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GAS GRASS OR a** NOBODY RIDES FOR FREELet's face reality boys of CS. If you have nothing on your plate that is better than what the girls of CS have your chances of winning their heart and...

Akeldama401504Mar 17Mar 18
Excellent harmony

Excellent harmony!!Yes!! Let it be me!!...

tatami620Mar 18
Compliment Vs Flattery

Compliment Vs FlatteryIt is normal to compliment people we admire – either friends or people in general who have been of service - but, there are differences between a com...

daniela77718514Mar 17Mar 17

"NOT SO FAST"Theres Just Too Much Evidence Here............................................................... To Say This Wasnt A Conspiracy... Everything That H...

namaron44241Mar 15Mar 17
Red Is The Rose

Red Is The Rose... For a wee lass - who's a wee bit Irish......

miclee37143Mar 16Mar 17
The theme song of most CS members

The theme song of most CS membersFrom the legendary dous...

tatami16811Mar 16Mar 17
The most honest Muslim ever

The most honest Muslim everShockingly true. Finally someone in the Muslim world sees and expresses the truth. Way to go Yousef Al-Husseini....

lindsyjones1,14778Dec 29Mar 17
I wanna wake up next to you

I wanna wake up next to youWhat do you think is the best part of a loving relationship? Is it the sharing, the intimacy, the sex, the security it gives you, the feeling of being...

Bunyi88820514Mar 16Mar 17
The most honest Librul ever

The most honest Lib'rul everShockingly true. Finally someone in the Lib'rul world sees and expresses the truth.  Way to go Jonatha...

miclee891Mar 17Mar 17

One Fine FaceOne Fine Face...

jarred145-Mar 17
Track161207Mar 16Mar 17
Self Esteem Vs Ego

Self-Esteem Vs EgoI recently read a blog about “Ego” from one of our dear bloggers and, from the replies, I noticed that there seemed to be a confusion between the two,...

daniela77721621Mar 4Mar 16
Bridge collapse in Miami

Bridge collapse in MiamiIn case anyone is interested a recent accident in Miami when a new walking bridge was recently installed at a Florida University had collapsed on seve...

Akeldama4015111Mar 16Mar 16

100%It seems everyone is looking for that special one, that soul mate, that life partner but isn’t that one and only so hard to find? What each is looking...

Bunyi88818813Mar 15Mar 16
The Practice Of Non Engagement Non Reaction

The Practice Of Non-Engagement/Non-ReactionWhen we practice non-engagement, we deliberately choose not to take part in battles. particularly those where the grounds of engagement are defined by...

daniela77760444Jun 2017Mar 16

. I HATE ithow boring of a person do you have to be that the only thing you have to talk about is someone else? I don't mind if someone wants to come vent to me...

jarred173-Mar 16
Loneliness looking in the wrong direction

Loneliness - looking in the wrong directionEveryone is lonely when they don’t feel love but we cover our loneliness and lack of love by keeping busy, doing endless activities and also by resent...

Bunyi88825020Mar 6Mar 16

Did You KnowThis is true believe it or not....

Track161141Feb 15Mar 16
From the Office of a Resident of the United States of America

From the Office of a Resident of the United States of AmericaI will not rewrite what is written and has been read worldwide. However only a few hundred read my words. I think they a VIP and must get notice whe...

LincolnsCousin870Mar 16
jarred143-Mar 15

EpistleGod! Do you have to be virtuous and so pious? Why make me feel ashamed with the concept of sin? What good is life if life on earth is a misery? I beco...

psiberite500Mar 15
God is Kind to me

God is Kind to meGod is kind to me is a hyperbolic idiom to signify that all things are going well. For example: God has been kind to me in my life....

psiberite650Mar 15

PuddlesThree ducks appeared in court one day for causing a disturbance at the park. As the ducks approached the stand, the judge called the first duck up and...

Track161125Mar 15Mar 15
My Sweet Sunshine

My Sweet SunshineIt will be good if everybody have 1 night with your type like a dream. Now my dreams go to abroad! The true is real is life you are what you do ca...

paewtato25411Feb 26Mar 15

is over, done and over, done and finished....

jarred159-Mar 15
Forgiveness as a way of Healing

Forgiveness as a way of Healing.Anger [although justified] when kept close to the heart, festers the entire person, making them miserable, and physically ill. So, as somebody whose...

goldengloss90-Mar 15
Where to go to meet a prospective lover soul mate

Where to go to meet a prospective lover/soul mate ?So guy any suggestions? A friend once told me that whenever he tried to go hunting so to speak, he would always meet the wrong candidate or none at...

Kiterunner140525Feb 24Mar 15
Cloward Pivens Strategy Is it working

Cloward-Pivens Strategy. Is it working?Cloward and Pivens were married sociology professors and political activists who devised this strategy in 1966 at Columbia University where they ta...

Miwagi24915Mar 9Mar 15
Self Delusion

Self DelusionHow self-delusional do you think you are? It is said that everyone thinks they are a good driver and have a good sense of humor. I’ve seen peopl...

Gypsytramp1,04987Mar 7Mar 14

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(149)All Of A Sudden.....................................................Theres A Burst Of Subjects........................................That Are Branchi...

namaron25322Mar 14Mar 14
This is not working

This is not working .......and I´m getting desperate. Blogs are like a final count down these days, ...time goes by and I do not find my soulmate , so I decided to make it...

Crunia742-Mar 12Mar 14

SpiderIn the memory of my dearest… There was a very little spider in the lower right corner of my kitchen window. It span his tiny net and caught small...

Tulefell27627Mar 10Mar 14

My WifeMy wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby....

Track1621612Feb 12Mar 14

my best and only friends?smoking heroin and reading. my best and only friends?...

jarred155-Mar 14
Relationships Trust Commitment Love Be There for Each Other Not Just on Valentines

Relationships - Trust - Commitment - Love - Be There for Each Other! Not Just on Valentines .....As you might see up there in the title there are some very meaningful and strong words that many of us just do not know their true value..... My life...

BumbleB2317Feb 8Mar 14
Cold Outside But whatabout Peoples hearts

Cold Outside .... But whatabout People's hearts?Well dear community. Life's full of regrets ... but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel .... irrespective of how long that tunnel is....

BumbleB1763Mar 3Mar 14

Physicist Stephen Hawking has diedPhysicist Stephen Hawking has died...

jarred154-Mar 14
Analysis of Homers Odyssey through Neologisms

Analysis of Homer's Odyssey through NeologismsHomer’s classic Epic—Odyssey belongs to the cannons of Greek Literature. Odyssey is a description of the return voyage of the epic hero Ulysses after...

psiberite985Mar 8Mar 14
Track16841Mar 14Mar 14

profilesim just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i...

itchywitch6,055128Aug 2010Mar 13
Pride and shame among women

Pride and shame among women.How to know .... A strong woman stands proud in all the splendid ways in which she was created A weak woman only stands to try tare her down b...

itchywitch712-Mar 11Mar 13
Friends Acquaintances

Friends & AcquaintancesA friend can be anybody who is not an enemy, therefore even an unknown person in another country, whom you have never heard of can be deemed a friend,...

Catfoot54763Mar 12Mar 13

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