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Pedalling My A Around Town

Pedalling My A-- Around TownWhat better way to start the day than with a bike ride in the early morning hours? I love being out and about while people are still sleeping. It's so...

LadyImp2589May 3May 5

The Kentucky DerbyToday is the 144th running of The Kentucky Derby. It dates back to 1875. The winner of that race was Aristides and the jockey was Oliver Lewis. The mo...

Willy34111261May 5May 5
Can someone kill our soul or seem to kill it when

Can someone kill our soul or seem to kill it whenWhat's karma? Why do we have to go through pain over and again....

Maya3994122Feb 2016May 5

Rev… what is fnord?As Discordians …we also have a particular love of the word "fnord," which is largely used randomly. Well my lil Discordians…it breaks down to this....

TattoedMonk1242May 5May 5

Today is my not-birthday !Yes, just like 362 other days of the year, it is NOT my birthday. Please wish me a happy not birthday, as I did not get another year older toda...

JimNastics1835May 3May 5

A tribute to a very strong, highly opinionated, brilliant and beautiful Ms. WitchWe all know her She doesn't suffer fools She tells you when you are right And never patronize what is wrong Black or white you get it as it is Sh...

lindsyjones75746May 3May 5

AntimatterUnderstanding Anti-matter

Ken_1924015May 4May 5
what will you do

what will you do ?firstly , i must say my english is broken . maybe i can't explain myself well . i want to ask friends here . though you are honest ,but your fri...

laoli6665818Sep 2014May 5

The mouse trap..........................The mouse trap.................... There was a farm, where lived farmer John with his wife Molly. They hold pigs, cows and many animals in their fa...

britishcolumbian29829May 4May 4

Feeling the pastI've been experiencing the feeling of the past. I can't identify the moment except that it is a good feeling. It's like the air is alive. I smell s...

Palmfrond1682May 4May 4

Hello sailor.......................Hello Sailor A young Portsmouth woman was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the sea, but just before she could...

britishcolumbian1150May 4
A question to my self can i find my soul mate

"A question to my self can i find my soul mate ?Two little old ladies were chatting over the backyard fence. The first one boasted, “I went out with old man Cain last night and I had to slap him twi...

owlsway2379May 2May 4

Friends || Spoken WordFriends || Spoken Word...

jarred1109-May 4

The Original SnubTHE MYTH OF THE APPLE OF DISCORD It seems that Zeus was preparing a wedding banquet for Peleus and Thetis and did not want to invite Eris because of...

TattoedMonk1513May 2May 4


TattoedMonk2429May 1May 4

Remembering PeepsThis ones for the peeps that aren´t here anymore for whatever reason...

Bnaughty82354May 3May 4
has everyone left

has everyone left?has everyone left this site? it seems like this site is dead....

eightballred50413Jan 2009May 3
jarred189-May 3

How We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See ItHow We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See It...

jarred1138-May 3
It goes beyond what you already know

It goes beyond what you already know...The words ''Being Human''.Its something rather interesting isn't it?How in a mater of seconds you go about living your life one way then it changes.Ho...

SilentVoices1381May 3May 3

HelloI guys today is my birthday so please wish me a happy birthday...

shandeen2942118Apr 7May 3

Nobel Peace prize and the brilliant US President......No shortage of oportunities to expose the biased media for their echo chamber existence. Just watch the "comedienne" Mz. Wolf's tasteless hate speech...

Vierkaesehoch81851Apr 30May 3

To keep " it "simple,To keep " it "simple, being alone you get everything your own way without compromise. I like a quiet life without the stress of dealing with another'...

jarred1106-May 3

Tribute To Connecting SinglesAmid the corridors of the internet There's a website called Connecting Singles It's portrayed as a dating site, and yet Some folks are there merely...

socrates4464042Apr 10May 3

Alien life formsMy abduction and probing by aliens I kid you not this is a true story It started on a wet and rainy night when I had made the mistake of drinki...

Onthcrestofawave75848Apr 30May 2
Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss1,11880Sep 2017May 2

GOD, GOD, GOD.....Well, perhaps realy GODESS, NO? Although I respect others' need for and comfort from the many organized religions, RC Deranged male homosexuals' toyin...

Vierkaesehoch1832May 1May 2

There are there things people usually do to make their lives more terribleThere are there things people usually do to make their lives more terrible First: Amplify other people's happiness Second: Amplify their own unhappi...

jarred1101-May 2

Trump considers firing the word SubpoenaSatire from The Borowitz Report Trump Deletes Nine Tweets While Attempting to Spell “Subpoena” By Andy Borowitz 11:50 A.M. WASHINGTON (The...

JimNastics1390May 2

Just Three WordsA 76-year-old man is having a drink at the Meadows Country Club bar. Suddenly a gorgeous girl enters and sits down a few seats away. The girl is so at...

Gentlejim2184May 1May 2
a husband and wife story

a husband and wife storyA story I have heard in the past, but not to this extreme. The husband is in a band and wishes to go out and practice at a fellow band member's home...

Johnny_Sparton77269Apr 29May 2
Dodgy time to write my first blog

Dodgy time to write my first blog!what with the full moon & all that & not to mention the battling that's going on here......... darn it, I reckon I might need a suit of armour! Anywa...

Cervatilla51532May 1May 2
Fractal Heaven

Fractal HeavenAs part of a photography group, we have monthly assignments that challenge us to photograph different subjects and step out of our comfort zone. This...

LadyImp35419Apr 30May 1
Leave it to a Beaver

Leave it to a Beaver...Ahhh, small town living! You know you live in a small town when your fb page is blown up with posts on how a beaver is crossing the bridge and a teena...

LadyImp32413May 1May 1

"CREATION"..("LAST DANCE")..(104)And Along Came The Words.................................It Wasnt Quite Easy To Swallow.............................................. With The Mad Ons...

namaron139-May 1
Sometimes a friend can be just as tasty to a

Sometimes a friend can be just as tasty to a ........I will tell you the secret to surviving an encounter with a lion that I learned from a seasoned safari guide. A American lawyer in Zimbabwe told me....

Kiterunner11611May 1May 1

Congratulations!You've only been on that other site for about two weeks and are already disliked. They say that you are a gossip monger, who seems to be angry at ever...

LadyImp43013Apr 28May 1
Eggs for dummies

Eggs for dummiesAt one and the same time the most boring, yet potentially most useful, blog I have ever posted. Those who know their onions eggs can please add th...

Elegsabiff36724Apr 28May 1

Missing peopleAs CS has no place to search I would out of idle curiosity like to know what happened to the following bloggers: Sands CC and her dog bear Leoney...

Onthcrestofawave4149Apr 30May 1
A Sliver of Awe

A Sliver of AweA few years ago, when I bought my first DSLR camera, I was so impressed with the colour it produced, that I spent the first two years (at least) chasi...

LadyImp35718Apr 29May 1

OH TELL ME WHYthe word why. for what ? for what reason, cause, or purpose. wow what a definition for just a little three lettered word. We all use this little w...

wenever41342Apr 30May 1

How to handle people who gossip about you; spread false rumorsHow to handle people who gossip about you; spread false rumors...

jarred1134-May 1

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