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Yellow Light

Yellow Light*The light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing > and stopped at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red >...

Gentlejim1267May 13May 13

Puffs And A New CatI got smoke and a new cat This has been a great day...

Track161050May 13

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("BEFORE OUR EYES")..(54)Yes..It Does Seem Strange ...And Will Seem To Be... A Bit Hard To Believe..But During Our Life Time..Im Sure That Some Of You... Will Have Had The Opp...

namaron14710May 12May 13
Forgotten music

Forgotten musicAlice Coltrane... Charles Mingus He...

FLYJAMES1022May 13May 13
Would you for money

Would you, for money?I'm not talking Robert Redford in a tux, offering a million bucks for a night, or Angelina Jolie saying she'd give you the same for a weekend away....

Elegsabiff952114May 12May 13
Track161022May 13May 13
A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people

A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people.A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people. Love is an i...

jarred1131-May 13
i want to know

i want to knowis this site only for seniors. and when a younger asked her for conversation why they don't answer....

RockyMalik21811May 12May 13
Youre Only Lonely

You're Only LonelyYou're Only Lonely...

jarred1105-May 13
Track161080May 13
Mr Handsome Part 2

Mr. Handsome - Part 2Mr. Handsome - Part 2...

jarred199-May 13
What s going

What.s going....seems like a lot of things these days.....the only thing that is for sure is that changes are constant and are happening frequently....what about in y...

sweetiefireball17510May 11May 12

Entrepreneuren·tre·pre·neur ?äntr?pr?'n?r/ noun noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs a person who organizes and operates a business or busines...

Lukeon16510May 12May 12

"SOONER... OR LATER"Some People May Not Think Of It....A Second Time..... After Theyve Gone And Done A No No...But They Can Be Guaranteed That It Will Come Back And Bite...

namaron1385May 12May 12

how long will live---- take the test hope it will turn out well for you....

stringman1427May 12May 12
Where have they all gone

Where have they all gone....Place is empty Only the last few hanging on... Soon the halls of CS will be empty only frequented by ghosts and zombies...

oldblue54207-May 12May 12
Track161213May 12May 12
Are YOU A Neanderthal

Are YOU A Neanderthal?Here are ten simple things you can look for to determine if you are a Neanderthal... YouTube Ten Signs You Are A Neanderthal! Me? I'm not say...

miclee24923May 10May 12
It Looks Like Its Happening

It Looks Like "It's" Happening!!!I moaned and whined about my last job but in reality I meant it more as a chapter in my life that didn't work out and I moved on. I filed for unemp...

Ed19411639May 11May 12
The Sociology of Gossip

The Sociology of Gossip:The Sociology of Gossip::sigh:...

jarred190-May 12
vag size and toys and God knows what

vag size and toys and ?? God knows what.Involved in a conversation, a lady brought up the size of another woman's vag. Not sure how the conversation took that path...but, she holds her hand...

Johnny_Sparton31734May 11May 12
I want it all and I want it now But how

I want it all, and I want it now. But how?Just been away on holiday with my daughter and at the airport she kept us in duty free for AGES finding something nice enough to take to her mother-in...

Elegsabiff996124May 9May 12

PassionPassion is usually some heavying petting followed by great sex. That's my understanding of it anyhow lol...

Track162225May 11May 12
Willy34111665May 12May 12
Mr Handsome

Mr HandsomeMr Handsome...

jarred1143-May 12

Englishis English necessary for survive today in world, specially for third world war country? is english important for getting good job now-a-days?...

only1life1584May 12May 12
Track161215May 12May 12

lolI would do this....

Track161000May 12

The mystery of the false legThe false leg was found by Edna Mc Feckwit, a widow ever since her late husband passed away from choking on an oxtail bone shortly after WW2, she was...

Mapmaker976120May 11May 12
Falling in Love with a Photograph

Falling in Love with a PhotographFalling in Love with a Photograph...

jarred1103-May 12
Everyone wears a mask when dealing with people

Everyone wears a mask when dealing with people.Everyone wears a mask when dealing with we truly know who we are? Do we always have to do what Society believes is the correct and moral w...

jarred1140-May 12

"THE WAY I SEE IT"Yes.... There Were Many Many Musical Groups... That Came Out In The Late 60s And Seventies....So Many..... That It Would Take Forever To Mention Them...

namaron1728May 11May 11

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("WHAT A WORLD")..(53)Were Living In A World Where One Thing Means Something Else...And Where Something Else Means...Only One Thing..We Have Words..In All Languages That Ha...

namaron19912May 11May 11
Track161071May 10May 11
Track163381May 11May 11
Crazyheart3838133May 11May 11

DreamsAnyone else remember their dreams? I been having some weird one's lately....

Track162075May 11May 11
stringman2044May 11May 11
NFC Far east takes on that AFC

NFC Far east takes on that AFCYour selected exhausted novelist seems to have probable now believed a team’s win-loss log to the getting summer in your time since 2017 itinerary got...

jayjoe10101191May 11May 11
I dont want to be a great man

. I don't want to be a "great man",I'm not a genius and I'm completely fine with it. I don't want to be a "great man", I just want to enjoy my short life to the fullest, and I believe t...

jarred1107-May 11
Irish Painter

Irish PainterTo be sure...... to be sure.....we just love the Irish!! A painter by the name of Paddy Mc Manus, while not a brilliant scholar, was a gifted portrai...

Gentlejim1486May 8May 11
What women want on an online dating profile from men

What women want on an online dating profile from men:What women want on an online dating profile from men: Be 6'0' tall Be good looking Have an athletic build Make at least 6 figures a year Own a bi...

jarred1156-May 11

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