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MAGIC BEGINsMAGIC BEGINS HERE ... Now this site becomes SOUR to me and I am outta h...

zeroBalance3363Dec 8Dec 8

Ok let's roll out the hot potatoeWhy do so many bloggers find the need to cover their eyes When I was growing up I was told that people that have something to hide cover their...

Onthcrestofawave33825Dec 6Dec 7

Absolutely wonderful eulogy delivered by GWB for his dad GHWBIt probably will be his best speech he will ever deliver. Of course, some of them weren't good at all. But, this one was excellent Have a li...

JimNastics460Dec 7

Breaking News ! 12/7/2018 Former Trump campaign mamager Paul Manafort 17-23 years in jailHot off the press from CNN; Mueller: Paul Manafort lied about contacts with Trump administration this year By Katelyn Polantz, CNN Updat...

JimNastics803Dec 7Dec 7

Trump - "The only man who can bring down a funeral." lolHere's Colbert's monologue from last night in 2 parts; Part 1;...

JimNastics41145Dec 6Dec 7

A Rapturous escape ? lolSatire from the Borowitz Report Pence Asks Jesus to Rapture Him Up Before Mueller Can Indict Him By Andy Borowitz WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Re...

JimNastics712Dec 7Dec 7

like this one, this one is smart.................. like this one, this one is smart...

jarred160-Dec 7
Reality Of Life

Reality Of LifeLife is like a ride of beast . If you have courage you will ride it , B U T I F...

peednama1296Dec 6Dec 7
Need To Lose Weight

Need To Lose Weight?Diets can fail because we are still thinking and eating like people, so for those who never have any success dieting, why not try The Sleek and Cheery...

fiorenza69411Dec 5Dec 7

Shame on the media and just maybe....shame on youShame on you. Shame on the media outlets that bash the President while covering the death of President George H. W. Bush. Shame on the View. Shame...

Willy34111734Dec 7Dec 7

SPIN N WINWhat if CS says just BLOG N WIN...much like spin n win LOTTO or spin2win ?!? I mean ..if you can see the state of CS these days , 4-6 blog...

zeroBalance610Dec 7

ShortcutWhy write blogs every day ?!? Just say " i want a LOVE" and LOVE is LIFE and LIFE is WIFE and WIFE is KNIFE and who else over here do/does...

zeroBalance892Dec 6Dec 7
White Hat

White ?HatZIP BOMB::: You can make it, the output zip file size is a 1-KB only create a 1.4-GB .txt file full of '0' or '1' compress it. rename the ....

zeroBalance1407Nov 20Dec 7

Too true sometimes!!.................. Too true sometimes!!...

jarred161-Dec 7
MiguelUknow980Dec 7

Its 99% right............... Its 99% right...

jarred156-Dec 7

George H. W. Bush... 1924 - 2018Last night before going to bed, I scanned a few news stories and George H. W. Bush was on the front page as he died at the age of 94. This morning, I...

chatillion20610Dec 1Dec 7
Trump Says Hes Thankful for Himself at Thanksgiving

Trump Says He's Thankful for Himself at ThanksgivingIn case you missed it. Trump said some remarkable things at Thanksgiving time. I don't know what was more shocking, that he was thankful for himself...

LargeCurves23618Dec 5Dec 7
Onthcrestofawave1665Dec 5Dec 6

"BIG TIME SECURITY"The White House............................ Is Probably ....................................The Most Protected Piece Of Real Estate On The Planet Eart...

namaron12311Dec 6Dec 6
DeViL Is BaCk

DeViL Is BaCkHelloooooooooooooooooo How are you Ppl I'm B A CK...

peednama1838Dec 5Dec 6
jarred144-Dec 6
Willy3411854Dec 6Dec 6
Bearwoman1543Dec 6Dec 6
How to deal with awkwardness

How to deal with awkwardnesswhen you can't hide from it because sometimes somethings matter...... For example He ticks all the right boxes but he's only five foot nothin...

itchywitch1,13880Nov 30Dec 6

Pay attention, or bad things are gonna happen!Here in Denmark, the government has decided, that unemployed people have to have something to do, so they are being sent into something called Service...

Philipsen20912Dec 5Dec 6
One to Many

One to ManyDo any one of you want to run a ONE TO MANY VIDEO CHAT Service ?!? (Browser based[ chrome only] ), i will give away the source code !!!...

zeroBalance540Dec 6

VDO CHATNow what ..why you people do not ask CS to bring " IM/vdo chat " back han ??? CS is not ready again for it, why ??? I had a mind to start a br...

zeroBalance990Dec 6

None of their business.................. None of their business......

jarred145-Dec 6

tenant or home-owner? does it make a difference?Some people rent all their lives, and some buy as soon as they can scrape up a deposit Some tenants would like to buy but only if they found the pe...

Elegsabiff30628Dec 4Dec 6

Michael Flynn's cooperation with Mueller was so extensive that Mueller is recommending no jail time.Indeed, from the heavily redacted court document submitted, it appears that Flynn's testimony is critical in issues still not yet presented. From...

JimNastics18510Dec 4Dec 6

So much more than mere collusion - conspiracy with a foreign enemy.Four nights in a row now, Trump has been attacking the Mueller investigation. Why does it seem that Trump is acting more desperate ? Perhaps he's b...

JimNastics1339Nov 29Dec 6

Mortal Engines - a review!Today, I spent about two hours in the dark, watching a steampunk adventure written and produced by Peter Jackson and some other people. The premise...

Philipsen490Dec 6
Historical Rankings of Presidents

Historical Rankings of PresidentsOh my gosh I probably shouldn't post this. I thought it was interesting because Trump has enough time in office now to be considered in the rankings....

LargeCurves2239Sep 23Dec 6

Medical ("therapeutic") cannbis....Politics proceed in directions on motives/fueling, that can wind up with a momentum all its own, whether with wisdom or not. There are salubritory eff...

Vierkaesehoch1784Dec 2Dec 6
November is Coldest in 42 Years Official Says

November is Coldest in 42 Years, Official SaysCLINTON, IA — November 2018 was the coldest November in Clinton in 42 years, Jim Blaess, official weather observer for the National Weather Service, s...

AmpleCurves25829Dec 5Dec 6

Did you even read the title...?................... Did you even read the title...?...

jarred157-Dec 6

An alarming example of the damage caused by eating meatAt this rate, ALL wild vertebrates will be gone in a mere seven years. But, wait, you'd rather eat your burger, pat your belly, and say "yummy," woul...

ComposeRRRR1939Dec 5Dec 5

"THEY LOOKED BACK"Looking Back On Their Mistakes In Lifes Past..............................It Was Understandable Now To All That Survived For They Could Now Only Hope...

namaron65-Dec 5Dec 5

are u humans all f*ck upcause I heard fake news saw weird videos the sky is not right people talking nonsence women want the prefect guy inventing more religions and lat how...

Genuis72950Nov 28Dec 5

Time spent onlineThere was a blog which pointed the finger at people having no life and being online waiting for comments... I commented that to see an example...

Onthcrestofawave54623Nov 23Dec 5
Midnitecwby22614Dec 4Dec 5
Track16: "Damage Control"(meet us in the forums)

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