. Are y...

miclee37524Nov 26Jan 9
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Plan R..[ what went WongTag.} After readying every Emotion, there is Understanding upon entering the Realm.- fortune cookie Plan R, for one thing, does not & can not exist...

Agentbob22724Nov 8Jan 9
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Dongg1,14035Nov 2019Jan 9
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90077 [ deluxeTag.) MD 01/26/ 2015.... Storm warning....( Strong Astrophysics.. O918................. 5554..rock city.....white. 38...

Agentbob1020Jan 9Go to Last Post
JimNastics21010Jan 8Jan 9
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The Official Wildcard Weekend NFL Playoffs Blog & ContestToday & Tomorrow there will be 6 NFL playoff games, 3 in the NFC and 3 in the AFC. The winners will move on to battle in the next round. Here is y...

JimNastics1285Jan 9Jan 9
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I haven't heard a good 5G conspiracy theory in a while...With all the politics going on, it's been months now. Surprisingly one came along this week. Get this... 5G microchips are in the new covid-19 vaccine...

chatillion1483Jan 9Jan 9
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Avoid Aetna CVS Accendo

Avoid Aetna/CVS/AccendoI would forward my issues with Accendo direct to corporate, but it seems they hide their email so no one can contact them. According to on line, CVS...

Orzzz1291Jan 8Jan 8
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Tommy Lasorda a Dodgers legend and arguably the most famous manager in MLB history -- has diedTommy Lasorda a Dodgers legend and arguably the most famous manager in MLB history -- has died, TMZ Sports has confirmed. He was 93 years old. T...

Willy34111315Jan 8Jan 8
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lookn2share1752Jan 8Jan 8
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Missing In ActionMysterious...our own Trump loving blogger is missing in action...not to mention a few other bloggers around have seem to have disappeared... Is th...

loulou772,25369Mar 2019Jan 8
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FLYJAMES1706Jan 8Jan 8
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Would You Marry Someone Who Has A Disability?Let me make this question clear: It's about marrying someone with a disability, not dating someone with a disability. Ie, about making a livelihood w...

wheelchairguy3887516Jul 2017Jan 8
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Polished chrome...Satin nickle finish for bathroom fixtures and cabinet hardware was popular for a decade. A few years before that it was polished brass with a few year...

chatillion1033Jan 8Jan 8
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a gift or a burden

a gift or a burden ????well with the season of good will now past , i had a interesting message from my sister ,,which was that she had received a christmas gift that has ca...

edison3241210Jan 8Go to Last Post
Those that listen truth shall be saved

Those that listen truth shall be savedWho believe and obey commandments of the law of God shall be saved. There are two greatest commandments: 1. Love God with all heart..., your ne...

starrayfil79-Jan 6Go to Last Post

Emma, the affectionate Tiger SharkHave you hugged your local shark today ?...

JimNastics1452Jan 5Jan 5
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Sexuality...of the human sort.......and for starters.... the human s*xual displays and responses.... I like to start with our animal cousins for clues, whenever I (rarely, oh so gen...

Vierkaesehoch3577Jan 3Jan 4
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"The Game"I went to the model airfield this morning to fly helicopters. Miserable winds gusting to 20 miles per hour made it better to sit under the shade and B...

chatillion1171Jan 3Jan 3
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