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Alexa... The Echo DotProbably the hottest gift for under $40 is the Echo Dot voice-controlled speaker sold through Amazon. It runs the Alexa Artificial Intelligence system...

chatillion1109Aug 24Aug 29
Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud

Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud,and use the speaker too?? Does it not disturb others who are not Muslims? Such question or I may say such complaint has started to emerge lately, esp...

Kalpataru1856Aug 28Aug 29

Why the World Would Be Better Off Without ReligionWhy the World Would Be Better Off Without Religion ................

jarred172-Aug 29
Dating web sites Changes are done

Dating web sites....Changes are done!!!Chances are!!! you've probably heard about Tinder, Ok Cupid, Happn, etc etc. Those mobile dating app that become so huge it has changed the way tradit...

single_again4u30634Aug 28Aug 28

Please read before you contact me, I like a guywho actually reads a profile and NOT just ogle pics! Please do not contact me if you LACK MANNERS, examples are: standing me up on a date without ca...

evagoblog89712Aug 2014Aug 28

Monday MondayAdd your own favorites, if you like.

JimNastics15516Aug 27Aug 28
Travel companion

Travel companionShould I invite someone to tour Portugal in my motorhome with me. Is it better to stay alone.....

freeallhours39332Aug 26Aug 28
Ever call GENIE to get out of the bottle if you made a wish What would you wish for or say

Ever call GENIE to get out of the bottle if you made a wish... What would you wish for or say?I think I would say, to him or lose weight, maybe the stuff carried has prevention from coming out of the bottle, to grant any wishes!!...

moonglow331122Aug 27Aug 28

Mainstream Media Are Covering Up Phony DOJ Dossier found this clip very informative. if you like your freedom I would listen to this. 37 mins long....

stringman986Aug 27Aug 28

Quebec, CanadaGet there once ot twice a year, usually with Family. A little touch of Europe in North America. This time want with Motorcycle group. At my age. Round...

Vierkaesehoch770Aug 28

Every person is born naked.Every person is born naked. And every man is going to die. Every person is equal in that. But in between the big difference. Depending on which li...

jarred155-Aug 28

DOES MY PROFILE PIC OFFEND YOU?This is a serious question folks. I got this mail today, which I guess was more or less positive. However.......... *Hey, hi from Alps (holiday...

robbyreal1,571132Aug 11Aug 28
Please Stop It

Please Stop It..When D Trump ordered his foreign affairs minister (or whatever you call that person) to announce something officially or to make an official statement...

Kalpataru48846Aug 25Aug 27
Track161052Aug 27Aug 27

Wipe that mole off your face...Sometimes it's not so easy considering the same word has different meanings. If a guy has a birth defect (as in a dark round often raised mark on h...

chatillion19211Aug 26Aug 27

Anyone ever heardof Freddie Pargetter? He got arrested at a friend of the family's stag party for the possession of drugs. In an added twist, it was the friend of t...

Harbal23519Aug 27Aug 27
Defying logic

Defying logicBeen and paddled kayak yesterday. Saw a female elk with 2 calves. Totally under impression. But where is the logic?...

Tulefell19838Aug 27Aug 27
Anyone else awake

Anyone else awake?Lying in bed with the van door open drinking coffee and roaming the smartphone for anyone else awake. Nearly 9 am in Spain. I seem to have the world...

Elegsabiff2,686241Sep 2017Aug 27

Anyone ever heardOf jock palfreeman ??? Was doing a Google search of a photo and his name popped up...

Onthcrestofawave1787Aug 27Aug 27

The 10 rules of being human.The 10 rules of being human......... 1. At your birth you will receive a body that you can find or hate. However, the only thing you can be certain a...

jarred160-Aug 27
The bigger the lie the more people believe so true in this case and Im not a racist truthseeker

The bigger the lie! the more people believe, so true in this case, and I'm not a racist, truthseekerEyewitness" Yankel Wiernik claimed: 1200 people fit into a 7 X 7 m gas chamber, bodies of women were used for kindling, bodies burned on their own onc...

knowledgeantruth79070Aug 17Aug 27

A little land mine next month awaits Democrats' big dream of impeachment‘Sleeper’ case could torpedo Mueller report It might even keep the special counsel from sending a report to Congress, shaking Democrats’ hopes that...

Willy3411621Aug 27Aug 27
Gardening for Beginners

Gardening for BeginnersI got excited just a bit ago when I read in email that there is a class at the community gardening center that I joined for beginners. I need it. Th...

UnFayzed21015Aug 24Aug 27
For the writers on CS Evie nails it

For the writers on CS - Evie nails itIf you don't care to follow links, the text is below but the pics and gifs on her original blog are hilarious

Elegsabiff39116May 28Aug 27

Are you going to think about it............. Are you seriously concerned about the fact that the person has crooked teeth for you? Are you going to think about it, are you go...

jarred163-Aug 27
respected nation

respected nationi would like say the people of those community who dont respect their selves . they cant respect for other . now days there is an exhibition is going...

atifshz641Aug 27Aug 27
Addiction Getting a Fix

Addiction! Getting a FixAfter my 45 mile ride last week, I noticed that I've increased my speed and pushed up my bike to a higher gear. Previous to the ride, I was riding at...

LadyImp15817Aug 24Aug 27

Michael Cohen is seeking your donations...Among the news stories this morning, Michael Cohen, former attorney for Donald Trump is seeking your donations to pay for his legal fees. His GoFundMe...

chatillion962Aug 24Aug 26

"FENCE WARS"Oh..................... The Perils Of .............................The Establishing......................................... Of The Ole Property Line....

namaron279-Aug 24Aug 26
stringman30720Aug 14Aug 26
stringman33933Aug 24Aug 26

jobsHi. i am look a job where i csn live an work... like care taker job ...old care worker job...sales jobs...etc anywhere els i dont mind but...

dibash20191212Aug 26Aug 26

"BER" MonthsWe are so thrilled at the start of the “Ber” months? Christmas isn’t until more than one hundred days and there are still a few holidays in between su...

ysabeljhen14810Aug 25Aug 26

Camels become the dairy cow in the future......... I already see it all for me: camels standing in the Dutch meadows ...

jarred164-Aug 26

For God’s sake, give it a restThe original words that were translated, interpreted and then compiled into what has come to be known as the Bible, were written by men. I don’t thin...

Harbal97896Aug 25Aug 26

The Virgosign on moneyPresident Trump is in the news again. Or rather President Trump keeps dominating the news. Not climate change, not dying oceans, not human sufferings...

virgosign1002Aug 25Aug 26
Dont trust Turkish women

Dont trust Turkish womenDont trust turkish women 3th world scum even the ones with a nother nationality that lives in turkey . P.S i’m not from the east part of turkey ( 4 th...

Charmes121-Aug 26

Leaving or StayingIn our lives some of us did the best we can to save one's relationship but their is always a reason why things happen... :confused Are we...

ysabeljhen30917Aug 6Aug 26
Looking for help with Outlook com

Looking for help with Outlook.comMy Outlook mailbox recently gave itself an upgrade and seems to have lost my email address in the process. Now when I try to sign in it comes up with...

Elegsabiff319-Aug 26Aug 26

Take The Train To NowhereTake The Train To Nowhere.......... ..........

jarred150-Aug 26

"Flock of Felons" & The countdown to impeachment has begun.Today in the Independent; Donald Trump told 'the countdown to impeachment has already started Tom Embury-Dennis, The Independent 6 hours ag...

JimNastics42118Aug 24Aug 25
Back to blogging

Back to bloggingHello everyone haven't been on here in yrs Life's been s roller coaster ride as usual,I had to move back to my birth state due to health reasons and...

Donraymond1413Aug 24Aug 25
coca20: "teacher"(meet us in the puzzles)

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