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Me so proud today

Me so proud today... and not only cause I have a huge shlong Today afternoon I went out to feed the dogs and sweep the yard from dog poop .As I was filling the dog...

Dedovix28925May 15May 16
A medical question

A medical question...As a young mother and when one of mine had a bump on the head, I'd be stressing and worrying ... I remember sometimes being told by my mum I shouldn'...

itchywitch2368May 14May 16
Virtual lovers

Virtual loversWhat's about? A new way to love a person can be the virtual love, I know that sometimes it can sucks because you can't kiss, you can't do "anything of...

DestinyLover1474May 15May 15
Look at all the sherlocks in the comments

Look at all the sherlocks in the comments.?Look at all the sherlocks in the comments.? Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. – Lao Tzu...

jarred192-May 15
Hope every mother had a great time on mothers day

Hope every mother had a great time on mother's day.Flew back home to enjoy mother's day celebration with my three daughters who are mother's themselves. We had a blast. Have a nice Monday every...

lindsyjones19913May 15May 15
Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of tattoes or as

Have you ever wondered....about the dynamics of tattoes, or as...some call these, body "art"? A few tiny ones near nether areas, are probably OK. But talk to those unfortunates who have, at enormous expense, turned...

Aaltarboy27330May 14May 15
For all loners

For all lonersFor all loners...

jarred1101-May 15
Final Tune

Final Tune" I wasn't surprised at all when Hendrix died. You know he was going to die by just listening to his music. It was all there, he had done it and he...

posolet107-May 15
WHATS The Point

WHATS The Pointi thought i would get lots of interest on here after 5 months 1 message couple nice comments don t think i can improve my profile maybe most women...

martysmart572065May 14May 15
Im feeling like a weirdo

Im feeling like a weirdoDon`t get me wrong , after many falls and disappointments some would give up and accept the fall ...not me tho ... So yeah, Im on a dating site, Im n...

Dedovix23714May 13May 15
There was a time when

There was a time, when.....the more strident of the domestic violence workers were publishing pamplets claiming that over 95% of such criminal activity was perpetuated by men....

Aaltarboy1507May 14May 15
For The Birds Think before you Act

For The Birds - Think before you ActFor The Birds - Think before you Act...

jarred1117-May 15
If You Talked To People The Way You Talk To Yourself

If You Talked To People The Way You Talk To YourselfIf You Talked To People The Way You Talk To Yourself be positive dont talk.... about others...

jarred191-May 15
Happy day

Happy dayto all who celebrated with their mom.s or foster mom.s...sometimes friends are like a mom figure....what connects people isn.t always ties of blood......

sweetiefireball1451May 14May 14

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(105)Im Left To Wonder Were The Boundary Lines Might Be......There Has To Be Some Way To Be Able To Distinguish The Difference...If There Is A Difference O...

namaron26237May 14May 14

"SEARCHIN MAN"..(SEARCHIN ON")..(5)Some People... Are On The Side Of Lucky....What Do I Mean By Saying That?...Well...For Instance....My Mother And My Father...Knew Each Other From The...

namaron15315May 13May 14
An opportunity to think

An opportunity to thinkAre you feel happy sometimes! Do you have some time to read what is written by others! Do you suffer from what is bothering you! Please pay attenti...

kenan_syr1463May 13May 14
nighty701985May 14May 14
Life Lessons From 100 Year Olds

Life Lessons From 100-Year-OldsLife Lessons From 100-Year-Olds...

jarred194-May 14
A lazy Sunday afternoon

A lazy Sunday afternoonWhat do we do ? I could go over to the Jazz cafe there is always live music there. Or cook for the this week ? Go over to my dauther? co...

FLYJAMES14511May 14May 14

lifeLife is a series of situations. Since we are alive, we really have no choice but to partake in these situations. The more mentally aware we are, the...

Johnny_Sparton1441May 14May 14
Saturday Night

Saturday NightFeel like just having a warm Saturday night at home. Freezing here, nearly 14 deg. Celsius. :...

Lukeon1759May 13May 14
does sombody else see a blue halo above his head

does sombody else see a blue halo above his head ??does sombody else see a blue halo above his head ?? or is my phone just broken?...

jarred1112-May 14

Martians"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, he said." .........H.G. Wells..........

posolet100-May 14
Who to win

Who to win?One winner one song .. Belgium " city lights" is my choice And yours is???...

itchywitch24312May 13May 14

PlugholesPlugholes are so underrated; almost all of us just ignore them unless trying to force a chunk of carrot or something equally sinister down the kitchen...

Mapmaker22919May 14May 14
How To Write A Blog Post for Beginners

How To Write A Blog Post for BeginnersHow To Write A Blog Post for Beginners...

jarred1102-May 14
A Mothers Day Song

A Mother's Day SongThis is a song to all of the moms out their! Sung by Celine Dion. I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful song!

Gentlejim1845May 13May 14
Always Feels Good To Be Here

Always Feels Good To Be Here....Had a long night...and a long day at work. Exhausted, every inch of my body feels tender ...too tired to think of anything to blog about but feels go...

Crazyheart382098May 13May 14
Profile Pictures Science of Attraction

Profile Pictures - Science of AttractionProfile Pictures - Science of Attraction...

jarred1103-May 14

"FATIMA"..("100 YEARS ON")Seeing It Is Saturday Night...And There Wont Be Very Much Goin On..So..Ill Remind Some Of You Out There That May 13th 1917... .100 Years Ago Today....

namaron1614May 13May 14
Be Who You Are

Be Who You AreBe Who You Are...

jarred189-May 14
i dont know anymore

i dont know anymorei have been turned down 120 times in the last idk 3 months. IRL and online. sometimes a mixture of both. Been called ugly a loser etc. In both realms....

Themarpet2139May 13May 14
safe today

safe todayFor those of you who like a little drama, I have a dramatic event about to take place today. I recently purchased an older home where the basement wa...

Johnny_Sparton28718May 12May 13
I shouldnt but i do

I shouldn't but i doI know we all like to think we don't judge a book by its cover, nevertheless we do...... and sometimes we pass up on meeting/dating someone because w...

itchywitch45040Apr 21May 13
If you want what goods for you

If you want what goods for you ....(though a bit of a read) read all of the copy n' paste below. Many therapeutic benefits are attributed to seaweed bathing. Scientific studies ha...

itchywitch21713May 7May 13
Hello my Blog family

Hello my Blog familyHello my friends and family here. I have not been here in a good while but to let you know i am still alive and kicking. i come now with a heavy hea...

wenever15611May 11May 13
Someone explain this to me

Someone explain this to me ...By putting a plastic bottle of water on a lawn it keeps the dogs & cats off .... I'm all happy and excited and warm inside that it does work too...

itchywitch33227May 12May 13
Oh No Im back

Oh No...I'm back!Hi guys...hope you remember me! Things didn't really work out on the 'family reunion' front, so guess what.....I'm heading to Spain again....and lo...

robbyreal28620May 13May 13
Who is the more stinky

Who is the more stinky?....One of my favorite vacation activities is backpacking. A week in, tent/s bag, leave no waste, etc.. But with rare exceptions, after a week in country,...

Aaltarboy19616May 11May 13
What makes a woman into a gold digger

What makes a woman into a gold digger?What makes a woman into a gold digger?...

jarred1122-May 13
Legalizing muslim rape

Legalizing muslim rapeGerman Judge Says Turkish Man's Forced Violent Sex Is 'Culturally' Not Rape BY TYLER O'NEIL APRIL 21, 2017 (AP Photo/Juergen Schwarz) A German ju...

lindsyjones37733May 11May 13

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