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stringman28928Jun 15Jun 16
Track161637Jun 11Jun 16

HAPPY FATHER'S DAYHAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the dads here and have been here! I was very blessed with five wonderful children! Thank you God!...

Gentlejim15314Jun 16Jun 16

Done with volunteering, Le Mans 2019 and other stuff!I was supposed to help set up camps at my favourite metal festival, Copenhell. However, I missed the train, so I rang them up and told them, that I wa...

Philipsen971Jun 16Jun 16

Good Things Come - patience gwasshoppaWhen my son married two years ago, he got a wife and an 8 year old son. He took to Fatherhood before the wedding and son and Dad #2 have a wonderful...

UnFayzed1205Jun 15Jun 16

spectrum [ 5... "He's got early warning.... He got Jew-jew eYeball.."- Lennon red.... 5488 orange.. 554.... ) ) color by Technicolor yellow... 3422.............

Agentbob823Jun 15Jun 15

looking for long-termhi!i'm retired.i have a handicap due to a childhood illness.i've been on various site[handicapped and non-handicapped]i hope to meet someone here!...

suds004848Jun 2011Jun 15

spectrum [ 4eYe can feel it coming in the Air [ today.. - Collins & my eYe red... 119 O range... x [ we thus solve for it. yellow.. 3422........................

Agentbob12512Jun 14Jun 15
Willy34111234Jun 15Jun 15

Political meeting cut short!In my previous blog, I wrote a tribute to my nations flag, Dannebrog. All over the country, people were celebrating this icon, that still looks amazin...

Philipsen860Jun 15Jun 15
Track161161Jun 15Jun 15

stupid phoneMy phone used to be so much smarter than me until it died just a bit ago. It worked in my car this morning, well it connected to the blue tooth and...

UnFayzed23315Jun 12Jun 15

Dropping out...I say 'dropping out' for lots of things. 98% of my phone usage is via cellphone mostly to other people using cellphones and there are times where thei...

chatillion741Jun 15Jun 15
Bearwoman1342Jun 12Jun 15

Happy Birthday to the oldest flag in the World!Let me take you back 800 years, to the Battle of Lyndanisse, which took place during the Livonian Crusade. Denmark, with some German allies were at...

Philipsen1051Jun 15Jun 15
different faces

different facesWe as children are told stories such as the tooth fairy , things in the wardrobe and under the bed. And then religion claims we are the only thing wi...

Nice2meetyoutoo1324Jun 14Jun 15
Californian Living

Californian LivingWell not sure if I want call living and working, Working without pay. Pay once a month via my parents. I really got start making my books or I feel li...

LuckyDuck2018791Jun 14Jun 14

TDS.........or they doth protest too much. Low dose newer antipsychotics....

Vierkaesehoch720Jun 14

"D DAY"..("75 YEARS ON")Yeah................... They Are Long Videos................................ But They Are Something....................... You Really Should Watch Whe...

namaron46958Jun 5Jun 14
Friday 14th June its World Blood Donor Day

Friday 14th June, it’s World Blood Donor DayI just want to thank every doner On behalf of all my friends and family who have in the past or may in the future require blood or blood products....

Nice2meetyoutoo22611Jun 11Jun 14

Birthday today!As the title says, it's my birthday today. The time has flown by, which is worrying. I am 35 years old today, but I have always been told, that I look...

Philipsen27725Jun 13Jun 14

Small door of Heaven,Big door of hellFor those that want good for their life:they need heaven to be saved from all bad. For those that want bad doing:their way is broad to hell. If you...

starrayfil83-Jun 14

PattonHere's an old speech given by one of America's greatest soldiers. It was given during WWII to our troops over in Europe. When reading it, I suggest...

Unknown1,1055Jun 2007Jun 14
mutual admiration

mutual admirationI have dropped a few comments and attempted to post what in my mind was an accolade to people who go out of the way and give their time freely without...

Nice2meetyoutoo2408Jun 12Jun 14

NEWBORN DEATHSDeath of infants seem to be on the rise here in Belize, the USA and other places. The dads are physically beating two months old, eight months old...

Unika_4122212Jun 12Jun 14
stringman27514May 18Jun 14
Why are there More Men than Women

Why are there More Men than Women?!!!Are There More Men Or Women In The World? There are slightly more men than women in the world. The World Population Day is often observed on July...

needyoubyfastway1556May 25Jun 13

"CREATION"..("SHADOWS ABOUND")..(142)When There Is No Activity.....................And The Silence Grows So Loud.................There Is One thing That You Will Know...............You Ar...

namaron1012Jun 12Jun 13

Spectrum [ 3the number of subordinates increase... ...... regardless of the [ energy ] produced .... Parkinson paradox ) 119 .... O ] r a n g e . )...

Agentbob800Jun 13
Dealing with embarrassment

Dealing with embarrassmentDo not be afraid of embarrassment, it won’t kill you. So what if you make a fool of yourself in front of the person you least wanted to make a fool o...

Harbal33734Jun 11Jun 13

Violent thunderstorms - again!Last week, Denmark was hit by, what I described as, a violent thunderstorm. But yesterday, we really DID have the most violent thunderstorm ever. T...

Philipsen690Jun 13

Bob Seger on his final tourBob Seger is on his final few weeks of his farewell tour and is still playing one of his first classics 'Ramblin' Gamblin' Man'...

Willy34111056Jun 12Jun 13

Draggon some fruit around...We're busy lately with the termite treatment and 80% done moving things to a condo 45 miles from our home in Miami, so the weekend trips to the Farmer...

chatillion1176May 18Jun 12
DDRII1010Jun 12

gossiphow about instead of gossiping on each other we there to help each other like helping whos is sick maybe u got the same problem like they have and wha...

Genuis1603Jun 9Jun 12
stringman1081Jun 12Jun 12

Spectrum [ 2................. w h I t e / 3836 red.....2561 orange ? [ unlisted ..... ) ) ball point radio ) ) 1 9 7 3 A fter D ark yellow ..6669................

Agentbob750Jun 12

my lipstick blog...I suppose there are times in one's life where they have to kiss some asp, so my suggestion is to use a barrier of lipstick. Yeah... that's the ticket!...

chatillion1779Jun 11Jun 12

Buying a weight loss program from a fat girl...A generation ago Oprah came out on her season premiere show pulling a red kids wagon filled with fat. It was to demonstrate her determination to lose...

chatillion16611Jun 9Jun 12

Spectrum [ by the numbers2714 3187..... seven variations 4373..... of the Hebrew word 4487.... for Number [s. 4557. 5608..... as found in Strong's Concordance 6485. ---...

Agentbob872Jun 11Jun 12

Grinder...Life has it's ups and downs and sometimes (on good days) I feel like the organ grinder where I'm orchestrating things to my tune. There are days when...

chatillion1278Jun 10Jun 12

GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX! OR NOT!Murkun politicians & policy makers expend untold BTUs of hot air trying to figure out IF something's going on. Here's what's going on!!

miclee63954May 13Jun 11

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