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CRISPR-Cas9Should it be outlawed or used to edit human DNA Is it ethical and if available would you use it to save a loved one...

Nice2meetyoutoo571Jun 25Jun 25

The End of Man is Here this is pretty scary stuff....

stringman720Jun 25

You don't know what it's like....Just having some fun. You know the song... "you don't know what's it's like, baby You don't know what it's like, To love somebody to love s...

JimNastics1256Jun 25Jun 25
Tax Reparations To Gays And Lesbians

Tax Reparations To Gays And Lesbians(Gateway Pundit) – Pocahontas Warren, the 1/1024th native American running for president, proposed a new way to buy votes for Democrats. Warren wan...

RaisedByWolves15514Jun 24Jun 25

I don't need glasses for dreaming...I need glasses for reading and maybe in the future I'll probably have bifocals as the muscles in my eyes weaken. It occurred to me that all of my drea...

chatillion793Jun 25Jun 25

Short message textI don't know if it bothers people but, when I get people who message me this short text messages thing and then spell as if we are in America when th...

IVORYCOAST20414Jun 24Jun 25

But for the grace of the Goddesses....there go I... Early morning walks with Bravo---sometimes at sun up. Up ahead, disheveled man in his 50's, staring up a tree. Greetings exchanged, amid...

Vierkaesehoch2048Jun 23Jun 25
Bearwoman1307Jun 24Jun 25

Miss Lilly and Miss Angel......Calico and Maine coon. The family are away, and as they watch Bravo while I'm gone, I keep an eye on their cats while they travel. Lilly is a 20 po...

Vierkaesehoch1227Jun 23Jun 25

Trafficking in fake and substandard food is big bussinessTrafficking in fake and substandard food is big business, and efforts to stop this global phenomenon are ongoing Rotten meat, chemically coloured tun...

bcjenny28945Jun 22Jun 25
Charitable Giving is HIGHER After Trump Tax Cut Trumps Critics Fake News ARE WRONG YET AGAIN

Charitable Giving is HIGHER After Trump Tax Cut: Trump's Critics & Fake News ARE WRONG YET AGAIN !!!A sure way to get rich over the last 2 1/2 years would have been to take every negative prediction about what would happen if President Trump was elec...

Diamond_Rain23714Apr 24Jun 25

My Rock...7485 ..Yah Thunders.......... 3119...daily............ ........... 3147 ..Yah is Perfect. 0450 ) El is knowing...............028 ) father of knowledg...

hpylady_872Jun 24Jun 24

Sunday Joy...1 John 1 (KJV) 1 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, a...

hpylady_2542Jun 23Jun 24

"BEING OF THE KNOW"There Is A Hidden Power Amongst Us......................It Is Used When It Is Needed.......................Is It Just The Matter Of Who You Might Know...

namaron24114May 28Jun 24
If you need to see more photos

If you need to see more photosdon't contact me as we won't be a match because so much emphasis is on looks. It makes me wonder, if you are hoping that I am better looking than th...

evagoblog119-Jun 24

HEY EVERYBODY!!Looks like everyone was busy in blogland today. Issues, issues, let me get you some tissues... I got a late start on my trip to Miami. We stopped for...

chatillion2028Jun 22Jun 24
Love A muti angled phenomenon The realization leads to the salvation

Love : A muti angled phenomenon. The realization leads to the salvation!There goes a saga. Saga of "Pingla-Bharat Hari". The fruit of "ETERNITY" offered by a saint to the "KING", that is Bharat Hari. He passed it on to his...

iotaoo810Jun 24

Russia!Ah, Russia. The country that has given us SO much laughter, amazement and rage. This is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and North Asi...

Philipsen20912Jun 23Jun 24

The world is flat, not the earth, the earth is roundIt's a misunderstanding of words well one word, and I will explain how that works. Take a ream of A4 paper and a 5 pointed cake star cutter with a ve...

tame9728923May 12Jun 24

"FOR THE LOVE OF HIS DOG"Last Friday....Of..This Year..............A Tractor Trailer Driver........Traveling East Bound On Route 400 ..............Just West Of Parsons Kansas....

namaron1238Jun 7Jun 23

we are the sameWho are you? do you think yourself better Deserving of more Be it: food Money Water Or just blog space Each of us is a single entity We...

Nice2meetyoutoo1754Jun 22Jun 23

Sayings or phrases that grate on my nerves...All righty now. That's your answer... cut & dry. Everything happens for a reason... Just sayin' I've got your back! When you get the answer... re...

chatillion90466Dec 15Jun 23
Hi long time no see

Hi, long time no seeJust stopped in to say hi :)...

1_SPCTR15514Jun 22Jun 23

Office jokesOffice jokes aren’t just a way to pass the time, they’re also a great way to experience the benefits of humor at work. So if you’re in need of a laugh...

bcjenny742Jun 23Jun 23


bcjenny1106Jun 22Jun 23

The Left ruins everythingFrom the Boy Scouts to literature, from the arts to universities: the left ruins everything it touches. Dennis Prager explains....

Willy341131225Apr 14Jun 23

The plot sickens....Facebook report by Jeffry Barry Untangling the Web...Depending on reading speed took me about 5 mins...but a must read. The Plot Sickens... I a...

Willy341130624Jun 8Jun 23
Hello Scammyy

Hello ScammyyScam as you like Stupid moron. I am the grand daughter of a police men. I smell your crime. You stupid idiot....

datatraveler3129410Jun 6Jun 23

something I never would have expectedCouldn't have imagined this ever being recorded :banger

Nice2meetyoutoo1411Jun 23Jun 23

I got pulled over by the police... License, Registration, Proof of InsuranceThe other morning, on the way to work, I tried to get through an intersection but it appeared there was an accident under the light and at least 10 ca...

chatillion23912Feb 6Jun 23

When an employee leaves the company...One of my sales associates left the company last week. He may have told the owner sooner, but I heard about it on Wednesday, he was gone by Friday noo...

chatillion2748Jan 1Jun 23
single ladies here are you real

single ladies here are you realsince I created my profile here I searching for female friends I have never got any what can I do please ,advise am here waiting for yo comments???...

Rob360881Jun 23Jun 23

I could be poor white trash, with the following exceptions.... I don't drive a pickup truck I don't chew tobacco There are no 'cars on blocks' in my front yard I don't own guns or go hunting I don't go fish...

chatillion21512Apr 30Jun 23

Locals buy up beer in protests of Neo-Nazi festivalOstritz, Germany. A town located on the border with Poland, on the left bank of the Lusatian Neisse. The population is 2695 people, as of 2008. Aro...

Philipsen640Jun 23
Buy sell or trade

Buy,sell,or tradeThought CS should have a buy,sell,and swap section Be a great way to get members to meet with perhaps financial gain for both. So I thought I would...

Onthcrestofawave48820Mar 6Jun 23
Stepping on hot coals

Stepping on hot coalsI'm disenchanted with America's favorite pastime. No, not baseball. I'm talking about meddling. If it's not Iraq, it's Iran. If it's not Libya, It's Y...

BadlyDrawn25216May 1Jun 23
To be or not to be

To be or not to beTo be or not to be a complete d*ck..... I find it amusing how some men are so hung up d*ck size lol.. Like how old are you some are older than i and y...

latinluvbug1,04141May 2016Jun 23
Realmente me estoy cayendo o es que tengo el equilibrio alterado

¿Realmente me estoy cayendo o es que tengo el equilibrio alterado?Quisiera poder teletransportarme de la oficina directo a casa. No fui criado para habitar con las palomas. Ni para soportar los boludos con complejos...

WhatYouHadAndWha893May 24Jun 22

"EDMUND FITZGERALD"A While Back....................They Found The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.....It Was Found........... Lying At The Bottom Of Lake Superior...And w...

namaron22115May 23Jun 22

Not what I was expecting.Yesterday's 'Ego' blog did not produce the results I expected. No big deal except there now seems to be someone who crave the role of 'Ego Extraordin...

Willy341150222Jun 10Jun 22
Be honest or not i dont care

Be honest ...or not, i dont carehow many of you have a smoke after wanking...

Limun42011May 2018Jun 22
Two Rich White Male Escapees From Jurassic Park Lead Democrats 2020 Ticket

Two Rich White Male Escapees From Jurassic Park Lead Democrat’s 2020 TicketBy the way, has either of these two fossils ever worked at a real job a single day in their lives? These two have been sucking off the taxpayers' tea...

Diamond_Rain1936Apr 23Jun 22

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