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Signature of a King

Signature of a King...O / ayin.. W / sh .. Y / wa .. E / hay .. Z / yod As we roll out and benchtest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, the reader is tasked to remem...

Agentbob780Feb 2
No contact is the best way

No contact is the best way............. No contact is the best way .………………...

jarred199-Feb 2

PerfectSometimes you can't avoid life drama. For the most part I live a very drama free life but every now and then life happens like when Mom fell IN THE D...

UnFayzed911Feb 2Feb 2

Lip PrintsI just captured a memory that ran through my mind to make me grin. I'll share it and hope it brings a smile to your face. My ex and I used to comm...

UnFayzed1173Feb 2Feb 2

Here today, gone....One of the drivers didn’t show up for work the other morning, it turned out his wife had died the day before; they say he found her when he got home f...

Harbal19916Feb 1Feb 2

Trouble opening blogs and mail,..........they highlight in unusual colors, but won't open. Rest of CS seems OK. Must be what the CS big house looks like. Well, who deserves it more than...

Vierkaesehoch1387Feb 1Feb 2
Be Different Be Yourself

Be Different...Be Yourself....................... Be Different...Be Yourself......

jarred1139-Feb 2

Wish I could turn back the clock..But I know I can't. I am realistic about Life. But I think it is okay to wish. Yesterday my oldest daughter got married. The legal part of it. The...

usha12366047Jan 25Feb 1

"Accident" ? I don't think so !One St. Louis police officer (male) empties his pistol and put one bullet back in it. He spins the chamber, aims at the wall and pulls the trigger....

JimNastics26519Jan 31Feb 1

If a god wanted Trump, this was likely the one.Today in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Eris, Greek Goddess of Chaos, Confirms That She Wanted Trump to Be President By Andy...

JimNastics1132Feb 1Feb 1

What is Reality? - Part4 (Self Understanding and Reality)Perhaps the most delicate and certainly the most important area of which the individual seeks an understanding to some extent, which may vary from per...

socrates4423012Jan 27Feb 1

What Is Reality?- Part 1 (The Question)What is reality? Is it strictly the world based on sense-experience as perceived through the medium of the physical senses? How justified is this clai...

socrates4476652Jan 6Feb 1
Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image SearchFirefox plugin. I would luv to say I found this all on my own but I was reading a comment here on CS by some one and he mentioned it briefly in passin...

Wrinklylove24915Jan 30Feb 1

Freezing human eggs.....Dating site successes.........stories on the Beeb always get me thinking. Apparently, now that fertilized human embryos have had the same cold treatment for a few decades, it s...

Vierkaesehoch1554Jan 31Feb 1

Western Psychiatry........sure, some get help from these hairdressers of medicine. But probably less that 10-20 %, if one includes the troublesome medication side effects, a...

Vierkaesehoch24511Jan 30Feb 1

How is it the the awesome infallible....becomes fallible? Somehow can't open in or outmail here. Also, can't read all your wisdom in responses to my rants. I've asked CS to check things. In...

Vierkaesehoch1022Feb 1Feb 1
stringman710Feb 1

Roger Stone long time Nixon & Trump advisor arrested and charged with 7 countsToday in; The New York Times Indicting Roger Stone, Mueller Shows Link Between Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime Tru...

JimNastics1,00381Jan 25Feb 1

aliens r here to help or to stealaliens r here to help or to steal our planet cause cause the thing is this trump wants to build a wall between mexico and usa but never build one in a...

Genuis26231Jan 29Feb 1
live your life for yourself

live your life for yourself................... live your life for yourself...

jarred182-Feb 1

Raising grandkids and beyond.I have a friend who is raising his great grandchild would u do the same if there was a need?...

Bluesky601265Feb 1Feb 1

Daytime Running Lights aren't headlights... be careful!Daytime Running Lights (DRL) is a setting on your headlight switch that (depending on the age of your vehicle) only light up a string of LED lights ar...

chatillion14910Jan 31Feb 1
How Much Do You Really Know About The Food You Eat

How Much Do You Really Know About The Food You Eat?I'm not a picky eater but I do try to eat healthy, balanced diet, healthy ingredients but I do indulge myself with some junk foods from time to time....

Crazyheart3821622Jan 31Feb 1

Do you help those in dire need?My house help is here today and was in a very down & quiet mood, so I asked her what is wrong, but she said nothing is wrong. I proceeded to give her...

smiley9631230Feb 1
My Tits this my tits that my a** this my a** that Oh f*ck that

My Tits this, my tits that, my a** this, my a** that....Oh f*ck that!I don't like listening to broken records , sometimes I do find it irritating when I'm having a conversation with friend or group of people about some...

Crazyheart3838437Jan 16Feb 1

Story of Merrill Streep's daughterI don't like to start my blog or whatever, but the story I heard from Uber driver today is too goo to keep it myself. I felt kind of moral obligation...

argaiv1497Jan 31Jan 31

Angry violent incredible dancing - wowI might be the last person on CS to be mindboggled by Charity and Andres, but if there's anyone else who has missed them up to now - this particular r...

Elegsabiff51555Jan 28Jan 31
Track161032Jan 31Jan 31
Arabic word for Allah

Arabic word for 'Allah'..........................- Muslims have lambasted Nike for selling a brand of Air Max sneakers with a design on its sole that resembles the Arabic wo...

jarred1122-Jan 31

Under AchieverAt school my teachers thought I would never amount to anything. I haven’t seen any of them since I left so they probably don’t know how accurate their...

Harbal1,016101Jan 25Jan 31
xXx Return of Xander Cage a review

xXx: Return of Xander Cage - a review!We are now at the third installment of the xXx franchise. The first one was awesome, while the second one, titled State of the Union, was a bit lacklu...

Philipsen620Jan 31

Enjoyment in your Creativity?I have lately decided to let my more Creative Nature to lead in my personality. I must say it is quite interesting. I'm planting all sorts, like plant...

smiley9631489Jan 30Jan 31

Sadly, often in deep knowledge deficits, ........but sometimes from unresolved anger (abusive family/power partners?), or even wealth envy/incompetent clinical handling---members of the mainstrea...

Vierkaesehoch1834Jan 31Jan 31

"Stupid is, as stupid does"Andy Borowitz's newest column in The New Yorker Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Comes Out Strongly Against Intelligence By Andy B...

JimNastics1462Jan 30Jan 31
Government Simulator a video game

Government Simulator - a video game!The other day, I was browsing Steam, and I came across a game, that sounded extremely interesting. It was called Government Simulator, and the descrip...

Philipsen590Jan 31
Track161300Jan 31

wrote about this before...increased suicideThis is the 3rd suicide I have heard of in my small community in the last month. Two of the people I better than the other, and the third...

Johnny_Sparton1707Jan 11Jan 31

Authentic Maryland CrabcakesThis is what was printed on the side of a food truck umm, in Hollywood. Yes, the LA neighborhood that's half movie set and half outdoor insane asylum....

BadlyDrawn1382Jan 30Jan 31
Snow or Cold

Snow or Cold?Which do you prefer? Luckily for us in Chicago, we don't have to choose. Today a balmy 12 degrees. Expecting 7- 13 inches of snow (depending on wha...

kpthatsme43752Jan 27Jan 31

How Is/Was Your Day?Mine is sputtering along...

Track1616312Jan 28Jan 31

Much more than collusion, conspiracy.Jan. 29, 2019, 5:06 AM EST Trump adviser Roger Stone's indictment in the Mueller probe suggests conspiracy charges may still be forthcoming The...

JimNastics771Jan 30Jan 30

cry, cry, cry...The company I work for is behind in service. The manager of that department has to analyze every job, what parts are available and what manpower is ne...

chatillion892Jan 30Jan 30

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