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Women and men....Females in traditional male roles....My eye doc is a (tall and very hot) 40 something lady. And I see a female Nurse Practitioner for the yearly physical and everyday care. But truthfully...

Vierkaesehoch1153Aug 19Aug 20

What's in a nameAnyone want a big helping of toad in the hole Or maybe faggots Followed by a double helping of spotted d*ck...

Onthcrestofawave1364Aug 20Aug 20

To the owners of this site: I am most gratefulAs a long time member of this site, I want to acknowledge my gratefulness for the owners, moderators and anyone who is responsible in providing us thi...

lindsyjones56745Aug 16Aug 20

The world is a madhouseThe world is a madhouse, and we are the crazies. The level of mind control, indoctrination, disinformation and obedience reaches a new depth record ev...

jarred160-Aug 20
Building a country girl

Building a country girlCountry life is cool. She has been learning that. Her BF and I had her starting out with various types of .380s (Colts, PPKs etc), but I figur...

Ken_1998739Oct 2015Aug 20

CS spam boxAny comments from any blog that you have made and the OP has removed Feel free to post here for our viewing pleasure...

Onthcrestofawave1987Aug 19Aug 19
Ok I get it you dont want to talk about the past lets try the present shall we

Ok I get it, you don't want to talk about the past, lets try the present shall we?Now where to begin, maybe the 3rd world countries, do you think this day in age its right what's happening there? people dying of thirst and starvatio...

knowledgeantruth53050Aug 18Aug 19

Hair today... gone tomorrow.I was looking at old photos of my father taken when he was around my age. He had less hair than me. Very thin on top, but I'm the one with more grey h...

chatillion1021Aug 19Aug 19

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(165)What Is The Definition Of Useless?..............................Some People ..........................................Would Have Their Own Definition...

namaron156-Aug 18Aug 19

Daughters DaySince it seems to be that around here...

itchywitch23013Aug 19Aug 19
StreetWalkin Playing for Notes

StreetWalkin': Playing for NotesOn Friday, I headed down to Fairhaven in the U.S. to take my bike in for it's 10 hour check up. Needless to say, I have ridden far more than 10 hours,...

LadyImp13411Aug 19Aug 19

HEALTH IS WEALTHHave u experienced HEADACHE related problems? @ times we thought a good night's sleep would relieve that severe headache, you may be disappointed th...

ysabeljhen33641Aug 18Aug 19
Neighbours from He

Neighbours from He**It's no wonder my blood pressure is high with a-hole noisy neighbours. Last weekend, there was a festival all weekend with pounding bass until 4am Thu...

LadyImp29134Aug 6Aug 19

Politics & ReligionThere is a noticeable similarity between the religiously motivated posts here and a lot of the political ones. Both lots could be described as havin...

Harbal28521Aug 19Aug 19

For your entertainment - holy smoke !Prior to the start of a Chicago White Sox game, Sister Mary Jo takes the mound, does a ball trick and then paints the outside corner with the ceremon...

JimNastics703Aug 19Aug 19

what you like painting your toenails?......

M4_Mischief23119Jul 21Aug 19

First impression.Written out of boredom. I tried to read my mail since I am bored stuck at home for two long days. I don't pay attention to younger people. I c...

usha12327617Aug 19Aug 19

Everyone has an opinion............. Everyone has an opinion - about everything. But why are you responsible for that? If I disapprove you because you (in my eyes)...

jarred161-Aug 19
itchywitch35920Aug 16Aug 19

Good luck boysRock the hurling world...

itchywitch15511Aug 18Aug 19

MarriageNow enough with searching.. I really wanna get married and start a family. Anyone who got succeeded here?...

Unknown1536Aug 18Aug 19

EGGSPERT...I'm a few miles from Johnson & Wales University. It's been called 'the cooking college' because they specialize in careers in the food service industr...

chatillion984Aug 18Aug 19

TRACES: Steve Perry...Steve Perry best known as front man for the rock group JOURNEY from 1977 to 1987 also spawned a solo career in the 80's and 90's and left the music sc...

chatillion510Aug 19

joys of digital phographyinstant sepia inside the camera i love the look of those old black and white and sepia prints now its instant...

Onthcrestofawave21312Aug 17Aug 19
Silver Sneakers a beautiful Palm

Silver Sneakers & a beautiful PalmToday hasn't even started and already it is amazing me. I went to a super early meeting this morning at 6am where I learned something new that's been...

UnFayzed12612Aug 18Aug 19
A Pain In The Back

A Pain In The BackThis morning I woke up with a sore back for a second day in a row. At first I thought to replace my mattress but I have a good mattress that I bought...

Catfoot60970Aug 16Aug 19

The Virgosign on peeing in publicParis 2018! Men can now whip it out and have a public pee. All legal and above board. This goes to show that nothing is a no go area any more. With...

virgosign22017Aug 14Aug 19

Pull your pants up...Guys, when you are in public, pull your pants up. Maybe it's a fashion statement with you and your friends, but there is a lack of respect to the res...

chatillion1357Aug 17Aug 18

WiZiD Zoo ( P10)The day when he spilled his story to his Aunt, all he really spoke about were the events that transpired on that Saturday morning back in January 1961...

Wrinklylove520Aug 18
Cant Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd

Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo HerdAs wildfires rampage throughout my province and it being declared a state of emergency with over 600 burning, the one 10 km from me has created a thic...

LadyImp21932Aug 18Aug 18

How children see love.................. prizeless for sureHere's a little something to put a little smile on your face. Adults recently posed the question "What does love mean" to a group of children aged bet...

britishcolumbian1238Aug 18Aug 18

MEETING UP WITH CS MEMBERSExcited as hell I am just proud and happy meeting this known people here.Talking about visiting PI Ur Welcome PLAN n DECIDE NOW....

ysabeljhen21215Aug 17Aug 18

Wow! pens...My office provides ball point pens in black, blue and red. I won't mention a brand name, but they are called Wow! Unless the paper you write on is a...

chatillion1265Aug 17Aug 18
Track1614115Aug 18Aug 18

Points to ponder #666Why do the ones making the most noise usually have the least to say Why can people be struck dumb but only born stupid Why do people fear wol...

Onthcrestofawave1254Aug 18Aug 18

Pence's one man parade in honor of Trump (Satire from Andy Borowitz)Perhaps you are aware of the controversy surrounding the Hitler-like military parade that Trump wants to begin. For one thing, some estimate the c...

JimNastics1425Aug 17Aug 18

explain everythingBest exhausting actually. Such a day of c*ck about yourself, you should always have a rebuttal and explain everything until you are sure that the othe...

jarred146-Aug 18
Serious Conversation

Serious ConversationYears ago, I had a talk with myself regarding my troubles about love and relationship. My inner self told me: "I think your problem is that you are v...

Unknown21416Aug 18Aug 18

The Problems With ReadingDuring my teacher training courses (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) in Germany, we were taught how to make students aware of the different...

daniela77729845Aug 17Aug 18
Love Is a Give and Take Relationship

"Love Is a Give-and-Take Relationship"“Love respects the other. It is a give-and-take relationship. Love enjoys giving, and love enjoys taking. It is a sharing, it is a communication. Both...

owlsway1077Aug 17Aug 18

What Do You Think Is Going To Be The Outcome Of The Way Things Are Today?1. Humanity will learn to overcome our differences and be able to find real peace. 2. Nationalistic attitudes will rule and everyone will divide an...

Track1614410Aug 17Aug 18

PotluckAt my aprt.complex we get together once a month and have a potluck meal.its a nice way to dine and know your neighbors....

Bluesky6016316Aug 16Aug 18

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