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Chhapaak - Acid and violenceI see the IMDB score is very low, maybe a reaction to the topic The very idea of throwing acid in the face of a human is so low, but it is typically...

FargoFan1823Oct 30Oct 31
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The Nagging Farmer's WifeAn old hillbilly farmer had a wife who nagged him unmercifully. From morning till night (and sometimes later), she was always complaining about someth...

Willy34112344Oct 30Oct 30
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Halloween support group...It's time. I call to order a meeting of the Halloween support group. You've been holding out and it's time to open up about your problems. Have a se...

chatillion1771Oct 30Oct 30
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About my date last night

About my date last nightWithout going into too many details, when she opened her front door and I saw what she was wearing, lets just say, that I was..... totally spellb...

JimNastics2762Oct 30Oct 30
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More about disused railway tunnels

More about disused railway tunnelsThis is my latest find; isn’t she a beauty? I tracked her down on a recent cycling exploration. As can be seen, the tunnel has been blocked, but I c...

Unknown30518Oct 30Oct 30
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galrads65045Oct 24Oct 30
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The Truth About Pumpkins

The Truth About PumpkinsMost people have no idea of the evil that dwells within a pumpkin, although any non-American who has eaten pumpkin pie may well have suspected it. It...

Unknown28114Oct 30Oct 30
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Spiritualism and Addiction in INDIAIn India , Spiritualism and Addiction , are two things which always used to be Co-Related ... Our Sanatana Hindu Dharma has various rituals , which...

Tanzila1700Oct 30Go to Last Post
Must Control the Narrative

Must... Control.. the.. Narrative!!!Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out....

Bohemund50125Oct 26Oct 30
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Give me a woman

Give me a womanThere are certainly things that women seem unable to do as well as men, but there are also things that women do better than men. This morning I exper...

Unknown60452Oct 29Oct 30
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Liberal tactics suck

Liberal tactics suckLiberals, we are reliably informed, have to be in control of the narrative, that is their aim. Well I have to say that they are useless at it. While...

Unknown21211Oct 30Oct 30
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Believing in God will open your eyes to see truthThere is no Truth without God. God is the Truth and will give you to say truth before men. Believing in God is needful .when you believe in God you...

starrayfil136-Oct 30Go to Last Post

Spiritually DiscernedWhat an informative/powerful vid that ties the secular and science into how they are trying to destroy our creators 'in God's image' for the benefit o...

seaworthy53032Oct 25Oct 30
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Put your money where your mouth is...Let's say someone was boasting and you didn't believe the story they were telling. You could suggest a wager... bet money against what they say is tru...

chatillion2073Oct 29Oct 30
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Windows 11Yesterday and today I upgraded my Windows 10 laptop to Windows 11. I started the upgrade yesterday at 11:30 AM and it was still downloading and instal...

Willy341155629Oct 22Oct 29
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cryptorchid73029Oct 14Oct 29
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Bahhh ram eweHave you ever arrived somewhere and wondered how you got there? Scientists believe they may have found the answer, with research that shows that h...

Bluekiwi1841Oct 29Oct 29
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Andrew Cuomo charged over alleged groping of former aide. To be arrestedDisgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo was charged Thursday with groping a former aide in Albany’s Executive Mansion — a crime that could send him to jail for...

Willy34111972Oct 29Oct 29
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Happy Birthday sweet Crypt

Happy Birthday, sweet Crypt!!!!!!...Hoping you have the most amazing day!!!... Wishing you health, prosperity and lots of love, girlie!... Thank you, for being such a wonderful friend!.....

Melody16711,452-Oct 26Oct 29
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FirkinOr even stranger How many hogsheads in a butt ?...

Bluekiwi2142Oct 28Oct 29
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Revisiting Windswept House

Revisiting Windswept HouseThe historic failures within the Roman Catholic Church to address the infiltration by homosexual predators in the days of Fr.Malachi Martin causes one...

RoseHipster314-Oct 28Oct 29
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JimNastics1360Oct 29Go to Last Post
Just a note to self

Just a note to selfI did a reading, about a specific person today and the energy I've been getting from this individual because it's quite chaotic and confusing; yet sim...

SEEKINGinger2172Oct 26Oct 29
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"CREATION"..("LAST RIDE"),,(184)I Am Sending These Words Along............................ In The Hopes That She Will Read This................................ And That These Words ....

namaron3141Oct 25Oct 29
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Personal Societal Irresponsibility has consequences which should include financial responsibility

Personal & Societal Irresponsibility has consequences, which should include financial responsibilityLetters to the editor from the Houston Chronicle; 'Enough is enough' - unvaccinated should face financial consequences Taking personal respo...

JimNastics1,438140Sep 28Oct 29
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Covid-19 vacsWho isn't tired with the Covid topic... I do feel like getting the vaccine helps to some degree as far as possibly not getting it to getting a mild...

SHAWNTHOR3049Oct 27Oct 29
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Bad for almost Everybody

"Bad for almost Everybody"Today from Time; Donald Trump Still Leads The Republicans—And That’s Bad for Almost Everybody Philip Elliott Wed, September 29, 2021, 2:0...

JimNastics2589Sep 29Oct 29
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Leftist ot Liberal

Leftist ot Liberal?Which of these words do you like to say the most? They are both very popular words, as can be seen by the number of threads with at least one in its...

Unknown34827Oct 28Oct 29
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Who do you trust

Who do you trust?Not everything from the MSM can be trusted, and even less of what the government says can be trusted, I readily admit that. Apart from the odd instan...

Unknown2015Oct 29Oct 29
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angry voices

angry voicesA while back I posted a blog titled "To Dream". It drew a number of responses but few words were shared on the original theme of the entry which was t...

hedistuff8175Dec 2008Oct 29
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i remember

i rememberi remember being a small child at Shakey's Pizza riding a mechanical horse. this customer, who looked like a gangster, dumped a bunch of change in th...

cryptorchid39121Oct 28Oct 29
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Paragraph BreaksIf I go to read something that is a bit of a long read and I see there are no paragraphs I usually can't or simply won't read it. However I do not th...

UnFayzed2748Oct 28Oct 28
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Theres never an exorcist around when you need one

There's never an exorcist around when you need oneEvil, evil, evil, everywhere you look. It's all around us, everywhere. I can't walk down the street without tripping over Satanists and homosexual p...

Unknown24710Oct 28Oct 28
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Is Portugal’s political fate uncertain?The government's budget there was defeated recently. The parliament there threw out the government’s proposed state budget for next year following pol...

galrads1491Oct 28Oct 28
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Hungary,anti-Communist-Uprising October 1956. October 23, 2021| 12:38 pm Rod Dreher To mark the annivers...

Conrad73398-Oct 23Oct 28
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The Trump effect is gathering steamAs retrospection becomes ever more clear, knowledge of the impact of the Trump presidency has been taking form — especially when compared to the bungl...

Willy34112202Oct 28Oct 28
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Then the officer fainted!!!One day, the police raided a whole group of pro*stitutes at a se*x party in a hotel and Lulu was among them: The police took them outside and had all...

teenameena1720Oct 28Go to Last Post
Something Ive often wondered

Something I've often wonderedIf all the men who, upon seeing an atractive woman walk by, have said to their companions something along the lines of, "I'd like to give her a good s...

Unknown2590Oct 28Go to Last Post
Lets Ban It

Let’s Ban ItIt’s about time we did away with science. People are always wanting to know how things work. Then off they go to their laboratories to do experiment...

Unknown41432Oct 25Oct 28
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OK... I confessI keep getting messages about what I do for a living... so here it is. I'm a semi-retired scientist, but still working. My current research pr...

_stargazer_2343Oct 27Oct 28
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Birthdays and DeathsDad turns 92 tomorrow so the siblings, my daughter and myself will all take food over and celebrate an event that Dad will forget 10 minutes after it...

UnFayzed2479Oct 26Oct 28
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Rust: Cinematographer down...On October 21st, 2021, actor Alec Baldwin while on set for filming of the movie RUST discharges a gun used as a prop. The gun wasn't loaded with a bla...

chatillion2397Oct 27Oct 28
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