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Here in SA it is still the end of Summer where most of the people on CS are in WinterWhat do you prefer: Summer/Spring/Winter/Autumn/None? and tell us why?...

smiley963672Jan 30Jan 30
Too good not to share

Too good not to shareToo good not to share?? Every second someone leaves this world. Age has nothing to do with it. We are all in this line without realizing it. We...

jarred173-Jan 30
Track161385Jan 29Jan 30
Come at me bro

Come at me bro................Come at me bro....

jarred1100-Jan 29

Why take the long way north?The blue path is the one that the migrants took to the San Ysidro Port of Entry at Tijuana/San Diego, CA. The red path is the one that they could have...

Willy341121010Jan 28Jan 29

Do Boredom increase with Age?You feel that you have learned most of what you wanted to, and what does the future hold now? Do you stagnate? Do you still have the inclination to le...

smiley96317116Jan 29Jan 29

"What You Must Do To Find Dates!" ( By falicia's Own Experiences)" Please Work On Your Self's Before You Look For Dates" So OftenI See Men Looking For Dates " In a So Bad Shape" And I am Sure Is Happen With Woman...

falicia1606Jan 29Jan 29
No comment

No comment................ No comment....

jarred177-Jan 29

Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, agrees to testify before House Intel Committee on Feb 8thFrom the Associated Press; WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has agreed to talk to the House Intelligence...

JimNastics893Jan 28Jan 29

The Tale of the little onesOnce upon a time: There was a little bird, high up in the tree in the forest. She could see very well, and every now and again would notice this othe...

smiley96335327Jan 27Jan 29
x r a y 2

x - r a y [ 2.... 8 part starry speech 8. oooo....... 2. wonder // red now .......... 007. and // D N A 6. it makes me..... and now to cherry pick the companion...

Agentbob911Jan 28Jan 28
simplified blogging

simplified blogging................... simplified blogging...

jarred183-Jan 28

A couple of recent articles of interestHarry Reid: Trump Is 'The Worst President We've Ever Had' HuffPost Marina Fang, 13 hours ago Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out...

JimNastics2478Jan 2Jan 28

It ain't exactly rocket science, folks..........or is it? Further awesome aspects of CS are the copious warnings against scammers. Such low lives on these sites---who would have thunk it? Wel...

Vierkaesehoch2989Jan 27Jan 28
stringman821Jan 28Jan 28
Record Cold

Record Cold!This global warming thing is getting out of hand. I think they have it backasswords. The all-time official record low for the Chicago metro...

AmpleCurves1819Jan 27Jan 28

Love this one; " How George got his revenge.............Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did...

bcjenny1150Jan 27

How grandchildren perceive their grandparents.................1. I was in the bathroom, putting on my makeup, under the watchful eyes of my young granddaughter, as I'd done man..y times before. After I applied my...

bcjenny17517Jan 26Jan 27
The toxic pool

The toxic poolThe pool looked cool and inviting The sun beating down My toes sucked in the cool wetness as I found welcome shade My thoughts drifted as I lay lo...

Onthcrestofawave30411Jan 17Jan 27
Onthcrestofawave1905Jan 27Jan 27
Designated Survivor Pilot Episode a review

Designated Survivor (Pilot Episode) - a review!A few years ago, I heard about a new Kiefer Sutherland show called Designated Survivor, but what IS a Designated Survivor? "In the United States, a...

Philipsen973Jan 27Jan 27

Tats for tits...Long before I was born, my uncle joined the Navy and traveled the oceans of the world... many times. He had a tattoo on his forearm of his fiance who...

chatillion25525Jan 25Jan 27

the missing headThe Missing Head My manager's cat pen lost its head. It happened somewhere between the back office and the front desk. My ears pricked up and I imm...

Palmfrond1835Jan 25Jan 27
The Night Comes For Us a review

The Night Comes For Us - a review!Indonesian films are always bonkers. The Raid and The Raid 2 are perfect examples of that. This film pairs Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim again, after th...

Philipsen984Jan 26Jan 27
itchywitch29121Dec 22Jan 27
Plastic shame

Plastic shameA wrote a blog a while ago about the world wide problem of plastic waste... And although it is something we can do something about by simple measures...

Onthcrestofawave32920Jan 25Jan 27

"ACT NATURALLY""Their........................................ Gonna Put Me In The Movies.................Their....Gonna Make A Big Star Out Of Me We'll Make A Film...

namaron20313Jan 26Jan 26

R.I.P. Journalism 1582-2019The BuzzFeed reporter who wrote the story about President Trump allegedly ordering Michael Cohen to lie about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow a...

Willy341118115Jan 19Jan 26
Track161091Jan 26Jan 26
Fed up to me eyeballs

Fed up to me eyeballs....And my strained eye balls are showing it too Thinking of throwing the reading specs away and and trying multifocal contact lenses instead... thi...

itchywitch57030Sep 23Jan 26

No Wall, No SOTU, No Nuthin—EXCEPT: TRUMP, “100,” DEMS, “0.”Right about now you might be in pile-on mode, trashing Trump for “caving.” But this would only be parroting unwarranted Lib-Speak. Democrat screeching...

Willy34111386Jan 26Jan 26

Your Favourite?Anything/Everything in All you crave/wish/want!!!!...

smiley96315611Jan 26Jan 26

Repairing the massive Karma accounts BEFORE...leaving this short life. Wish I had the good sense to begin this way earlier. Better late than never? Or merely a dumb waste of time?...

Vierkaesehoch29725Jan 25Jan 26
Whats Worse Working for Trump or Being Married to Him

What's Worse: Working for Trump or Being Married to Him?What's Worse: Working for Trump or Being Married to Him………………………....

jarred1102-Jan 26
The Grand Tour season 3 episode 3 a review

The Grand Tour season 3 episode 3 - a review!It's Saturday, so it is time for part 2 of The Grand Tour's Colombia special. When we left the action, the guys had just finished taking photograph...

Philipsen1090Jan 26

The Rhodesian ridgebackOften referred to as the African Lion Hound, is a native of South Africa. Weight Range: Male: 36-40 kg. Female: 65-75 lbs. Height at Withers...

Lukeon29223Jan 19Jan 26
Track162143Jan 21Jan 26

Another day, another Trump administration crime revealed, with more to come.Lobbyist who got Trump Inaugural tickets for Ukrainian still having secret dealings with prosecutors By Katelyn Polantz, CNN Washington lobbyist...

JimNastics26118Jan 1Jan 26

The Latest Trump Scandal ?Satire from The Borowitz Report Public Demands Investigation of Why F.B.I. Infiltrators in Trump Campaign Failed to Prevent Him from Being Elected...

JimNastics2923May 2018Jan 26
AN IRISH woman who married the ghost of a 300 year old pirate

AN IRISH woman who married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate....Things must be getting a bit tough for our sweet little Irish Girls........ Story from the Irish Post: AN IRISH woman who married the ghos...

Hans471137243Jan 23Jan 25

What is Reality? – Part3 (Logic and Physical Sense Experience)A closer examination of the various aspects of socially-accepted concepts of sense-experience reality mentioned previously reveals the presence of two...

socrates4434031Jan 20Jan 25
Track161546Jan 25Jan 25
LifeThirst: "I Love You "(meet us in the ecards)

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