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Rock musicians hand gestures...I cannot recall what cool cultural sign Americans made prior to the 1960's 'peace sign' but I do know that singer Ronnie James Dio popularized the 'si...

chatillion731Oct 1Oct 1
Hiding the pain to save the relationship

Hiding the pain to save the relationship..My husband was a man, that I may say, every woman would want. We met during college days. He is my only BF and me as his only GF. We did broke up coul...

ayoneq21414Sep 30Oct 1

European womanAre there any Europeans on here that would love to go to the US for a relationship....

captainfrankie43916Sep 15Sep 30

I prefer a condo that someone hasn't died in...I'm on again shopping for a condo near my office. One development has units in the right price range but the mandatory annual club membership at $70,0...

chatillion1105Sep 30Sep 30
stringman850Sep 30

KittenThe kitten is around 4 months old. The big cat in the picture is pushing 20 lbs (almost 10 kg).

Track1616611Sep 27Sep 30

Well Hello ThereYou possessed satanic waterfowl...

Track161182Sep 30Sep 30
What would you prefer Be stupid or be smart

What would you prefer??? Be stupid or be smart???I was told by my hubby just once and it was long time, but til this time keeps ringing in my ears.."you are a stupid person". It did not made me mad,...

ayoneq24818Sep 29Sep 30

What makes a RELATIONship last long?Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making a relationship last is hard work. Once you’ve gotten settled in your relationship, you...

ysabeljhen47144Sep 6Sep 30

Free SpeechTo a**ume, makes an a** out of you and me, but I'm not really allowed to say that on cs. If I wanted to write something about nature and refer to the...

Harbal30739Sep 29Sep 30

Trump and the DemocratsTrump has a long list of accomplishments. You can Google them. What I'm wondering is, what are the Democrats running on? Can any of you libs tell m...

texasgirl858572771Sep 22Sep 29

Anyone ever heardof Freddie Pargetter? He got arrested at a friend of the family's stag party for the possession of drugs. In an added twist, it was the friend of t...

Harbal38727Aug 27Sep 29
Politics for dummies

Politics for dummiesThe word politics comes from the Greek word Politikos, basically something about Citizens and public life. Much has changed since men wore bath shee...

Mapmaker41158Sep 29Sep 29

Dr. Ford's opening statement and a new 4th (anonymous) accusationAfter studying the many accusations, I'm beginning to suspect, that it's possible that Kavanaugh is an alcoholic, who does not remember his actions wh...

JimNastics67347Sep 27Sep 29

Conclusion from yesterday's hearing: Kavanaugh will be confirmedDems and others praised Christine Blasey Ford for reporting and testifying about her claimed Kavanaugh assault incident, but the truth is that her sto...

Willy341129316Sep 28Sep 29

Breaking News - Bar Association urges delay in Kavanaugh vote for FBI InvestigationBar Association asks judiciary committee to delay Kavanaugh vote - media Reuters Reuters 2 hours 58 minutes ago (Reuters) - The American Bar Assoc...

JimNastics35431Sep 28Sep 29

Possible side effects...I sometimes 'go off on a tangent' reading medical reports and studies on medicines. I have no desire to be a pharmacist but it intrigues me how pharma...

chatillion18012Sep 28Sep 28

Bill Cosby's new apartment...On Tuesday, actor Bill Cosby had moved to a new apartment at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. He was found guilty of 3 counts of aggravate...

chatillion2358Sep 26Sep 28
Other Peoples Lives

Other Peoples' Lives. They are interesting cause they ain't mine....

InstincThis68-Sep 28

My ProgressionWhen I first joined CS it was because of the forum. Then I started getting interested in the blogs. Now I’ve started dabbling in the poetry section,...

Harbal68496Sep 27Sep 28

I am thankful............ I am thankful...

jarred190-Sep 28

What Is The Essence of Being a Woman?I was watching Ms Universe and one question from the judges that made me thought of this blog... ***Just being a woman is God's g...

ysabeljhen27014Sep 28Sep 28

Two men tell Senate that they, not Kavanaugh, assaulted FordTwo men have come forward to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to claim that they are the ones who actually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford du...

Willy341125614Sep 27Sep 28

s*xual chemistrycan your relationship last , when there is no intense pleasure arousal within the first Kiss ray...

daydreamer4u219712Sep 27Sep 28
Sustainable relationships

Sustainable relationships.Throughout human history, enough stories are written of real and fairy tale like love. Religions, philosophers, psychologists, artists and almost...

usha12359236Sep 2Sep 28

Animal Farm...The Trump EraFor your viewing pleasure...George Orwell's Animal Farm novella on video...Stephen King recognised the novella as a story about a political uprising o...

loulou7772051Sep 7Sep 27

Winter or Summer...On the subject of relationships... with the exception of a relation that goes stale, as long as things are going good and there are no conflicts, rela...

chatillion1053Sep 27Sep 27

Photo Caption Contest - poochHere's a cute photo I saw yesterday. It had no caption. So, you know the drill. Have fun adding your own photo caption(s), if you like. My...

JimNastics18720Sep 26Sep 27

Are women capable of coping without men?As individuals, plenty of women have great lives without men; and men can cope without women too. If all men died today, women would survive and th...

ysabeljhen52846Sep 25Sep 27
Give and hundredfolds will return to you

Give and hundredfolds will return to you.After work today, I asked our company bus driver to stop by at the ATM machine as I need some cash, which to be in this place is not that easy going o...

ayoneq1292Sep 26Sep 27

Breaking news ! Third witness against Kavanaugh Identified with statementJulie Swetnick Accuses Brett Kavanaugh Of s*xual Misconduct, Alleges He Was Present During 'Gang Rape' HuffPost Nick Visser,HuffPost 2 hours 5 minut...

JimNastics74365Sep 26Sep 27

I think all female plant lovers would love a big long cactus like this...........An interesting cactus to say the least. I think all female plant lovers would love a big long cactus like this.

jarred195-Sep 27
Shakespeare for Idiots or non readers

Shakespeare for Idiots, or non-readersRomeo & Juliet- The modern version by William Mapshake At a nightclub in 1976 Romeo was doing his best to impress a bird he fancied called Julie, H...

Mapmaker23418Sep 26Sep 27
Rebellious Cpt Tv

Rebellious Cpt TvWhere you will see my beautiful country mostly mountains through my eyes......

SUGABOY11760Sep 26

TDS Has Reached Epidemic Proportions! Share examples of folks so afflicted, y'all... The poor devils desperately need our understanding & compassion...

miclee18813Sep 26Sep 26
Willy341116610Sep 26Sep 26
stringman891Sep 26Sep 26

Remembering John Bonham...John was the drummer of the legendary rock group LED ZEPPELIN. Born on May 31st, 1948 and died September 25th 1980. That was 38 years ago today. When...

chatillion1094Sep 25Sep 26

Poof.....up in smokeHave u ever had a blog all of the sudden vanish, when ya do you need to know a nerve was hit........directly lol....

Bentlee37325Sep 25Sep 26

"Please" Be Nice to Your Self! ( By falicia s Own Experiences)We Always Focus on Every One Else! But We Forget Our Self! We Are Important! People Need as!! "So Be Nice to Your Self" "Start Today" "Find a Bi...

falicia1244Sep 26Sep 26

"Love and Appreciation" (By falicias Own Experiences)If you Have Love In your Relationship! Hold On In It Tide! Because You Easily Could Loose it! (See "Things that keep Two People Together" Blog)...

falicia1494Sep 11Sep 26

More news on Kavanaughs behavior from his college roomateToday 9/25/2018 at 8:28 am Kavanaugh’s College Roommate Releases Statement About New Accuser: ‘I Believe Her’ By Sarah Nechamkin On Sunday,...

JimNastics37732Sep 25Sep 26

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