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Track161292Jan 14Jan 14
tatami15814Jan 14Jan 14
stringman1331Jan 14Jan 14
Cant believe I missed Kiss A Ginger Day

Can't believe I missed Kiss A Ginger DayActually I don't know if they celebrate it here, there aren't many gingers in the south of Spain, I may be the only one in my small town. But if they...

Elegsabiff74483Jan 13Jan 14
The Mating Game

The Mating GameThe world is filled with single people looking for somebody to share their lives (or maybe just the evening) with. At least some will show an interest...

Catfoot922100Jan 12Jan 14
Whats your favorite part of Christmas

Whats your favorite part of Christmas?As the hustle and bustle of the festive season approaches, I ve noticed alot of friends , and family have different parts of the season they enjoy. I...

1to1to154328Dec 2016Jan 14
Vacant Position Idiot Required

Vacant Position: Idiot RequiredSometimes I forget that I’m an Idiot and from time to time I need the services of another Idiot to remind me that I’m an Idiot. One such Idiot di...

Catfoot58745Jan 11Jan 13
Philosophical Fiction

Philosophical FictionI have created a new avant gardist genre of fiction called Philosophical fiction. Philosophical fiction is post-post modern fiction. Philosophical fic...

psiberite28118Jan 11Jan 13
No more broken toys

No more broken toysHave anyone got into a relationship with someone an they just seem to not be able to do anything for you bu,t when you first met they talk about what...

Lisa2292046Jan 13Jan 13
Track161482Dec 15Jan 13
weekend comes

weekend comesHi my CS Friends I wish you all a nice weekend...

nighty701345Jan 12Jan 13
Portrayal of Women in Batailles Blue at Noon

Portrayal of Women in Bataille’s Blue at NoonBlue at Noon by Georges Bataille is a fascinating avant garde novel. In this essay I would like to deconstruct the way in which women are portrayed. M...

psiberite750Jan 13
No Pot

No PotNo pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and every female here looking for a bailout emotional or financial. Very sad indeed for most fools loo...

Akeldama4023910Jan 12Jan 13

DO YOU SWEAR TO TELL THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP YOU GODthis is what you have to swear to in a court of law, but there is no law with this in life. One thing that has been put in my life from a young age wa...

wenever27431Jan 12Jan 12
Track16920Jan 12
how some things work

how some things workJust got off the phone with a friend of mine. He was talking to me about how some of corporate America works. He told me to Google about how only 10...

Johnny_Sparton22518Jan 12Jan 12

Manchester.With all the cold weather and such, wouldn't it be nice if the Government gave all the pregnant women in Manchester an extra pack of fags with their r...

pat8lanips2285Jan 8Jan 12
Time to get weird again

Time to get weird againOkay folks step right up.. . Dedo`s weird but sober Which CS`rs do you think of when you`re constipated ... Hey Mods,step out of the woodwork...

Dedovix60738Jan 7Jan 11
Coveinientializm A Post Post Modern Philosophy

Coveinientializm A Post-Post Modern PhilosophyIn Convenietntializm anything is everything and everything goes with nothing. Convenientializm moves from the postmodern Binary divide of terms to a B...

psiberite910Jan 11
Synthesizing Freud and Sartre

Synthesizing Freud and SartreSartre starts his philosophy by assuming states of consciousness. He starts his discourse by contradicting Descartes Philosophy of thought: Cogito Erg...

psiberite770Jan 11
Thoughts on Nihilism

Thoughts on NihilismI have read Camus’ book ‘Myth of the Sisyphus’. And I started my introspection on Nihilism. The senseless, the absurd, the chaotic, have to be transfo...

psiberite940Jan 11
Ruminations on the Metaphor

Ruminations on the MetaphorIn this article I would like to focus on how we try to discern a metaphor. I would like to focus on the cognitional faculty associated with metaphors....

psiberite700Jan 11

YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY.....WHY MOST OF THEM ARE too tall tattooed freaks crazy sex fiends dress like morons mumble all the time can’t drive worth crap func...

Browser4202507Jan 11Jan 11
is it time to be honest on this site

is it time to be honest on this siteI realise that I will be shot down for this but from the blogs I have seen a lot of people blame the site for not finding the partner of their dreams....

moose5227411Jan 11Jan 11
Therefore I am

Therefore I amThe original* is philosophical not specific, I know that, borrowing the words not the thoughts for this blog. If I think I am happy, I am surely h...

Elegsabiff44243Jan 7Jan 11
Intolerance in the academy

Intolerance in the academy....Repeat radio program on US public radio today, about a liberal social psychologist professor who actually is studying this issue. Claims he's become m...

Vierkaesehoch860Jan 11
Whoops I forgot about these 8

Whoops. I forgot about these 8.Yesterday when I added the 41 photos to my webpage, I neglected to add 8 others. I'll blame it on...

JimNastics1362Jan 10Jan 11
stringman1722Jan 11Jan 11
why do buses have adverts for mars bars on their sides and not sell them

why do buses have adverts for mars bars on their sides and not sell them ???ok looking for strange facts number one above number 2 below more ideas please why do we wash bath towels when they are only used to dry clean peop...

moose52901Jan 11Jan 11

just sufferingI see a man struggling to survive in a place where there is most probably no economy and no government,just suffering...

jarred170-Jan 11
Death of the Great Barrier Reef

Death of the Great Barrier Reef...Within 50 years or less all the world great reefs will be gone... WHY???

FLYJAMES15812Jan 10Jan 11
I Found The Perfect Partner For You

I Found The Perfect Partner For YouHey! Yes you… the fella who moved from 69 to 88; I thought I found a perfect partner for you… and then I realized you’re not Italian. But you have tha...

Catfoot86071Jan 6Jan 11
American Chop Suey or Cold War Stockings

American Chop Suey or Cold War StockingsAmerican Chop Suey or Cold War Stockings are political idioms. I have used American Chop Suey in my earlier article and now I am coining another term:...

psiberite1351Jan 11Jan 11


Track161001Jan 10Jan 11
Track161232Jan 10Jan 11
Hermeneutics of ST Pauls Theology

Hermeneutics of ST. Paul’s TheologyI was listening to a Sermon on the Biblical Book of the Hebrews. The speaker was saying that the author was unknown. But again he reiterated that Bibl...

psiberite1440Jan 11Jan 11
Museaphor A New Species of a Metaphor

Museaphor A New Species of a MetaphorMuseaphor is a new species for the Metaphor. It has got its inspiration from the Pataphor. Now what is a metaphor? A metaphor is a comparison betwee...

psiberite740Jan 11
It Does Not Happen That Way

It Does Not Happen That WayI’m still surprised at how many people join Connecting Singles believing that the love of their lives is going to drop into their laps over-night. Tha...

Catfoot59148Jan 10Jan 11
Trope and Conosceance

Trope and ConosceanceTropes are figures of speech. The most common are the metaphors and similes. A metaphor is comparison between two objects one being the Tenor of comp...

psiberite620Jan 11
Post structural assemblage of the Sign

Post-structural assemblage of the SignThe assumption of this writing starts from the view that all signs are Signifiers. A signifier is a tangible reality with a sense of meaning. I have d...

psiberite710Jan 11
Circumcision Complex

Circumcision ComplexWe all read about the malefic bombings in Brussels and France caused by the Jihadi Islamists. Islamic Jihadis suffer from a circumcision complex in ps...

psiberite940Jan 11
Sayings of a Beatnik Rabbi

Sayings of a Beatnik RabbiIn the centre of the Book there’s a great hole, a fathomable one that signifies an absence. I will do a favor to God by freeing his hand and writing...

psiberite660Jan 11
"PLAY NOW: Fish Balls"(meet us in the games)

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