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PoetrySo my beau likes to write poetry to me. Yep, he’s a poet. As if he can get any better. So I channeled my inner poet too because it’s just another form...

Mermaidhair1500Apr 12Go to Last Post
More options within the site

More options within the site.Just was curious after talking with a few friends, if not only this site but other sites like this one should have more options as to the genders cate...

Gothsonny1334Apr 11Apr 12
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Antoine Baril: One man band...While surfing YouTube last year, Antoine Baril came on my radar as the one man band playing songs from top rock groups like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Th...

chatillion940Apr 11Go to Last Post

Easter egg [ 2.I am a writer. Blogging is fun or silly, but mostly sophomoric, amateur. In the 90's I compiled & edited a book*. My Dad hated it, My girlfriend didn...

Agentbob1507Apr 10Apr 11
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Me FlirtingAh, um, ah, so, do you like bread?...

Track1626733Apr 10Apr 11
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61 000th blog

61,000th blogSorry mac seems the blog number reset...

OIdblue67311Apr 2019Apr 11
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Hypocrites all over

Hypocrites all over...I find it hard to understand people with such a devastating power-tripping attitude. Doesn't even care what others would think and feel as long as sh...

ehmzroldan2226Apr 10Apr 11
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Uranus has rings...I'll bet you didn't know that. CS bloggers have an extreme apathy toward science and astronomy. Astrology, is a different story, and knowing if a Virg...

chatillion25717Apr 10Apr 11
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Track161515Apr 9Apr 11
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immagrationhow do i get to live in uk and what do i need and for how long can i stay do i need a job first...

Genuis24221Apr 11Apr 11
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Top 10 reasons to vote Democrat

Top 10 reasons to vote Democrat#10. I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I've decided to marry my German Shepherd. #9. I vote Democrat beca...

Willy34111573Jan 31Apr 11
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Chanced to watch Kurosawa's Ran againand mused on the Shakespearean feel atmosphere and common elements of power, tragedy and family conflict. The language of Shakespeare is of course now...

FargoFan810Apr 10Go to Last Post

Keep the faithMy music of a misspent youth. How many do you know. No I haven't put the music on as I've no idea how to. I'm gonna run away from you -Tami Lynn I'm...

emmy115611Apr 7Apr 10
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Track161161Apr 10Apr 10
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Easter egg deLuxeThis is what can happen when you learn the investigative feature of your Left brain [ curiosity Jammed up hard with the ExxonMobil Internet. Tucker...

Agentbob19726Apr 9Apr 10
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WEATHEROr should that be whether this is true or not? China is stealing India's rain If this is even possible between neighbouring countries .......

CelticWitch64162-Apr 9Go to Last Post
Recipe for a happy married life

Recipe for a happy married lifeThis is not my own recipe. I just copy-pasted it from net and some changes have also been made in it. If anyone knows a better recipe, don't hesita...

Decent_Love2564Jul 2022Apr 9
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Food For ThoughtWe generally think of ourselves are smarter today than in days past but just keep in mind that in the 60s, a car owners manual told you how to adjust...

Track1629515Apr 4Apr 9
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Criminals in SA never cease to amaze.This guy Thabo Bester, a convicted murderer and rapist, escaped from the Mangaung Correctional Centre in May 2022. The Department...

Lukeon1874Apr 9Apr 9
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Going on another first date

Going on another first date.....Only the 2nd person I'm actually going to be able to meet from this site. Very excited and very nervous at the same time. First person I met wanted to...

Unknown1,98981Apr 2012Apr 9
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Making plans for the USA part 8

Making plans for the USA! (part 8!)Here we go again - another installment of your favourite blog ever: Planning the trip to the United States of America. In this blog: Papers. Specif...

Philipsen29410Apr 5Apr 8
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My Piano and I

My Piano and IWell I wanted to get started with my day BUT I am inspired to write yet another long term blog. After this you guys probably won’t see a blog from me...

Mermaidhair48222Apr 6Apr 8
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Dating Bliss

Dating BlissThis is going to be a long term blog about dating experiences. Feel free to post your own as much as you are willing to share. I’ll start. I posted th...

Mermaidhair66329Apr 5Apr 8
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Putrid Fresno Hotel Pool

Putrid Fresno Hotel PoolSometimes I get so hung up on news articles and this is one of them. This is on Van Ness Ave in downtown Fresno, CA. The hotel manager allowed the poo...

Mermaidhair43526Mar 20Apr 8
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Track16960Apr 8Go to Last Post
Enough of the food for now

Enough of the food for now!Easter, at least in my family, is centered around food. Every year around Easter, we all gather for the annual Easter lunch. That was a lot of Eas...

Philipsen1160Apr 8Go to Last Post

My aging generationWatching 1923 with Helen Mirren (2 weeks older than I) and Harrison Ford (3 years older). Clint Eastwood, OMG...

FargoFan1929Apr 8Apr 8
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Note to self

Note to-selfDon't make it easy for anyone to get through the back door .... cause once their in, they'll slap the front one in your face AGAIN... a word to...

CelticWitch641,10043Apr 4Apr 8
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Russian brides and Slavic women

Russian brides and Slavic womenA fellow You Tuber in Russia, who is female BTW, posted some reality about Russian brides you can get online. I love this woman's work. She is a gre...

Ken_191300Apr 8Go to Last Post

Some tattoos I would considerI don't have any tattoos, but if I were to get one, here are some that I would consider on my right arm.

SHAWNTHOR36913Jan 23Apr 8
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My sweet Jesus

My sweet Jesus .....Just remembering the unforgettable one on this date .... .... THANKS...

CelticWitch642749Apr 7Apr 8
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Finding messages...In the 'old' days, If you had to contact someone, the first line was to actually visit them in-person or write a letter, affix a stamp and mail it. Af...

chatillion31515Apr 6Apr 8
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Birthday ??Happy Birthday to me thank u lord for one more year old thank u for the give of life I really appreciate it n more blessing to come...

shandeen291846Apr 7Apr 8
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Childhood celebrity crushesI think just about everyone has them. We have them with someone in our lives, or having a crush on a celebrity when you're a young teenager. This...

SHAWNTHOR35815Nov 9Apr 7
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Track161192Apr 7Apr 7
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Track161302Apr 5Apr 7
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Scientists At Bud Try To Discover How Many Beers It Takes For Dylan Mulvaney To Pass As Woman

Scientists At Bud Try To Discover How Many Beers It Takes For Dylan Mulvaney To Pass As WomanST. LOUIS, MO — Beer scientists at Budweiser headquarters are reportedly hard at work researching how many cans of Bud Light it would take for Dylan M...

Willy34111463Apr 7Apr 7
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Were entering Easter time

We're entering Easter time.That means a short work week. In my case, three days. My next work day is on the 11th of April. I have a few things to attend to during my days of...

Philipsen21410Apr 2Apr 7
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Gem Rock Star

Gem (Rock Star)Eccentricity and impulsiveness at its height

iotaoo1050Apr 7Go to Last Post

DO YOU BELIEVE EVERYTHINGyou read or hear???? News papers now the reporters make a meal of any situation. Even hound people just to get a story to help them on their prom...

EXRED3345-Apr 6Apr 7
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Mountains and snow, loads of it- and a helping handLook at this crazy video guys, not staged... I think this one was a close call Happy ending thankfully. Snowboarder rescued by stranger: 'I was...

Grandsiozzie1181Apr 7Apr 7
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Can You Believe It?My neighbor came over banging and screaming at my door at 3 am this morning. Can you believe the nerve. Fortunately for him I was still up playing...

Track161540Apr 6Go to Last Post

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