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Not to beat a dead horse.....But believe me, the libs would if the shoe were on the other foot. Happy MLK, Jr. day. Notice, I left out the title of "Doctor". As it turns out, an a...

Vierkaesehoch2076Jan 21Jan 21

Horses...........years ago, for a wealthy lady friend, while she traveled, I cared for her two Arabians. So, got to ride them instead of her, with the former being...

Vierkaesehoch1060Jan 21

The Truth about the Lincoln Memorial IncidentThe black “activists”, emotionally emboldened by witnessing children in red MAGA hats, directed their verbal abuse on the assembling group of kids. S...

Willy34111582Jan 21Jan 21

I Wonder What I’m Looking ForThe last few years of my marriage were bad, the last couple were horrendous. Would things have turned out differently if I’d been a better partner?...

Harbal1,246121Jan 19Jan 20

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(92)There Is No Need................................. To Get Yourself Upset............................. Over Anything That Gets Said Here...................

namaron120-Jan 20Jan 20

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(190)With The Way Life Is?...........................One Never Knows............................. What One Will Come Upon............................Its Al...

namaron39143Jan 17Jan 20

realitytwo of the hardest question to answer: 1.what do you do for fun? 2.tell me about your self?...

sandyxsandy1280Jan 20
the first terrorist

the first terrorist................... the first terrorist...

jarred1129-Jan 20

What Make a Date Successful?Not Matter You Gender ( By falicias Own Experiences!) Is All About How You Present Your Self How Much Effort You Put Into! You Have To Look Confid...

falicia1412Jan 20Jan 20
stringman36335Jan 17Jan 20

"Love and Appreciation" (By falicias Own Experiences)If you Have Love In your Relationship! Hold On In It Tide! Because You Easily Could Loose it! (See "Things that keep Two People Together" Blog)...

falicia3057Sep 11Jan 20

Heyy..Don't you think you'll miss your plane?

Kalpataru191-Jan 20Jan 20

LIFE HAS CHANGED UPDATEHi everyone want to thank you for the comments and prayers and thoughts and the powerful energy you have sent. I just finished 3 treatments of Radi...

wenever54425Dec 29Jan 20

Mary OliverSome of you may have been aware that the great American Poet Mary Oliver died today, aged 83. I loved this poem when I was 15 and I love it still:...

Still_notaDoctor27326Jan 17Jan 20
Amazing right

Amazing, right?There is someone who is with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He or she never departs from your side, day and night remains with you. There is o...

jarred188-Jan 20

A Moat Around The Castle......Is as wide as it is deep and never ceases to serve its purpose to those who dug it out. Looking down into the water for necessary clarity to witne...

fiorenza5338Jan 18Jan 20
Stop putting all hispanics in one basket

Stop putting all hispanics in one basket!Dont forget about those who came here legally and are standing by our president in building a wall to force ILLEGALS to be screened and come here the...

Jada_Bella63361Jan 19Jan 20

New Photo Caption Contest - Papal sightingIf you like, have fun adding your own caption(s) for the following photo, or just enjoy the other entries. Your choice. My first entry is;...

JimNastics29422Jan 16Jan 19

Look OUT !! I'm back !A shout out to all my CS friends ! "I'm back !" Despite any rumors of the contrary, I am alive and well and FINALLY back home in NJ. I lef...

JimNastics97810Feb 2009Jan 19

Ugly Americans........Years ago, when my countrymen traveled over seas, this was a real problem. "If they don't understand, just shout at them louder in English". Thankfull...

Vierkaesehoch1893Dec 22Jan 19

Pelosi WON’T TAKE MEETINGS with Any US Citizen Whose Family Member Was Killed by Illegal AlienPURE EVIL: 36-year-old paramedic Paul Besaw was killed alongside his paramedic colleague, 51-year-old Lahiri Garcia, when they were struck and killed...

Willy34112278Jan 12Jan 19
Paternity court

Paternity court.It has been one of my secret likings lately. I don't get this african american community portrayed on these shows. They really are making their...

Len05890Jan 19
Sooooo you really love your chocolate dont you

Sooooo, you really love your chocolate, don't you ..... ?How Many Rodent Hairs and Insect Parts Are In ... Here is a very brief sampling of the FDA's Food Defect Action Level list. They begin investigatio...

Hans471119826Jan 17Jan 19
8 parts network

8 parts.. [ network5786. a film over the eyes 1782. judge } you be the ~ --------- } strong radio astronomy 7568. a network. ) ) At this point the exercise becomes s...

Agentbob720Jan 19

Katie...BARR, the door.Three top Senior Justice Department officials, two who are senior prosecutors on Robert Mueller’ Special Counsel, met with Bruce Ohrin the summer of 2...

Drcoctail1071Jan 19Jan 19
The Isle of Innisfree updated

The Isle of Innisfree - (updated)Innisfree is a real part of Ireland (thanks to Mollybaby's correction) that Yeats uses as the setting for his poem, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”. Yeat...

Hans471117110Jan 13Jan 19
the world has gone mad

the world has gone madi have just been watching sky news ,, and saw that mad governments are actually spraying chemicals into the atmosphere to make it rain .... because...

edison3241180Jan 19

Truck Stop...There's a story in the news about a guy and his guests who decided to build a huge snowman and packed it around a tree stump in the front yard. When...

chatillion1647Jan 17Jan 18
Daughters Day

Daughters DaySince it seems to be that around here...

itchywitch50020Aug 2018Jan 18

Think you're having a bad day?(The following took place in Florida, apparently!) A man was working on his motorcycle on his patio and his wife was in the house in the kitchen....

fiorenza53313Jan 18Jan 18

Mind AWOLWe all, I think, I hope, have that moment of walking into a room, then wondering what we went there for. Or stopping halfway up the stairs and thinkin...

Elegsabiff36338Jan 17Jan 18

MotivationGo after what you really love and find a way to make that work for you then you'll be a happy person. ~Tom Petty~...

sandyxsandy910Jan 18
A wedding cake

A wedding cake!A number of scientists have found out which food causes the sex desire in women to decrease by 85% ... A wedding cake!...

jarred167-Jan 18
The Grand Tour season 3 episode 1 a review

The Grand Tour season 3 episode 1 - a review!Something new for this blog: A review of a 13 episode series! This time, I am reviewing The Grand Tour Season 3. The first two seasons were full of...

Philipsen1260Jan 18

exploitationAre you being exploited if somebody makes a profit from you....from your labor....from your possessions. In the world of Capitalism, is not that wh...

Johnny_Sparton31239Jan 16Jan 18

Only some years is left that this world will endsigns of the end time are happening more and more till this world is end. Those that believe and obey commandments of God will be saved. Two gre...

starrayfil96-Jan 18
I am a lot on the internet with my work

I am a lot on the internet with my workI am a lot on the internet with my work and between my work I surf the internet I work with 4 laptops 3 for work 1 for fun when my boss does not come...

jarred172-Jan 18

What is Reality? – Part 2 (Measurement and Reality)If something can be measured, whether directly or indirectly, is it real? According to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, if energy has to be added t...

socrates4422122Jan 16Jan 18

An act of terrorism...That's how I see it. Make an unreasonable money demand on a group of people. To get the money, you create a situation where your actions financially...

chatillion41628Jan 8Jan 17

TEFLON DON: Trump's Approval Ratings Soar Despite Russia MeetingAccording to a brand new Rasmussen poll, President Trump’s approval numbers have now climbed back to 46%, near the highest of his presidency. And all...

Willy341143627Jul 2018Jan 17

Another payoff to keep silent by Trump ?Today in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Offers Pelosi $130,000 to Keep Quiet By Andy Borowitz 6:00 P.M. WASHIN...

JimNastics1600Jan 17

Online Dating RelegatingHere are 12 warning signs that you're addicted to the thrill of the digital chase (for a person that you'll never meet)... 1. When filling out the...

fiorenza1,55766Jan 14Jan 17
lonesome85: "Are, crazy enough?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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