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Shock appeal vs manners

Shock appeal vs manners...As I child we were told what was not to be talked about ... Things that were too personal or just bad manners to voice in public... Now people s...

oldblue543516May 31Jun 1
But for the grace of the Goddess

But for the grace of the Goddess....Ran into the delightful elderly couple up the street, while the two were entering a neighbors' home from the work truck, to work at their dependable a...

Aaltarboy1385May 31Jun 1
Why do we get stuck in the rat race

Why do we get stuck in the rat race?Why do we get stuck in the rat race?...

jarred1105-Jun 1

"TO BEGIN WITH"And They Dreaded... That A "Beginning".... Would Take Place....But What Was So Bad About This "Beginning".......To "Begin" With?...Was It... Maybe A F...

namaron18611May 31May 31
CNN wannabee Comedienne holds up islamofascist style a model of the head of President Trump

CNN wannabee Comedienne holds up, islamofascist style, a model of the head of...President Trump.Immediate fake appologies follow, along with removal of the pic and the Secret Service jumping on board. Sure, LA, DC and NYC elite libs remain apople...

Aaltarboy20010May 31May 31

The Donkey of my Dreams, Part 2When I came to, I saw birds flying around my head, then I realized, I was looking at a woman wearing a scarf with birds on it. I drank the water and...

freehand1343May 30May 31
Why privacy matters

Why privacy mattersWhy privacy matters...

jarred1103-May 31
Dont fall into the society trap

Don't fall into the society trap -Don't fall into the society trap -...

jarred1124-May 31
ooby_dooby2515May 29May 31
Smelling like a rose

Smelling like a roseYears ago when I was young, Best Beloved, there was a series of ads for a deodorant called Impulse. If you used it, the ad promised, handsome men woul...

Elegsabiff65862May 30May 31
People find ISIS attractive despite beheadings

People find ISIS attractive despite beheadingsPeople find ISIS attractive despite beheadings...

jarred195-May 31
Truth about Ramadan

Truth about RamadanAlthough I left the comment section open, I trust you will all do well without my input, as I will be travelling till Tuesday....

seaworthy2564May 28May 31

What is L O V E? Just Another Four-Letter Word?The majority of bad/swear words being four-letter words, then how is love/like defined? Love has driven some people crazy, made some do very unus...

daniela77752456May 10May 31

"CREATURE OF HABIT"And it Happened While I Was Gone For The Four Hours Im Always Away In The Afternoon..They Broke Into The House.....My 12 String.... Harmony Guitar...W...

namaron35521May 30May 31

Help, More Humorous Stories Are Needed!Do we need more stories that are humorous? Or... Do we need stories that are more humorous? How punctuation can make a sentence ambiguous and...

daniela77724421May 30May 31
Introducing my hometown to Art

Introducing my hometown to Art.I also introduced my gaggles of girlfriends to Art. They were dying to meet him after hearing so many stories about him. There was only one problem th...

MimiArt7348290-May 31
A friend like you

A friend like youA friend like you...

jarred198-May 31
The Rapture of the Redeemed

The Rapture of the Redeemedthis vid will explain it very clearly. it will happen no doubt about it.

stringman1344May 29May 30
stringman20117May 29May 30
Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone

Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphoneWhy we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone...

jarred1105-May 30
The Blue And The Gray

The Blue And The GrayThe U.S. Civil War ended in Spring, 1865. In Spring of 1866, the ladies of Columbus, Mississippi decorated the graves of fallen Confederate soldier...

miclee1708May 29May 30
Oh Canada Retro Dad

Oh Canada....Retro Dad.Long weekend for all, so taking the twins up the road to New Brunswick. Reversing Falls in St. Johns, St. Stevens chocolate factory. Last time here th...

Aaltarboy1182May 29May 30

the donkey of my dreams, part 1my muse: i will paint Jezebel tomorrow It was only recently that the donkey captured my heart. Like a lightening bolt stuck the organ trappe...

freehand1562May 29May 30
Even Now

Even NowEven Now...

jarred1110-May 30
The benefit of being a man

The benefit of being a manThe benefit of being a man is that physical attractiveness is 90% body. If you got a great symmetrical muscular physique- you'll always be deemed attr...

jarred191-May 30
Too Quiet Here

Too Quiet Here...Anyone awake ? oh must be fifty characters, I only entered twenty-eight...I hope this will post now...

Crazyheart382307May 29May 30


Track161301May 29May 30
Memorial Day in the USA

Memorial Day in the USA.Sitting here in Micky D's, cheaply using their free wifi, with Mr. Bravo patiently guarding the car outside (he'd welcome anyone in---showing them my...

Aaltarboy1558May 29May 29

"WONDERING MAN"..(2)Im Just Going To Lay It Down As It Comes To Me This Night........... Here....On The Eastern Coast Of The USA......Its 555 PM.... Right Now Here.........

namaron228-May 29May 29
Socially inept

Socially ineptDr Blue needs answers I can see the excitement and addictive possibilities of online chat rooms and social media The ability to create a whole ne...

oldblue5444024May 28May 29
Playing the Game of Life

Playing the Game of LifePlaying the Game of Life...

jarred187-May 29

SocietyI think we fked up somewhere.

Track161332May 29May 29

what do i want to be when i grow up?I still haven't decided what i want to be when i grow up. it seems so unrealistic to know what one wants to be at an early age. only now, do i have...

freehand29534May 29May 29
Serious Stuff

Serious StuffWhat more can a man ask for? [...

Lukeon27516May 28May 29
Homeless shelters food pantries soup lines free medical care

Homeless shelters, food pantries, soup lines, free medical care.....Although, years ago, before help with childhood experiences, I briefy relied on these things, thank Goddess I have not again. Indeed, my volunteering...

Aaltarboy1678May 28May 29

The World We CreateThe universe always mirrors back to us the conditions of our dreaming. So, if we´re fearful that money won´t come to us, it won´t. On the other hand,...

daniela77728532May 28May 29
Track161402May 28May 29
The Mind

The MindThe Mind...

jarred196-May 29
Honestly want to hear what you men and ladies would do under this circumstance

Honestly want to hear what you men and ladies would do under this circumstance......I have just returned back from a trip home - Solomon Islands to attend my mom's funeral a week ago. Before leaving Indonesia, I needed a visa to ente...

titsy32924May 28May 29
1930 Girls were raised to be gentle and respectful

1930 Girls were raised to be "gentle" and respectful1930 Girls were raised to be "gentle" and respectful...

jarred188-May 29

THE BEGINNING OF SORROWSwhy are things in the world so full of turmoil.

stringman1527May 28May 28
The good old days

The good old daysWere actually rubbish, and I'm sick of hearing how great it was....

pat8lanips2507May 28May 28
tigg_nz: "Dandy-lion"(meet us in the puzzles)

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