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Men and women---legal age to marry in different places...Youngest here in the USA was once 10 years, two decades ago, but no longer legal there. Now 18, typically, but 14 in many places under some conditions...

Vierkaesehoch1014Jul 3Jul 4

The Fool on the HillThe Fool on the Hill .................

jarred154-Jul 4

You're So Vain...."You logged into blogland like you were walking on to a yacht Your words strategically placed along the lines Your pic, it was fairly dark You had...

LadyImp62543Jul 1Jul 3
The Wall

The WallHaving a large property that borders onto derelict homes and orchards is becoming a security risk; I am finding illegal animals coming over the bounda...

Mapmaker27320Jul 3Jul 3

make your assumptionsthis person has kind eyes, is interesting and clever and playful. this person has emailed me and lives far away. this person may be female or male....

Palmfrond768113Jul 2Jul 3
Am I seeing things wrongly

Am I seeing things wrongly?Is it me, or are all the personal attacks on people here on the blogs reducing the blog activity by people? If so, what a great way of trying to mak...

Johnny_Sparton1,600103Apr 3Jul 3

my bike turned into a work of artOn the way home I came across a lamppost in the middle of the bike path. I still left to the left, but the pole also went out and with a huge SMAK my...

jarred178-Jul 3
Preparing for a date

Preparing for a dateWe men have no idea what a woman goes through preparing for a date or even a simple coffee meet up, They spend time and money on hair, nails clothing...

Mapmaker1,469120Nov 2016Jul 3

Pick up linesWhen contacting someone new, I always seem to have difficulty deciding what to write as my opening gambit, especially if in the persons profile there...

Solamente1,862111Aug 2015Jul 3
stringman1398Jun 29Jul 2
Can We Bring Back The Old Blog Format Please

Can We Bring Back The Old Blog Format's the one where most recent blogs appear on top and not the last commented one...? It's kinda strange reading multiple blogs form one

Crazyheart38692107Jul 2Jul 2

Let's Have A Little Fun..I was told that our eyes are like our finger prints. They are so unique and that's why advanced technology has used them to secure rooms where very im...

Kalpataru914-Jun 29Jul 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,My gentleman werewolf buddy. July 2th, 2018 (your time)...

Kalpataru79-Jul 2

wow what a huge difference, as in new faces and very few older facesBeen off the blogs for yonks now. Was so busy with the health care centre set up in knysna after the horrific fire. Am very dedicated to the children...

Fieryred7024313Jul 1Jul 2

The love thingI have blogged on this before, but I never got an answer that made sense to me so bear with me. To get the right answer, you have to ask the right que...

Elegsabiff2,305151May 2016Jul 2

Rapex CondomIn areas where rape is a common occurence, these devices are becoming more popular. The woman inserts this into her part and if a man tries to rap...

Track161497Jul 2Jul 2

Did not get up this morning,Did not get up this morning, I noticed. When I woke up this morning, I suddenly felt how gravity got a grip on me and how I was about to be lifted out...

jarred156-Jul 2
Track16999Jul 1Jul 2

Feeling Human againYES .......because of the good weather of late........Where?!…… galway …...Ireland been able to go to the beach and into the water ……… a tan...

nozeal116716Jul 2Jul 2

GamechangersWe all, whether on our profile, or just in our heads, have a list of the characteristics and qualities we would like in a potential partner. The list...

mollybaby1,168125Feb 15Jul 2
Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly DeeplyI'm sure everyone in CS has experienced the feelings that this song radiates.....just to bring us back a little to when those days were with us......

sands882,335101Aug 2015Jul 2
Who Sleeps With Whom

Who Sleeps With Whom?What we write in our blogs reveals our souls and it exposes us to the bone in the process. What we say and how we say it is the most obvious telltales...

Catfoot1,53886Jun 2015Jul 2

why?why am i having a dialog with a man half my age who refused to take any advice i have? why do i wast our time, as it is both our time conversing with...

Palmfrond25217Jul 2Jul 2

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........with some nice gifts partially unwrapped under the tree. We all can't wait to unwrap that big fat orange one though. It looks like Trump's...

JimNastics752Jul 2Jul 2
Please allow me to introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself...I'm' a man of wealth and taste.... I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul to waste..... And I was 'round when Jesus Chris...

Unknown16510Jul 1Jul 2

Poor Fella lolThis is why I would never do a grand public gesture...

Track1633623Jun 17Jul 2
Younger or older

Younger or older?In my opinion i would like to choose someone older than me. I think the most of older men are mature and they are ready for a family. I dont want to...

RoseMaiNguyen1,04763Jun 12Jul 2

I could have been somebody but for my attachment to surplus pizzaI had a pizza tonight, I ate it all but for one slice. At the moment, that slice is on a plate on the worktop (counter, in American), waiting to be p...

Harbal28336Jun 30Jul 2
where are you going

where are you going ?Everyone is waiting for the summer to travel and have fun This summer where you will travel and spend a wonderful time I will be in Turkey to enjoy...

kenan_syr2960Jul 2

I Think I Will Have A Cuban TonightNice smooth cigar, been a while since I lit one :)...

Track161224Jul 1Jul 2

Men and women....... Between the sheets....Or on the grass, sand or kitchen counter..... Young or older. I've always, at every stage of life, prefered the maturity and knowledge of older women....

Vierkaesehoch1263Jul 2Jul 2
Do you feel others

Do you feel others?We are all looking for fun things in life There are many things that make us happy and enjoy A few days ago I was doing something that a friend call...

kenan_syr26220Jun 29Jul 2

Practical illustration...Struggling with the concepts of class members in object oriented programming languages, asked my daughter for explaining with the help of an example o...

iotaoo802Jul 2Jul 2
How do you live your life

How do you live your life?Some people live a life that is mostly going in the same direction from birth to death. Others make a drastic change once. Then there are the ones who...

ekself39755Jul 1Jul 2

"CREATION"..("STILL THIS WAY")..(112)Who Is This For?.......................................Well....Its Certanly Not................................... For Those............ Who Will Not...

namaron1246Jun 30Jul 1

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(159)"Never Thought About It?................................................................Neither Did I........................................ Until No...

namaron18722Jul 1Jul 1
Girls never believe correct men

Girls never believe correct menIt is very hard to find out matching women through online..................................................... The time has gone without fruitfulne...

1000diamond1123Jul 1Jul 1

Four MenFour men are in the hospital waiting room because their wives are having babies. A nurse approaches the first guy and says, “Congratulations! You're t...

Gentlejim1304Jun 26Jul 1

Tale of three chickensMy mate is coming to visit and when she does I try to give her new experiences, so the last she came we went and bought three new chickens. Later that...

emmy1945Jul 1Jul 1

Bucket listHaving read eks blog on life got me thinking about a 'bucket list' the problem for me is I can only think of one thing to go on it, yes I've had a go...

emmy113717Jul 1Jul 1
JimNastics1,050120Jun 20Jul 1

I have short and stubby fingers :-(Hmmmm.....I now wonder....what if you’re maimed and have no hands therefore no fingers.....does this s...

MiMiArt141-Jul 1
docwhoami: "I'm a Troll"(meet us in the poems)

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