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Men would not lie so muchMen would not lie so much if women did not ask them so many questions...............

jarred1107-May 29

Memorial Day, May 28, '18 - Remembering PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Our veterans' group will be raising awareness of PTSD this Memorial Day, May 28. Memorial Day is set aside to r...

miclee31022May 27May 28

Oh god, Yes !!OOoooohhh. More to the left a little to the right lower lower Oh yeah, that's it ! Yes ! Harder ! Faster ! Oh God ! Oh yeah, that feels so...

JimNastics1842May 28May 28
Memorial Day

Memorial DayLets not forget anyone, who died with many other different issues & reasons on Memorial Day. (It`s Memorial Day, every day of my life, to me).....

moonglow331420May 28May 28

What would our DNA look like if we didn’t have a 24-hour day?What would our DNA look like if we didn’t have a 24-hour day?...

galrads1998May 5May 28

"EASY PREY"..("OR...SO THEY THOUGHT")Now...............................................Here Is Guy............................Who The Bad Guys Thought Was An Easy Target It Was In Decemb...

namaron1651May 28May 28

I have a Serious question ??Somegrils send me massage and asking my mail account or phone number ? Have you ever run across who are they...

Juantolga26113May 24May 28
question that has baffled only men for centuries and decades

question that has baffled only men for centuries and decadesI am sure that most, if not all, men have pondered this thought and question...and many have most likely shed a tear or two over it. Living alone....

Johnny_Sparton48541May 26May 28

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!Happy Memorial Day to my family and friends! Also, I wish a Happy Memorial day to all veterans who are serving their country, especially those who pa...

Gentlejim1444May 28May 28
Gingers Redheads Strawberry blondes as promised

Gingers/Redheads/Strawberry blondes ~ as promised .Are we a superior Race? miclee and myself think so. Biff? anymore redheads out there on C.S.? I have done some research and it would seem, we are ce...

goldengloss76970May 10May 28
Beware of PASCAL 13 Report

Beware of PASCAL 13 (Report!)LADIES BEWARE AND REPORT! We have a PERVERT PAYASO (clown) by the screen name of PASCAL 13 who is so desparate for attention he decided it was ok t...

Jada_Bella43626May 26May 28

Every morning I dust my brain a bitEvery morning I dust my brain a bit And I am happy with the day that fate gave me again then I get the newspaper and I read after my bath The obitu...

jarred1100-May 28

How often do you manage itconsidering you do a tall Once a week maybe twice? or perhaps you're a little like me, you try to manage at least once a month? what can I say...

itchywitch45935May 27May 28

making each other crazy if I am feeling good, the game is making each other crazy online..............

jarred1103-May 28

Men beware of these 9 words that women attention and learn................NINE WORDS WOMEN USE ; 1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2) Five Minutes: If...

britishcolumbian1340May 28
Too young girlfriends sometimes look too odd

Too young girlfriends sometimes look too oddI am still speculating over a situation that happened last weekend, of how things might get odd sometimes depending on the situation. We were invited...

aisha0054643May 27May 28

Admittedly, no shocker to most of usThe following has been clearly true to most of us. But to the easily duped, it may come with some surprise I suppose. Today in the Huffington Post...

JimNastics40025May 22May 28

Africa DayOn Africa Day, the continent celebrates diversity and independence. Africa Day commemorates the day on which 32 independent African countries form...

Lukeon29933May 25May 27

I wonder who it could possibly be.Trump Is Right: Someone Is Out to Get Him All those stories that make the president look bad have a source. by Ramesh Ponnuru May 27, 2018, 9:0...

JimNastics1976May 27May 27

Heart defectsCommon enough and thanks to surgery not all are life threatening ... But here's what I don't know if its common or not If after having an open...

itchywitch38226May 23May 27

You're odd !Your feet smell, while your nose runs. You park in a driveway, and drive on the parkway on your way to the store to buy jumbo shrimp. What the hell...

JimNastics1703May 27May 27

"DONT THAT BEAT ALL"Not To Take Away From Mr Blog................................But This Is The Weekend In The USA..................... That Was Formally Called...........

namaron169-May 27May 27

You're Invited - Free concertSimply Red featuring the amazing vocals of Mick Hucknall and you don't even have to leave your home....

JimNastics23112May 20May 27

early morning in paradisei dont mean to brag but.... early morning 5 mins drive from home...

Onthcrestofawave753-May 24May 27

You only get one lifeRealize that you are the captain of your life and nobody else. Do you give the helm to someone else or go sailing? Live as you want to live..............

jarred197-May 27

He's the only one that fits the bill.Reading through profiles of women on my home page I see most have demands us lessor mortals could never meet, non smoker, must like dancing & travel,...

zmountainman1,018115May 26May 27
History is made

History is madeToday, a young African American woman, Meghan Markle, married into the British Royal family and became Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. She...

Ken_1927314May 19May 27
if you had to choose

if you had to choose -this came up as a topic in class, and intrigued me. If you had to choose between not being able to speak again OR not being able to stop y...

Elegsabiff75177May 25May 27

fasting.... a virtue i inherited from the religion i was recruited in when born. It taught me perseverance, patience and self discipline ( matter what...

bloodyawfull37423May 23May 27
this from a womans mouth

this from a woman's mouth.I had to correct her by saying, not all women. lol She tells me, are you going to tip me for my dance? I said, I already have when you were on st...

Johnny_Sparton54643May 25May 27

IT'S NOT FAKE NEWS ~ WE ARE BEING WATCHED, I CAN PROVE IT.Well I wrote a Blog about a Dog, just a day or two ago. Basically it involved a rescue dog and one of the huge problems was, despite opening the doo...

goldengloss28236May 27May 27

PrognosisMorris returns from the doctor and tells his wife that the doctor has told him that he has only 24 hours to live. Given the prognosis, Morris asks h...

Gentlejim1847May 26May 27
Was I cruel or Sensible

Was I cruel or Sensible ?Today I am feeling low in myself and sad. Briefly [as I can]. My friend of 50 years has been a rampant alcoholic for the past 20 plus years. She acq...

goldengloss72672May 25May 27

When I don't know..Please let me hear your opinions. Is it right to add, Late Mr. So and so & Mrs. Cordially invites........ I am not sure. It doesn't sound right....

usha12359043May 23May 27

Dysfunction in famiies....Caught the Royal wedding this AM, and while hardly a royalist, enjoyed the show, and seeing this nice socially active couple. But I was saddened to se...

Vierkaesehoch26411May 19May 27

Pareidolia.....the neuropsychiatric phenomenum we all share of seeing human faces where there typically are none. Man in the moon, face on mars, etc. Even seing how...

Vierkaesehoch1060May 27

Do you miss someone? CallDo you miss someone? Call Do you want to have a chat? Invite Do you want to be understood? Explain Do you have questions? Ask them Do not you like...

jarred1107-May 27

"ANOTHER WATERFALL DAY"..(4)Sometimes...................... We Can Feel Bad About Homeless People..............................But Everything We See? Isnt Always The Way It Look...

namaron167-May 26May 27

"CREATION"..("FINAL FREEDOM")..(108)"Yesterday Was Then.........]...........And Then?.....It Was Today............................But When Yesterday Was Today? The Next Day To Come?.......

namaron120-May 26May 26

The fifth commandmentAfter reading some religious views on the abortion blog, would I be right to say most religious folk without Gods word, don't have an opinion of their...

itchywitch58744May 19May 26

A migratory bird flies in the icy windA migratory bird flies in the icy wind in winter and crashes into the ground .... ... a cow running in the meadow, let his shit fall on her ...... ....

jarred194-May 26
hey you guys think a minute man guys ...think a minute man.............the movement i am on ............they are flooding my box it makes it diificult for me to chat....with the ones ...i like...

dimplesimple2217May 26May 26

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