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Timing"Darling", she shouts from the kitchen. "We need to make love, now, hurry!" "Why is that my sugar-plum?" he replies excitedly dancing down the stairs...

ChrisJWood1863Jul 24Jul 24
a conclusion contains not necessarily become crafted

a conclusion contains not necessarily become craftedIrrespective of that renovation in the particular Cleveland Cavaliers' roster, in spite of that prospect of raised middle hardship, in spite of that w...

jayjoe1010931Jul 24Jul 24
Was Aussie Woman Murdered By Gay Somali Mpls Cop

Was Aussie Woman Murdered By Gay Somali Mpls Cop?!YouTube STOP! Whatever You're Doing & Watch Outraged Citizens Shut Down & Run Out The Minneapolis Mayor The above vid was posted to YouTube by The...

miclee36910Jul 20Jul 24
Blogs are not just about dating

Blogs are not just about datingI've read here on many occasions that someone's blog is inappropriate because it's not 'about dating'. First of all, that comment could not be furthe...

seaworthy212-Jul 24
Is This the Beginning of the Revolution

Is This the Beginning of the Revolution? this is a listen to blog. don't have to listen to it all. or any o...

stringman24510Jun 15Jul 23
stringman1993Jul 22Jul 23
Yachts and women

Yachts and womenMy yacht is definitely a female. She needs loads of money, time and attention to keep her happy. She won't go where I want her to go and her ladyship...

ChrisJWood31121Jul 22Jul 23
What is wrong with someone who is a work in progress

What is wrong with someone who is a work in progressBack in may when I created my profile and joined this site, I was unemployed broke and had big dreams. I stated this in my profile and also that I was...

camesha1744Jul 22Jul 23

"RAMBLIN MAN"..(RAMBLE ON")..(120)Que Sera Sera...Whatever Will Be Will Be.....................................................................The Futures Not Ours To See..........Que...

namaron38328Jul 23Jul 23
Another new blogger posting

Another new blogger posting...blogs that don't allow comments... What's wrong with interaction ? Or are everyone else's opinions irrelevant?...

oldblue54281-Jul 23
Best episode of Dr Who in this century

Best episode of Dr Who in this century?So I am wondering. Which Dr Who episode (21st century episodes only please) do you consider to be the best? I was (possibly for s*xual reasons) in...

Ken_1954111Oct 2015Jul 23
Symptoms of Directional Confusion among Children

Symptoms of Directional Confusion among ChildrenIn Minnesota They are adopting The "transgender toolkit' for kindergartners, What's next, schools required to install fire-hydrants in restrooms for s...

NewYorkcitylove103-Jul 23
Track161271Jul 22Jul 23

EpistemophobiaReading some of the blog comments I am starting to think that this is the number 1 requirement to post here......

oldblue542376Jul 22Jul 23
Coming and Going

Coming and GoingI've been doing some thinking over the last few days. I've been thinking about some of the people that have wandered into and out of my life over th...

VikingSon27722Jul 22Jul 23
My dream your interpretation

My dream - your interpretation ?A while back, I had a vivid dream. I don't get them often, but they are very real like, when I do. In my dream I was leaving a party and talki...

JimNastics6307Feb 2016Jul 23
YOU make the photo caption 4

YOU make the photo caption (4) !You make the photo caption (4) !....... Accidental, or purposeful ? You decide. Indeed, add your own photo caption, if you like, or simply chu...

JimNastics25710Jul 6Jul 23
No matter how much you have been hurt through love or friendship your heart will rule supreme

No matter how much you have been hurt, through love or friendship, your heart will rule supreme.Devastation to one's heart is bad enough when broken , but when you are standing infront of your home and see the place you once called home, being d...

Fieryred703189Jun 24Jul 23

If I said you had a beautiful body..Would you hold it against me? Any native (and good non-native) English speakers will know that sentence can be read in two different ways, with d...

mollybaby1,19490Jul 11Jul 23
Texting and

Texting and ...Walking? Hope everyone has a fantastic incident free week ahead......

Lukeon22614Jul 23Jul 23
The Maritime Research Institute

The Maritime Research InstituteThe Maritime Research Institute it's trying to test a concept of building artificial floating islands (made of Flowing Triangles and some with pentago...

NewYorkcitylove105-Jul 23
To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?Now is the tourist season, everybody walking around scantily dressed, proudly exposing their tattoos (women in particular), for which they have no dou...

daniela777735-Jul 22Jul 23
This is how I am

This is how I amThis is how I am . I didn't go to work to make friends. I go to work to do my thing for 8 hrs and when its time to go home I go home. I don't worry ab...

jarred174-Jul 23

"ITS A SMALL WORLD"You Can Look For Them..... If Thats What You Want To Do...........................................But Its going To Take More Than Just The Human Eye T...

namaron35014Jul 22Jul 22
How to Boost your Self Steem part2 In my own opinion

How to Boost your Self Steem part2 In my own opinionNot matter what? we have to stay Positive! And make the best of our daily life! Either when it come down to catastrofe you could find something pos...

Balicia1812Jul 22Jul 22
Track161442Jul 22Jul 22
Mom leaving us soon

Mom leaving us soon....Getting ready to fire up the Swedish chariot and head down to Beantown with Bravo as navigator and resident chick magnet. Four hour trip. As always, w...

Aaltarboy1223Jul 22Jul 22
Saudi Arabia investigates woman who wore miniskirt in public

Saudi Arabia investigates woman who wore miniskirt in publicA Saudi woman who posted a video of herself wearing a miniskirt and crop top in public is being investigated by the country’s religious police. The y...

jarred1120-Jul 22


Track161303Jul 21Jul 22

"ANOTHER WATER FALL DAY"..(3)"While Introducing The Characters Of "Another Water Fall Day"..I Forgot To Tell You About One Other Guy...Who Will Show Up From Time To Time There......

namaron129-Jul 21
Dont Say They Are Bad

Don't Say They Are Bad.Women in underdeveloped countries, some have a bit of education, or a skill, others none at all. They usually have between two to as many as eight...

Unika_4154141Jul 20Jul 21


Track161829Jul 20Jul 21
Canadian Toilet Paper

Canadian Toilet PaperThis is how we do it in the winter....

Track1619712Jul 20Jul 21

KIDS SELLING LEMONADE!Overseas in G.B. the authorities ordered a 5-year old girl to cease and desist from "selling lemonade" and then fined her $150. I s that outrageous or...

Magnet5805865Jul 21Jul 21
She declared her death a week ago

She declared her death a week ago...No, not the timing or forecasting...she told that my days are numbered. My mother passed away on 9th instant. She was about 94/95 years old. After her...

iotaoo1799Jul 20Jul 21

"SEASON OF THE WITCH""I Was Walking On The Street One Day" "In The Merry Merry Month Of May" "I Was Taken By Surprise".."By A Set Of Blue Eyes" "In The Merry Merry Mont...

namaron630-May 2015Jul 21
What u expect

What u expectMany of us are here to find a partner. We expect to find sooner or later. In order to succeed don't u think we all should put up our best photos...

Unika_4122920Jul 21Jul 21
Well Well

Well WellNot much time tobe on the blog of late, But life goes on. Coming home after a long day And seeing my little garden My hart is glad...

FLYJAMES14912Jul 21Jul 21
Back on CS again after a failed relationship

Back on CS again after a failed relationshipThis thought has been on my mind for months now and when I read what Calmheartseek on Kal's ' Weird ' blog wrote, I knew I have to put a blog up regar...

MimiArt73481,16353Jul 8Jul 21
Now That Its Summer

Now That Its SummerIts too warm, too humid, too many flies.....................................

Track161658Jul 20Jul 21
Why do have to shout at each other

Why do have to shout at each other?.....Isn't it strange? why shout??....Asked yourself this!..Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset? "But why shout...

Buddy4you17511Jul 21Jul 21
Im really handsome but Im really bad on online dating

I'm really handsome but I'm really bad on online dating .?I'm really handsome but I'm really bad on online dating .?...

jarred196-Jul 21

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