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Ratman And Bobbin

Ratman And BobbinAccording to the locals it all started when the massive automobile, resembling Batman’s Batmobile, stopped in front if a cupcake warehouse in Malaysia...

Catfoot21718Dec 6Dec 6

seemsthere are an awful lot people telling me what to think about this or think about that. Well I am afraid that you will all just have to let me think...

nonsmoker35731Dec 5Dec 6

The EU Superstate Is Just Another RADICAL "UTOPIA"The EU Superstate Is Just Another RADICAL "UTOPIA"...

jarred187-Dec 6

NAZIPHOBIA!!! A Satire About A Parallel UniverseNAZIPHOBIA!!! A Satire About A Parallel Universe...

jarred1100-Dec 6

FOLKS WHO SEEM PROUD OF MULTIPLE MARRIAGES....So a lady, originally from PR, member of a foreign language group, started to come on to me. Visits at house, gifts from the cocina, asking this car g...

Vierkaesehoch1443Nov 27Dec 6
stringman27918Dec 1Dec 6

a brain explosion with thousands of thoughts a minute.?Sometimes I feel like the reason I can't sleep well at night is because I turn my brain off during the day while on the internet, so by the time I get...

jarred165-Dec 6

IS IT REAL OR IS IT MEMOREXI remember the shock of the dating scene after my marriage of 18 years ended. I had come out of the 60's Hippie Counter Culture! Dating back then was...

PaulDavidPowers23511Dec 5Dec 6

AwakeIf sleep was romance . I would have had a reason to be up .in my bed all alone . I better get a male rubber substitute....

Annleerose18112Dec 5Dec 6
Think About This

Think About ThisCan you list the number of women/men that you have fallen in love with and their names?...

Gentlejim2548Dec 5Dec 5
Youre listening to 1016 on the dial

You’re listening to 10:16 on the dialHere’s an oldie to bring back awkward moments with love. The lyrics are haunting. Where are those old pictures?...

Palmfrond1010Dec 5

Talking to Yourself in Third Person Can Ease Up Your Emotional TensionTalking to Yourself in Third Person Can Ease Up Your Emotional Tension...

jarred179-Dec 5
Swami1776Dec 2Dec 5
Mixed messages

Mixed messagesThere’s the touch in the hallway or empty break room. Does he like me? Indications indicate yes. He doesn’t respond to texts. Is he in to me? Indic...

Palmfrond1776Dec 5Dec 5

Facebook bans women for posting 'men are scum after harassment scandalsFacebook bans women for posting 'men are scum after harassment scandals Comedian Marcia Belsky’s 30 day ban for response to misogynistic abuse directe...

jarred184-Dec 5

BitcoinSo I just happened to see that a couple of brothers are the first Bitcoin billionaires... There has been alot of talk about bitcoin lately around w...

Stuckinarizona21114Dec 4Dec 5
my safety is me holy

my safety is me holyto understand the following habit, i have to tell, that i had a very bad sad experience with a "friend". He was not from CS, but an internet aquainta...

jollyGrace28612Nov 29Dec 5
Not My Day

Not My DayI did not feel well when I woke up this morning; almost as if I had a hangover but I did not use alcohol last night. My Yorkshire baby came around and...

Catfoot27739Dec 5Dec 5
Ion the spirit

Ion the spiritEven though the Christmas music is piped into the stores sound system even subliminal messages don’t get me in the mood. I need to clean for company...

Palmfrond1203Dec 5Dec 5

The World Wii Not Be DestroyedThe World Wii Not Be Destroyed...

jarred168-Dec 5


Track161014Dec 4Dec 5
freedom and immoral people

freedom and immoral peopleAccording to what I just heard an immoral society cannot live with freedom. Are we as a society going down an immoral path? If so, it will be ti...

Johnny_Sparton58377Dec 3Dec 4
Have you

Have youHave you ever looked at a profile and it felt like you got electrified and then you think you know them?...

Palmfrond1592Dec 4Dec 4

Anyoneelse getting a sudden urge to go see the remake of flat-liners I dont know why but I really want to see it. Must have been subliminally suggest...

nonsmoker35549Dec 4Dec 4

BestMedicine for Asthma. Two spoons of mustard in half glass of warm water, you may or may not vomit after drinking. But you would not wheeze , use nub...

Annleerose27119Dec 3Dec 4
I cant believe its now

I can’t believe it’s nowIt’s December already. No family or friends nearby. Weird feeling...

Palmfrond1363Dec 3Dec 4
Track161185Dec 3Dec 4
i like to have a girlfriend someday im looking for a girlfriend from georgia i like classy women

i like to have a girlfriend someday i'm looking for a girlfriend from georgia i like classy womenhi my name is colby crider i'm 28 years old from georgia single i'm a southern gentlemen from georgia i'm looking for a girlfriend who is from georgia...

colbyc2818515Dec 4Dec 4
The history behind popular sayings

The history behind popular many, we've heard 'em. Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub. When you sneeze, you taste death. And so on. Many have real medical reasons behind them....

Vierkaesehoch1194Dec 4Dec 4


Track161042Dec 3Dec 4
World of Scammers

World of Scammers~If we found many conartis on business, it is common unavoidable and understandable. ~If we found many conmen /scammers on most of dating sites, incl...

Meiling29122Dec 3Dec 4
Absent bloggers

Absent bloggers....From time to time here, we hear of a few folks getting placed in CS jail, usually on a temporary basis. From their blogs it really isn't surprising. B...

Vierkaesehoch38315Dec 2Dec 4

I Have Not Had This Bad Of A MondayI Have Not Had This Bad Of A Monday...

jarred164-Dec 4
Tooth Monster Doll

Tooth Monster DollPeople actually do this, I googled it....

Track16910Dec 4
Zimbabwes New Cabinet Does Not Inspire Hope

Zimbabwe’s New Cabinet Does Not Inspire Hope.While Mr Mnangagwa has chosen to keep many of Mr Mugabe's former cabinet ministers in office, the new president has also awarded high positions to the...

Catfoot42558Dec 1Dec 4

urbi at orbiIf we all came from Adam and Eve, the black and yellow came from.....:.................

bloodyawfull30514Dec 1Dec 3
Womens rights are we really free

Women's rights: are we really free?Among the very first women's rights are the right to live and the right to freedom and personal safety. Is it so? We still face high femicide rat...

Annanda1,10870Nov 26Dec 3
intelligent light

intelligent lightWhile reading Manly P. Hall’s book, The Philosophy of Astrology (1943), he makes a very interesting statement. In reference to the light given off f...

Johnny_Sparton47145Apr 2017Dec 3
Why Australian woman do not like foreigners from Asia

Why Australian woman do not like foreigners from AsiaHow to resolve this issue, I have experienced a lot and thats why I am wondering how to approach the Australian women in person and express our desire...

JamesJesus1684Dec 3Dec 3
Swami1624Dec 2Dec 3
BLACK PEOPLE Final Series 1

"BLACK PEOPLE" (Final) (Series 1)Calling yourself black is the results of propaganda. It is meant to make you believe something that is not true. If you believe that black is your nat...

Unknown80-Dec 3
BLACK PEOPLE Part 1 Series 1

"BLACK PEOPLE" (Part 1) (Series 1)(Still Nigga) We are not black people... The word Niger and the word Black have the same meaning. Here is proof. You wanna see a magic trick?... If...

Unknown77-Dec 3
Hans4711: "Run for your life....."(meet us in the puzzles)

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