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PuddlesThree ducks appeared in court one day for causing a disturbance at the park. As the ducks approached the stand, the judge called the first duck up and...

Track161625Mar 15Mar 15
My Sweet Sunshine

My Sweet SunshineIt will be good if everybody have 1 night with your type like a dream. Now my dreams go to abroad! The true is real is life you are what you do ca...

paewtato29911Feb 26Mar 15

is over, done and over, done and finished....

jarred199-Mar 15
Forgiveness as a way of Healing

Forgiveness as a way of Healing.Anger [although justified] when kept close to the heart, festers the entire person, making them miserable, and physically ill. So, as somebody whose...

goldengloss117-Mar 15
Where to go to meet a prospective lover soul mate

Where to go to meet a prospective lover/soul mate ?So guy any suggestions? A friend once told me that whenever he tried to go hunting so to speak, he would always meet the wrong candidate or none at...

Kiterunner144825Feb 24Mar 15
Cloward Pivens Strategy Is it working

Cloward-Pivens Strategy. Is it working?Cloward and Pivens were married sociology professors and political activists who devised this strategy in 1966 at Columbia University where they ta...

Miwagi30015Mar 9Mar 15
Self Delusion

Self DelusionHow self-delusional do you think you are? It is said that everyone thinks they are a good driver and have a good sense of humor. I’ve seen peopl...

Gypsytramp1,15287Mar 7Mar 14

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(149)All Of A Sudden.....................................................Theres A Burst Of Subjects........................................That Are Branchi...

namaron29622Mar 14Mar 14

SpiderIn the memory of my dearest… There was a very little spider in the lower right corner of my kitchen window. It span his tiny net and caught small...

Tulefell31827Mar 10Mar 14

My WifeMy wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby....

Track1624612Feb 12Mar 14

my best and only friends?smoking heroin and reading. my best and only friends?...

jarred180-Mar 14
Relationships Trust Commitment Love Be There for Each Other Not Just on Valentines

Relationships - Trust - Commitment - Love - Be There for Each Other! Not Just on Valentines .....As you might see up there in the title there are some very meaningful and strong words that many of us just do not know their true value..... My life...

BumbleB2697Feb 8Mar 14
Cold Outside But whatabout Peoples hearts

Cold Outside .... But whatabout People's hearts?Well dear community. Life's full of regrets ... but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel .... irrespective of how long that tunnel is....

BumbleB2093Mar 3Mar 14

Physicist Stephen Hawking has diedPhysicist Stephen Hawking has died...

jarred190-Mar 14
Analysis of Homers Odyssey through Neologisms

Analysis of Homer's Odyssey through NeologismsHomer’s classic Epic—Odyssey belongs to the cannons of Greek Literature. Odyssey is a description of the return voyage of the epic hero Ulysses after...

psiberite1335Mar 8Mar 14
Track161281Mar 14Mar 14

profilesim just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i...

itchywitch6,192128Aug 2010Mar 13

Pride and shame among women.How to know .... A strong woman stands proud in all the splendid ways in which she was created A weak woman only stands to try tare her down b...

itchywitch805-Mar 11Mar 13
Friends Acquaintances

Friends & AcquaintancesA friend can be anybody who is not an enemy, therefore even an unknown person in another country, whom you have never heard of can be deemed a friend,...

Catfoot68263Mar 12Mar 13
When you are expected to pay for lunch or dinner on the first date offline Online dating No 2

When you are expected to pay for lunch or dinner on the first date offline. Online dating No.2Below follows, online conversation as part of online dating part no. 2, M: Be careful with eating if you don’t have way to spend all that food....

Stargazer11191845Jan 30Mar 13

How do you deal with people who simply talk too much?How do you deal with people who simply talk too much?...

jarred1112-Mar 13
Track161361Mar 13Mar 13

Serious blog - boobs.Is it even possible to write a blog asking about breasts, aka tits, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, boulde...

Elegsabiff2,048161Mar 2Mar 13

SAPIOSEXUALITY - What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex?After reading a friend´s poetry, I was extremely enlightened and have now found a name for my rather specific prerequisites about what attracts me to...

daniela7771,678136Feb 26Mar 13

DoveI found her Stretched out, as if she was leaping Her eyes, parted, still sparkled Her returning glance, stilled by death In shock, myself, still...

Palmfrond1081Mar 12Mar 12

When your kids disapprove ...Mothering Sunday in the UK, hope all the UK mums are being spoiled with, at the very least, a lie-in and a tidy house when they get up Not a word...

Elegsabiff37233Mar 11Mar 12

JUST TAKE ONE MORE STEPI am one that believes in life and a life of joy and full of love. I also know that life can bring so much hurt and sorrow. Have you ever been so...

wenever19622Mar 12Mar 12

YARD SALEI am having a large yard sale on Sat March 17th from 8am till 5pm. It's going to be a big event the whole community is going to be involved, we will h...

wenever55464Mar 8Mar 12

How To Make MoneyHow To Make Mone......................

jarred1103-Mar 12

PoemIntertwined thoughts about intertwined limbs Flash images like a manic slide show Thoughts made present on the face A mask falls away, briefly...

Palmfrond19615Feb 24Mar 12

What a good lover doesHeaving and out of breath from strenuous activities I giggle and marvel at the person next to me Out of breath from holding oxygen hostage while...

Palmfrond2044Feb 28Mar 12
With sexism

With sexismHey friends. ..what you think about Internet live sex ? Is it really give us satisfaction. physical s*xual activities. ..? Or it's just a time...

dibash000723115Mar 10Mar 12
Flower power

Flower powerI was walking along a street near my home and my gaze was drawn toward the bright yellow flowers planted in the troughs at the side of the road. As I...

Bunyi8881584Mar 11Mar 12

meeeeeeeeeeeEverything i post on line is for attention. Otherwise, i would be chatting this in private only, but with those whom I'm getting on so well online, I'...

bloodyawfull53523Mar 9Mar 12
Track161140Mar 11
Track161302Mar 11Mar 11

How Do We Define Poverty?I have recently read a description of indigenous people as living in “poverty”. So.... what is that poverty that we´re talking about? Do they ha...

daniela777875-Feb 24Mar 11
Keepers Creepers

Keepers Creepers!Speaking of vibes and creeps.... Are you able to sniff out the goofs? Do you get first impressions of people that you later learn were spot on?...

Gypsytramp71254Mar 10Mar 11

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(78)If It Isnt Someone.................................... With A Question In Their Blogs Title.....LIke.............How Do You Do This?.....................

namaron147-Mar 11

Kind humansWhat forces me to survive, sometimes when I don’t want to? The amazing things I’ve experienced. Some would call it God, guardian angels, magic or ran...

Palmfrond1699Mar 11Mar 11

Two Sides Of A Coin -Two Sides Of A Coin -...

jarred184-Mar 11

The Truth About Making MistakesThe Truth About Making Mistakes...

jarred185-Mar 11
fotinia0737: "accept the good"(meet us in the puzzles)

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