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a well informed citizenryThis Ted Talk is a bit lengthy, but well worth the listen

OldeGuy93-Jan 26Go to Last Post

REPORT: Impeachment Is Driving 1,000 Republican Candidates To Run For House Seats This YearHundreds of Americans have been inspired to run for Congress as Republicans this year. Mostly because they are outraged by what the Democrats are d...

Willy341118415Jan 24Jan 26
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guiltyDo you feel guilty for being in and out of relationships when you have a very close and dear friend who cannot get in one?...

Johnny_Sparton66561Jan 23Jan 26
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Men's rules................. sorry ladies I did not write thisMen's rules; At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We al...

bcjenny1270Jan 25Go to Last Post

9 Words Women Use (and Men Need to Know)9 Words Women Use (and Men Need to Know) \"Fine\" This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. \"Fi...

bcjenny28521Nov 24Jan 25
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JimNastics35331Jan 24Jan 25
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FreedomThe foundation principles for the Declaration of Independence was to address grievances and separate a people from a tyrannical king that under his ru...

Willy34111421Jan 23Jan 25
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Little old housemate couple, from next island...made typical Azorean fish stew. Invited us all to the feast.These folks know a bit about yummy, hearty, peasant food. Memories of granny's cooking. Co...

Vierkaesehoch740Jan 25Go to Last Post

CBC removes Donald Trump's scene from 'Home Alone 2' broadcast: reportSounds like a lot of pettiness and politics involved with the network. The scene doesn't last more than a few seconds, so the need for more commercial...

SHAWNTHOR25518Dec 26Jan 25
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Dongg1545Dec 26Jan 25
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New bingeworthy stuff

New bingeworthy stuff!The other day, I found myself watching WrestleMania 35 on YouTube.. Well, some of it.. The first 2 hours and 11 minutes, the rest was not in the video...

Philipsen1955Jan 24Jan 25
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To Bobby

To BobbyCan't sleep, already day. thoughts drifting like clouds over the sky. It was doomsday to see the city sink below the horizon. For years, I was aski...

2maybe1684Jan 24Jan 25
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IslamophobiaSince more than 19 years back and the dirty campaign against Islam is spreading day by day, yet saying that the Muslims are Terrorists !!! The Human R...

Rainyman6285149Jan 18Jan 25
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Learning to cook from Gordon Ramsay Guy Fieri Akis Petretzikis and an Italian grandmother

Learning to cook from Gordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri, Akis Petretzikis and an Italian grandmother!Regarding my last blog, where I was accepting defeat, I today decided to start learning how to cook. That means taking free cooking classes, from Gord...

Philipsen1491Jan 12Jan 25
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R. I. P. Mr. PeanutThe iconic – and probably only – centenarian legume-based mascot, Mr. Peanut, has tragically died, Planters revealed Wednesday. Though fans can res...

Willy34111876Jan 23Jan 25
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Maxine Waters Punk'd By Russians Claiming They Have Dirt On President Trump: She Wants ItPS: One of the other Democrat Fake, Phonies And Frauds in Congress, Adam Schiff was punk'd by the same exact Russians in 2018 and did the same exact t...

Dongg1294Jan 4Jan 25
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Pelosi’s Impeachment Gamble Is UnconstitutionalOne of the Constitution’s clearest provisions is also one of its least-used: the process for removing the president for serious misconduct. Some polit...

Willy341138438Dec 27Jan 25
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What Trump is hiding

What Trump is hidingImpeachment has been understood to be about the next election, while it may be far worse. It may really be about the security of Europe. Stability in...

2maybe37621Dec 26Jan 24
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A sad day in comedy - Monty Python member Terry Jones died last night at 77Terry Jones was both a comedic director and actor for the British comedy group Monty Python. The last few years he was affected by a rather rare form...

JimNastics1357Jan 22Jan 24
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Why Is Joe Biden Above The Law?Joe Biden has never been investigated in spite of a mountain of questions about his dealings with Ukraine, China and a host of other countries involvi...

Dongg21618Jan 23Jan 24
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ON VIDEO Adam BullSchiff Colluding With Russians To Get Dirt On Pres. Candidate Donald John TrumpSo what did Schiff do when he got this information? Did he go right to the FBI? CIA maybe? NO! He rubbed his hands together like Uriah Heep and...

Dongg1408Jan 24Jan 24
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Prepared for the worst, then talk of Grandfathers' racing pigeons.......Yes, you race the slim ones, and the fat ones,--- go into the soup. But I digress. After inquiring after the right office to contact here on applyi...

Vierkaesehoch1832Jan 24Jan 24
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coronavirus"The last time the world heard about a coronavirus outbreak in China, in early 2003, it ended up spreading to more than two dozen countries in the Ame...

OldeGuy27422Jan 24Jan 24
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laser etched diamonds...Two coworkers were talking about an expensive diamond ring purchased while on a cruise to the Caribbean. I asked if there was a chance of fraud and th...

chatillion1526Jan 24Jan 24
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Gung Hay Fat Choy...Chinese around the world are celebrating a new year! I'm told it's the year of the rat... okay and a week long celebration. Depending on who you a...

chatillion1445Jan 23Jan 24
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Dongg1012Jan 22Jan 24
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When I walk

When I walkI like to walk at night, City, the old part I live near, is calm and receiving, its like two of us see each other unobtrusively, dark night is color...

Halloweenbutt1423Jan 23Jan 24
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OK I admit I was wrong about impeachment

OK, I admit I was wrong about impeachment.Yes I was wrong. I fully believed that the Demonocrats were not actually going to railroad & impeach the greatest President we've had in recent histor...

bigjb6252439Dec 19Jan 24
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You don't !!!That's right. You read me right. You don't........... blog about the topics, that I want you to. Wait. We ALL have the right to blog about th...

JimNastics1120Jan 23Go to Last Post

Why men dosen understand nothing, and women always needs shoes part 1built on a book, by: Alllan and Barbara Pease. ( NOTE...... THIS BOOK DOSEN ANSWER THE QUESTION. WHY ( the BIIIIIIP ) Women always is in. lack shoes.....

benthansen1010Jan 23Go to Last Post

positive thinkingJust over a week ago I never knew what a blog was. So now I do i thought i,d have a go at this blogging lark. At my age I,ve found that...

flyme183611Sep 2016Jan 23
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new Serfdom

new Serfdom ?I came to say something about Karl Marx that got a friend of mine turn hostile. He is Trumpeter, believe in capitalism and hates anything that smell o...

2maybe1858Jan 23Jan 23
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SCAMMERSHow to spot a scammer. The style and methods of scammers. A list of known scammers as they appear and reappear. How to protect yourself. Ways to disco...

EricBeck148833Jan 12Jan 23
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Ahh.... the smell of burned dust...It went down to 40 Fahrenheit with winds of 25 miles per hour last night and I put the heater on for the first time. As expected, the place filled w...

chatillion1459Jan 22Jan 23
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Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders......or boundaries. *edit...

BadlyDrawn258-Jan 20Jan 23
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So sad when some are this way.....,,, lady came in to this place,and was confused about the entrance codes and keys. I tried to help her, but she became quite rude and angry. So, recog...

Vierkaesehoch1550Jan 23Go to Last Post

The Big One, folks?Watching the news in Portuguese, so not getting everything. But I'm catching enough. 20 deaths so far, in central China, with no real knowledge about...

Vierkaesehoch1450Jan 23Go to Last Post

Should There Be A Democrat Tax?The Democrats love new taxes. They never saw a tax they didn’t love. So how about we impose a new tax on Democrats to reimburse American taxpayers...

Dongg841Jan 23Jan 23
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Yearly sanity trip to Portugal.........not merely due to such dreadful Maine winter weather. And more than just having to put up with such a crazy US POTUS. ( Even though I applaud some...

Vierkaesehoch25111Jan 21Jan 23
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Suffer brings suffer,God can saveHave you ever notice that suffer brings sadness,and so suffer brings anger,and suffer brings suffer. How? well, if you suffer something if you know n...

starrayfil1040Jan 23Go to Last Post
Ive had it

I've had itI spend many enjoyable hours on this site and grew fond of lots of people on here. Only a few of my favorite people are still here. The rest are repla...

ekself216-Jan 22Go to Last Post

Where's Hunter???!!! Creepy Joe Biden Posts Family Christmas Card With NO HUNTER - WHERE'S HUNTER??!Creepy Joe tweeted out a family Christmas card with a very mysterious omission. It included his entire family including the family dogs... but NO HUN...

Dongg50636Dec 26Jan 22
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