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Raise your hand if...Raise your hand if you graduated Trump University. Raise your hand if you were a subcontractor to any Trump project and got paid-in-full at the compl...

chatillion952May 25May 25

OK, this is definitely an odd news storyFrom Yahoo; Man says someone broke into his home, cleaned his bathrooms and bedrooms Yahoo Lifestyle Hope Schreiber,Yahoo Lifestyle 5 hours ag...

JimNastics1025May 24May 25
Hello again

Hello againIts been a while a while and i can still see some familiar faces in this blog. Just wanted to say hello, wish you all people a good week end...

Kasih28215May 24May 25
WHAT if it wasnt your child that you thought it was

WHAT if it wasn't your child that you thought it was...?@ some point in our lives somehow.... A bad marriage maybe deserve to be ended, if no one wants to repair it. But NO ONE deserves to be cheated...

ysabeljhen15811May 24May 25
Fallen from grace

Fallen from graceMust be hard when a once interesting blogger now only rants And deletes comments to continue a one sided blog Here's to you...

OIdblue146-May 24May 25
Willy34111656Apr 28May 24

These Senators voted to allow executions of living babiesThe following Senators are guilty of allowing the murder of living breathing heart beating babies. It's a shame what this country has become. Tammy...

Willy34111609Feb 27May 24

"REMEMBERING"I Have Just Come Back From Going To Erics Wake........(Hes The Troubled Soul I Wrote About Earlier In Another Blog) Who....In A Split Second?............

namaron19515May 22May 24

IshallThis kid next to me (he's maybe 15?) listening to Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre and then I thought 'damn,kids listen to shit music' AND THEN I REMEMBER A FEW...

WhatYouHadAndWha944May 23May 24

Teresa May resigns4 hours ago from Yahoo News UK; Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Yahoo News UK Matilda Long,Yahoo...

JimNastics1021May 24May 24

"A Dating site that Truly works !"That's what the advertisement for another dating site advertised at the bottom of this site stated. So, that one "truly works" ??? Maybe it...

JimNastics37325Apr 28May 24

Philadelphia Islamic Center schoolkids perform and vow to ‘chop off the heads’ of enemiesMuslim children were filmed at an Islamic center in Philadelphia singing songs about waging jihad and chopping off heads. Why isn't the Joint Terroris...

Willy341171049May 6May 24

Rex Tillerson privately meets with House Foreign Affairs about the "moron" in the oval officeRex Tillerson Secretly Meets With House Foreign Affairs Committee to Talk Trump The former secretary of state talked with lawmakers about his time...

JimNastics18622May 21May 24
Bentlee12610May 23May 24

Are There Any REAL Females On This Site Not Scamming For Money???I seek long term relationship, lifetime commitment, to have possible marriage and children with my future lady. BUT, So far after over one year on thi...

SeekLady4LTR1706May 23May 24
I sold my first truck

I sold my first truckA beautiful 2012 Silverado 1200 with crew cab tp a nice man. I made my draw for the week and im off and running. To be honest, the trucks are the way...

Palmfrond27714May 10May 24

Eat first, then exercise _or_ exercise first then eat...I'm sure there are dozens of websites posting facts about which one is correct... one way or another. As for me, I prefer the order of exercising firs...

chatillion23113Apr 8May 24

Oh, it's definitely happening - just not the way Trump depicted it.From a reputable reliable news source; Yesterday in Reuters; House panel, Justice Dept end standoff over Mueller documents Reuters•May 22...

JimNastics670May 23

"CREATION"...("ON YOUR QUEST")...(137)Write It Down!.............................. That Way Youll Not Forget.............................And When You Are Ready? You Will Be All Set.........

namaron1487Apr 24May 23

Way to go Nancy ! lolComedy - Today in The New Yorker Satire from The Borowitz Report Pelosi Takes Advantage of Trump’s Storming Out of Oval Office to Hide Nuclea...

JimNastics962May 23May 23
Tornadoes are tearing through the midwest tonight

Tornadoes are tearing through the midwest tonightI live in Missouri and from about 4 oclock this afternoon on, there have been wave after wave of Tornadoes, as many as 20 that ive counted so far and...

My_Lover28514Apr 30May 23
stringman22438May 23May 23

Nine Things That Are Now More Popular than Pitiful CNNThis week it was reported that CNN lost 26 percent of its audience, down 237,000 viewers since April 2018, and down nearly 40 percent from its 2016 pe...

Willy341132723May 4May 23

One door closes...another opens. Old AA saying. And it's so often true. Was never as close to my 5 sibs as I admired in other families, such as many Irish ones. Even in...

Vierkaesehoch712May 23May 23

Nevada Poised To Become 15th State To Ditch Electoral CollegeWe The People, (catchy phrase ain't it? No wonder Repukes and gun nuts love it so much) are getting fed up with this antiquated method of deciding wh...

ooby_dooby25025May 22May 23
Best book blurb I have

Best book blurb I haveRead in years Couldn't stop laughing from start to finish......

OIdblue1223May 22May 23

It's finally starting to come out - the money laundering activity of Trump & KushnerFrom the NY Times; Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts Tammy McFadden, a former Deutsche Bank employee, sa...

JimNastics1247May 22May 23
How do you tell someone

How do you tell someone....That they are too old to do something My friends elderly parents he's 82 and she's 75 He is in the early to medium stages of dementia and she...

OIdblue20913May 22May 23
Its GOLD for South Africa At Chelsea Flower Show Again

It’s GOLD for South Africa At Chelsea Flower Show… Again!South Africa has won Gold again at the Chelsea Flower Show! For the 37th year running! What an achievement, bringing so much joy and pride to SA. And...

Lukeon10411May 22May 23

BOO !_!Good morning How are the early morning bloggers ? :) (Hope I didn't scare ya lol) Anybuddy remember me ? Lolzzz...

1_SPCTR1419May 23May 23

i am off to the shops ???oh yes I am off shopping ????? what mmmmm... well it is not to my local supermarket.. I am popping over to the car ...nowt special about...

edison324890May 23
JimNastics972May 21May 22

Quote of the day“I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the Presiden...

JimNastics31730May 20May 22

"POPE FRANCIS"..("266")When Pope Benedict The 16th.............................. Decided To Step Down?............................He Became The First Pope To Do So.............

namaron963May 21May 22

HE Washer? be a frayed of this...A while back, my old washing machine died. I decided to replace it with an HE (High Efficiency) washing machine. These washers require less soap and l...

chatillion2238Aug 2018May 22

Hey kids, guess what time it is?No, it's not Howdy Doody time. It's Mosquito time. Time to break out the Mosquito repellent like "OFF" etc or "Avon Skin So Soft" on any exposed s...

ooby_dooby904May 20May 22
Track161193May 22May 22
Going straight

Going straightAs I stand here outside the prison gates, breathing in the air of freedom and feeling grateful for my early release, I am reflecting on my crime and t...

Harbal67245May 18May 22

R D [ rough draft / signetA few musings to check the registration of the print product. 0977. excellent choice 2091. G O L D ........................ 713. P U R P L 3068.....

Agentbob720May 22
My Visitor

My VisitorAn entity has appeared in my room twice now; on the second occasion I managed to capture its image. I don't know what it is but I sense it means me n...

Harbal56046May 20May 22

DO CHRISTIANS Go STRAIGHT To HEAVEN When THEY DIE this video will explain just what happens when you die. I think people don't know....

stringman1185May 22May 22

This man is hardcore!There is a band called Gojira, who plays a mix of progressive metal and death metal, and they were on stage in the US a few days ago. They are know...

Philipsen710May 22

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