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Track161082May 28May 28

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("ENDLESS TIME")..(57)And Then It Was Inquired Of The Situation..A Situation That Was Uncalled For To Begin With...For..If One... Did Not Open That Part Of The Face That I...

namaron149-May 28

"TIL ITS OVER"All Of The Entire World Can Be United In Their Thoughts...Thinking Because Everybody Accepts The Same Way of Thinking...That They Have To Be Right...T...

namaron23914May 28May 28

"BECAUSE OF YOU""This Could Be For You Out There... Who Are Reading This Right Now"..........Im Sure There Will Be Some... Who... Will Identify With It...But Choose T...

namaron2426May 27May 28
Henry Licett Se va Se va

Henry Licett - Se va, Se va.Henry Licett - Se va, Se va....

jarred1204-May 28
You can fool some people but you cant fool Mom

You can fool some people, but you can't fool Mom.You can fool some people, but you can't fool Mom....

jarred192-May 28

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE | A Soldier's PledgeBY JOHN THOMAS DIDYMUS JUL 4, 2013 IN POLITICS A video designed to "honor the men and women who have selflessly defended our nation" presents the...

Willy3411970May 28

RAMADAN KAREEM!To all friends and members here who celebrate and respect Ramadan My son didn't come home to me last night because his dad and step mom took him o...

Crazyheart3822810May 27May 28
Petri dish

Petri dishPetri dishes may be used to observe the behavior of microcosms under a microscope. Microcosms are defined as encapsulating in miniature the charac...

Elegsabiff46257May 25May 28
Fine Memory

Fine MemoryFine Memory...

jarred190-May 28
but God save that poor cat for real

but God save that poor cat, for real.I feel bad for all the animals here.. but God save that poor cat, for real. Btw, all those photos are damn creepy and super weird. The pearl one may g...

jarred196-May 28

GamesWhat games did u play when you were a child ?...

ali11020110May 27May 28
Im 70 tired

I'm 70 & tiredSubject: 70 and Tired To: Cc: By Robert A. Hall I'm 70 Except for one semester in college when jobs were scarce and...

stringman17710May 27May 28
Good Catches

Good CatchesI, and I'm sure some of you do too, view other members and think, 'Yeah, they would be a good catch' Don't get me wrong, not necessarily for mysel...

mollybaby85476May 27May 28

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(109)Seeing This Is Memorial Day In The United States...And The Fact That On The Weekend Theres Hardly Anybody Around To Boot....I Have No But...

namaron39937May 27May 27
Need your advice on how to best explore USA

Need your advice on how to best explore USAI am going to USA in 2 weeks in July (tentatively NYC, WDC, MD, VA, CA, WA). All the suggestions on how to best experience the places are highly appre...

LastStrike25125May 26May 27

SoapWhat soap do your u use in the bath , and what's your favourite soap?...

ali11025422May 27May 27
Wait For Me

Wait For MeWait For Me...

jarred191-May 27
To All of You

To All of You"To All of You" To all of you American girls It's sad to imagine a world without you American girls I'd like to be part o...

jarred187-May 27
Should people over the age of 65 be banned from C S

Should people over the age of 65 be banned from C.S. ?I have noticed of late, that some people have whinged, [usually faceless profiles, and in their 20s], about bloggers and people on C.S. being 'past it...

goldengloss51254May 26May 27

lolThe following errors occurred: [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you entered 41...

Track161192May 27May 27
i know

i knowI knew how far I'd come, after riding with others. I knew what my sister was feeling, trying to navigate with both the GPS and mother giving directio...

freehand1303May 27May 27
Stop the world I want to get off retro 70 s

"Stop the world...I want to get off," retro 70.sanyways w everything going on this sounds like a great option....unfortunately not a viable one!! best thing going to hit the m...

sweetiefireball1475May 26May 27
His Voice

His Voice"I'm no hell of a guitar player. But the one thing I've tried to do is to make the guitar sound like my voice". .....Muddy Water.......

posolet79-May 27
Best seat in the house

Best seat in the houseI've been thinking for a while it was time to upgrade the smallest room but it wasn't until I came across this catalogue that I got really fired with...

Elegsabiff93668Jul 2016May 27
getting rid of un thinkable

getting rid of un thinkableThe exctiment you get once seeing your box red, it does excites me clicking on it and get on reading whats new .. Sometimes its a new mail begun...

Unknown16914May 26May 27

HO´OPONOPONO And The Power Of ForgivenessHo?oponopono is a wonderful forgiveness method with deep roots in the beautiful spirit of the Hawaiian culture. "The Four Steps to Forgiveness is...

daniela77718816May 26May 27

ClownsHas anyone noticed nearly all female members looking for someone to make them laugh.Begs the question are they looking for clowns/...

steelworks20715May 26May 27
Feet in or out

Feet in or outWhich way do you prefer your feet tucked in the blankets when you go to bed or your feet out of the blankets ?...

Abby196318120May 26May 27
Named as if responsible

Named as if responsibleI have never read " woman raped after meeting man in O' Connors bar ".... yet all day I'm reading the headline " woman raped after meeting man on...

itchywitch38829May 26May 27

"CREATION"..("DAY OF BECOMING")..(91)"For They Were Just An Ordinary People"...."On The Struggle For The Road To Survive".......................... "Every Day... Became A Day As All Thei...

namaron1651May 26May 26

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("UNANSWERED")..(56)If You End Up With The Dilema Of Not Being Sure Of Something......The Reason Is Because Youre Not Quite Sure Of The Answer...Let Alone That There Migh...

namaron25334May 26May 26
Bankers and welfare

Bankers and welfareWas delighted to hear bankers accquited in court.Hope mr Varadkar continue to pursue anyone on welfare making extra few bobBankers get up early in mor...

steelworks1424May 26May 26
itchywitch2306May 25May 26
Be Your Own Best Friend

Be Your Own Best FriendBe Your Own Best Friend...

jarred199-May 26
To Feel What I Once Felt

To Feel What I Once FeltTo Feel What I Once Felt...

jarred185-May 26

MartyrsAfter listening to the interview of the failed bomber, it's very obvious why these people volunteer and proud to kill "all the infidels". They, t...

lindsyjones58349May 25May 26
the game

the gameok so the game is too play a role observe people and not be influenced?...

jarred186-May 26
50 first dates

50 first dates...Anyone seen that movie ? About a woman who has short term memory loss after a head injury Wakes up every day with no memory of what happened the...

oldblue5435129May 25May 26
Signs and symptoms of getting older

Signs and symptoms of getting older....notice I used "older", not old. Funny thing. If you start at the gray/thining hair on the head, and move slowly downward on the human body, changes an...

Aaltarboy14112May 25May 26
Give me your love

Give me your loveGive me your love...

jarred1103-May 26
For the mother of Salman Abedi

For the mother of Salman AbediI can't help but being a mother, this must have been how the young terrorist mother felt. My sympathy. Sleepy eyes blended with innocence M...

lindsyjones23819May 25May 26
jaydank: "what do you think"(meet us in the quizzes)

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