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Mueller Report - What the media said versus What was really said 'Why CNN & MSNBC are FAKE NEWS'Media says Trump exclaiming when he first learned that the special counsel was appointed: "Oh my god. This is terrible. This is the end of my presiden...

Willy341120619Apr 19May 13

ProspectiveChildren and adults see things differently sometimes.

Track16890May 13

'SOMETHING IN THE AIR"Where Will The Next Coalition Invasion Occur?.................................The Way It Is Looking?........................ It Just Might Be In Vene...

namaron730May 12

Reach out to me..."Reach out to me" is the catch-phrase that replaced the old "Let's touch base" LTB is already on my list of pet peeves for being over used. The phra...

chatillion1285May 11May 12

It’s Just A Matter Of Time.Time waits for nobody, or so they say. This must make time the most precious resource of all. Once squandered, it is lost forever. It cannot be regene...

Catfoot1,16743Dec 2014May 12

"CREATION"..("YOU SHOULDNT DO THAT")..(139)It Is Time To Fill In ......................................The Beginning Once Again...................I Do This Because I Want To And I Dont Believe...

namaron974May 11May 12
Who killed the steam turbine powered car why

Who killed the (steam/turbine-powered) car?!!why??!!!General Motors researchers install the combustion system-steam generator in the first modern steam car developed by the automobile industry. The exper...

needyoubyfastway1044May 1May 12

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(95)"Take A Look Around You................................. And What Do You See?.............Just The Same Ole Life Forms Being Whatever That They Want...

namaron837May 12May 12

i'm drunkwhat wouldn't i give to be happy instead ,,,,, Doh doh dih...

itchywitch1,037-Dec 29May 12

Monday the 13th & history of Friday the 13thI notice on the calendar, that tomorrow is Monday, May 13th. and began to wonder why a Friday the 13th was chosen as the supposed unlucky day. Seein...

JimNastics600May 12

Egg Shell PureeWhen I lived in apartments making compost never crossed my mind. Now that I live on a small piece of land I feel guilty throwing coffee grounds, egg...

UnFayzed13612May 11May 12

We're so sorry Mr. Trump, but you haven't done a bloody thing right all term.Last night in The Washington Post; Sorry, Mr. President. Congress has every right to investigate you. By Editorial Board April 24 at 6:55 PM...

JimNastics45533Apr 25May 12
Willy34111246May 12May 12

Night time horrorwhen you look forward to jumping into a nice warm bed only to find to your shock and horror after laying it down, you forgot to switch the electric bl...

itchywitch196-May 11May 12

Motherhood Can Be ChallengingAnd even the BEST of Moms occasionally experiences a Funny Mom Fail... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Y'ALL!!! Especially Y...

miclee17619May 11May 12

Concerning my since deleted reported blogI confess my last few comments I posted on it were all lies Not proud of myself but the person I lied about has no reason to be proud of himself...

itchywitch746-Mar 12May 12

May his soul be rocking now ....I'm not a fan of stand up comic .... very seldom one ever makes me laugh, but one .. always did " he was the best".. Very sad to hear he died yes...

itchywitch168-May 10May 12

Truly EXCELLENT article on Trump and his supportersToday In Salon; Donald Trump is revealed as a billion-dollar fraud: That probably won't hurt him If the "Resistance" hopes new revelations a...

JimNastics852May 11May 11

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(200)As Always...............Its Another............... "Ramblin Man".................. Session...............Designed With You In Mind Well Actually........

namaron13916May 7May 11

Happy Mother's DayEverything Mom How did you find the energy, Mom, To do all the things you did, To be teacher, nurse and counselor To me, when I was a kid. Ho...

Gentlejim1309May 11May 11
tatami793May 11May 11

"OCEANS BETWEEN""They Are Everywhere People..........................They Can Be And Say Whatever That They Want Because They Are Safely Guarded By Distance.............

namaron590May 11

Selfishness is natural.I saw something today that made me realize selfishness is just part of survival. To share is something we must learn as sharing is something you seldo...

ekself19621May 10May 11
Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness...I realize that I don’t talk enough with the men on here. I realize that I’m too rigid in my requirements in finding someone too. So, I’m more friendly...

Deeluv4coffee18712May 10May 11

VisionaryThis is the funniest mail I have ever received. And then I don't know if Cs sends messages on my behalf. I usually don't write to anyo...

usha12352744May 8May 11

RHi txUtrcccihmkiukkkkkkjhyfvgrrdfggrdfggffffdcvghhhjjjjjjjngfghhhj...

HarissaCumin303-May 10May 11
Exodus 2018 And all the people saw

Exodus 20:18 And all the people saw..Achievement of at least 2 levels of the Zohar in all 3 directions can probably be achieved by envisioning the realities of this song's words.. peop...

Ken_19720May 11
stringman1739Apr 23May 11
stringman710May 11

There are usually THREE SIDES to every story...From experience, I see there are usually three sides to every story... 1) He said 2) She said 3) The facts obtained when you do your own research...

chatillion17010May 3May 11
no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years

no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years !!A psychic is a person who claims to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving te...

needyoubyfastway914May 3May 11
In the invention the adjustable frequency generator Stanley Meyers patent US4936961A

In the invention, the adjustable frequency generator Stanley Meyer's patent US4936961ASearcing the Resonant frequency of Water cell Stanley Meyer's US4936961A: "The step-up coil is formed on a...

needyoubyfastway611May 10May 11
I hope the day will come when we will see practical steam cars in general use not impossible

I hope the day will come when we will see practical steam cars in general use,not impossibleWhy hasn't the steam engine been reborn for modern cars? With present gas/pollution concerns and green tech merging with cars left and right... Why h...

needyoubyfastway782May 1May 11

"THE REALITY"Most Of The General Population........................... Of The United States.............................. Fell For The Line The Government Fed Them...

namaron853May 10May 10

Support for Impeaching Trump rises 5 points, 55% of Americans disapprove of Trump, Barr in contempt.From Reuters May 9th 2019; By Chris Kahn NEW YORK (Reuters) - The number of Americans who said President Donald Trump should be impeached rose...

JimNastics760May 10
The Park

The ParkWhen I walked through the park the other day I was left wishing I hadn’t. It’s some years since I was last there and its deterioration was depressing...

Harbal43541May 4May 10

Today Billy Joel turns 70 - Happy 70th 'piano man'While I've never been a fan of his simplistic music, nor his vocals, similar to Paul Simon, I've been a fan of his lyrics. For instance; Come o...

JimNastics13413May 9May 10

Everyday 'guy' tells corporate giant to 'stick it'Tigers’ fan who caught Albert Pujols’ 2,000th RBI ball destroys Ilitch family, 97.1 The Ticket host on Facebook When Ely Hydes woke up on Thursday...

Willy3411781May 10May 10

Breaking News - Donald Trump Jr. has been subpoenaed to testify and Don Sr. can't block it.Today in USA Today; Donald Trump Jr. gets subpoenaed; it's up to Republicans to get the truth [/b ] USA TODAY Published 5:10 p.m. ET May 9, 201...

JimNastics1027May 9May 10
Santiago de Cuba Fiesta del Fuego and Carnaval

Santiago de Cuba, Fiesta del Fuego, and CarnavalDear friends, the carnival of Santiago de Cuba, the second city of Cuba, is approaching, but before, the "Fiestas del Fuego" is approaching, which con...

Amed321215May 7May 10
90 Day Fianceembassy approved Angela Deems K 1 visa for Michael Ilesanmi

90 Day Fiance’embassy approved Angela Deem’s K-1 visa for Michael Ilesanmi !90 Day Fiance’: Angela and Michael Visa Approved – Filming Trip to America Now April 8, 2019 Kelly Joyner Angela Deem, Michael Ilesanmi 90 Day Fian...

needyoubyfastway1636May 6May 10

"Please" Be Nice to Your Self! ( By falicia s Own Experiences)We Always Focus on Every One Else! But We Forget Our Self! We Are Important! People Need as!! "So Be Nice to Your Self" "Start Today" "Find a Bi...

falicia3138Sep 2018May 10

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