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Tinitus, have you ever heard such a thing?A nasty illness that sounds like a receiver always trying to tune in. If it's in equal stereo, it's perhaps a non-tumor issue. If it's louder in one e...

Bentlee38042Apr 22Jun 11

Myths, or urban legends, concerning the sexes.....German women love to do it in the forest under trees, Jewish women keep their eyes open during sex to be sure noone else in the room is having a bette...

Vierkaesehoch30023Jun 10Jun 11

Trump fried by Congress todayOh man ! Trump got filleted and deep fried today while the House of Representatives examined the Mueller Report, questioning legal experts. It was...

JimNastics1836Jun 10Jun 11
The Genesis of a broken window

The Genesis of a broken windowI remember once being sent along with the joiner* to replace a broken window pane at the local church hall. The churchwarden, a rather stern man, was...

Harbal20615Jun 9Jun 11
stringman23210Jun 2Jun 11
to find

to findIS there a mature man that is interested in a mature women that can keep up with the 35 yr old young women,,,ok may be not with a goddess body......

heavenlystars1,19836Aug 2016Jun 11

Good deeds and bad deedsHave you wonder where comes evil attacks,sicknesses and suffer? They come in bad deeds when you do. If you do good deeds,comes blessing and healthy...

starrayfil51-Jun 11

"SPIDER MITES"..("THIS MEANS WAR!")I Never Even Heard Of These Little Trouble Makers.................Until Every Single Plant That I Had?............ Started To Dry Up........Leaf By Le...

namaron1412May 19Jun 10

Trump trapped by PelosiToday from CNN; Donald Trump falls for Nancy Pelosi's trap Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Updated 9:07 AM ET, Fri May 24, 2019 Wash...

JimNastics24221May 24Jun 10
stringman1135Jun 10Jun 10

which is faster to diefire water venom or sand what do u all think which one is most dangerous...

Genuis27023Jun 9Jun 10

Hot off the press, The Associated Press - Congress just getting started with the Mueller ReportCase opened: Democrats begin public airing of Mueller report By MARY CLARE JALONICK an hour ago WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says i...

JimNastics1002Jun 9Jun 10

Jared answers some questions.....and dodges otherswith analysis by Colbert. "I wasn't part of that."...

JimNastics1234Jun 9Jun 10

The Blue And The GrayThe U.S. Civil War ended in Spring, 1865. In Spring of 1866, the ladies of Columbus, Mississippi decorated the graves of fallen Confederate soldier...

miclee45614May 2017Jun 10
in 2 weeks

in 2 weeksIt will be the shortest day here in new Zealand ,well the day with the shortest daylight hours. Then we start seeing the sun earlier and we are back...

Nice2meetyoutoo1374Jun 9Jun 10
stringman1194May 28Jun 10

Pelosi - I would rather see Trump in jail, than impeached.Today in Politico; Pelosi tells Dems she wants to see Trump ‘in prison’ She also clashed with Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, wh...

JimNastics49649Jun 6Jun 10

OK, guys you are not going to believe this !Apparently, they are growing on trees ! As advertised on eBay - Presenting the Vietnamese Milk Melons On sale on ebay ! However, be...

JimNastics970Jun 9

Never againI watched few news clips and felt à sense of sadness in my heart. One in particular. An old veteran very emotional. I thought for a bit. Will they...

usha12344139Jun 6Jun 9
stringman20513Jun 8Jun 9
Has the Creator abandoned us

Has the Creator abandoned us?I just want to say that I mean no offense in the words I write today or I'm just searching for answers to my questions, we are a free people and I thi...

Thelastjubileeyr87366May 26Jun 9

The 'King of Clay' prevailsThe Spaniard, Rafael Nadal, just won The French Open for men, his 3rd in a row and 12th overall, tennis championship done on clay in dominant fashion,...

JimNastics730Jun 9
LincolnsCousin1252Jun 8Jun 9

BEAUTIFUL SUNDAYA beautiful Sunday to you everyone...

LOVELY34521127Jun 9Jun 9

"CREATION"..("ECHOING SHADOWS")..(141)When The Joint Is Dead?........ Then It Is The Time To Fill In The Area .........That It Needs To Be Filled In...Because Empty Space?...............Is...

namaron152-Jun 5Jun 9
A whole new ball game

A whole new ball gameFor the female exhibitionist there are various ways to indulge the impulse; showing varying amounts of cleavage being one popular and easy option. Bu...

Harbal43242Jun 8Jun 9
stringman22213Jun 6Jun 9

Internet Speed Test...I'm in my home house in Miami for the weekend. Plans include sorting through 2 closets and 2 dressers of clothing to determine what I get to keep, wh...

chatillion850Jun 8

"The Latest Trump Resignation" lolIn typical Borowitz timing, Andy offers us the following satire Today in The New; Woman Quits Job After Being Forced to Spend Week...

JimNastics1024Jun 8Jun 8

Females and mechanical things---such as automobiles....Sure, there are clued lady mechanics, and race car drivers. Recall that weeny worshiper Amelia Ehrhardt. But in my experience, there is a strong inver...

Vierkaesehoch1331Jun 8Jun 8

Pokemon Detective Pikachu - a review!I admit, I haven't been playing a lot of Pokémon, when I was younger. I had a Gameboy with one of the Pokémon games, but I never played it more than 1...

Philipsen890Jun 8

Why I've been goneAround 3 weeks ago I drove myself to the Oklahoma VA Medical Center with a problem with my right foot. After entering the emergency room, I soon found...

Willy341160740Jun 6Jun 8

Color me.....suspicious lolThere's a 'member' on here that caused me to raise an eyebrow. You know, the too-good-to-be-true eyebrow. Truly a pretty well written profile, mu...

JimNastics45027Jun 5Jun 8

"WHO YOU KNOW""When Will The Justice System................................. In This US Of A............Ever Be Fair For Everybody?" "It Seems That...................

namaron1095Jun 7Jun 8

Hold on to your seats kiddies...Hold on to your seats kiddies... because MANGO SEASON is just around the bend. Grocery shopping today and mangoes from Central America around $1 each...

chatillion20515May 5Jun 7

Pssst.... they're fake !!Simple fact... ALL dating sites have scammers with fraudulent profiles. Some sites have more than others and I believe it's related to management, be...

chatillion85946Jan 20Jun 7

God is your helpGod can help,pray with all heart and God will help. God is Good,those that believe and obey Truth will be saved. Those that do good and do no bad,wi...

starrayfil44-Jun 7

Violent thunderstorms!Yesterday, we had a massive thunderstorm covering the entire country. Well, when I say cover the entire country, I really mean that it started in the...

Philipsen931Jun 7Jun 7

Wait a minute ! The name of the new baby from Prince Henry & Megan Markle is....Archie ?!?!?That's not a joke. There may be former English kings, queens, princes & princesses rolling over in their graves right now. They couldn't thi...

JimNastics31018May 9Jun 6

LOVE&LIGHTLove is the most powerful energy in the Universe which is an infinite energy that never dies....

Micdave23853Jun 6Jun 6

Trump lands in Great BritianFull of hot air, as usual. I mean Trump himself, not the helium version. From Mashable;

JimNastics51241Jun 3Jun 6

Funny, sad & truth at the same time.Today from Yahoo News; Trump Admits his Cabinet has had some Clinkers Adapted from “The Best People: Trump’s Cabinet and the Siege on Washingt...

JimNastics1004Jun 6Jun 6

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