Ron is back in the news...

No, not Ron DeSantis. We're talking about a different prick here. It's Ron Jeremy of adult film fame. As the story goes, he was up on charges for more than 30 counts of s*xual assault and held without bond awaiting a trial.

Along the way, his mental status declined and the court declared him mentally incompetent because of symptoms of severe dementia and he was ordered to be held in the medical wing of a correctional facility located in downtown Los Angeles.

This allowed him to escape trial. Despite the abuse allegations made against Jeremy, he has not been convicted of a crime. He is unlikely to recover from his dementia and be restored to competency, according to court records, meaning he cannot be housed in a state hospital. It appears Ron will be moved to a different facility, possibly a private residence, one that may not have security. This news has angered some of his victims, although Jeremy has denied all wrongdoing.

Days of alleged abuses on movie sets and at industry parties dating back nearly 30 years are long gone. Is he capable of doing it again is now the question...

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