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Reparations for Negroes.......Lots of alt lefty POTUS wannabes are jumping onto this ridiculous band wagon. Totally impractical/unjust/anachronistic tree top self loathing white...

Vierkaesehoch40831Feb 23Feb 27

EMOTICON LIBERATION FRONT (ELF) Emoticons For All!I've noticed that some of our bloggers, especially the newer ones, do not use emoticons. Which makes me Emoticon BTW. Some of these poor souls reso...

miclee1,50340Apr 2016Feb 27
Remembering WWIs Hill 80

Remembering WWI's Hill 80Archeologists are gingerly and respectfully exploring what is known as Dig Hill 80 in Flanders, Belgium today. In 1914 invading Germans and Bulg...

Ken_19970Feb 27

I have a fat wallet...Having a fat wallet doesn't mean I have money, it means all the receipts from The Home Depot are building up. I need to get them out and put them in a...

chatillion17410Feb 26Feb 26

English is a silly language often not making any sense at allDefault ENGLISH IS A SILLY LANGUAGE...heres why... There is no egg in eggplant or ham in hamburger; neither apple or pine in pineapple. And while no...

bcjenny20017Feb 12Feb 26
namaron is going to start charging 10 cents per bag.god save the planet....

Bluesky6042433Feb 9Feb 26

Mimetic DesireThe Scicurious Brain You want that? Well I want it, too! The neuroscience of mimetic desire By Scicurious on July 30, 2012 ADVERTISEMENT I...

deedee123xo24313Feb 15Feb 26
Service Animals 2

Service Animals 2I'm unable to rely on my sense of smell which Is unfortunate since I'm simultaneously suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder. The severity of said...

BadlyDrawn28420Feb 23Feb 26
Track16950Feb 26
Let me introduce you

Let me introduce youAs I mentioned in my previous blog I had a dream. Well we found a sailboat in the Azores. Let me show you my boat. Cockpit and entrance Ga...

lshtar42734Feb 24Feb 26

Parents sue Planned Parenthood for failed abortion of their son, who just turned twoFebruary 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Imagine the following scenario. You are a happy boy, growing up in a middle-class home with your two siblings. You...

Willy34111333Feb 26Feb 26

What is holding you Back in Life?Lots of people will tell you things that will put the blame squarely on someone else's shoulders. Accept the blame yourself, and admit it to yourself,...

smiley9631688Feb 25Feb 26

Blogging Drunk...I did a PSA blog the other day and remembered a blog I did years ago. It was called Blogging drunk. Same idea, different dating/blog site. We all k...

chatillion31514Feb 2Feb 26
Dealing with frustration

Dealing with frustrationWords do not adequately describe how annoying and frustrating it can be to even work with screws or bolts this tiny (shown on a quarter), much less dr...

Ken_1921114Feb 24Feb 26

Susan Reed, The Body Snatchers.Has anyone heard of her or read her book? She makes some outlandish claims in it. It has recently been brought to my attention. Either she was p...

Johnny_Sparton1779Feb 24Feb 26

Businessmen have ALWAYS run this country. Only now, it's from the inside outI bought into the idea that a business man needed to be elected in order to straighten out our country's business. Our economy. How to spend our money...

Willy34111293Feb 24Feb 25
This day in history

This day in historyToday is the 10,483rd anniversary of the invention of the wheel. It's creator, Ug was born in the village of Grot (population 15) and was orphaned at...

BadlyDrawn1768Feb 24Feb 25

Nature Photography - OttersOne of the many things I enjoy doing is exploring and photographing nature. So far, I've taken over 3,500 nature photos here in Florida, since I ar...

JimNastics1334Feb 24Feb 25

"THE UNKNOWN"This Is A Serious ...And True story..............It Is About Those That Have Passed On.......................It Is Said In The Bible That The Dead Can...

namaron49048Feb 18Feb 25
Biff the bewildered water buffalo

Biff the bewildered water buffaloRember the days when you got cards in everything from bubblegum to tea and even tobacco This is card # 1 In the CS bloggers collectors...

Onthcrestofawave32321Feb 24Feb 25

Awwww Mimigrumble keep disabling comments which forces me to write a blog that showers you with praise for writing such a great blog, so appropr...

UnFayzed30617Feb 24Feb 25

Photo Lab...For a while now, I wanted to try the Photo Lab services at the Walgreens pharmacy. They offer poster sized 16" x 20" enlargements for $30. I need...

chatillion1389Feb 24Feb 24

THE CHEER LEADERI remember back in middle school us boys would play football during recess and the girls would be CHEER leaders. Well I just fell in love with one of...

wenever31735Feb 10Feb 24

Do we really intend to Love Forever?When we are newly in love, we believe that it will last forever. As soon as we have a previous history of love to refer to, we realise that it might l...

smiley9631226Feb 24Feb 24
Some Awesome Ways Drones Are Being Used Today

Some Awesome Ways Drones Are Being Used TodayJust a few years back, you would never have heard the term “drone” with a very positive connotation. Whenever there was any talk of drones, you though...

Lukeon15114Feb 24Feb 24

I read your blogs...I do. Really, I do... All of them. I do......

chatillion28614Feb 23Feb 24

Presenting the works of PigcassoSince almost being sent to the slaughterhouse in South Africa in 2016, the sow known as Pigcasso has become a celebrity in the art world. In recent...

JimNastics3239Feb 23Feb 24

NJ Senate signs bill to eliminate Pres & VP candidates from ballot, who do not release tax returnsIn TheHill; NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns By Aris Folley - 02/21/19 06:35 PM EST...

JimNastics23421Feb 22Feb 24
Thats for sure I

That's for sure!!! I................ That's for sure!!! I...

jarred1151-Feb 24

Nation's Liberals Devastated After Learning Hate Crime Didn't Actually HappenU.S.—The nation’s liberals were struck by a devastating blow this week after finding out a hate crime, reported by Empire actor Jussie Smollet, didn’t...

Willy341125619Feb 19Feb 24

Man sometimes can be incredibleOnce in a while you see something that brings back the good in man. This video is just that. A Turtle gets tangled up in a mesh and is untangled by a...

Willy34111869Feb 22Feb 24

"THE WHO'S WHO GUYS"These Two Impersonators.....................Of Donald Trump....................And Kim Jung Un.................Were Told By The Authorities In Hanoi.....

namaron1032Feb 23Feb 24
Track161221Feb 23Feb 23

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(193)It Happens Even To The Best Of Us.................................. At Some Point In Our Lives.................And Its Not Like We Didnt Think It Woul...

namaron122-Feb 23Feb 23

This Was a Celebration..A celebration for Sammy Davis Jr. being in show business for 60 yrs. I watched it for the 2nd time tonight. Michael Jackson sang a song he wrote fo...

hpylady_1212Feb 23Feb 23

8 points on how Democrat politicians answer questions1. When people ask for something in their questions, 2020 Democrat candidates double down and promise more, not only to satisfy them but to satisfy pe...

Willy34111435Feb 23Feb 23
Fact is stranger than fiction

Fact is stranger than fictionYes a cut and paste 2001: Bernd Brandes, a German engineer from Berlin, was willingly slaughtered so that he could be butchered and eaten by aspir...

Onthcrestofawave1466Feb 23Feb 23
Are there any weird stupid or outdated laws in your country

Are there any weird, stupid or outdated laws in your country..?Some of the strangest laws of Australia that have not been changed over the years 1. It is illegal to wear hot pink hot pants after midday on a Sun...

Hans471136341Feb 22Feb 23

True questions asked by lawyers in the courtroom..Dumb and dumberThe following questions from lawyers were taken from official court records nationwide. 1) Was that the same nose you broke as a child? Yeah well I...

bcjenny1439Feb 22Feb 23

Wishfull Thinking or Proof?Dreams are very funny stuff: Some people believe that they are a prediction of the future, warning, wishes come true, as long as they just behave or...

smiley96336637Feb 13Feb 23

interesting read in Psychology TodayA gentleman wrote in saying he is trying to be everything for his wife and providing everything she wants, but he is not getting what he

Johnny_Sparton70186Feb 18Feb 23

Truly Dirty Politics in NCFrom the NY Times; New Election Ordered in North Carolina Race at Center of Fraud Inquiry By Alan Blinder Feb. 21, 2019 RALEIGH, N.C...

JimNastics1223Feb 22Feb 23
"Geography 101 Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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