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When world leaders past present or wannabe take on a challenge

When world leaders, past, present, or wannabe, take on a challengeThe challenge is to turn the colour yellow to red. Wonder if anyone will recognize any of my attempts at caricature (I shall be adding one per com...

Elegsabiff22819Apr 16Apr 18

Human/Technology interface....pending danger?Here are two recently true stories involving human and technology and it not ending well for a human. First story has to do with 2 people...a son a...

Johnny_Sparton22120Apr 13Apr 18
forest problem funny

forest problem - funnyAs a woodpecker was visiting various trees in the forest , he thought he heard someone crying. Flying here and there he found a little tree that was...

studecar1072Apr 16Apr 17
Advice to scammers

Advice to scammersIf you are serious about convincing me that you genuinely are Christine from Manchester, recruit a fluent English speaker as your accomplice....

Harbal37139Apr 14Apr 17
hpylady_1511Apr 16Apr 17
Track161869Apr 16Apr 17

IS THIS THE FUTURE WORLDWas down at the Surgery yesterday to collect a prescription. A guy in front of me says to the Receptionist.................... "IS THERE ANY DOCTO...

SA32133214Mar 27Apr 17
Im studying for my bar exam

I'm studying for my bar examBut I can't understand these first laws This law states that angle between adjacent corresponding faces is inter facial angles of the crystal of a...

OIdblue921Apr 16Apr 17
Capacity Issues

Capacity IssuesI have an e-cigarette and it’s doing my head in. I am constantly having to fill the damned thing with liquid. This is because there is an EU ruling...

Harbal21827Apr 14Apr 16

Domestic cats roaming in urban settings....Compared to dogs, cats....well, there's really no comparison. Still, I like most cats. Have had a few, but now with Bravo, couldn't keep another. But...

Vierkaesehoch1656Apr 15Apr 16
stringman1042Apr 16Apr 16

PARIS, GAY PARIS - My Home Town - NEWS UPDATE!I often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city...

daniela77788470Aug 2018Apr 16
Willy34112059Apr 15Apr 16
miclee20418Apr 15Apr 16
C S spam mail and scammers

C.S. spam mail and scammersI have solved the problem with the amount of scammers and CS fake mail from beautiful woman half my age who have fallen in love with me and the ones o...

OIdblue1945Apr 15Apr 16

Revenge Or Forgiveness?What Makes You Happier? What is not often addressed is the effect over time. We do sometimes see stories about what it's like coming home from w...

daniela77797193Mar 20Apr 16

Newest satire by Borowitz - funny.Moments ago in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Americans Fear That Former Trump Staffers Will Be Released Into Their Cities...

JimNastics922Apr 15Apr 15

"LAND OF THE FREE""There Was A Lawyer Once....Who Lived In Baltimore........................His Name Was Francis Scott Key ...The Colonies Were Engaged With ..............

namaron962Apr 13Apr 15

David Lee Roth is beginning to look like...I caught a few year old interview with singer David Lee Roth (of Van Halen fame) and at 64 years old, he's lost a good portion of his hair. I'm not su...

chatillion2317Mar 26Apr 15
stringman842Apr 15Apr 15

Yesterday in Newsweek; Trump is financially compromised by RussiaDonald Trump Is 'Financially Compromised' by Russia. Mueller Didn't Investigate but Congress Must: Ex-Federal Prosecutor By Alexandra Hutzler On 4/...

JimNastics20220Apr 14Apr 15

Photos you cannot dispute...Picture a profile photo of a woman in a hotel room and the caption states what city she is in when the photo was taken. Orlando Disney? Hyatt in Atlan...

chatillion18512Apr 14Apr 15
The Sound of Silence

The Sound of SilenceTake a listen to this rendition. I like it. Like someone commented on the official music video.. “Simon and Garfunkel’s version was a warning....

MiMiArt442-Apr 13Apr 15

Joy or sorrow,seek GodThere is no third option but Yes or No,Joy or sorrow,Healthy or sick,being with God or without God, Light or Darkness,Good or Evil. Some people say...

starrayfil69-Apr 15
Fact or fiction

Fact or fictionStumbled across a book titled "Suppressed inventions and other discoveries" By Jonathan Eisen Makes interesting reading Covers everything fr...

OIdblue1162Apr 14Apr 14
Track161152Apr 14Apr 14

The Night Of April 14 Into The Morning Of April 151865 - Abraham Lincoln was shot on the night of April 14 and died in the morning of April 15. Forty-seven years later... 1912 - RMS Titanic stru...

miclee12410Apr 14Apr 14
North Hollywood Shootout

North Hollywood ShootoutI learned from an Uber driver yesterday that I'm currently about three blocks from the scene of the crime. I remember it well and at the time I though...

BadlyDrawn1055Apr 14Apr 14

I'll be lawn-ly today...A few weeks ago my neighbor asked to borrow my lawnmower. He's cut my grass when I'm busy so I didn't mind returning a favor. The big question was "Do...

chatillion1146Apr 13Apr 14
Unreported Until Recently

Unreported Until RecentlyIn a podcast with Fox News Host Sean Hannity, Corporal Ryan Stickney revealed he and 200 of his fellow marines during the 1991 Gulf War were flown hom...

AmpleCurves30521Apr 12Apr 14
Hans471136231Mar 11Apr 14

I whacked it today...I whacked it today and I'm not embarrassed to talk about it. My plans were to drive down to Miami to do laundry and much needed yard work. As schedu...

chatillion941Apr 13Apr 13

"GET IN LINE"..("ON THE BORDER")Its Our Country People..............................And............Its Starting To Become Apparent.......................... ...................Why So...

namaron7,292442Jun 2018Apr 13

See through people...This I must post here, if its believed or not isn't very important .... but I am sharing for all the right reasons. It was Christmas eve 2014 I ha...

itchywitch679-Jun 2017Apr 13
Scruffy Car

Scruffy CarThe inside of my car is a disgrace. The dashboard is thick in dust and the floor is covered in grit; I can hardy see out of the windscreen when the s...

Harbal862122Apr 7Apr 13
The F word

The F-wordI've been a person that was never able to swear. I was taught I shouldn't. After reading Molly the other day on Palms blog I realized how common the F...

lshtar68166Apr 8Apr 13

Snoring, farting, belching, and so on.........hardly glamorous words or topics, but all more common as we age, for many. These tendencies can detract, and occasionally destroy, otherwise lovin...

Vierkaesehoch3037Apr 10Apr 13

R. Kelly Dirty DeedsWell we all kinda knew that R. Kelly was into young girls... It a shame that many female black teens suffered such abuse and manipulation. The pare...

loulou7727719Apr 4Apr 13
Bentlee2169Apr 13Apr 13

Comey: 'We Did Not Spy---We Just Observed And Reported Secretly Without The Subject's KnowledgeWASHINGTON, D.C.—After Attorney General Barr suggested that the FBI and other agencies spied on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, former FBI director Jame...

Willy34111862Apr 13Apr 13
I love fast food

I love fast foodFrom sea to plate in less than 30 mins Now that's real fast food...

OIdblue22919Apr 12Apr 13

Trump tries stall tactic to not release tax returnsFrom USA Today; Treasury Department misses deadline to hand over Trump's tax returns, asks for more time Christal Hayes USA TODAY•April 10, 201...

JimNastics26620Apr 12Apr 13
DynamiteLuv: "Top Ten Most Memorable Songs"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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