Things are about to become very busy at work..

Mainly because the summer holidays are almost over. Two more weeks remain, so by then we're gonna be slammed with orders, which is gonna be fantastic. Work right now is very boring due to the lack of orders, so I welcome the increased workload once the summer holiday period is over.

Luckily we have two temp workers who we hope to keep, but it all depends on what the bosses think. I would hire both of them on the spot. One had a thirty minute crash course in manual pick, and he is now a very quick and reliable worker. The other has specialized in the autostore. We just need to train him in picking items, rather than putting items back in.

When I started the job, I had no idea how much I would love it. I wanted to give it a few months, to see if it really was for me. I have been in a warehouse twice before, but the first was with cosmetics and the second was with electronic equipment. This time, well the warehouse is full of car parts. I do like cars a lot, so it's really a match made in car heaven. One week from today, I have been at the warehouse for a year. A whole year! It's gone by so fast!

Also, in four months, it's December 1st, and in four months and 23 days, it's Christmas Eve. In four months and 30 days, it's New Years Eve.. This year has flown by so fast that it's frightening!

Here's to another year at my current place of work!
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Congragulations. Hopefully you are hiring. Both Yellow Trucking and Husqvarna had huge layoffs this week.
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