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Life is a Game

Life is a GameSomeone should make a game about this. Everytime you loose your life, you start up as a new character, location, parents, etc. The catch this time is...

jarred189-May 11
ugly no important

ugly no importantBlogger say this: Looks may not be everything but I'd rather be a hot supermodel and unhappy than ugly working a 9-5 and unhappycheers rolling on t...

Benedikta28023May 10May 11

"WERE ALL... ON OUR OWN"Im Only Using This Situation As An Example..Thats All........I Never Took The Mans Side Whatsoever....... But Now...I Can Honestly Say...That I Know...

namaron29918May 10May 10
Younger men

Younger men?I laughed at the blog. You could be correct. Some older ladies are quite knowledgeable...

Jao19613179May 10May 10

VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV No. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV....................................................................................................

_Danny___187-May 10
Anyone else addicted to cs

Anyone else addicted to csAnyone else addicted to cs : Every minute worth it....

jarred1118-May 10
A lot to give

A lot to giveBy the time the Lord made women, he was into his sixth day of working overtime. An Angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this...

4MaryB3293May 2009May 10
WRITING Cover Letters

WRITING - Cover LettersWe all know that, for several reasons, you're supposed to tailor your cover letter to suit the job for which you're applying. A generic 'cover-all' le...

Grumpywriter35138May 10May 10
Younger men are looking for older women for sex

Younger men are looking for older women for sexYounger men are looking for older women for sex. That's what I've found... Unless someone proves me wrong. ?

jarred1175-May 10
Women these days

Women these days...The other night I was in bed with my girlfriend. We talked for a while, then it was getting late so we decided to go to sleep. But then she said somet...

pat8lanips28912May 10May 10
007 games

007 games?I've been on CS oh about a month. I'm learning as I go along and very quickly I might add. I am not t smartest person but I'm not the dumbest either....

Jao196120510May 9May 10
Looks may not be everything

Looks may not be everythingLooks may not be everything but I'd rather be a hot supermodel and unhappy than ugly working a 9-5 and unhappy

jarred1104-May 10

ReligionI'm not sure how many thousands of religions all over the world but I couldn't care less which one does a friend belong to. When I look at a person...

Crazyheart3830232May 9May 10
scent of a woman

scent of a womanscent of a woman...

jarred1129-May 10

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("HIDDEN")..(52)From The Time You Are Brought Into This World...........And Right Up Until You Are Forced To Make An Undesireable Exit....You Have Carried it With You...

namaron27323May 9May 9
Track161395May 9May 9
trust nobody

trust nobodyI was clownin on the toilet paper one. I hang it the wrong way sometimes so im untrustworthy i guess...

jarred194-May 9

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(104)There Are All Sorts Of Blogs...You Name It...And Just About Every Topic Has Been Gone Over....Reinvented..Re Re Invented... And Re Re Re Invented S...

namaron24518May 8May 9
Wow I feel like a rich man

Wow!! I feel like a rich man!!But!!! I'm not. So I have to deal with the punch's of life. Look Out! Here comes that haymaker!! Since I was on CS last time, what, 6 month's ago...

Ed194118711May 8May 9
Sick of Irish Weather I want to move to Spain

Sick of Irish Weather I want to move to SpainWell, I have been honest about my age, just nearly 66. So officially an old age pensioner... I don't look like one, or act like one. I would like to...

goldengloss55156May 6May 9
Missionary zeal

Missionary zeal.Just returned from bringing the kids back from the succesful end of year two at university. Drop off at Mom's. Stopped at my main wifi spot (McD's)...

Aaltarboy1485May 8May 9
This is the new way of managing the blog comment situation

This is the new way of managing the blog comment situation.OK, there has been some confusion lately, which is leading to anxiety and nail biting. People asking questions and making observations about all sorts...

pat8lanips55421May 9May 9
Why do we ask questions

Why do we ask questions?Why do we ask questions?:but what 'is' a question?? ikes that is a question?...

jarred194-May 9
He Said

He SaidThe antidote for 50 enemies is 1 friend ..........Aristotle.........

posolet131-May 9
what a day at CS Blogs

what a day at CS Blogsthere are so many blogs who needs an advice and COMMENTS NOT ALLOWED...

imbackagain37742May 8May 9
12 hour blogs

12 hour blogs...Anyone else find their blogs get deleted by the mods after 12 hours Guess I'm on some sort of secret probation Next time can you please e-mail...

oldblue5437123May 8May 9
Sheepdog Speech

Sheepdog SpeechSheepdog Speech...

jarred1111-May 9
Lone Wolf

Lone WolfLone Wolf...

jarred1101-May 9
Coffee Whats Your Caffeine Intake

Coffee...What's Your Caffeine Intake ?I was staring at my empty jar of coffee this morning and started calculating how much coffee I have consumed lately. I don't have an addiction, I'm O...

Crazyheart3823928May 8May 8
Hurt another woman

Hurt another woman?My ex-bf in the Philippines has had a gf since 2016. She loves him a lot. At first he said she was just a close friend and kept asking about when i go...

LastStrike29620May 8May 8
Mind Pollutants Ads May Be Harmful To Your Mental Health

Mind Pollutants: Ads May Be Harmful To Your Mental HealthA US marketing firm announces plans to send an inflatable billboard adorned with corporate logos into stationary orbit, viewable every night like a se...

Kattte921May 8May 8
Having enough

Having enough,....As Bob Marley wrote, "Want More", or " It That Cap Fits, Go and Wear It". When we and our families have a decent life style, pays to be grateful, and...

Aaltarboy1002May 8May 8

Chilling...long day...Monday!...

Crazyheart3827217May 8May 8
Collecting huge amounts of data with WhatsApp

Collecting huge amounts of data with WhatsAppCreating a database of phone numbers, profile pictures and status information of almost all users of WhatsApp turns out to be very easy . The user doe...

jarred1120-May 8
Mind Pollution The Poisoning of the Human Mind

Mind Pollution; The Poisoning of the Human MindAfter we crawled out of the seas, it took us thousands of generations to learn how to breathe the air and adapt to living on the land, our "natural en...

Kattte107-May 8


jarred1108-May 8
Im only here because I like my own comment

I'm only here because I like my own commentI'm only here because I like my own comment...

jarred1115-May 8
Just saying hello

Just saying hello!!Well, after a few years on here I got bored and I dropped out. I'm glad I wasn't deleted by the big wigs. I'll be around until I get bored again b...

Ed194117714May 6May 8
stringman107-May 8
Protectionist policies versus the free market economy

Protectionist policies versus the free market economy.Do you think its appropriate for Governments to intervene or protect State-run enterprises by the introduction of extra tarrifs and taxes on imported...

pat8lanips117-May 8
stringman1315May 7May 8

Bam!i got a text from my mother. the diagram of LAX airport. i looked at it and squinted and then passed it by. i called her because i had a brilliant...

freehand20510May 7May 8
"How to lose weight after 40 Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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