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An Autumn trip

An Autumn tripNearly once a time a year , our childhood friends meet together, normally we go to a restaurant to join. Not content with eating all the time, this t...

July012104-Oct 27

REPORT: Trump Approval Rating Much Higher Than Media Wants You To BelieveIt’s another fake news moment by the Establishment Media. They know it. You know it. Certainly, the Trump White House knows it. Remember all of those...

Willy341141537Oct 17Oct 26

HonestlyEvery relationship if is going to last must be honest and true. You must open up to each other even with your deepest secrets. Never be ashamed to sha...

Kevkl1,2152Oct 26Oct 26

Raining againWelcome to Sunny Spain they said 320 days of sunshine a year they said Meanwhile I had to put the light on in the kitchen to see to make coffee...

Elegsabiff57055Oct 20Oct 26
Peter Casey

Peter CaseyIf like me you believe him to be a fair and honest man? still give him your vote on polling day on the ballot paper next week, even if he decides to...

itchywitch39628Oct 19Oct 26

you can see many smiles............. you can see many smiles...

jarred1326-Oct 26

Molly Ringwald and Alyssa Milano. I'm very disappointed in both of themI have always liked and enjoyed Molly Ringwald in her movies such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. However, today Molly has...

SHAWNTHOR2205Oct 5Oct 26

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELPEPPER!Welll....a belated birthday - missed it by a day. Anyway. Hope you had a really good'un! ......

miclee23231Oct 24Oct 26
Hugger Mugger

Hugger MuggerHugger Mugger Smugger I found the Slugger Now that i am viewed more than 105 times i need no excuse, basically i write so many things out there...

runningshiva70-Oct 26

Narrow minded because I can beSo this 22 year old living somewhere where the sun sets many hours after my own sun sets liked me. Her profile tells me she seems like a nice kid (ni...

Ken_1924211Oct 25Oct 26

friendsis it me or does this website only have mature women over the age of i on the wrong website?.....

junii271,0714Sep 27Oct 26

Trump Triumphs. Thinking of giving up on my Brilliant hero the Donald....And if she hasn't ruined her shot at the POTUS job, with those stupid fake Indian job application and DNA moves, may switch to Granny- Pocahontas War...

Vierkaesehoch39531Oct 20Oct 26

Can Someone Please Tell MeSomeone on tv was saying something about the Democrats advancing their agenda. Can someone please tell me what their agenda is? What are they running...

texasgirl858563847Oct 4Oct 26

Thank you Democrats. The Democrats united the Trump and Bush wings of the partyLet's hope that this is the last time that we go through this. Like many of you, I caught bits and pieces of Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh on...

Willy341129018Sep 29Oct 26
that old killer

that old killer...How could you leave ?!? The most beautifull woman SPIT too, I dont hate you because most of the time MEN teaches you to spit but, you normally lea...

runningshiva59-Oct 26
Track166463Oct 25Oct 26

WOWMEN will be MEN INSIDE their DEN and WOMEN will be WOW WITHOUT the BRAIN...

runningshiva67-Oct 26

These guys are unbelievableI have seen some brilliant musicians But these guys in my mind are among the best

Onthcrestofawave30815Oct 24Oct 26

...Was just watching news of a school bus accident here in Dead Sea and many children died. The bad news is breaking my heart. My son called me and tol...

Crazyheart3816011Oct 25Oct 25

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(88)Its Got To Be..................................... That There Is Something In The Air...............................................Maybe Its A Virus....

namaron98-Oct 25Oct 25

Off topicThis is on a forum section of a site I use ...No religious or political posts please... Seems they had a simular problem and their site mod...

Onthcrestofawave37617Oct 21Oct 25
Onthcrestofawave2437Oct 19Oct 25

Where else but CS ?Can you meet and interact on the same level as... Political movers and shakers Members of the gentry Famous actor's Truck drivers and del...

Onthcrestofawave29812Oct 22Oct 25

your worst hell on earthFor me, right now, that’s noise. I can’t imagine anything worse, as three weeks of clattering banging drilling and shouting roadworks are culminating...

Elegsabiff59975Oct 24Oct 25


Unknown1311Oct 25Oct 25

WATCH: Migrant Admits 'Criminals Are Everywhere' In CaravanA migrant traveling north with the massive caravan that is trekking to the U.S. border admitted during an interview on Tuesday that there are "crimina...

Willy341127823Oct 24Oct 25
and listen to me

and listen to meNow what ?!? I become famous in just 7 days, viewed by 90 times and i am gonna DIE soon the number becomes 100. Oike...I love You All...TaTa...

runningshiva58-Oct 25

Lady in redSent my girlfriend to the shop to buy some tractor parts Came back with that hungry look in her eye Gushing about a great price and lucky to g...

Onthcrestofawave46920Sep 29Oct 25

baffle them with your bullshit................... If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit....

jarred178-Oct 25
Love and peace heals

Love and peace healsHave you wonder why people become sick and suffer ? Why they have troubles in life and wars ? IS BECAUSE THEY DON,T OBEY COMMANDMENTS OF THE LAW OF...

starrayfil68-Oct 25
and we will never talk

...and we will never talkWhy should we or things like that, We inherit CS and we love being goody-goody, Why should we ?!? We all are here for years in so much of...

runningshiva76-Oct 25
bombs bombs bombers

bombs bombs bombers ????????????????????Trump certainly set the stage for stupidity and disregard for respect for human beings. He glorified the politician in Montana for body slamming a re...

studecar1495Oct 24Oct 25
Old Java

Old JavaOh! God ---CS is still rely on javascript !!! I strongly suggest CS to use another technology to avoid REFRESH or AUTO-REFRESH. PHP has several fun...

runningshiva76-Oct 25

Hit me baby one more time...Today marks the 20th anniversary of Britney Spears' video released on Oct. 23, 1998. Hit Me Baby One More Time, the song and video that launched her c...

chatillion903Oct 23Oct 25
Laaa be a film maker a film makerLOW COST STUDIO for YOUTUBERs Many a times we think of shooting and uploading videos on youtube but, we normally cannot make it CLEAR as what to SH...

runningshiva57-Oct 25
Two Minutes Hate

Two Minutes HateBrought to you daily by Jersey Jim. It must really suck having so much hate everyday....

MiguelUknow23211Oct 24Oct 24

Non political blog No 1. (Mostly), Dogs...How is it that we naturally know when a dog is using play behaviors? Probably coevolved with us, Methinks. The front paws low on the ground, arse up i...

Vierkaesehoch1253Oct 24Oct 24

Photo Caption Contest - dad & daughterYou know the drill by now. If you like, add your own caption for the following photo. But, this is 2 photos in one, and you may know the people IN...

JimNastics22219Oct 23Oct 24

I hate goodbyes as it mean foreverI am so grateful, to be a part of the blog land not that long, but I really felt , am so welcomed by members here. In as much as I wanted to enjoy, as...

ayoneq1083Oct 24Oct 24

Thank youFor those who sent prayers for my son for his successful scholarship Examination. THANK YOU ALL Though the result is not released yet. Except math...

ayoneq610Oct 24

Non political blog Nr. 2---sort of.Lobbiests. Just was at a meeting of one of my Professional groups. Senior section today---go figure. None were as young and svelt as I. Had for this m...

Vierkaesehoch790Oct 24

Nostalgic Gum...As Halloween approaches I can expect to see the return of chewing gum that was originally produced as far back as the 1890's. Beeman's gum with pepsin...

chatillion1075Oct 21Oct 24
shahidwardag: "SINGLE !!!!!!!"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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