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I consume the information and move on

I consume the information and move onOkay, you want comments, here's mine. I don't care about comment section. Rarely do I comment on anything. Opinions, reviews, it doesn't matter, I con...

jarred191-Jul 1

CameltoeIf you see them do you tell that woman her coochie is showing? or assume she knows,or wants it too.? I never feel comfortable around ladies with them...

Rustymc6435727Jun 30Jul 1

GENITAL MUTILATION.Why is it considered not acceptable for women to be circumcised, yet male babies still go through a similar experience and they have no choice in the...

CROWNAFFAIR35637Jun 30Jul 1
tatami1515Jun 29Jun 30
Cannabis legalization

Cannabis legalizationWhats your piont of view. Im for full out legalizing it for anyone age 21. And yea i use it as a sleep aid to help me eat. And to relax my racing tho...

Rustymc6436926Jun 18Jun 30
Track16940Jun 30
The Collapse Of Swedish

"The Collapse Of Swedish......Police, Law And Legal System" For some time there has been reports that Sweden is in decline due to pressures put upon its societal and economic...

miclee1,049108Jun 28Jun 30
Sex money and Sex The three most important things

Sex, money and Sex" The three most important things??Sex, money and Sex" The three most important things??...

jarred190-Jun 30
IncubusBaig56343Jun 28Jun 30
Older men value younger women higher

Older men value younger women higher.Older men value younger women higher. There is the politics of the s*xual animal at work here.The younger guy feels that the woman owes him - the olde...

jarred1108-Jun 30

MethNot even once....

Track161201Jun 29Jun 30

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF SEX ENERGY-3Then what is to be done? Know sex! Move into it consciously! This is the secret to open up a new door. If you go into sex unconsciously, then you are...

owlsway952Jun 30Jun 30
Social Media Or Not

Social Media Or Not???How many of you do social media like Facebook or Instagram?? I'm really into both!!...

GoDaniel1000Jun 29
Self defence

Self defence.Is it time that we armed ourselves for protection due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks? Even if we carried a knife, it would enable some...

CROWNAFFAIR42147Jun 29Jun 29
Deathbed Conversation

Deathbed ConversationDoug Pender lived all his life in the Florida Keys and is on his deathbed and knows the end is near. His nurse, his wife, his daughter and two sons, a...

Gentlejim1475Jun 29Jun 29
The one difference between Chimps and Humans

The one difference between Chimps and HumansThe one difference between Chimps and Humans except looks. is that they learn alone, they answer all our questions but they ask nothing.? [...

jarred176-Jun 29
The little sucker

The little sucker....During the recent jaunt ooooot to the North country, EH?, on one morning, we ate our breakfast in the hotel room, high above the old city, with great...

Aaltarboy1246Jun 29Jun 29
Track161242Jun 28Jun 28

SAD NEWSMaybe I'm wrong to blog this but YOU his caring friends genuinely concerned about his where abouts should know, our beloved Nam is in hospital in a co...

itchywitch2,33172Jun 25Jun 28
So how do you feel about it now

So how do you feel about it now?Back in the day when first brought into Ireland it caused quiet an uproar..THE SMOKING BAN .. but here we are now so many years later, just curious a...

itchywitch40225Jun 27Jun 28
Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short...In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So Hug a little longer. Love a little stronger. Forgive a little sooner. Smile a little sweeter......

Crazyheart3843551Jun 28Jun 28
The Best Advice in the World

The Best Advice in the World1. Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you. 2. Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately e...

jarred179-Jun 28
Insightful fair balanced video

Insightful fair/balanced videoWhat Mr Woods says at the 8:50 mark in the video is the core of the love the liberals show for islam...

seaworthy158-Jun 28
Good News doesnot sell Newspapers or make for Good News bulletins

Good News doesnot sell Newspapers or make for Good News bulletins.Reading another Blog a few minutes ago, I am aware that all Newspaper headings are nearly always bad news, as with News Bulletins. Good news does...

goldengloss45644Jun 27Jun 28
The first is deluded The second twisted

The first is deluded. The second, twisted.?I think there's two types of men who try to establish relationships with young women; 1st is the "Peter Pan" who refuses to recognise his own age. Th...

jarred186-Jun 28
Quebec Canada

Quebec, Canada.Merely a few short and lovely hours by Rolls-Royce from the Aa palace in Maine. EH? But what a different world. I know I rant on the ueber PC nature...

Aaltarboy19816Jun 27Jun 28
Track161081Jun 27Jun 28
A Kaleidoscope of Societal Malfunctions part 2

A Kaleidoscope of Societal Malfunctions part 2part 2 Not enough food. The world is starving and no Green revolution can supply surplus foods. Meats of all types must be imported by those that...

Kattte19712Jun 26Jun 28

Complain Complain ComplainI spent the last 9 months complaining that it was too cold, now its too warm and there are too many flies...

Track1626020Jun 25Jun 27
spirit of men

spirit of menThis has nothing to do with Nam...but only a realization after tonight. Though it is very sad to hear about Nam, one can only hope he does recover....

Johnny_Sparton39935Jun 26Jun 27
Quiet Night

Quiet Night...relaxed...peaceful...reminiscing ......

Crazyheart3828429Jun 27Jun 27

Compulsory Vaccinations For ChildrenThe government in Italy has ruled that children must be vaccinated against 12 common illnesses before they can enrol for state-run schools. Italy h...

daniela77749270Jun 27Jun 27
What does that make me

What does that make me??Sometimes I feel like being an extrovert but most of the time I am an introvert.What does that make me??...

jarred196-Jun 27
Im An Emotional Wreck

I'm An Emotional WreckNot sure what's going on with me right now, I might be possessed by some crazy ghost from the past coz I cried late at night, woke up OK and cried aga...

Crazyheart3834922Jun 26Jun 27

The Practice Of Non-Engagement/Non-ReactionWhen we practice non-engagement, we deliberately choose not to take part in battles. particularly those where the grounds of engagement are defined by...

daniela77744443Jun 26Jun 27
stringman890Jun 27
I prefer to keep my privacy

I prefer to keep my privacy.I don't see the point why you would share every step you do. I prefer to keep my privacy. It is crazy how addicted some people nowdays are. Families o...

jarred199-Jun 27
A Kaleidoscopic View of Societal Malfunctions Part 1

A Kaleidoscopic View of Societal Malfunctions...Part 1Our entire 'society' is imperfect. That's what we all say, and we shrug and let it go at that all in agreement. Societies change in their own good tim...

Kattte1495Jun 26Jun 27
Track161000Jun 27
stringman1421Jun 24Jun 26
Final death totals for ramadan 2017

Final death totals for ramadan 2017The worst ramadan in history 3 times more deaths than just 2016. Total number of casualties across the world for the entire holy month had reached 3,...

seaworthy936-Jun 25Jun 26
Track161091Jun 26Jun 26

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