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Trip To Thailand To Find a girlfriend that can cook for meshe needs to be arround 23 until 67 she needs to be good at cooking and she needs to clean my house i will pay the ticket to my country every month...

jarred1105-Apr 1
Life in social media 99

Life in social media 99Life in social media 99 Life in social media 99 Life in social media 99...

galrads101-Apr 1Apr 1
Life in social media X

Life in social media XLife in social media X Life in social media X Life in social media X...

galrads2,009-Mar 12Apr 1
Away is a full length CG movie made by one person

'Away' is a full-length CG movie made by one person Kind of like it. Wanted to share, it could be just drama...

Crunia102-Mar 31Apr 1
How do you get from A to a B

How do you get from A to a B ?I have car but by my choice I like walk or bicycle when I doing do people ask why I do that is my car broke To be active Fit Smell clean air whi...

ribabezvode1849Mar 31Apr 1
Chag Passoversameach

Chag Passover sameach -Happy Passover...

miclee734Apr 1Apr 1

SEX AND LONGEVITYSex is the origin of humanity but it's not essentially designed for procreation but recreation and business. From medicine, Viagra, Cialis, etc.; men...

JoyCrest85027Dec 2015Apr 1
Witch dance

Witch dance...Lordy me, time I brush up on some of my steps Got me an early evening date.... and though its one with no strings attached " quietly" I'm hopin...

itchywitch58335Mar 28Mar 31
Understanding Engineers

Understanding EngineersUnderstanding Engineers #1: Two engineering students were biking across a university campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?" Th...

Gentlejim20411Mar 3Mar 31
Online dating rules

Online dating rules<This will be multi page, sorry> So a friend of mine goes on a popular dating site. She finds someone localish, good looking, 35 years old and al...

Ken_1938814Mar 6Mar 31
Not a lot going on here so

Not a lot going on here soI’m posing a poem “Would you consider moving to Paris and being my model?” Said the poverty stricken American artist circa 1830 With nothing but w...

Palmfrond1191Mar 16Mar 31

Love Me When I'm OldLove Me When I'm Old..................

jarred151-Mar 31
Nite CS

Nite CSSleep as your conscience allow you to Sweet Dreams from Cinema Paradiso...

Crunia97-Mar 30Mar 31
Any chance to date a choir guy ladies

Any chance to date a choir guy ladies?............................................... I know, I know it creeped me out too...

Crunia297-Mar 29Mar 31
Two in bed are worth one prescription

Two in bed, are worth one prescription.....A friend of mine was telling me that she was cheated on but it all ended well . Now this begs to demand why and how , you must be asking. She to...

Kiterunner11062Mar 30Mar 30
Track161432Mar 3Mar 30
Not a great day

Not a great dayAlthough I write a lot, some things get placed in a locked room. I don’t like to go in there. Today, the door is ajar with unwelcome feelings leaking...

Palmfrond14712Mar 30Mar 30
OMG Have you ever done this

OMG. Have you ever done this?Have you ever sent a personal email to the wrong recipient? Lol. I did. Just now. Waiting for any fallout. We work together tomorrow The subject...

Palmfrond40124Mar 19Mar 30
Odd Food Combos

Odd Food CombosWhat foods do you mix together that you love but other people think it's terrible? For me it's chicken and chocolate pudding. It happened about a mont...

Willy341120810Mar 29Mar 30

Can See EverywhereCan See Everywhere....................

jarred132-Mar 30

in religionI'm never a patriot, for i believe i could live in any warm and peaceful part of the Globe, away from the crowd. Never was proud to be Croatian, neith...

bloodyawfull28910Mar 28Mar 30
Theres not enough love to go round

"There's not enough love to go round"Everyone in this world wants love but why is then "There's not enough love to go round"? 'Sympathy' Rare Bird. The way I see it is, what we do with t...

Bunyi8882199Mar 2Mar 30
A Love poem

A “Love” poemIn case your Love battery is a little low You know that feeling...when an attractive person reminds you that you are an animal? Your body has a mi...

Palmfrond1001Mar 30Mar 30
A poem about being old for Ten

A poem about being old, for TenI comply, flexibly, like a willow He sweeps me over with gentle hands As if I am water, soft waves pushed I am his doll, for him to play with I tr...

Palmfrond24512Mar 12Mar 29

CatsuitHe bought her a catsuit He saw it while looking Something high-tinsel spandex A real Wonder f*ck Woman The man in the unassuming dress reached i...

Palmfrond1010Mar 29
Who am I

Who am I ?My English is not most perfect so I copy this from internet to show for you to read and comment Whenever two people meet, there are really six peop...

ribabezvode1423Mar 29Mar 29

I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY IRELAND. Why it is no Garbage CanPeacefully in the spirit of Easter, I just want to say that my Country is a beautiful one. Despite the weather, North , south, East and West , Irelan...

goldengloss35619Mar 29Mar 29
Kenneth Glasgow 1 2 Brother Of Rev Al Sharpton

Kenneth Glasgow, 1/2 Brother Of Rev. Al Sharpton,Spoke At Anti-Gun Event; Faces Capital Murder In Shooting Death Of 23 Year Old Breunia Jennings One Day Later...

miclee16413Mar 28Mar 29
Who gives more in a love relationship

Who gives more in a love relationship?Love is such a precious feeling, so unique, that throughout history it is enough to count the innumerable feats that have been made in the name of thi...

Amed3225412Feb 1Mar 29
The subject of age

The subject of ageThis crops up often. Chemistry and attraction trumps age. Sure, age is a starting point but like food, it doesn’t hurt to try new things to see if you...

Palmfrond32819Mar 17Mar 29
This news might mean a LOT to some folk in the future

This news might mean a LOT to some folk in the future.Scientists discover new family of promising silver-based anti-cancer drugs. UJ discovers silver-based, anti-cancer drug that is cheaper and less to...

Lukeon13312Mar 28Mar 29
Australias cricket shame

Australia's cricket shame.Well done South Africa, you won the whole thing fair and square because we cheated. Even if we bowl you all out in one go, it will be a hollow victory...

pat8lanips35433Mar 25Mar 29

the fact is clear ... to many people on this planet.?the fact is clear ... to many people on this planet.?.............

jarred149-Mar 29
What NOT to eat this is difficult to believe

What NOT to eat..this is.difficult to believe............Did you know that there are at least 6 destrucftive chemicals hidden insde of the food you eat daily? Turns out Butane isn’t just for lighters anymo...

britishcolumbian25419Dec 19Mar 29
Our Narrow hearts and the need to look others into their eyes

Our Narrow hearts and the need to look others into their eyes ;)Just because When talking about the problem of refugees, we use dehumanised language, which reduces human tragedy to numbers and statistics. But...

Crunia131-Mar 27Mar 29
Rationing smokes

Rationing smokesAnd cranky about tomorrow has dramatically shortened my fuse. My usual forgiveness of the ignorant, evaporated tonight. 4 days to payday. The simple p...

Palmfrond1412Mar 27Mar 29
A shocking reveal from a female regarding dating sites

A shocking reveal from a female regarding dating sites.I was talking with a female friend of mine over the weekend. We were talking about me and my activity on a dating site. She revealed to me, if she...

Johnny_Sparton1,401106Mar 19Mar 29
The 15 minutes of fame are about up for Daniels and Hogg

The 15 minutes of fame are about up for Daniels and HoggThe phrase "everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" is credited to either Andy Warhohl or his photographer, Nat Finkelstein (1966 or 1968). Who...

Willy34111021Mar 29Mar 29

ComediansGilda Radner is my favorite comedian. R.I.P. Anyone else remember Gilda? Honey, touch me Wit...

galrads661Mar 28Mar 28
Why Need To Be Nasty To Others

Why Need To Be Nasty To Others,especially if you dont like the reactions of others towards your nastiness? What are you trying to prove by being nasty? Your superiority? In this vi...

Kalpataru41217Mar 23Mar 28
Simple Math Problem

Simple Math ProblemTeacher: "If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many would you have?"............... Johnny: "Seven."............................

JimNastics27410Mar 12Mar 28
Whats it like

What’s it likeTo live in the USA? Probably similar to those living in other like countries. I will speak for myself using info shared by my family and coworkers....

Palmfrond2039Mar 28Mar 28
"PLAY NOW: Balloon Pop"(meet us in the games)

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