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EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY - "Right" Vs "Happy"How many times have you heard the question: "Would you rather be RIGHT, or HAPPY?" Ideally, most would say “I want both!” Being "RIGHT" is...

daniela77729037Oct 20Oct 22

HISTORY OF HALLOWEENsince Halloween is just around the corner I would post this.

stringman640Oct 22

Want/needDo you want or need a man in your life? Why do men feel like they have been insulted when I say I want a man in my life but don't need one? Surely t...

emmy197554Jul 2017Oct 22
Track16570Oct 22
Robot friends

Robot friendsif anyone thinks I am or ought be one to them??? Then kindly take your oil can and shove it where the sun don't shine Eh my apologies to...

itchywitch32527Oct 21Oct 22
Track16601Oct 22Oct 22

In memory of bloggers who have passed on...I have seen bloggers come and go. The best part was when they found someone and announced they were leaving the site. Some married and continued to sh...

chatillion25215Oct 21Oct 22

Are You @ Peace right now?Spending my spare time here in CS land made me feel @home like family.We might at times or all the time argue because we are d...

ysabeljhen30234Oct 20Oct 21

You are so.......plastic !Cancer has several causes. One is radiation, including sunlight. It causes crosslinking of molecules, such as proteins, RNA & DNA. However, it is...

JimNastics1162Oct 20Oct 21

Has my brilliant hero finally gone too far?.......It's an open secret that the Ruskies have been skirting around Gorby and the Gipper's 1980's useful and important AMB treaty, mostly by claiming that...

Vierkaesehoch814Oct 21Oct 21

A Broken HeartMy son broke my heart twice when I heard him say: (he was five) pointing to a man over 6 feet he said, "I want to be that tall when I grow up."...

UnFayzed14311Oct 19Oct 21

"OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST"After Reading Of................................. The Great Catastrophy........................ Thats Going On....................... Here On The Blog...

namaron160-Oct 20Oct 21

Apolitical Blog---as much as possible.So, I was trying to think of this, but it seems to me that almost every topic either has a political aspect to it, or can be stretched in that directi...

Vierkaesehoch1309Oct 21Oct 21
stringman550Oct 21

Stormy Daniels lost her suit against the President"An attorney for the president, Charles Harder, characterized the ruling in a statement as "a total victory for President Trump and a total defeat for...

lindsyjones1,14486Oct 17Oct 21
do we need obey God

do we need obey God?Jesus said: i came not to destroy the law but to fulfil. Jesus said to his disciples: if you obey my commandments (of the law),you showed to love me...

starrayfil55-Oct 21

My New Interest: Hairy Babies (Not Cry Babies!)The more experience I have with the human race, the more I love four-legged creatures. Apart from the horses - and dogs & cats, of course! - I have...

daniela77761657Aug 11Oct 21

Payday...for the electric company, cable company, insurance company..etc................ Payday...for the electric company, cable company, insurance company..etc...

jarred154-Oct 21

Hunt the chickenI Love to let my chickens roam the garden they eat all the slugs and snails, well they are grounded with one perched on the naughty step. About three...

emmy115321Oct 20Oct 21

Trump sends someone with a LOT of experience to Saudi ArabiaSatire from The Borowitz Report Trump Dispatches Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Saudi Arabia to Provide Lying Advice By Andy Borowitz October 18,...

JimNastics1569Oct 19Oct 21

Billion Dollar Lottery...You can't win if you don't play... and last week the jackpot rolled up to $680 million. Reports last night claimed the jackpot exceeded $1.6 BILLION...

chatillion13213Oct 20Oct 21

The American DreamGeorge Carlin said this 9 years ago, it made sense then and is still doing so I love America I hate Corporate America and yet here I am, ug...

UnFayzed1054Oct 20Oct 21

Why do liberals hate Donald Trump? I'll tell you why.Why do liberals hate Donald Trump? I'll tell you why. They hate him because he is a deal maker. They hate his family. They hate him because he...

Willy341166045Sep 16Oct 21

Two types of people.............. Two types of people...

jarred163-Oct 21
Sand Vs stone

Sand V's stoneBecause of a comment the lovely Fay left on my " especially for you blog" I've decided to share one of my favourite moral stories with you troubleso...

itchywitch21916Oct 20Oct 20
This is the news of all news

This is the news of all news.What is happening in blogland? Did not realized last night it was so bad. I only logged in tonight because I dropped my one and only needle with a big...

ekself30134Oct 19Oct 20

A story that really bites !South Carolina man gets 12 years for biting off ex-girlfriends lip By Megan Cerullo Oct 20, 2018 | 2:00 PM A 23-year-old man was sentenced t...

JimNastics884Oct 20Oct 20

CNN Piece On Importance Of Journalism Featured Next To Article Examining Trump's Eating HabitsU.S.—A piece promoting the importance of journalism and defending the profession as a noble guardian of democracy was featured on CNN's website Friday...

Willy3411772Oct 20Oct 20
stringman995Oct 19Oct 20
stringman881Oct 20Oct 20

If you say, don't read it; you know I will, twice..Do not read this blog: I always thought about why the Jews and Gentiles (Christians) could never see eye to eye when it came to Jesus being the Mes...

seaworthy3029Oct 14Oct 20
Especially for you

Especially for youJust so you know it (you know who you are) I don't like you either, and perhaps I should feel insulted for being called mindless and unstable by YOU b...

itchywitch1,17039Oct 2016Oct 20
Back to the Stone age era

Back to the Stone age era.Wondered alot about the statement on our paper money (in god we trust) my thinking of it has us all doomed in the end....

Donraymond530Oct 20

Pocahontas a real Indian - 1/1,024th. that isSen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has declared herself vindicated for a decades-long claim to be Cherokee, thanks to a DNA test she ordered in response to...

Willy341161745Oct 15Oct 20

All Good Things Come To An EndATTENTION PLEASE! NEWS UPDATE... For many years now, I have noticed something which seems to be a phenomenon: that is, when visiting supermarkets...

daniela77735346Oct 18Oct 20
A New Range Of Vitamins Discovered

A New Range Of Vitamins DiscoveredResearchers attached to Social Behavioral Studies at The University of Cape Town yesterday announced the discovery of a new range of vitamins that pro...

Catfoot32428Oct 15Oct 20
Track16711Oct 20Oct 20

2 strikesThis is the second time that I have simply posted the truth and because the blogger, LJ, is so closed-minded, that my simple statement was deleted so...

JimNastics81265Oct 17Oct 20

HELLEN KELLERHelen Keller American author Helen Adams Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to ear...

ysabeljhen29326Sep 22Oct 19

Track might have something to do with this phenomenon....Then again maybe we can't blame Track for all of this since it is now legalized there...... ........

Hans471114112Oct 19Oct 19

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(170)Yep.................To All Of You....................... Who Have Been Wishing ............................That I Just Might Go Away? The News Aint.....

namaron27233Oct 13Oct 19
Profile photo

Profile photoWhat is the point of joining a site like this if you do not post a photo....

Scotcheesy33129Oct 14Oct 19
fallforu: "Logical thinking"(meet us in the quizzes)

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