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Blogland Party Calling All Bloggers

Blogland Party: Calling All BloggersBlogland is throwing a party, bloggers are not allowed to bring any outsiders…and everyone has to contribute. You all have responsibilities::uhoh:...

Crazyheart387,073423Aug 2016Apr 29

Study shows that Sea Creatures being wiped out twice as fast as land animalsSea Creatures Getting Wiped Out Twice as Fast by Global Warming, Study Shows By Jan Wesner Childs 4/25/2019 Marine Animals Disa...

JimNastics18019Apr 27Apr 29

Ashes to ashes...Ashes to ashes... to a lump of semi-burned remains. After reading what the cremation process involves, I'm disputing what we are/were taught to believ...

chatillion1482Apr 29Apr 29

Chinese Bitter Melon...My niece graduated from a college of Asian Medicine last year and (in the future) may enroll for the advanced studies in Shanghai China. She was talki...

chatillion23219Apr 28Apr 29

Choke Cherries...As kids, we called them choke cherries because the fruit of this bush so horrible birds and lizards ignore them. You can find them everywhere in South...

chatillion1497Apr 28Apr 29

Trump Obstructed Justice - Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew NapolitanoFox News' Judge Napolitano: Mueller report shows Trump obstructed justice David KnowlesEditor ,Yahoo News•April 25, 2019 Fox News legal analy...

JimNastics50243Apr 26Apr 28
Im loving this job

I'm loving this jobI almost got 2 sales. I know, almost, but it was fun! My coworkers said I did a good job and getting to know people's stories are an interesting side...

Palmfrond29015Apr 27Apr 28

Meet HenryIn 2018, Realbotix announced the creation of the first ever male sex robot—to be released early this year. The goal is to create an idealized version...

usha12345344Apr 27Apr 28

DOGS POOP IN ALIGNMENT WITH EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELDA new study has revealed that dogs choose the direction they relieve themselves based on our planet’s magnetic field. Dogs use the Earth’s magneti...

miclee41641Mar 31Apr 28

Toxic...For the record, the levels of hate and toxicity in the recent blogs and blog comments are reaching a high. I've been a member here less than a year an...

chatillion63146Apr 26Apr 27

"MIGHTVE BEEN A PLAN""Yeah...........He Was A Notorious Killer...................He Even Strangled A Woman To Death............... In Front Of Her Boyfriend..................

namaron610Apr 27

Standing Ovation...I'm watching videos today when I should be working. Busy week with back-to-back appointments Thursday and Friday. Enjoying a little break and surfing...

chatillion731Apr 27Apr 27

Star Report veteran states that Trump's offenses are a thousandfold worse than Bill Clinton'sIn The Huffington Post; POLITICS 04/26/2019 04:04 pm ET Starr Report Veteran Says Trump’s Crimes Are ‘Thousandfold’ Worse “My view is that...

JimNastics814Apr 27Apr 27

BREAKING NEWSI've not done it for a long time so I decided to try my hand at doing it again I've written me a poem or perhaps its more like a song but you may t...

itchywitch552-Apr 2017Apr 27
Goofin off

Goofin' offNot much to see here, folks. Just having some fun. Now that I look at it, I think I should have drawn a Belly button....

BadlyDrawn1155Apr 27Apr 27

Walls......... It's quaint to hear the claims of privileged, self loathing, white guilt libs. Walls don't really work. And it's true, in part, if by working, on...

Vierkaesehoch1554Apr 27Apr 27

Hypocrisy much?...... Attended a board meeting of our local food coop, just to see how it runs. One of the local Native American tribes are the Wabanaki. At the start o...

Vierkaesehoch1750Apr 27

Missing In ActionMysterious...our own Trump loving blogger is missing in action...not to mention a few other bloggers around have seem to have disappeared... Is th...

loulou771,30859Mar 14Apr 27

Weekend for a ThreesomGet your minds out of the gutter -- while mine floats by. I have a dog, recently I got another dog both girls. Tonight my daughter will drop off h...

UnFayzed1929Apr 26Apr 27
do not contact

do not contact must contain at least 50 characters it contains one...

eeejay1702Apr 12Apr 27

Mario Andretti gives Donald Trump a ride to White HouseMario Andretti gives Donald Trump a ride to White House...

Willy34111111Apr 27Apr 27
JimNastics740Apr 27

Russian Agent Maria Butina Sentenced to 18 months in Prison (already served 3 months of that)From The Daily Beast Russian Agent Maria Butina Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison: ‘I Destroyed My Own Life’ Betsy Woodruff April 26, 2019...

JimNastics682Apr 26Apr 27

I have TDSYep, I have TDS. Trump Derangement Syndrome. I just can't let a day go by without blogging about my hatred for Donald Trump. Of course I try to make i...

Willy341126917Apr 22Apr 27
What everbody at today

What everbody at todayWhat everybody at today on this fine day sunny enough in Ireland...

paul65432619Apr 23Apr 26
We love the world

We love the worldI wanted to post this video for Mic and Rain before we see Trump singing the song. I wonder which animal he would like to be. I do hope you all enjoy...

lshtar25115Apr 26Apr 26

Best play in baseballRick Monday saves the flag....

Willy3411772Apr 26Apr 26

Women and men.....A lady with a past, rarely has a future...But what about men? I suspect there may be less of a difference here....

Vierkaesehoch42118Jul 2018Apr 26
All Wrong

All WrongDid you ever start doing something when you suddenly realize that you've completely messed up? Yeah, me either.... well until just now. So I'm dra...

BadlyDrawn21212Apr 24Apr 26

VATICAN FILESI understand that the Vatican has thousands of files locked away and access to these documents is forbidden. What could the Pope be frightened of to c...

CROWNAFFAIR21017Apr 24Apr 26

Milton Friedman speaks on SocialismMilton Friedman, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Prize for Economic Science, was one of the most recognizable and influential proponents of liberty and ma...

Willy34111046Apr 21Apr 26

Decent, honest, kind everyday folks......not to get too maudlin here, but with all the terrible humans milling about, (creepy, Anita Hill dissing Joe announced today), it's easy to forget...

Vierkaesehoch1453Apr 25Apr 26

livestylehello all could someone explain to me what exactly means: active livestyle? any comments would be helpfull like examples...

germantourist953Apr 26Apr 26

LifeWhen death comes and knocks on our door, none of us have the option to say, " not today, please come back later. " So, if you have that option ,...

usha1231,564173Apr 21Apr 26
Lukeon33124Mar 12Apr 26

Faith is needfulFaith is needful to believe in God. devil gives doubts. So have faith and obedience to God,that you may be saved from evil and from sin. Seek truth...

starrayfil82-Apr 25
Bentlee1647Apr 24Apr 25

'RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(197)Write What You Feel.............................. Is The Best Medicine.............................. For the Human Mind...It Is Better...................

namaron15311Apr 22Apr 25

Kamla Harris joins Elizabeth Warren in call to impeach TrumpYesterday in USA Today; Kamala Harris joins Elizabeth Warren in advocating for President Trump's impeachment William Cummings, USA TODAY Publish...

JimNastics26228Apr 23Apr 25

Pumps...I'm told Pumps is the name for high heel or platform shoes. Years ago, I had a niece living in my spare bedroom. She took a job transfer to another s...

chatillion1104Apr 24Apr 25

Drop a dime...I remember the old style pay phones and maybe you do too. They had a coin slot at the top and it was ten cents to make a local call. This was more t...

chatillion19015Mar 28Apr 25
Willy3411821Apr 25Apr 25
Lammycool: "My Top 10 of Music for to cuddle"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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