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The second chance

The second chanceThe third chance and the forth chance. How many chances does one give? Just wondering...

Palmfrond31816Sep 6Sep 7
Soups On

Soup's On!Monday night at the BBQ for the executive for photo club, I indulged in a half cup of coffee. Oh yeah, not a good thing. I got home about 11pm, totall...

LadyImp21923Aug 29Sep 7

This blog is radioactive...C'mon in... don't be afraid. I got my first radio in the 1960's it was a transistor unit slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes and ran off a 9 vo...

chatillion1544Sep 6Sep 7

"FRESH BREATH PLEASE"(BY faliciasOwn Experiences!)Attention Single People who m are Looking for Dates! "Please" Take Care of Your Breath! "Please" Make Sure you Have a "Fresh Breath" Before You M...

falicia2247Sep 6Sep 7

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog - Part 1“Nordic” breeds have become more popular in the last few years, especially the Siberian Husky. Although these dogs adapt well to a warm climate, they...

daniela77718917Sep 5Sep 7
Loneliness Vs Being Alone

Loneliness Vs. Being AloneWhen the feeling of loneliness becomes stronger than wanting to be alone.......what do you do then?...

Cwizzy6546542Sep 5Sep 6

Three frauds ginned up by Democrats at the Kavanaugh hearingThe left is out of ideas. Leftists have absolutely no grounds for opposing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Yet they do...

Willy341126426Sep 5Sep 6

My 2 Weeks Behind The Iron CurtainIt was about this time of the year in 1985 that I went to Poland. Poland was still behind the Iron Curtain. I was picked up at the airport in Warsa...

Willy34111283Sep 6Sep 6

The Jig is up...The jig (a jig) is a lively Irish folk dance accompanied by a tune. Tunes differ from songs as they usually have no lyrics. Literally, the jig is up w...

chatillion1587Sep 5Sep 6

an unwanted promotion...I'm coming up on the anniversary to a promotion I received 2 years ago that I really didn't want. The plan was that I would leave sales and create...

chatillion1495Sep 6Sep 6

TRUST...You can quote me on this: "Don't always trust the advice of someone who has a vested interested in the decisions you make." Typically, it's someone...

chatillion1395Sep 5Sep 6

NFL is back and I am watchingNFL fans who boycott the games because of the National Anthem protests by some players are the losers in the debate. I have been watching NFL footbal...

Willy341129333Sep 4Sep 6
Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not - Want NotI often wonder if we change as we age, or we just find our true core values and follow those instead of trying to please others? I was brought up as a...

LadyImp17414Sep 5Sep 6
The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories

The Appeal of Conspiracy TheoriesJust keep saying... I want to believe it. I want to believe it. I want to believe it. Trust in the Q!

Talldreamy1829Sep 5Sep 6

"LOVE YOUR SELF"We begin with one of the most profound sutras of Gautama the Buddha: 'Love yourself…' "Just the opposite has been taught to you by all the traditions...

owlsway1191Sep 5Sep 5

Lots of all dressed up and no place to go.This morning I was to coach & play for an all-star team I put together to win the New Jersey State Championship. The team I played on last year won i...

JimNastics1172Aug 18Sep 5

Say "Hello !" Jetsons !Some of you may remember the kid's cartoon, 'The Jetsons'. It was a cartoon that depicted your average American family in the far future. Anyone w...

JimNastics1583Sep 5Sep 5

Does Democracy and Freedom goes Hand in Hand?Living in a Democratic way of government I would say Yes,democracy and freedom no doubt go hand in hand. Democracy embarks the light of freedom...

ysabeljhen1261Sep 5Sep 5

"FEAR....("AND OTHER STUFF")..(2)"Theres Got To Be................................................ The Reason For Everything............................Why Humans And Animals Are Afra...

namaron638-Aug 30Sep 5

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(165)I Was Once Told.......................... That No Matter What It Is?.......................................If It Has Anything To Do With Humans?.........

namaron322-Sep 3Sep 5

BuzzA real patriot.

Willy341126127Sep 3Sep 5
stringman20515Sep 4Sep 5

Mother`s Intuition is a real thing(Believe in it or not).I remember a time when after all the beating I took, I tried not to deny my ex visitation (He didn`t way or another). He pretended to care o...

moonglow331786Aug 6Sep 5

UnzippedDon't you love it when you find you can put more into a day? Due to my low iron count, my ability to cram my day full has been severely compromised. I...

LadyImp24424Sep 3Sep 5

we bought a puppy for my sonwe bought a puppy for my son...

jarred193-Sep 5

Burglary suspect nabbed after getaway vehicle gets stuck in large manure pileA bungling burglar in Minnesota was nabbed after his pickup got stuck in a large pile of foul-smelling manure during the getaway, according to reports...

Willy34111022Sep 5Sep 5


MiMiArt169-Sep 5
Bentlee891Sep 4Sep 4

Songs about D R U G S...Long before I was born, people were writing songs about drugs. Due to censorship many had hidden meanings. The 1960's changed all that. The first I ca...

chatillion1131Sep 4Sep 4

Ethical ShoppingI like avocados, I put them in salads. The trouble is; they are quite expensive and I find that about one in six of the ones I buy is black and mushy...

Harbal51661Sep 2Sep 4
how i manage to laugh through my tears

how i manage to laugh through my tearsOn January 5th 2005 my grandson was murdered he was two weeks shy of being 1 year old, My daughter his mother is a lost soul in this world she and my...

Unknown76517Mar 2007Sep 4

OMGI was thinking how much better life is these days compared with when I was younger. Things that used to be mildly pleasing are now awesome , and thi...

Harbal86564Sep 3Sep 4

Skinning Cats...If I had a dollar for every time someone told me "There's more than one way to skin a cat" I'd be retired and living off the profits of my investments...

chatillion2098Sep 4Sep 4

Hurricane Gordon...Tropical Cyclone SEVEN...I'm editing my blog from earlier today that was about Tropical Cyclone #7 that had formed off the southern tip of Florida. Heavy rains dumped all acro...

chatillion2177Sep 3Sep 4

Drain the swamp ? Trump has polluted the swamp with toxic wasteFrom the Huffington Post It’s Not Just Robert Mueller. President Donald Trump Faces Six Separate Investigations And Lawsuits. Prosecutors a...

JimNastics47924Sep 3Sep 4
Lukeon29817Sep 2Sep 4

"FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET"Boy Oh Boy.........................Can A Blog Disappear So Fast.............................................I Was Just Writing A Long Response Too Cla...

namaron243-Aug 26Sep 3
Free Ways To Spend Your Day Off

Free Ways To Spend Your Day OffWoke up late here, having my coffee. It's my 3rd day off and don't have much to complain. My errands are almost complete, kid at school, parrot fed...

Crazyheart3825515Sep 3Sep 3

RIPQueen of Soul Aretha Franklin dies aged 76...

MiMiArt35018Aug 16Sep 3

Trump's disapproval rating hits all time high & 1/2 of the USA urges impeachment.Trump, officially the worst US president in history, is increasingly being recognized by the public as such. With the recent wave of guilty pleas and...

JimNastics83359Aug 31Sep 3

Britain's Burka BluesBritain's Burka Blues: "I'd Like to Thank Boris Johnson" by Denis MacEoin • September 3, 2018 at 5:00 am "As a Muslim woman, I'd like to tha...

lindsyjones1363Sep 3Sep 3

She loves long moonlit walks along the ocean...Women often have great expectations for what to do on a first date. Stated in many profiles I've seen, they want those romantic walks along the ocean....

chatillion28020Aug 16Sep 3
irishrebel75: "what should i change?"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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