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" Positive" Is The Word! ( By falicia's Own Experiences)Remind Positive No Matter What! I Know Is Not Easy to Say That! Even When Something Horrible Is Happen or has Happen to You! Is Always Something...

falicia2043Mar 4Mar 4
maybe writing about it will help

maybe writing about it will let me get straight to the point. this is my 2nd account and i must admit that it’s not as fun as my 1st experience here. so why the need to make a...

cuddle_me4289Oct 2018Mar 4
Track161434Mar 1Mar 4

As we get's pretty cool the times we can once again put a lot of trust in a fart....

Bentlee1422Mar 3Mar 4
Best CS story teller

Best CS story tellerSemsu or whatever you call yourself now ... Bekardonline now! BekardOP•2 hrs ago•St.Johns, Saint John Antigua and Barbuda crest, YES, VERY CLAS...

Onthcrestofawave222-Mar 4Mar 4
What About The Driver

"What About The Driver ?"I spent most of my nights here trying to get to the bottom of the spillage of the chemicals we shipped a couple of days ago. The materials were in a t...

Crazyheart3849048Feb 28Mar 4

My daftest question ever....And lordy me but I have asked a few Not that its a question really because I'm pretty sure I know the answer to it already, nonetheless I have be...

itchywitch634-Feb 21Mar 4

"CREATION"..("EVERY DAY'S WAY..(133)Here Comes Another One of Those.............This Writing i Am Laying Down here?.............Is to Fill In The Initial Opening Of This Blog.........Its...

namaron1714Mar 3Mar 4

The Negro ProjectThe Negro Project was initiated in 1939 by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. It was a collaborative effort between the American Birth Co...

Willy341119917Mar 4Mar 4

That Beeb stories so interesting, I'm missing out on sleep. So, this debate over endless growth (Economic, population), in the face of limited space and r...

Vierkaesehoch26918Feb 4Mar 4

Rigged election ???Cohen speaks and it's the top story. News at 11. Hey, I'm just the messenger....

chatillion36624Jan 17Mar 4

Liberal Russian “Collusion Delusion” and more.... From CPACPresident Trump spoke at CPAC on Saturday and blasted the Deep State and the Mueller witch hunt as “bullsh*t.” “We had the greatest of all time. No...

Willy34111444Mar 3Mar 3
Your Choice Does Not Mean Youre Stupid

Your Choice Does Not Mean You're StupidComedian Bill Maher had a field day, putting down those in Middle America. His snubs really seem to show how many in more industrialized and affluent...

HealthyLiving43534Feb 25Mar 3

House brand...For years, Eckerd Drugs was the main local pharmacy. Owned by Jack Eckerd, there were many stores in the Miami area. Selections there were usually t...

chatillion1186Mar 2Mar 3

Dirt...I wasn't going to make this a political blog... but it has to do with someone in politics. Michael Cohen was in the news this past week giving (possi...

chatillion1274Mar 2Mar 3

Feeling like Mrs String here .. LOLExcuse the pun Mr String ... but given my below clip along with the type of music you may understand why.... Ps, hope your sense of humour is mig...

itchywitch472-Mar 1Mar 3
Room with a view

Room with a viewThe view from my window is uninteresting; in fact, after three years of looking at the scene with absolutely nothing happening It had become almost un...

Harbal728100Mar 1Mar 2
You know youve made it when

You know you've made it when?My partner in crime just sent me a picture of a tattoo which in itself is not remarkable. What is though... is that it's a design that I created for o...

BadlyDrawn1458Mar 2Mar 2

"ITS MY BLOG"..("ITS MY LIFE")Im Sure Youve Heard Of.............That Song By The Animals............"Its My Life?"........................Well...............I Have Decided...........

namaron1490Mar 2

Pleasant surprise!I lost my set of house keys. Called every place I have been to see if they found any keys. People would have thought I am a total nut. Nevermind!...

usha12354646Feb 27Mar 2

Disbarred...I see Michael Cohen made it to the news this week. He testified privately Tuesday to the Senate Intelligence Committee and is scheduled to appear (whi...

chatillion28521Feb 27Mar 2

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"...("FOR THE RECORD")..(94)For The Record?........."I Am Hoping That Mr Beckard......Can Understand................. And Does Change His Mind...... And Stay Here Why?.............

namaron147-Mar 2

GuysIf you walked in on your Wife girlfriend or friend with benefits wearing a strap on and squirting,watching a couple of gay guys getting it...

Onthcrestofawave25414Mar 1Mar 2

Prepare to See a Whole Lot More of Don Jr.Donald Trump Jr. was perfectly at home. It was day three of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, commonly known as CPAC, and hundre...

Willy34111223Mar 1Mar 2

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(194)When Anybody Puts Up A Blog?............It Is....Because At That Time?....Thats What They Want To Do.......And When Its The Written Word?................

namaron144-Mar 1

Hamas in CongressLaurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, has accused Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) of being a “Hamas plant” in Congress....

Willy34111324Feb 28Mar 1

No strings attached...I haven't played guitar in a few weeks. The last time, one string had popped. It was high E and I only had a spare B string so I put it on. I know it...

chatillion1314Feb 28Mar 1
Deep Dark Web

Deep Dark WebJust an interesting part of the www. If you've never heard of the "deep web," there's a good chance you'll never come across it. But it's growing i...

Lukeon1908Feb 28Mar 1
The porpose of lithe

The porpose of litheAs we are now pre listing proposed blog titles and the meaning/ purpose of life Has been done to death 10,000 times here I'm calling dibs on this...

Onthcrestofawave2209Feb 8Mar 1

Joke of the night - Why !Real Friendship A man brings his best friend home for dinner at 5:30 pm without giving his wife prior notice. His wife begins screaming at him,...

JimNastics1363Feb 28Feb 28
stringman68315Feb 24Feb 28

"Becoming The Flower"Recently. I posted a series of blogs on the topic: "What Is Reality?". It was a particular experience that I had, which I have attempted to describe...

socrates4423725Feb 24Feb 28

Return to senderSeems whilst we've been talking about the return of the ISIS bride this is just the tip of the iceberg a tweet from President Trump - “the caliphate...

zmountainman1,838171Feb 17Feb 28
Track16950Feb 28

58 National Security Officials Debunk Trump's fake border crisis.58 Former National Security Officials Debunk Trump’s National Emergency Claim Ryan Bort Rolling Stone February 25, 2019 Earlier this mont...

JimNastics21015Feb 26Feb 28

More of the best tactics by the alt get a disbarred scummy ex attorney, soon headed for a stay in the Big House for, inter alia, lying, not only to congress, but to banks, the FBI...

Vierkaesehoch1175Feb 27Feb 27

The Methodist tradition.These kindly folks have just wisely voted to prohibit those whose s*xual choices are abnormal, happily in the vanishing minority, and can be unhygieni...

Vierkaesehoch1558Feb 27Feb 27
A Tribute to my Mom on my birthday

A Tribute to my Mom ~ on my birthdayIt was against the odds. She was 46 and already had 4 adult children and 1 still at home. A new relationship, after a scandalous affair had ripped...

Kaylana042939Feb 15Feb 27

Giving upWhat made you decide to give up on the dating game ? How liberating does it feel ?...

NOSTRUS31311Feb 5Feb 27

Which Type of Blog do You want to see?From observing, people appear to like: Love (This is a dating site) Banter Food Music Politics etc If you tell us all what you would prefer t...

smiley96331720Feb 24Feb 27
Onthcrestofawave2709Feb 25Feb 27

To help you better understand the impending Mueller report on TrumpIn the NY Times; The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect. A concise report will probably act as a “road map” to investigation fo...

JimNastics82379Feb 23Feb 27

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