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1r1shmale1699Dec 24Dec 25
Sell By Date

Sell-By DateLike food, all relationships have a sell-by date. Relationships started way back when the average life-expectancy would have been only 25-40 years...

mollybaby1,420147Dec 17Dec 25
small minded people

small minded peopleHave to say some very immaturety small minded people on this site because yea don't reply to them they give yea abuse some insecurity popping up for t...

Sweetiechic17150-Dec 25

IT'S FESTIVUS! FEST IT UP, Y'ALL!Yep! December 23. That most sarcastic of all Holidays (anti-holiday ) has rolled around once again! This relative newcomer to the Holiday Seaso...

miclee30330Dec 21Dec 25
Red light district Amsterdam 2017

Red light district Amsterdam 2017Red light district Amsterdam 2017...

jarred197-Dec 25
Dont Follow The Crowd

Don't Follow The CrowdDon't Follow The Crowd

jarred166-Dec 25
foiled terrorist attack in San Francisco

foiled terrorist attack in San FranciscoChristmas is one busy holiday in one of the most visited city in the world, San Francisco. The thwarted terrorist attack masterminded by a forme...

lindsyjones32434Dec 24Dec 24
Wi fi

Wi_fiIs it true WiFi router very dangerous for humna health? ???? Is it main reason for blood pressure disease?????????????????????????...

only1life21112Dec 24Dec 24
Exstra tipping at Christmas time

Exstra tipping at Christmas time..................???My sister living in Holland, told me that every year she gets a gift from her hair dresser and her gardener. Your kidding I told her here it is the o...

britishcolumbian18114Dec 24Dec 24
Track161215Dec 24Dec 24

"THE POWER OF CHRISTMAS EVE"..(2)It Was On This Night...The Eve Of Christmas...One Hundred And Three Years Ago...During World War 1 ... That The Allied Soldiers..Entrenched Only About...

namaron30316Dec 2016Dec 24
Silver Moon

Silver MoonSilver Moon...

jarred198-Dec 24
There are 3 types of people in this world Sheep Wolves and Sheepdogs

"There are 3 types of people in this world. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs.""There are 3 types of people in this world. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs."

jarred180-Dec 24
stringman22313Dec 20Dec 24

Greetingsnow if I had a friend here I would wish her or him a merry xmas and a blessed year but see I don't have so I shut the ........up and enjoy my lone...

hatelies14717Dec 24Dec 24
Oranges and lemons

Oranges and lemonsGot home the other day from shopping to find a bag of lemons hanging on the door - they turned out to be from my new neighbours from Madrid, who own a...

Elegsabiff27422Dec 23Dec 24

HugsWhen I was a child, Best Beloved, the only people you hugged were female relatives, while male relatives patted you on the head and sometimes there wa...

Elegsabiff35335Dec 23Dec 24
The Toilet

The ToiletThe Toilet...

jarred194-Dec 24
Track16933Dec 24Dec 24

MarriageMarriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end, you wish you a club and a spade....

Gentlejim22113Nov 26Dec 24
The Pagan Origins Of Christmas

The Pagan Origins Of ChristmasThe Pagan Origins Of Christmas...

jarred1124-Dec 24

TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL IRISH PEOPLE Can someone post this beautiful song for me please? Dedicated to ALL Irish People, wherever they are......

daniela77773576Dec 2Dec 24
Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Santa m Rudolph

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Santa m Rudolph,This Christmas a friend n I were supposed to trade places for one week to go up North five hours away, to do something at this time of year, but of...

1_SPCTR730Dec 24
Revenge can be sweet or smelly at times

Revenge can be sweet or smelly at timesSo many people had parcels stolen right from their doorsteps that they installed camera's. After this happened to one family, the husband filled anot...

britishcolumbian1358Dec 21Dec 24
Christmas is coming

Christmas is comingThe gorgeous things are also coming to the New Year... Turn on the Christmas tree light n party. So how about we talk in good wishing and good in...

pineappl3chic1393Dec 23Dec 24
Track161021Dec 23Dec 24

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(140)I Refuse To Lay There Staring At The Television....................................................LIfe Is Way To Short.... To Be Doing That.............

namaron35230Dec 23Dec 23
Track16870Dec 23

"JUST THE USA?"Im Just Wondering Why....When Theres A Country To Jump On....And Say Bad Things About.............................. It Is Always The United States Of...

namaron1,27769Nov 27Dec 23
Good answer me thinks

Good answer me thinksA friend of mine has a bussiness and when her customers say to her; "Happy Holidays" she tells them; "Oh I was not going anywhere"...

britishcolumbian14815Dec 22Dec 23
How America Accidentally Invented The Nazis

How America Accidentally Invented The NazisHow America Accidentally Invented The Nazis...

jarred1109-Dec 23

THE WORLD IS NOT FOR SALEA long list for Haley and Trump will cut off aid to those who defied his blatant bullying. In a way, I think it's good for American tax payer...

Crazyheart381,00775Dec 21Dec 23
My Rules

My RulesMy Rules...

jarred170-Dec 23
So President Zupta is going

So President Zupta is going.We just don’t know exactly when. The ANC said that they will give him the opportunity to 'resign with dignity' but with 2018 being the election year,...

Catfoot21921Dec 23Dec 23
Track161101Dec 23Dec 23
THE LAST Christmas

THE LAST ChristmasSAs last Christmas. The phrophet says. THE land will be so dark, that you wont be able to see your own hand. He says, the root of the third world war...

whtwhb63231Dec 2013Dec 23

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(75)I Have Seen A Lot Of Things...............................That When... Compared With The Signs Of The Zodiac?............ Everything That It Says.......

namaron1454Dec 22Dec 22
Cinderella Continuum

Cinderella ContinuumEver wondered why no one wrote or made a movie about Cinderella after she got married ...they lived happily ever after??? my arss ... Would you lik...

Dedovix25830Dec 22Dec 22
Dont cry baby Join connectingsingles

Don't cry baby! Join connectingsingles!!!US"Singled out"On Jerusalem Vote At United Nations No fun remembering this or that day as the past is dead. 'option of joining the connectingsingles...

iotaoo1592Dec 22Dec 22

Inventions We Need In Our LivesSolid gold life jackets Garlic flavored toothpaste Mesh condoms Vinegar nasal spray Rotten egg scented perfume Duct tape car tires S...

Track16992Dec 22Dec 22
stringman21616Nov 1Dec 22
Adorable three year old is very happy to dance for you this is really a treat Mimi I need you Mim

Adorable three year old is very happy to dance for you, this is really a treat, Mimi I need you, MimMimi Mimi, need you as I know you can bring this to life on here This is truly adorable he is a three year old Chinees child Google it just li...

britishcolumbian21015Dec 21Dec 22
sarwathniceguy: "self "(meet us in the ecards)

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