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"Love Is a Give-and-Take Relationship"“Love respects the other. It is a give-and-take relationship. Love enjoys giving, and love enjoys taking. It is a sharing, it is a communication. Both...

owlsway1507Aug 17Aug 18
What Do You Think Is Going To Be The Outcome Of The Way Things Are Today

What Do You Think Is Going To Be The Outcome Of The Way Things Are Today?1. Humanity will learn to overcome our differences and be able to find real peace. 2. Nationalistic attitudes will rule and everyone will divide an...

Track1618410Aug 17Aug 18
some disgusting man

some disgusting mandirty mails and dirty comments how do i delet their comments? i'm angry!!!...

izzie8385517Oct 2011Aug 17

Funny business slogans...PLUMBER: We're #1 in the #2 business. ELECTRICIAN: Our prices won't shock you. SANDWICH SHOP: Let's MEAT for lunch. DENTIST: I do my bus...

chatillion841Aug 17Aug 17

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(86)There Are Going To Be Those Times............................................... Where You Must Wonder................ Just What Ta Hell Is Happening....

namaron178-Aug 17Aug 17

STUPID BLOGI sat down this morning and created a blog, it started out about a commercial I had seen on TV. It was about if you call this number they would send y...

wenever34025Aug 16Aug 17
Wisdom Word

Wisdom Word!I just beloved on a movement and a trend back toward quality people who don’t just look good on the outside or in the bank account, but also have the...

Cee1979830Aug 17

Your knee-jerk reaction, please -You get on very well with a colleague of the opposite sex, have occasionally gone for drinks after work, and twice been to a film you both wanted to s...

Elegsabiff60260Aug 16Aug 17

Andrew Cuomo Organizes Flag Burning To Win Progressive SupportNEW YORK, NY—Thanks to a primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon, Governor Andrew Cuomo has apparently veered to the left in an attempt to not lose progr...

Willy3411902Aug 17Aug 17
How to catch ones attention

How to catch ones attentionI get soooo much wrong mail from so many bad men that I'm beginning to wonder in PM will anyone say/do anything to get someones/anyones attention arou...

itchywitch87649Jul 30Aug 17

thank you for your attentionthank you for your attention

jarred1169-Aug 17
Abortion Vs the death penalty

Abortion V's the death penaltySo I'm listening to the radio a debate concerning the death penalty, the presenter mentions we Irish could never have a referendum concerning the matt...

itchywitch29711Aug 15Aug 17
Cough Hack Spontaneity

*Cough* *Hack* SpontaneityComing home from the doctor's, I'm a bit peeved that all he could do was look at the times my blood pressure was high in the past two weeks, and not a...

LadyImp21914Aug 15Aug 17

ScammersI get messages from scammers all the time. Usually I ignore and delete them. But lately I've been telling them off. I tell them point blank that t...

texasgirl858535121Jul 26Aug 17
andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great country

andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great countrytax plan by trump was analyzed by peterson foundation. it is actually more complex another trump lie. also university of toledo study came out as i ex...

inafunk1050Aug 16

"Relating again"Forget relationships and learn how to relate. Once you are in a relationship you start taking each other for granted – that’s what destroys all love...

owlsway2107Jul 26Aug 16

TRANSFERENCE/Emotional ProjectionIn every day life the games that people play are very noticeable and they are driven by a subconscious agenda (our shadows) gleaned from our childhood...

daniela77754149Aug 15Aug 16

dead............ If your life is not fun, filled with misery and pain. Then you wonder how it is to be dead.......... Do you then rest and...

jarred181-Aug 16
This Is How I Party

This Is How I PartyRock n roll...

Track161606Aug 15Aug 16

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo Beclowns himself again....NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: America ‘was never that great’ Thanks to the election of President Trump, we are in the midst of a process that I call “T...

Willy34111002Aug 16Aug 16
Absolute Tragedy in Greece

Absolute Tragedy in GreeceWildfires causing havoc with 74 confirmed deaths, and nearly 200 injured. My sincere condolences to everyone affected and especially good wishes to m...

Lukeon34517Jul 24Aug 16

Men or women...Belief in the deadly "love at first sight"...Women many times more than men. Source of much disappointment/hurt---?education?...

Vierkaesehoch1555Jul 25Aug 16

The art of hand pulled noodles...I came across some YouTube videos of noodles made by hand. Two different styles were featured in the same video. One is a Chinese man who pulls them b...

chatillion1417Aug 15Aug 16

'I love people, but I do not trust them''I love people, but I do not trust them'

jarred180-Aug 16
Zucchini Biking and More Zucchini

Zucchini, Biking, and More Zucchini!Today's 'D' day - or better known as the day I return to my doctor for him to give me a physical and check my blood pressure readings. Fortunately, fo...

LadyImp19924Aug 15Aug 15

Funny children's names: If your family name is Dover...Probably the strangest names for children came from musician Frank Zappa. His daughter was named Moon Unit and his son was named Dweezil. When Moon wa...

chatillion1824Aug 12Aug 15

"TIME TRAVELING MAN"..(2)"It Was A Long Journey...............................Traveling At A Speed ..............................Thats Even Faster Than Light.....................

namaron83-Aug 15
Bad Bureaucracies

Bad BureaucraciesIt's kinda annoying when a simple process of renewing a passport turns into circus, I'm sure every embassies has different sets of rules and regulatio...

TheOne121024315Aug 15Aug 15

What Gives ???Paul Manifort is in solitary confinement for not paying taxes. In New Mexico a judge let 5 Jihadis out on bail after abusing nearly a dozen children w...

Willy34111195Aug 15Aug 15

I can mention 100 things that I should have doneI can mention 100 things that I should have done differently in my previous years but health is something more important.

jarred177-Aug 15

Stuck!!Smoke from a forest fire 6 miles away is so thick you can almost bite the air and chew it, if you could inhale enough air not to choke on the smell. Y...

LadyImp21117Aug 14Aug 15

cancer...Stated in an earlier blog, my associate left town to be with his daughter in her final days. I received a text from a coworker the woman lost her batt...

chatillion1316Aug 14Aug 15
Nice Smelling Man

Nice Smelling ManNow that I'm back to being a homeowner I find myself having to go to Lowes (home improvement store) quite a bit. Beings I HATE shopping I try to get...

UnFayzed24312Aug 14Aug 15

Some terrific irony in the newest Borowitz columnI'm not sure, if you are aware of the current feud between Dirty Don and his former aide, Omarosa. But, if you like, you can catch up with this video...

JimNastics4453Aug 13Aug 15

God does not exist,God is between your ears.................... God does not exist, God is between your ears. Just like people with voices in their heads. Only those go to the doctor.?...

jarred184-Aug 15
The Virgosign on praying

The Virgosign on prayingIn my opinion, everybody prays. In all religions. Of all beliefs. Whether proclaimed atheists or non believers, all pray. Spiritually prayer is fro...

virgosign18310Aug 5Aug 15

Genetic counsellingBranch of genetic engineering will give better help for human . Which type of child you want sport person , good in academic speicaly in Math and sci...

i7p9t991Aug 15Aug 15
WiZiD Zoo Part 9

WiZiD Zoo (Part 9)If anything, the only thing about the whole episode that I retained was that I had sent something away and incorporated into whatever that was the way...

Wrinklylove1240Aug 14

Bernie Sanders Generously Gives Homeless Man Money Out Of Wallet He Just StoleWASHINGTON, D.C.—Showing himself to be a compassionate man of the people who cares deeply about the plight of the downtrodden, Senator Bernie Sanders...

Willy341117510Aug 14Aug 14
Diplomacy and Kindness

Diplomacy and KindnessRecently, I had a conflict with a co worker who has become a friend. And someone gave me an advice that united my heart and my mind.. He said: Never p...

Unknown24012Aug 14Aug 14

LET's TOUR AROUND THE WORLDHave u ever been to places before? Share some pics The sdventure u had...

ysabeljhen1292Aug 14Aug 14

Space Force - the gay frontier lolFew people are better at duping the public than Donald Trump. Whether it's tales about how Mexico is going to pay for a giant wall, or how he's goi...

JimNastics44633Aug 10Aug 14

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