Tina Turner dead at 83...

Another music icon is gone. News today that she died peacefully after a long illness in her home near Zurich Switzerland.

One of my favorite Tina Tuner songs was from the movie THUNDERDOME.

We Don't Need Another Hero

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Oh shit is it never ending....

Uhhrgh! Well, deep down we knew there would be a wave of huge stars closing the chapter
but it's still impossible to get used to. Thanks for the update Chat- wow..
She was a wonderful icon, a artist that influenced many generations. Despite her unpleasant years with Ike Turner she succeeded in keeping to create great hits that thouched many harts.She was a part of my youth and still is. Let us respect her memory.angel
She was exceptional...sad...sad flower
Another sad news.
She's one of my favorites
Tina was huge in Australia where back about '93 she was Simply The Best as the face of Australian Rugby League
Embedded image from another site

RIP, Tina, you were "simply the best"

sad flower
I saw her in concert..rip.wave
Sydney 1993 Rugby League final - Tina, and the Sydney crowd belting it out

I see one of today's comments in that youtube site mentions tears, my eyes too moisten.
Sad to see a great entertainer pass on, but the music still plays...


R.I.P.sad flower
Some of the stories say she suffered from a long time illness. Today the news reported she died from natural causes. Pretty quick response...
She had high blood pressure for years...And her husband had donated his kidney to her...

I am guessing she died from renal failure...
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