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Political erectness

Political erectnessI really wanted to make a political contribution to the blogs. In lieu of the left and right... He had me kneel before him He raised his scepter a...

Palmfrond1363Mar 1Mar 1

"TAKE A FREE RIDE"I Have Nothing Against People .................................That Want To Make A Better Life For Themselves................... But They Have To Und...

namaron20120Feb 28Mar 1

ParaphiliaI learnt this term from a reader- comment on my writing. I had to look up at the dictionary. The dictionary states that Paraphilia is an abnormal s*...

psiberite1123Mar 1Mar 1
stringman1808Feb 22Mar 1

If You Are Happy….If You Are Happy…....

jarred183-Mar 1
Track161011Mar 1Mar 1
The Moon

The MoonThe crystal ball was out early, hanging as an immaculate witch in the sky…I gazed at her like a poetic ornament…I was tantalized by her reflection on...

psiberite822Mar 1Mar 1
The Absolute State of Ontario

The Absolute State of Ontario after watching this I believe all politicians are on drugs. or just immoral....

stringman1128Feb 28Mar 1
I am looking for a friend

I am looking for a friendI am Terri I am 60 years old I am retired I am looking for some one to talk to...

ladywhisper12330211Feb 28Feb 28
I can feel a good one coming on

I can feel a good one coming on.I'm beginning to feel the need to vent and not hold back. I need some time to prepare. In the mean time I need to relax a little. Enjoy the video....

Miwagi1312Feb 28Feb 28
Track161726Feb 2Feb 28

AGNBBang out of order !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Bnaughty23621Feb 28Feb 28

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly.Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Do you think men become better when changing themselves to attract more women, or worse? The ans...

jarred162-Feb 28
Civilization in 2018 this is priceless

Civilization in 2018- this is 'priceless' !!!? Our Phones - Wireless ? Cooking - Fireless ? Cars - Keyless ? Food - Fatless ? Tires -Tubeless ? Dress - Sleeveless ? Youth - Jobless ? Lead...

Gentlejim18915Feb 28Feb 28
I Dont Think I was Rude

I Don't Think I was RudeIt happened about seven houses from home. The man saw me coming and moved to his garden wall as I returned from my regular morning walk. I cursed at m...

Catfoot96297Feb 26Feb 28
Ace and Priscilla

Ace and PriscillaAce and Priscilla were married for many years. Whenever there was a confrontation, yelling could be heard deep into the night. The old man wou...

Gentlejim1022Feb 28Feb 28
Gun Controllers Call For AR Ban Meanwhile

Gun Controllers Call For AR Ban. Meanwhile,these remain under the radar. The Detachable Magazine (DM) Shotgun is relatively new to the market. The 1st vid below features a Remington 870D...

miclee28724Feb 26Feb 28
Track161162Feb 27Feb 28
Track16901Feb 27Feb 27

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("THE REALITY")..(77)You Can Up Date The Second Amendment Right Now...........This Very Second................... You Can Enact It Into Law...................................

namaron1212Feb 27Feb 27

VRDeep thoughts from the depths of what I thought I knew The flashpoint that fractures all reason Making irrational my temporary reality Viewing a pe...

Palmfrond1001Feb 26Feb 27
stringman24415Feb 26Feb 27
Track16801Feb 27Feb 27

AttentionI just want to let you all know My mother passed away today . Yes she was ( 87 ) years May she rest in peace ....

Annleerose1,38662Feb 5Feb 27
Let it go and be free

Let it go..and be freeSomeone asked me, “Why do loyal people get played on and cheated”? I paused and smiled. Well, it is all because they have so much to give. They lo...

Jennymcbride2268Feb 26Feb 26
A Non Chocolate Whitmans Sampler

A Non-Chocolate Whitman's Sampler...A Non-Chocolate Whitman's Sampler... With Valentine’s day right around the corner, this is my less fattening Whitman's sampler contribution to the...

TUPLDRF21112Feb 12Feb 26
50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding AnniversaryWould like to take this opportunity to put it out into the universe that today me and my siblings etc are going to celebrate my Mam and Dads 50th Wedd...

Deedee123x719-Feb 24Feb 26
South Africa

South Africa...I didn't want to intrude into Cats blog, but while he's away at the off-licence right now... some sad news from S.A. that maybe he hasn't seen or rea...

AlanStagg49345Feb 23Feb 26

lolToday been depressing so I'm posting random crap for no reason.

Track161062Feb 26Feb 26

BlessingsI have been blessed with a cowboy And all he wants to do is ride We met up in the shoe department He wore all black with a phone hanging from his...

Palmfrond1305Feb 26Feb 26
Jada_Bella1051Feb 25Feb 26

MemoriesThere isn’t much else to do Except to walk to the water’s edge Stare beyond the farthest point And remember, peripherally...

Palmfrond17710Feb 25Feb 26
tatami21514Feb 22Feb 26
Track16993Feb 25Feb 25
Jealousy what is it good for

Jealousy - what is it good for?Even animals get jealous - for attention, or competing for the same thing - and Nature doesn't build in pointless emotions, so what is jealousy good f...

Elegsabiff1,967206Feb 23Feb 25

COW HIT BY A LIMO>>> Suddenly, a cow runs out onto the road, and a limo driving late at night, hits it head on, and the car comes to a stop. The woman in the back seat...

Gentlejim1394Feb 25Feb 25

Interferences /He got married for second time Feb.06/ 2016. It was saturday and we talked that day. There were almost 9K km among us. I was in bed playing around...

Crunia179-Feb 25Feb 25
Good bye Magic Couch

Good bye Magic CouchIt’s time to replace my Magic Couch. It’s a bittersweet affair. My new couch had been sitting on the showroom. My favorite piece with upholstery that...

Palmfrond1296Feb 25Feb 25
Reflections Of My life

Reflections Of My lifeI have done a lot of thinking of late. Thinking about what might have been, what could have been, what has been and what has not been. For some things...

Catfoot73995Feb 22Feb 25
Lets do it for fun pleeeeeeease

Let´s do it for fun pleeeeeeease!Give me your best shot Is it a rock or what?...

Crunia640-Feb 24Feb 25
Best microstory ever

Best. microstory. everNobody dared go near the tower. A fearsome dragon perched on its top. Until one day a knight rode up. 'You need help getting down?' 'Please'...

Elegsabiff1123Feb 25Feb 25
Pure Simple

Pure & SimpleI dreamt about my days in college last night ...I had a poster in my room with this quote. Those days were good, no rush and that feeling I had so...

Crunia376-Feb 12Feb 25
Palmfrond: "Music’s song"(meet us in the poems)

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