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LifeMy goal in life is to find some happiness and contentment. What is your goal in life?...

Track161664Nov 5Nov 5

texas Church Shooting Leaves Multiple Deadtexas Church Shooting Leaves Multiple Dead...

jarred1103-Nov 5
Cool music blog

Cool music blogchill on the funky tunes and let your body move to...

Freedomofspeech918226Nov 4Nov 5

THE DAP HANDSHAKETHE DAP HANDSHAKE Even the way we greet one another and shake hands is documented in our history book (aka the Bible.) Let's eat... Job 17:3(KJV)...

NewYorkcitylove740Nov 5
TO Help Puerto Rico

TO Help Puerto # Macc # LOI # AOC TO Help Puerto Rico...

NewYorkcitylove73-Nov 5
JFK Files Prove Martin Luther King Engaged in Homosexual Orgies

JFK Files Prove Martin Luther King Engaged in Homosexual OrgiesJFK Files Prove Martin Luther King Engaged in Homosexual Orgies...

NewYorkcitylove124-Nov 5
Daves Blog

Dave's Blog“Cant Contain It” When I read your letters and look at your picture into my heart you enter My thoughts my emotions I can't control, upon you they...

ineed2luvu29113Nov 2Nov 5
She is intelligent sensitive very attractive

She is intelligent, sensitive, very attractive!She is European, as well as being intelligent and sensitive she is very attractive; I do not want to show myself as a subnormal who resorts to an old...

Huitzilopochtli1864Nov 4Nov 5
Laughable US Snowflakery

Laughable US SnowflakeryWith the snowflake generation becoming more bizarre with their demands the world has become far too sensitive to these adult babies. Colleges have saf...

Mapmaker77166Oct 23Nov 5
Violent reactions to drinking beer versus tea research yields surprising results

Violent reactions to drinking; beer versus tea - research yields surprising resultsA document expressing the evidence of violent reactions to drinking from first hand research is submitted below. You may have different conclusi...

JimNastics37518Oct 25Nov 4

"SEPARATE WAY"The Man Was Out Walking One Day........When He Came Across Another Person...Who Seemed...... To Be On The Bottom Side Of Doom.............."Are You Al...

namaron108-Nov 4
seaworthy2528Nov 3Nov 4
How do you see everyone on CS

How do you see everyone on CS ..."Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers," sees the contestants separated into three tribes based on how they are perceived by others... Putting aside any...

oldblue5472345Nov 1Nov 4

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(133)No Way...You Are Wrong In Your Thinking....Thats Not The Reason At All.......But I Can.... "Understand"........... If Youre Thoughts Pulled You That...

namaron364-Nov 3Nov 4


Track16900Nov 4
Adventures in caving or spelunking

Adventures in caving, or spelunkingMy favourite hobby by far is caving. It's a little bit more challenging than the hiking, and scrambling I normally do. Caves are very fascinating to m...

ScarlettAutumn28817Oct 4Nov 4
the visitor

the visitorTo turn your head is so Out of the realm of my reality Knowing this, I'll take it, willingly As I share stories and you inhale Willingly You are...

freehand1391Nov 4Nov 4
I Wish

I WishWe are always hearing about men who send inappropriate pictures and messages to women. Women rarely do that though. I wish women would send me inappro...

Track1635634Nov 3Nov 4
KENTE FM Radio What is The Holy Ghost

KENTE FM Radio: What is The #Holy Ghost?KENTE FM Radio: What is The #Holy Ghost?...

NewYorkcitylove71-Nov 4
bloodyawfull3329Nov 3Nov 4
A Quien Viene Salvacion Y La Dispercion

A Quien Viene Salvacion Y La DispercionA Quien Viene Salvacion Y La Dispercion...

NewYorkcitylove64-Nov 4
New on here and is this real

New on here and is this real?I want to know from others experience in regards to CS. I am here to actually meet someone in my area- CA. I am getting messages from other States an...

occutie181351Nov 1Nov 4
The Breakup

The BreakupActions carried out upon breakup: Delete photos, text, phone number, cut off any communication. Did they even ever exist? How do you handle it when th...

Shinegirl90659Oct 28Nov 3
El Infierno Mitologia de los Griegos

El Infierno: Mitologia de los GriegosEl Infierno: Mitologia de los Griegos...

NewYorkcitylove71-Nov 3
Are the old CS posters on Strike I welcome some new people

Are the old CS posters on Strike? I welcome some new peopleSeems to be very quiet on CS lately and wondered if the old posters are on strike or maybe they have met another and too busy now having sex to post o...

Freedomofspeech960215Nov 1Nov 3
Mexican is a Hebrew Word

Mexican is a Hebrew WordMexican is a Hebrew Word...

NewYorkcitylove90-Nov 3
My Favourite Biblical Prostitutes

My Favourite Biblical Prostitutes...These are the Biblical Heroines of rampant lust; all with "hearts of gold" (and probably sore thighs) that helped make lust a religious experience for...

Kattte108-Nov 3

Twitter: Employee shut down Trump's accountTwitter: Employee shut down Trump's account On Thursday night around 7 p.m. ET, the unthinkable happened: The Tweeter-in-Chief disappeared from hi...

jarred190-Nov 3
news you CAN abuse Hot dog robber accidently shoots his p*nis

news you CAN abuse - Hot dog robber accidently shoots his p*nisIn Chicago a teenager robs a hot dog stand and while running away, accidently shoots himself in the p*nis (and thigh). Yep. He got his own weenie....

JimNastics1370Nov 3
Chilly Tonight

Chilly TonightGetting a little colder now. Need to warm up. Any suggestions?...

Track1616915Nov 3Nov 3

You Live Longer OnceYou Live Longer Once...

jarred165-Nov 3
2017 2018 Winter Forecast

2017-2018 Winter Forecast lets see how close they are in thier predictions....

stringman990Nov 3
CHRIST vs Cesare Borgia

CHRIST vs Cesare BorgiaJob 9:24 24The earth is given into the hand of the wicked:HE COVERETH THE FACES OF THE JUDGES THEREOF; if not, where, and who is he? (The painting...

NewYorkcitylove63-Nov 3
THE goddess OF LUST ISHTAR Easter Exposed Final

THE goddess OF LUST: ISHTAR (Easter Exposed) Final(This is why It is a common tradition to bake a ham on Easter Sunday. The images that you see on this post are of Astarte the goddess of lust and war....

NewYorkcitylove94-Nov 3
THE goddess OF LUST ISHTAR Easter Exposed Part 3

THE goddess OF LUST: ISHTAR (Easter Exposed) Part 31 Samuel 7:3(Kjv) 3 And Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel, saying, If ye do return unto the Lord with all your hearts, then put away the stra...

NewYorkcitylove65-Nov 3
THE goddess OF LUST ISHTAR Easter Exposed Part 2

THE goddess OF LUST: ISHTAR (Easter Exposed) Part 2The Canon is the new Testament written in Greek which is what Luke actually wrote in Acts 12:4 before it was translated into English. I have also pl...

NewYorkcitylove78-Nov 3
THE goddess OF LUST ISHTAR Easter Exposed Part 1

THE goddess OF LUST: ISHTAR (Easter Exposed) Part 1THE gODDESS OF LUST: ISHTAR (Easter Exposed) This class was made to expose one of the biggest known deceptions that we have been taught from the Ro...

NewYorkcitylove75-Nov 3


Track161160Nov 3
I Figured It Out

I Figured It OutI finally figured out how to get a 10 inch d*ck. I just gotta fold it in half :)...

Track161092Nov 2Nov 2

"CREATION"..("SPOKEN WORD SO TRUE")..(96)Hark!!........Its Another Very Quiet Thursday Night ............Some Lights Are On..The Majority Are Off.................. But How Many Of Those Ligh...

namaron103-Nov 2

Why?Why there are people doing wrong things but they do not feel guilty??...

MimiHN59443Oct 30Nov 2

mindMake love to me With your mind To see what I see Or, try something new and Take my vision, with kind hands and heart Make love to me With you...

freehand25213Nov 2Nov 2

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