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I'm getting boobed. It's ridiculous and it's gone too far!!We’re a friendly neighborhood. We have met family members, often chat across roads and paths, collect mail for others while they’re away, drink togeth...

TokyoRogue56944Jan 8Jan 9
Your Christmas tree died Go get a refund scredded it too bad better luck next year lol

Your Christmas tree died? Go get a refund, scredded it?, too bad, better luck next year lolIt seems the Christmas spirit doesn't last very long for some people. A bizarre scene was said to have played out in a Costco store in the US when...

britishcolumbian944Jan 9Jan 9
i am being silly

i am being sillyshould men be taught how to go about ladies I mean vibing ladies should they be given pick up lines to vibe ladies because a number of them are fa...

hatelies22522Jan 9Jan 9
emmy1 Email me please you have restrictions I dont

emmy1 Email me please, you have restrictions I don'tWill talk to you in private okay? Jenny...

britishcolumbian1192Jan 9Jan 9
My first job having moved to Canada

My first job having moved to CanadaWe had no car, so one day walking down the main street Matt saw a sign in a restaurant window. He knew enough English to be able to read what it sai...

britishcolumbian15412Jan 9Jan 9
Track16840Jan 9
Marriage still a viable institution

Marriage, ...... still a viable institution?Been there once, about half a century ago. Sally and I were barely 20. Put her through nursing school, but the union didn't last long enough for her t...

Vierkaesehoch34125Jan 7Jan 9
A look back Jims Nature Photos from December 2017

A look back - Jim's Nature Photos from December 2017. I just uploaded 41 nature photos to my Flickr website; all taken last month. You can see them all an...

JimNastics1088Jan 9Jan 9
just a quick blog for thought

just a quick blog...for thoughtIf the light we see from the sun is 8 minutes old, that means the sun we see in our present time is not real? What else may not be real? Maybe s...

Johnny_Sparton50962Jan 6Jan 9
Can Britain Brexit without uniting Ireland

Can Britain Brexit without uniting Ireland?Sorry no prize for coming up with the right answer....

oldegit961Jan 9Jan 9
One mans rubbish is another mans treasure

One mans rubbish is another man's treasureJust told my son he´s adopted.........................

Bnaughty26121Jan 8Jan 9
My dog just died

My dog just died.My dog just died. And it's the most horrible feeling in the world to lose someone you love.. [/yout...

jarred199-Jan 9

Solitude...Can become AddictiveWhen one lives alone for long enough... Solitude can become Addictive... On your own ...there is no one to accommodate or be accommodated... No...

Soul_Whisperer10146224Jan 5Jan 8
We are being lied to The first thing we learn in school

We are being lied to. The first thing we learn in schoolWe are being lied to. The first thing we learn in school is what's 1 + 1 and everyone would say that the answer is 2 but the truth is that the answer...

jarred195-Jan 8
Be Yourself

Be YourselfIt is so easy to spin a yarn to impress somebody but it always backfires. If it requires a lie to be the person that somebody wants you to be, it is d...

Catfoot900151Jan 8Jan 8

LOVE IS ...???Breathless Heart breaking...

itchywitch2,636118May 2015Jan 8
Diary of a Snow Shoveler

Diary of a Snow ShovelerDecember 9: We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lov...

Gentlejim1387Jan 7Jan 8
stringman24814Jan 1Jan 8
Whos on the line fantasy phone call

Who's on the line. (fantasy phone call)Its like fantasy football but less complicated. The Game is simple! Post a pic of who you think is on the other end of the line for one of the fo...

nonsmoker50942Jan 7Jan 8
Track1621419Jan 7Jan 8
seaworthy1493Jan 7Jan 7
On The Farm

On The Farm,I didn't even know what a blog was until about 20 or so minutes ago, so this is more likely than not my first and last blog. I never said I hadn't eve...

Contreeashell23715Dec 28Jan 7
Of goodbyes

Of goodbyesOf goodbyes and Forgiveness Gentle breezes stroke Gentle cheek, kissing As old friends do If the fountain fills with Joyous tears...

Palmfrond860Jan 7
Anyone holding the winning 590 million lottery ticket sold in the US

Anyone holding the winning $590 million lottery ticket sold in the US?Anyone holding the winning $590 million lottery ticket sold in the US? This is too bad as there is only one winner. I would like to see many winners...

britishcolumbian1037Jan 7Jan 7
Mayonaise would you llike fries with that

Mayonaise, would you llike fries with that?The best way, no the only way, is too eat fries with mayonaise. Try it you will like it Jenny...

britishcolumbian900Jan 7
Normal dreams are always happy dreams for me but not Popcorn dreams they reveal death

Normal dreams are always happy dreams for me, but not :"Popcorn" dreams, they reveal deathI love to dream, never had a nightmare. Yet when I get a “popcorn” dream, a dream that is one scene only, it is bad news. My ex showed up in front...

britishcolumbian1158Jan 7Jan 7

I CAN'T LAUGH RIGHT NOW I AM TO BUSY FUSSINGI put a blog on the other day that I thought would bring a lot of laughter and just have fun and enjoy but instead all I seen was fussing on another b...

wenever48566Jan 6Jan 7
Love at first sight

"Love" at first sight....well, in my experience, it's quite rare, but does happen. Perhaps more so among previous generations, which had more patience/groundedness, and fewer...

Vierkaesehoch21612Jan 6Jan 7

Sometimesby nature we are shy,mean,cold,warm,weird,crazy,tough,kind,confused, greedy,aggressive,confident,pettiful,cowards,naive,nervous intelligent,selfish,...

hatelies17915Jan 6Jan 7
The Bible Secret no one want for you to Know

The Bible Secret no one want for you to KnowThe Bible Secret no one want for you to Know...

jarred198-Jan 7
5 kinds of wild salmon from Alaska

5 kinds of wild salmon from AlaskaFive Types Of Pacific Salmon You Need To Know. For most Alaskans, summer means experiencing 24 hours of daylight each day and time for spotting bear...

britishcolumbian14410Jan 5Jan 6

BreakfastOk, all hands to the plough here, the challenge is to create an East meets West breakfast. So ................ easiest is to say (a) what you...

Elegsabiff805109Jan 5Jan 6
We Are Not Everyones Cup of Tea and Thats OK

We Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea… and That’s OK (*)The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, will simply not like us (yeah! poor things lol!). But the world is...

Cachuchi419-Jan 5Jan 6

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"..("MICLEES 21ST CENTURY")Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?".........................................................................

namaron15,686511Aug 2014Jan 6

"WHAT HAPPENS IN C S"..("DOESNT STAY IN CS")"I Was Under The Impression That.. What Is Written Here On Connecting Singles.................................................. Stayed On Connecting...

namaron53443Jan 5Jan 6
Track16650Jan 6
Track16800Jan 6
Birthday Card

Birthday CardMy student give me this card. It's really so fast that another year gone by..and also my age...1 more year older...but I feel younger:))) Happy...

pianawait18614Jan 5Jan 6
Any Suggestion

Any Suggestion?The best one, please! And don't you dare to tell me to search it on internet! Why would I knock at Prof Google's library door when I have "experts"...

Kalpataru295-Jan 5Jan 6

I Don't Do This OftenBut every now and then, a wake and bake really hits the spot...

Track16990Jan 6

In The Business (Warning! Expletive Laden Mature Content)We called Howie, Howie The Pox, because he spends more money on doctors and penicillin than he does on the whores and bars that infect him. If he’d st...

TokyoRogue1021Jan 6Jan 6
That was 2017 done and dusted Most hectic year EVER

That was 2017 - done and dusted. Most hectic year EVER.I started 2017 employed and living in Scotland but knowing that the Scottish offices of my company were closing and we were being made redundant in Ap...

Elegsabiff76689Jan 2Jan 6
TONIC1: "Any bright ideas?"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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