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White Lies

White LiesSome people believe that there are times when a lie will serve better than the truth and then they call it a white lie. I find it hard to reconcile my...

Catfoot69093Dec 4Dec 10
Should i postpone the wedding

Should i postpone the wedding?i thought we are a perfect match. He promised noone will make me as happy as he can. Everything went on smoothly ultil after we both declared our...

LastStrike50837Nov 29Dec 9
Concerning in Cuba

Concerning in Cuba?I have heard bits and pieces on the news lately, but nothing really in great detail that I can recall. A buddy of mine came over last night and he me...

Johnny_Sparton21429Dec 9Dec 9
Please Stop Embarrassing Us Theresa

Please Stop Embarrassing Us, Theresa!Please Stop Embarrassing Us, Theresa!...

jarred178-Dec 9
stringman19311Dec 9Dec 9
Black Pete Christmas Negroes and Krampus

Black Pete, Christmas, Negroes and Krampus.Black Pete, Christmas, Negroes and Krampus....

jarred194-Dec 9
water and continents on Mars

water and continents on MarsGoing through some recent antiques I acquired, I was flipping through a magazine from February 1890, named Demorest's Family Magazine. It is mostly a...

Johnny_Sparton653127Dec 5Dec 9
Youll Never Know

You'll Never KnowYou'll Never Know...

jarred176-Dec 9
A silent swan song not mine

A silent swan song (not mine)Yesterday someone I know committed suicide. Somehow I was not surprised, but it saddens me profoundly. He was not a nice man, mostly rude and...

Annanda46035Nov 30Dec 9
Track161052Dec 8Dec 9
last night

last nightfor some reason , i thought that rum and coke will be a good idea -after the fifth drink i thought that dying my eyebrows makes sense that Im...

Dedovix20212Dec 7Dec 8
No strings

No stringsI recently got involved with a “swinger” who doesn’t want to have sex with me because I can get pregnant. Lol. He still likes to pet but that sexually...

Palmfrond38734Dec 8Dec 8
oh my goodness

oh my goodnesswhat have i missed? i went 3 weeks without internet and though i survived it, i felt myself touching on insanity until i could pay the bill. in ca...

freehand22212Dec 8Dec 8
Christmas tree

Christmas tree.I decided I needed to bake more Christmas cakes so off I went , yes with a shopping list. Now half way round the supermarket I discovered they'd sold...

emmy118113Dec 8Dec 8
Try Not To Look So Pretty

Try Not To Look So PrettyTry Not To Look So Pretty...

jarred189-Dec 8
slut cycle

slut cycleIts over and your numb with shock. You get an offer of fun sex, no strings yes please. Its not enough but it helps your broken heart...

girlonaswing37926Dec 7Dec 8
stringman1687Dec 7Dec 8
Track161253Dec 7Dec 8
Opiate addiction problems in the developed world

Opiate addiction problems in the "developed world"...And lack of access to to these helpful agents in much of the rest of the world. BBC report says 10% of the world uses some 90 % of such powerful pain...

Vierkaesehoch1026Dec 7Dec 8
Social or antisocial

Social or antisocialDo you think sites such as : CS Facebook Tinder Snapchat etc Are making people social or antisocial? Does it hurt more to be unfriended on...

Unknown35137Dec 7Dec 7
Doing good for my God and my fellow man

Doing good, for my God and my fellow manI was raised with the Ten Commandments. I honor and love it. I was also raised to believe that doing good is socially and Godly beneficial for al...

lindsyjones3,75784Jun 21Dec 7
The Psychology of Trolling

The Psychology of TrollingThe Psychology of Trolling...

jarred188-Dec 7
one single event

one single eventway back in nineteen seventy could very well have been the reason for the recent Russian election hacking scandal. Historians have tracked this as the...

nonsmoker1442Dec 7Dec 7
Game of Thrones Spain

Game of Thrones / SpainI have never watched the serie (read 4.5 books of George R. R. Martin & 7 from french version - Les Rois Maudits- by Maurice Druon ....100% ) .......

Cachuchi188-Dec 6Dec 7
I was doing some thinking

I was doing some thinking...and maybe its time for me to improve my English , however ...I hope that the majority here will understand ... Yesterday I tried to make a list...

Dedovix54048Dec 5Dec 7
A Generation of Idiots Indoctrination with Political Correctness

A Generation of Idiots: Indoctrination with Political CorrectnessA Generation of Idiots: Indoctrination with Political Correctness...

jarred185-Dec 7
Track16620Dec 7
Express delivery

Express deliveryWhen I was young in my memory, I didn't like to go to shopping alone, or stayed there for a long time just watching around instead of buying, cos the...

July01219614Dec 5Dec 7
Im getting a new mattress today

I’m getting a new mattress todayI think the old one has bad energy. Don’t want any negativity in the boudoir...

Palmfrond27021Dec 6Dec 6

Comb OverShould I grow my hair long and do a comb over? What would it look like?

Track163195Dec 6Dec 6
Ratman And Bobbin

Ratman And BobbinAccording to the locals it all started when the massive automobile, resembling Batman’s Batmobile, stopped in front if a cupcake warehouse in Malaysia...

Catfoot20418Dec 6Dec 6

seemsthere are an awful lot people telling me what to think about this or think about that. Well I am afraid that you will all just have to let me think...

nonsmoker31331Dec 5Dec 6
The EU Superstate Is Just Another RADICAL UTOPIA

The EU Superstate Is Just Another RADICAL "UTOPIA"The EU Superstate Is Just Another RADICAL "UTOPIA"...

jarred169-Dec 6
NAZIPHOBIA A Satire About A Parallel Universe

NAZIPHOBIA!!! A Satire About A Parallel UniverseNAZIPHOBIA!!! A Satire About A Parallel Universe...

jarred178-Dec 6

FOLKS WHO SEEM PROUD OF MULTIPLE MARRIAGES....So a lady, originally from PR, member of a foreign language group, started to come on to me. Visits at house, gifts from the cocina, asking this car g...

Vierkaesehoch1283Nov 27Dec 6
stringman26618Dec 1Dec 6
a brain explosion with thousands of thoughts a minute

a brain explosion with thousands of thoughts a minute.?Sometimes I feel like the reason I can't sleep well at night is because I turn my brain off during the day while on the internet, so by the time I get...

jarred153-Dec 6

IS IT REAL OR IS IT MEMOREXI remember the shock of the dating scene after my marriage of 18 years ended. I had come out of the 60's Hippie Counter Culture! Dating back then was...

PaulDavidPowers21511Dec 5Dec 6

AwakeIf sleep was romance . I would have had a reason to be up .in my bed all alone . I better get a male rubber substitute....

Annleerose16412Dec 5Dec 6
Think About This

Think About ThisCan you list the number of women/men that you have fallen in love with and their names?...

Gentlejim2338Dec 5Dec 5
Youre listening to 1016 on the dial

You’re listening to 10:16 on the dialHere’s an oldie to bring back awkward moments with love. The lyrics are haunting. Where are those old pictures?...

Palmfrond840Dec 5
Talking to Yourself in Third Person Can Ease Up Your Emotional Tension

Talking to Yourself in Third Person Can Ease Up Your Emotional TensionTalking to Yourself in Third Person Can Ease Up Your Emotional Tension...

jarred162-Dec 5
LoveToDance67: "Think you know me?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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