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What is beauty or beautiful to you

What is beauty or beautiful to you?What is beautiful to you by your own defination? What you see about the world or what you see in a person. Feel free to expand on it.....

Rachie1450337Jul 28Jul 30

travelA story I wrote today. A molosce was clinging to a rock at low tide when a seagull came down. "oh don,t eat me seagull i,m alone but if your hung...

flyme16566Sep 2016Jul 30
Treating your partner like their the last person on earth

Treating your partner like their the last person on earthLadies and gentlemen how would or how do you treat and adore your better half...

Trucker1632419May 15Jul 30
Do not try to judge

. Do not try to judgeWhen you condemn others, you actually condemn a piece of yourself. We often condemn those qualities that we so hate in ourselves. Features that make u...

jarred162-Jul 30
important information

important informationdear readers i want to know the universities in canada or newzealand which offer short terms technical courses . is there any have the knowledge abo...

atifshz520Jul 30

We have moved past collusion to the arena of potential conspiracyThis past week the bombshell from Trump's former "fixer" attorney, Michael Cohen, was dropped on Trump. Cohen is willing to testify, that Trump knew...

JimNastics19112Jul 29Jul 29

A convincing read..........get a coffee an snack, a bit of a long read yet worthy of your timeSetting my belief and faith aside momentarily to read this. I really love the sense this write makes. TNRTB FYI: I.D. IN DNA Deciphering Design...

Bentlee19412Jul 29Jul 29

Blooming...At last, I saw this flower blooming this morning, her long stern connecting with the flower looked like a long bugle, as I don't know the name of hers...

July0121195Jul 28Jul 29

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(162)As It Has Become The Way That It Is......................................................Then Theres No Need To Say Anything To You......................

namaron448-Jul 22Jul 29

Its a private matterwoken by a phone call in the early hours of the morning, just sitting in limbo ever since.... soon I have to face someone without falling apart when...

itchywitch63832Jul 15Jul 29

BMW the ultimate crashing machine...Maybe you've seen the TV commercials about BMW... the ultimate driving machine. Long blog again, I've got a lot on my mind... ;-) I checked with G...

chatillion893Jul 29Jul 29

Maxine Waters for the Democrat nomination for President 2020Ladies and Gentlemen, The face of the Democrat Party, Maxine Waters. We love you Maxine !!! Don't sh...

Willy341129114Jul 28Jul 29
stringman24319Jul 28Jul 29

Confused...Dear Diary. Have no one else to talk to, so I will write it down for you. Why are we so stupid? Believing in stories and myths about love? Love i...

mica3248622Jan 2017Jul 29

only leader can answer???????Conflict rose at Sunrise pvt (Ltd) between the two departments when Research and development (R & D) department designed the most advanced product an...

only1life47617Jul 26Jul 29

How Trump Can Shut Down the Democratic PlantationThe Lincoln Model Today there are many Republicans who blame Trump for the de-Reaganization of the Republican Party and wistfully pine for the 1980...

Willy341119225Jul 29Jul 29
the psyche of the herdsman in a nutshell

the psyche of the herdsman in a nutshell....................... Seeing laughter makes you laugh. Tears are contagious. One people, one emotion. In short, the psyche of the herdsman in...

jarred161-Jul 29
Let Go and Relax

Let Go and RelaxGreetings friends hope all is well with you.. The cold weather and wicked north-east wind is no more.. I would like to share with you my Tao...

FLYJAMES1739Mar 4Jul 29

My Kitten Is A Wild AnimalIt spent so long gnawing hard on my leg and is now literally bouncing around the room off everything periodically chomping into my ankle...

Track161087Jul 29Jul 29

What are you most proud ofWe all do things we are proud of as well as some things we are ashamed of. When I was in the working force two of my favorite questions when intervie...

UnFayzed1296Jul 29Jul 29

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up....This weekend is the "Electric Love" music festival in my community, blasting electronic music and heavy bass all weekend. Although the organizers say...

LadyImp22127Jul 28Jul 29

Males and females...Our critter pals...What sex differnces do they have, along the lines of those in humans? I see some....

Vierkaesehoch1062Jul 28Jul 29

"IN RESPONSE"Being That .................There Is Only Room.................................... For 4,000 Letters On The Comments Section?............................

namaron134-Jul 28Jul 29

Microphone no longer working after skype updateBlast it skype insisted on doing another of its interminable updates recently and I've just found that I am no longer audible. Checked both my skype a...

Elegsabiff44755Jul 28Jul 29
A goldfish in a bowl

A goldfish in a bowl......................... A goldfish in a bowl that has been painted black on the outside will never know what the world looks like outside the fis...

jarred1141-Jul 29

Bad relationships? I've had a few... dozen !!I'm still a newbie on CS, but I'm feeling comfortable enough to reveal my innermost life secrets. Things that happened in my life that makes me... me....

chatillion1825Jul 26Jul 28

what color....Do you think trump should paint his fingernails? and are you bored yet?...

M4_Mischief28315Jul 21Jul 28

Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' LawThere was no arrest in this recent shooting because of Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law. The shooter said he was afraid for his life. The problem f...

Talldreamy79377Jul 23Jul 28

KABOOM !!!....skiYesterday a huge bombshell was dropped on Dirty Don Trump's repeated claims of "NO COLLUSION !" You may also recall that Trump claims that he has no...

JimNastics26918Jul 27Jul 28
People People especially your owners have three basic functions

People: People, especially your owners, have three basic functions:................. People: People, especially your owners, have three basic functions: 1. to give you food 2. give your attention and play wi...

jarred159-Jul 28
over the Bridge

over the Bridgewent for a walk! Had that compelling feeling to just keep going even though it was really hot and had been going all day, Glad I did, sometimes you...

Dragos11163Jul 28Jul 28

Men and women.... Use of wc's/bathrooms/johns...Many times, when at a busy public venue, and I have to make wee wee, my impish side gets tempted on the way, if the doors to the one for each sex are...

Vierkaesehoch950Jul 28

"Dreams can come true, they can happen for you, if....." read Andy's most recent column in The New Yorker. Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Family Flees to Moscow By Andy Borowitz...

JimNastics860Jul 28

The Trial of Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort starts this TuesdayMueller has submitted a list of 35 witnesses for the FIRST Manafort trial alone, including Manafort's business partner Gates, who has already plead...

JimNastics1050Jul 27Jul 28

Liberals, lacking facts, manufacture them. That's come to be known as Fake News.Liberals, lacking facts, manufacture them. That's come to be known as Fake News. Case in point. What year did the Russians tamper in our elections?...

Willy341130021Jul 27Jul 28
Runs an Arab with his camel in the desert

Runs an Arab with his camel in the desert.............. Runs an Arab with his camel in the desert and he sees that the beast pulls to the left. The Arab sees a "garage" in the distance...

jarred191-Jul 28

I was a Bozo too...In a former life, I used to talk on the CB radio. One of my CB friends worked for an electronics company and his other hobby was listening to people t...

chatillion1354Jul 27Jul 28
The Virgosign on living forever

The Virgosign on living foreverHey people, "Who wants to live forever" sang the great Freddie Mercury. The first time I heard of Facebook was some 14 years ago when it was in its...

virgosign800Jul 28

Ivanka Trump's next business venture ?You may have heard by now, that Ivanka Trump will be closing up her Chinese child sweat shop. Sad, so sad.

JimNastics28119Jul 25Jul 27

This and ThatAfter a really wet and cold June, summer's finally arrived with a vengeance. The temperatures earlier this week were perfect for me, around 24C with a...

LadyImp1244Jul 27Jul 27

Songwriters...I started playing music in the school symphony by day and cutting my teeth for 'Rock-n-Roll' in a garage band by night. For years and years it was pla...

chatillion1544Jul 23Jul 27
Girls if a man write this to you what will you do

Girls if a man write this to you what will you doThe only thing I can promise you is kissing you, teasing you so you smile, care about you when you are sad , give you a massage, talk your ear off, ma...

phjep51143Jul 26Jul 27
salanky: "constructive criticism please..."(meet us in the profile reviews)

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