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TSomething like most things I have only a rudimentary understanding about And can't even spell I seem to remember from my early Yorkshire day...

Onthcrestofawave1495Jun 30Jul 1

Fox NewsThere’s a set of people here who all seem to have the same strongly held opinions on the same set of issues. Guns, Muslims, Trump, Hillary Clinton, a...

Harbal57866Jun 30Jul 1

Photo Caption Contest - If this cat could talkYou know the drill by now. Add your own caption(s) for the following photo, if you like, or just enjoy the others, if you cant think of anything....

JimNastics690Jul 1

Women and men....... Goop......Sure, with mustaches, beards, and various bling, we men certainly have our share of facial decorations. And in some cultures, men painting their face...

Vierkaesehoch761Jul 1Jul 1
Naomi72920Jul 1
Naomi72470Jul 1

The security detailI got a text last night from a casual acquaintance while I was at work. I was asked if I would do a favor. I asked “what is it?” He told me that he a...

Palmfrond1469Jun 30Jun 30

Men and women....Dimestore romance novels......And "love" at first sight. Differences between the sexes sometimes are seen everywhere....

Vierkaesehoch924Jun 30Jun 30

lifeits better to be born a bit crazy .becose when you go a bit crazy ..people wont notice it so much ….t. m dillonger.....

sunflowers46711Jun 30Jun 30

10 Awesome things that money can't buy!1. Manners 2. Morals 3. Respect 4. Character 5. Common Sense 6. Trust 7. Patience 8. Class 9...

Gentlejim1106Jun 30Jun 30

a blog about stufffirst, i would like to say, i write what is on my mind. if i am stressed about bills and utilities, it is because that is what is on my mind. i trie...

Palmfrond21718Jun 29Jun 30
stringman28528Jun 26Jun 30
dating thats what he said

dating....thats what he said........... ........ ....... ...... .... after so many emails...and ...more chatting finally he said.....we need to meet and speak some...

dimplesimple27332Jun 24Jun 30
Julius Malema admits black didnt come from South Africa

Julius Malema admits black didn't come from South AfricaNow this is interesting given the bill that has recently passed that allows confiscation of farmland without compensation. If I understand the story c...

Miwagi38527Jun 3Jun 30
JimNastics1478Jun 28Jun 30

Doomsday clockIt is the closest the clock has come to midnight since 1953, when the minute hand was moved to two minutes away following hydrogen bomb tests by the U...

Onthcrestofawave19313Jun 29Jun 30

When the voicesIn your head become out of control... You have to decide to: Write a blog about an unnamed person and to add to the mystery disallow comments...

Onthcrestofawave23311Jun 28Jun 30
internet love

internet loveWhy all the people have the same demand and why people dont contact to each other. and we know that we cant find imaginary person so why we dont trust...

atifshz23619Jun 28Jun 29
Who gives more in a love relationship

Who gives more in a love relationship?Love is such a precious feeling, so unique, that throughout history it is enough to count the innumerable feats that have been made in the name of thi...

Amed3243722Feb 1Jun 29

Finally a believable explanation for Melania Trump's choice in jacket message. lolHere is the explanation by 'Melania' herself. So, there you have it....

JimNastics20913Jun 27Jun 29

Do Men Like Women On Top?And, do Women prefer Men on top? NO, this blog is NOT about sex It´s about POWER and CONTROL As we all know, Women in positions of p...

daniela7771,282115May 18Jun 29

The Male Robot Companion (MaRC) - a reviewThe way to sell to a man is to mark the product as exclusive and double the price. The way to sell to a woman is to say she can have two for the p...

Elegsabiff30734Jun 28Jun 29

Women and men. That thing of all things.....The one eyed splitting trowser viper. Sure, the creator designed 'em, probably with a lot more smarts than any of us, no? And estimates are that full...

Vierkaesehoch1438Jun 28Jun 29

Men and women....La Dona e mobile....Women are fickle..... But is it really true? Lots of women will fall for a sales/love pitch easily, as will many men---given the right line and situa...

Vierkaesehoch962Jun 29Jun 29

HumbleSeriously, why describe yourself as humble? Does it have a slang meaning I'm missing (like wicked sick = WOW amazing) because it is not a sexy wo...

Elegsabiff1,042117May 31Jun 29
Trump gets to pick another Supreme Court Justice

Trump gets to pick another Supreme Court Justice.The balance of power on the Supreme is shifting to the right me thinks....

Miwagi28539Jun 27Jun 29

It's hard to know what to worry about the mostThe main choices seem to be: 1 The imminent showdown between God and Satan will bring forth a medley of unnatural disasters, the like of which we...

Harbal22622Jun 28Jun 29

Crestians...The holly boble... It's teachings and how to incorporate it into our everyday lives First: The 12 condiment's Handed out in fortune cookie...

Onthcrestofawave40921Jun 27Jun 29

Third Roger Stone ex-aide subpoenaed by Mueller today.This is the third former Roger Stone aide subpoenaed by Mueller. He is likely onto the trail of something that smells very bad. In the NY Times...

JimNastics830Jun 28

Unlike some on here, a man with a conscience.A FOX News regular quits because of harshly dishonest news coverage on FOX News. Fox News Regular Bruce Turkel Quits Over Immigration Coverage...

JimNastics1809Jun 28Jun 28
stringman12111Jun 28Jun 28

THE HAIRCUTBlessed are those that can give without remembering, and take without forgetting. One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut,...

Gentlejim1487Jun 20Jun 28

God's WifePriceless! God's Wife IT WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. Th...

Gentlejim17410Jun 2Jun 28

The endApparently, just before the World ends, we are all going to get sucked off. Stringman kept quiet about that....

Harbal47548Jun 5Jun 28

Hidden or Deleted profiles.Ok this has been on my mind for awhile. How can you like someone's profile an expect them to like you back when your's is not able to be seen? To me t...

AkDuckHunter23917Jun 28Jun 28
New CS names

New CS namesI am hereby proposing new names for ConnectingSingles. The .com at the end is a given. Feel free to add some of your own suggestions. Connecting...

Ken_1993379Jun 11Jun 28

"IT DONT MATTER TO ME"What Do We Really Have Here?............................................................................................Not Much At All People You Ch...

namaron25410Jun 5Jun 28

You have to find yourself very important if you think others are waiting for it.But what do I have to do with a picture of someone's roll or the message that they have missed the bus? .............You have to find yourself very im...

jarred158-Jun 28

stupid woman....i told myself in the mirror, the morning after. No condom and no pill, just the sheer lust. ....and the ovulation days when the nature does it's w...

bloodyawfull1,05774May 30Jun 28

Best love story??magine if two people catfish each other. Best love story??...

jarred159-Jun 28
Dealing with daily stress

Dealing with daily stressHow to cope with life pressures how to stay stress free...

Trucker161388Jun 13Jun 28

AMERICA! :)Hi everyone, just to give you a clear mind set and have a 100% fullfiment of knowledge: In the world there is 5 Continents : Asia, Africa, America...

pirategirl34727Jun 19Jun 28
serene56: "What Are You Reading"(meet us in the forums)

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