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Flirting and the single man

Flirting and the single manWhy, as a man, when one is in a relationship every other woman seems to want to flirt with you - yet when you become single you are single alone?...

ChrisJWood72853Jul 20Jul 21
I am a jealous YouTuber

I am a jealous YouTuberSome here who know me know that I am a lazy person. Several years ago I decided work is boring. Not only that, I learned when bones break at work, n...

Ken_1927514Jul 21Jul 21
When I was a young man there were cougars

When I was a young man, there were cougars,When I was a young man, there were cougars, though we didn't have the word, and I thought they were pretty cool. But at my age, I'm against the trend,...

jarred179-Jul 21
Maratika Namobuddha Lumbini Buddhist Tour Healing Meditation

Maratika Namobuddha Lumbini Buddhist Tour - Healing & Meditation....Last week we did a 10 days trip in Nepal. We got a group coming from different countries and collected in Kathmandu. We started up our Buddhist Tour o...

ramailogarula1082Jul 21Jul 21
Ill leave out all the rest Chester

I'll leave out all the rest Chester!This song, I wanted to be my funeral song. I died a little bit inside today. With the sad ending to one of it's members. When my time comes Forg...

usha1232422Jul 20Jul 20
Track161509Jul 20Jul 20
The Cat and the Mouse A scammers tale

The Cat and the Mouse: A scammer’s taleSometimes the hunter really does become the hunted… Cat: Hello, I am xxxx, a widow, 42 years old, i am interested in you for a relationship and pos...

K_Ann_701644Jul 20Jul 20
Radio interview

Radio interviewHi, Guys, These are the clips of my interview on Irish radio last. I was talking about mental health and the new app I am working on. https...

1r1shmale1549Jul 20Jul 20
Unboxing a stored Martini Henry from the Royal Armory of Nepal

Unboxing a stored Martini Henry from the Royal Armory of NepalIn the late 1870s after a brief period of conflict the British East Indies Trading Company arrived at a peaceful agreement with the tiny kingdom of Ne...

Ken_192536Jul 13Jul 20

"ANOTHER WATER FALL DAY"..(2)Went Down There Today Down By The Water Fall In This 90 Degree Heat...And They Were All There..There Was Kelly..Ray....Tony Baloney..And 3 Guys With T...

namaron23815Jul 19Jul 20


Track16941Jul 20Jul 20
The rental unit

The rental unit......Twins away fattening up the pocketbooks of the too many administrators in higher education. So why not use that private extra space,...hell, when I bu...

Aaltarboy16913Jul 20Jul 20
bad and good reasons to marry a chicken

bad and good reasons to marry a chickenBad getting hen pecked,good,watching her favorite film,rooster coburn, Free eggs,clucks every day! Christmas dinner sorted....

donal631040Jul 20
Would You Date Yourself

Would You Date Yourself?I don't think so... What about you? Let's try to see ourselves from the point of view of the opposite sex... Would you see yourselves as de...

Ariel284,756214Jun 2012Jul 20
Would you say Islam is a religion

Would you say Islam is a religion?By definition of all other religions, absolutely not. I've noticed that islam critics focus on the non-religious side of islam, either it's judicial o...

seaworthy1,14581Jul 16Jul 20
Big truck small schlong

Big truck.....small schlong.First, kudus to our illustrious Pres. for bringing this last word above for the male member back into everyday usage. Bravo hates his medicines, even...

Aaltarboy1554Jul 19Jul 20
Sometimes a relationship

Sometimes a relationshipjust goes South, and years later you look back and think I never should have done this or that. Or, you think if only we hadn't (or had) done so and s...

Ken_1964923Jul 2014Jul 20
God Eternal Within the Body DNA Encoded Message

God Eternal Within the Body - DNA Encoded Message you my find this interesting....

stringman2025Jul 18Jul 20
Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies....Might have ranted some on this topic before, in the context of this delightful animal's biology. But some such highly evolved creatures may serve as c...

Aaltarboy1548Jul 12Jul 20

Pretentious peopleI'm not going to elaborate what an unpleasant and irritating experience it is to be around pretentious people. The worst part is that they think y...

lindsyjones82948Jun 28Jul 20
The first teleport step taken At LAST

The first teleport step taken At LASTokay, only a photon but - the first manned flight was not particularly impressive. It would have been impossible to guess, watching the Wright brother...

Elegsabiff2,137282Jul 14Jul 20

BUT WAIT, THERES MOREIt seems of late that there have been some competitions happening where the winner can receive a dinner for 6, also another competition where the win...

Simmo12,304131Aug 2014Jul 20
YOUR land

YOUR landIf not more, we all have at least ONE, a land of belief.... its your rock solid ground. I've been thinking about mine lately and why i believe in s...

itchywitch43416Jul 15Jul 20


Track161617Jul 18Jul 20

50 VIKING QUOTES!THE OLD NORSE WHERE WISE. Sögumál Wisdom inspired by and from the Icelandic Sagas 1. A man's own hand is most to be trusted. (VGS, c.4) 2....

lindz2952,10632Apr 2012Jul 20

"WONDERING MAN"..("SAYING IT... LIKE IT IS")1)When One Goes To A Cemetery...What Does One Do There?....And Why Does One Go To A Cemetery?.....Well...To Start Off With.... One Goes There Because....

namaron755-Jul 17Jul 19

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(119)But Is It Possible That You Are What You Are?...Or Is It That You Dont Want Others To Know The Real You........ The Real You...To Others..Could Be Ju...

namaron2609Jul 18Jul 19
Fly Me To The Moon Something To Ponder

Fly Me To The Moon - Something To PonderMany songs have been written about the moon (Dancing in the Moonlight, Moon Shadow, Moondance and many others...) The Moon is considered to be roma...

daniela77731936Jul 19Jul 19
Again in my dream

Again in my dreamWho is the prime minister of Pakistn? What is Panama leaks? What is relation between currently prime minister of Pakistan and Panama leaks? Who is...

only1life1200Jul 19
Innumeracy and killer coconuts and fake news

Innumeracy and killer coconuts and fake news!I wish someone reads the book Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos and write a blog how media is taking advantage of innumeracy and instilling fear and hat...

usha12345024Jul 13Jul 19

DarcyMy cat likes strange places....

Track161635Jul 10Jul 19

relationshipsAre they really that difficult to form? I have been on this dating site for over 2 years...think I am pushing 3, but who is counting. Before a rela...

Johnny_Sparton1,277101Jun 12Jul 19
So there I was

So there I was !Sitting down thinking to myself, This new woody Allen movie is absolute shite. Then I realized It's a new Bill Gates interview If bill is...

nonsmoker30331Jul 18Jul 19

"UNDER THE RADAR BLOG STARS"The Truth Is The Truth People......And We All Know Know How The Truth Can Make Some People Cringe.......... You Should See What They Look Like...Aft...

namaron1973Jul 16Jul 18
can i find a good man in iowa

can i find a good man in iowa?Getting really frustrated. There seem to be a lack of men in cedar rapids ia...

gretacooley2299Jul 15Jul 18
What about dating in real life

What about dating in real life,What about dating in real life, nothing against online but I think being able to make something happen in a real life situation much more rewarding?...

jarred176-Jul 18
Would You Marry Someone Who Has A Disability

Would You Marry Someone Who Has A Disability?Let me make this question clear: It's about marrying someone with a disability, not dating someone with a disability. Ie, about making a livelihood w...

wheelchairguy3830512Jul 17Jul 18
My online girlfriend once told me

My online girlfriend once told meMy online girlfriend once told me she is half Chinese, half Spanish and Half American......

jarred199-Jul 18
Big trees Pretty girls

Big trees. Pretty girls.Things of beauty, but when too close to the home and hearth, have been family killers. (Last phrase open to broad interpretation). Just about done tak...

Aaltarboy1484Jul 18Jul 18
The Night Visitor

The Night Visitor...Got woken up in the middle of the night by a noise in the living room.. Listened for a while and could hear some rustling of paper in the kitchen....

daniela77760553Jul 16Jul 18
How To Get Rid Of Lawyers

How To Get Rid Of Lawyers...?I thought lawyers are smart...but this one simply can't take a hint! he just keep going on and on...geez, there's no chemistry! and I'm trying...

Crazyheart3887967Jun 21Jul 18

MimiC ongratulation dear .. seems i have been missing out on a lot of juicy bits .. i wish for you and your love lots of blessings for the future ....

georgie391823Jul 15Jul 17
Babettefr: "Japanese Garden"(meet us in the puzzles)

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