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KarmaWhat is it with the most interesting people not living here or at least near me? Karma is kinda rough sometimes, isn't?...

solo_traveler52720May 6May 10

Hate SpeechI hope Fred Phelps finds redemption in those pearly gates... Sometimes religion is what divides our citizens...and Canada regards all of its ci...

loulou7777847May 8May 10
I see myself a bit like a Christian figure

I see myself a bit like a Christian figure.I see myself a bit like a Christian figure. Is because I always have to walk with that gigantic cross...........

jarred1103-May 10
stringman26612May 1May 10
stringman2036May 2May 10
would it make you uncomfortable

would it make you uncomfortable...If you knew somebody was watching your every move. ....and really don't understand exactly why. I am not talking about God either. Gorgeous...

Johnny_Sparton65254May 8May 10

Old saying with a twist"Never judge someone until you have walked 1 mile in his shoes... " ...the twist "Then your a mile in front of him and you have his shoes..."...

Onthcrestofawave2368May 9May 10
Shine on Whitetop

Shine on WhitetopWent hiking on the Appalachian Trail to the second highest peak in Virginia. This is on Whitetop Mountain. Buzzard Rock Summit of Whitetop F...

Shinegirl21110May 3May 9

I must have a sweet tooth..............because I love me some Candy; Sweet Candy;...

JimNastics1736May 9May 9
Dear Self Esteem

Dear : Self Esteem..He Needs you.. He needs you for your opinions he needs you to be on his side as his partner he needs you to remind him of the small things that he ca...

Kasih32115Apr 18May 9
My goodness that was moving tonight

My goodness, that was moving tonight!This is really only for the UK audience & those of us who are old enough to follow Corrie. I haven't for years but got back into it lately, mainly thr...

Cervatilla1785May 9May 9

You got to love the Irish..............................You Have to Love The Irish Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Look...

britishcolumbian1889May 9May 9
What Really is True Love Part one

What Really is True Love? Part oneI only this year understood what true love is and have only just now realised why I am here, on this site. For someone my age this is a revelation th...

CestMero20613May 8May 9

Living Wide OpenDo you ever look at your life like someone else may look at it? Do you ever take yourself out of yourself, and look at your life from a different pers...

LadyImp1300May 9

Life Lessons from the BarnIn following my blog from yesterday, I figure life is like horse riding. That it can be a great ride if I want it to be. That sometimes your ride...

LadyImp26423May 7May 9

Mastering the Perfect PartnershipWhat holds a relationship together? We all know that communication is the key to keeping the relationship alive - but what kind of communication? That...

LadyImp42833Apr 15May 9

For a very loving and soulful DanielaYour kindness and generosity is unequaled Your beauty is abound You are full of love and positive spirit You always make us stand in the high groun...

lindsyjones51337May 3May 9
life is a game

life is a gamelife is a game................ A game without winners or losers, or perhaps 'better' said, a game where the winner is the loser, and vice ver...

jarred1119-May 9
Somethings happening

Something's happening...Strange, but true. Well...make what ya will, of it... My horoscope reading (not that I pay much heed): Voices from the past, are nothing new, espe...

Bspoken428111May 2May 9
What Really is True Love Part Two

What Really is True Love? Part TwoI need to explain that a favourite quote of mine is, 'when you are up to your arse in alligators, it is often difficult to remember, that the objectiv...

CestMero24215May 8May 9
friends like these

friends like theseAs promised to Keepers....did I promise this? I am too lazy to check back and check and biggie either way. But, I know I mentioned it...

Johnny_Sparton37226May 7May 9

A First for Everything!Well, that was an interesting morning. It started off at 6:30 am with me having to wear my 'good' pale pink hoodie to go bike riding as I'd forgotten...

LadyImp1944Apr 25May 8

Involuntary DismountsI've learned a lot from my horse over the years. He taught me to be patient and to learn 'his' language in communicating with him. And he's taught me...

LadyImp23020May 6May 8

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places...Intense morning light pours into my kitchen through the patio doors, illuminating it with a warm glow. Bouncing off the glass patio table top, I'm dra...

LadyImp20310May 8May 8
I thought I was over this

I thought I was over this!It made me catch my breath and gave me that feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought I was over this! 'Oh come on!' I thought, 'you really need t...

CestMero2429May 8May 8
I know nobody who never lies

I know nobody who never liesI know nobody who never lies.................

jarred1116-May 8

Spring has been significant for the last few yearsAnyone still on Facebook knows how they love to throw up 'memories' from previous years, and sometimes they are interesting. Facebook reminded me toda...

Elegsabiff24314May 8May 8
Hi i am al

Hi i am alhow do you get someone sincere if we don't know each other also I have a book on called the new Christian how important is man to...

giliberti11230May 8
food for though

food for thoughif you blame life then, you blame who give it. so don't blame life, blame the way how you live it ....

georgie391967May 5May 8

Measure of your dreamsTheres a love song 'rainy night in soho' sung by the pogues. In it shane mc gowan sings about a woman being 'the measure of his dreams'.im just wonder...

langtime1424May 7May 8

Woman wanted.....Must know how to hunt, dress deer and clean fish---and have boat and truck. Send picture of boat and truck. Aa-V....

Vierkaesehoch1500May 8
The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good, The Bad & The UglyThe Good, The Bad & The Ugly ................

jarred1111-May 8

My mental ability limits meTo only five simple words...

Onthcrestofawave2736May 7May 7

Long HairI’ve been thinking of letting my goatee grow out like this and then braid it....

galrads1601May 7May 7
hello is there anybody out there there anybody out thereseems like this is another dead site like date hookup and tagged..alot of theses people have'nt been on here for months and yrs..the admin should dele...

hommyj30413Apr 10May 7
What would you do if

What would you do if ?A van driver accused of killing 10 people in Toronto posted to Facebook minutes before the attack to praise killer Elliot Rodger and refer to the miso...

Kiterunner127815Apr 25May 7
The more people we get on this lovely planet

The more people we get on this lovely planet,The more people we get on this lovely planet, the more confrontations we will have!!!! So fight for your rights and fight for your space.?...

jarred188-May 7

"And They're Off!"This has not been my week for electronics, that's for darn sure. Twenty years ago, I developed an all natural anti-inflammatory and topical pain relie...

LadyImp2849May 5May 7

A LOVE TO TAKE ME HOME SWEET HOME!Twist and turns my life it seems, thought my love forever be, until the day she took the key, and I lost the person me! I thought that faith in...

Unknown1502May 7May 7

U.S. vs Canadian PoliceLaw Enforcement, U.S. Style... Law Enforcement, Canadian style...

miclee2117Apr 27May 7

Super TrollWho is going to be the Troll of the year? Do you want this beautiful award? Are you truly a Troll? Live in the UK? It can be yours! A CNN r...

galrads205-May 7

Lesbian and gay rally in my townThere was a lesbian and gay rally in my town today but I didn´t go, I mean, who wants to watch the worst drivers out there having a race?...

Bnaughty52541May 6May 7

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