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Returned From ExileA while back I was sent into exile for various crimes, mainly failing to attend a bipartisan think tank on global cooling as well as overuse of the w...

Mapmaker1,15288Aug 11Aug 13

"THE WAY THE STORY WENT"It Is A New Time....And Its A New Error...I Have Become What I Have Been Made Into...After All...One Doesnt Know What One Is...One Cannot Really Say W...

namaron105-Aug 13
What to do

What to do....I need your help. I have a confession to make and I don't know what steps to take next. I have a crush on a CS member. He has no idea. We ch...

Gypsytramp2,730211Aug 11Aug 13
Graveyard shift

Graveyard shift...Ok I drew the short straw and get to spend the next 10 hours guarding the boat from opitunists while we're at the wharf... Let's see if anyone is o...

oldblue5434728Aug 13Aug 13

This is for the Church GoersFor all my Sunday (Sun-day worshiping the Sun God) church goers out will hear a lot of lies today in church.This will no doubt lead into a p...

NewYorkcitylove114-Aug 13
Rules Of Life

Rules Of LifeRules Of Life...

jarred176-Aug 13
bye and thanks for all the fish

bye and thanks for all the fish...last night I was browsing the forum threads and the abuse and vitriolic comments being posted were way over acceptable normal banter, they were positi...

pastafarian53147Aug 12Aug 13

Satchel PaigeToday in August 13th 1949 With the fall of the color line, "Satchel Paige" finally made it to big leagues with the Cleveland Indians,best pitcher ever...

NewYorkcitylove95-Aug 13
Funny But Real Things

Funny But Real ThingsFunny But Real Things...

jarred161-Aug 13

MY FIRST BLOG IN TWO YEARS!!Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone remembers me. I used to blog on here a lot, but the last time I posted was July 2015.... I still recognize some n...

GoDaniel38123Jun 29Aug 13

"IN SEARCH OF"But You Will Go About Your Life.... As If They Never Even Existed....But The News Of That Day Is ....That These Questions From Humanity... Of Wanting...

namaron169-Aug 12Aug 12

KKK/White nationalist groupSo the KKK decided to troll the streets of Virginia last night beating people up and do you see police? They legit beat people. But we were called thu...

NewYorkcitylove135-Aug 12
A simple girl next door

A simple girl next door -I am just a simple average girl next door. I believe there is good in everyone. I don't believe that material things or titles make a person but what...

USACOUNTRY26912Aug 11Aug 12
Brazilian hard wood twin bunk beds

Brazilian hard wood twin bunk beds.....Buyer arriving today. Tearful memories. They all (mostly) grow up sooner or later. Aa....

Aaltarboy1202Aug 12Aug 12
stringman900Aug 12


Track161162Aug 12Aug 12
nonsmoker41741Aug 11Aug 12
Toilet roll

Toilet rollToilet roll...

jarred180-Aug 12

The Dark Connection of The Bank "Santander"More hidden messages under our noses “Santander” (take off the letters N,and DER you will get SATAN) i found this bank around my living headquarters.J...

NewYorkcitylove104-Aug 12
Dont Break Someones Heart

Don’t Break Someone’s HeartDon’t Break Someone’s Heart...

jarred1100-Aug 12
Mr Twist her

Mr. Twist-herBy no means a novel idea here. In fact, there is one member that we are blessed with his presence that has spoken of this on many occasions. Robert.....

Johnny_Sparton35648Aug 11Aug 12

Mental healthMental health is a topic we collectively need to take more seriously. We can't just write everyone off as crazy. No one asks to be depressed. Show emp...

NewYorkcitylove89-Aug 11

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("A WORLD OF WHY")..(62)"Is It Done To Make One Think ....That A Machine .....Or A Robot....Can Not Have The Understanding... Of A Thought Process... Which Allows Them To Kno...

namaron1293Aug 11Aug 11

"CREATION"..("SIDE LINERS")..(93)"So You Think Its On The Run Now"..."Should It Be The Time To Give Chase?"...................................................... "Try As You Tried So...

namaron101-Aug 11

"THE POSSIBILTY""I Am The Egg Man...Iam The Walrus..("No Youre Not"..Said Little Nicola")........"He Blew His Mind Out In A Car"..."He Didnt Notice That The Lights Ha...

namaron900Aug 11

What s your escape,What do you do to escape the endless barrage of bad News. The continual stories of doom and gloom is hard on a persons sanity. I ve thought of havi...

1to1to132921Aug 10Aug 11
30 meter white pine dying

30+ meter white pine dying,leaning precariously toward the Aa palace, and in coastal high winds, dropped large dead branches, which meant a new front roof. Blessing in disguise,...

Aaltarboy13711Aug 11Aug 11
Read This Out Loud

Read This Out Loud !Read This Out Loud !...

jarred173-Aug 11

lolThe beautiful secretary of a bank president was asked to squire around the king of a wealthy African kingdom, one of the bank's most important clients...

Track16940Aug 11
NewYorkcitylove84-Aug 11

A true Man and a Virtuous Woman.A true man of high standards following the Most High Yahawah and Yahawashi,will not ask, nor tempt a woman to give up the virtue she's saving for her...

NewYorkcitylove84-Aug 11
You cant start the next chapter

You cant start the next chapterYou cant start the next chapter...

jarred175-Aug 11

I'm a woman, very thankful and very gratefulSince I was young and able to see and understand the roles opposite sex can do, I was so thankful that I was born or God made me a woman. My lovi...

lindsyjones52139Aug 8Aug 11

Thank you CS and fellow bloggersHello fellow citizens of the blog world. This is to acknowledge how great this place is. First it's free. Second we get to meet and be friends...

lindsyjones40226Aug 10Aug 11
Im Not A Robot

I'm Not A RobotI'm a living person who likes to smoke and has too many pets. Good times....

Track161989Aug 10Aug 11


Track16931Aug 10Aug 10

CreationI'm thinking of creating a website exclusively for jilted lovers. They would be able to create an account (for a fee, of course) and every time they...

Gypsytramp27330Aug 10Aug 10

The Native People of MexicoThe Native People of Mexico (Tribe of Issachar - He Is HIred (Genesis 30:18) Their symbol is the donkey,were the first people to domesticate corn (Gen...

NewYorkcitylove93-Aug 10
Friends Are Hard To Find

Friends Are Hard To FindFriends Are Hard To Find [/ur...

jarred198-Aug 10
Two fat and rich boys

Two fat and rich "boys"Sophists consider the value of truth to be instrumental, simply because morality is a human construct (from their point of view). Therefore, truth is...

Huitzilopochtli183-Aug 10Aug 10
What Do You Read Here

What Do You Read HereWhat Do You Read Here...

jarred1109-Aug 10
Track161182Aug 10Aug 10
4MaryB: "precious "(meet us in the ecards)

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