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Debunking 3 Myths About Trump Border EnforcementThe mainstream media and Democrats have criticized the Trump administration’s response to the migrant caravans storming the nation’s southern border....

Willy34111694Nov 28Nov 30
Im just a nobody

I’m just a nobody.................... I’m just a nobody....

jarred197-Nov 30

A Secular HymnEver feel left out in Church? Here's a little something to take along with you on your next visit. All things bright and beautiful, All creatur...

Harbal38541Nov 29Nov 30

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(178)Lets See Now..............................................................If You Talk About This?....................You Are Gonna Get That And If Yo...

namaron39748Nov 26Nov 29

Father's rights to their childrenOkay contentious issue, but I think the whole rights thing has gone a step too far now. A woman made pregnant at 14 by the rapist ringleader of a...

Elegsabiff46056Nov 29Nov 29
Mmmmmm beat that meat

Mmmmmm....beat that meat................ Mmmmmm....beat that meat …....

jarred1121-Nov 29
hell yeah

hell yeah..................... hell yeah...

jarred1126-Nov 29

Immigrants Turn Around And Go Home After Seeing Updated National Debt FigureTIJUANA—Thousands of immigrants waiting to get into the United States turned around and went home Wednesday afternoon upon seeing that the US governme...

Willy34111476Nov 29Nov 29

Ever been 'Ghosted'?Have you ever been dating and getting pretty serious with someone when......they disappear off the face of the earth without a trace for no reason wha...

ZaiJian11,97553Oct 2016Nov 29

Welcome Wagon...I'm winding down on the 'shopping list' of final documents needed before the closing date. One important paper gets me a reduced rate on the mandatory...

chatillion1042Nov 29Nov 29
Men and their wants

Men and their wants ...They never end do they??? such demanding little critters men are... aren't they lol Anyways here's one I come across alot..... " I want a woman...

itchywitch1,47798Nov 19Nov 28

Photo Caption Contest - If looks could kill - XMas poochOK. You've got to know the drill by now. If you like, have fun adding your own captions for the following photo. Add as many as you like My...

JimNastics34327Nov 24Nov 28

Paul Manafort lies again to the FBI, ending plea agreement - separate sentencing - soon & Feb 2ndFrom USA Today WASHINGTON – Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort lied repeatedly to the FBI, violating a plea agreement with Justice Depa...

JimNastics1908Nov 28Nov 28

"5 DECADES ON"..("BALLYMURPHY")According To The BBC News........After Almost 50 Years.......................They Are Finally....................... Having An Inquest...................

namaron2187Nov 26Nov 28
Pigs on the Wing

Pigs on the WingPigs on the Wing...……....

jarred165-Nov 28
stringman38632Nov 17Nov 28
Dolphin seen swimming in our Liffey in Dublin today

Dolphin seen swimming in our Liffey in Dublin today....Never seen before. Going in to Hospital for an operation tomorrow so scanning the online Newspapers. Photo of a Dolphin in the Liffey in Dublin, Ire...

goldengloss89-Nov 28
Dying Light

Dying LightIts not comeBackthough...CS is rapidly DYINGout every day or things like that...

zeroBalance2129Nov 26Nov 28
Yes we do

Yes we do.......... Yes we do...

jarred1115-Nov 28
Year old blogs on the front page

Year old blogs on the front pageJarred1 wanted to know WHY people put their bloggs on the front/home page. Many times we see even year old blogs are roatating , "nobody blogger put...

zeroBalance1170Nov 28

President Trump.....and most of the rest of us. In AA, there are lots of intriguing and helpful sayings. A favorite is, God gave us two ears and one mouth, so perhaps SHE...

Vierkaesehoch1532Nov 27Nov 28

You can't make this stuff up.....but some people apparently do.There's a woman who CLAIMS she's had sex with at least 20 ghosts. Wait, there's more. According to her, she's now engaged to a ghost and wants to...

JimNastics34437Oct 31Nov 28

Porch Pirates... Tis the Season!You may have already heard about Porch Pirates... Typically, it's people who drive around neighborhoods looking for delivered packages on doorsteps wh...

chatillion1518Nov 27Nov 28

ROCK-THROWING MIGRANTS PUSHED WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO FRONT OF HORDEMainstream media pushes the same narrative and image. Never mind the fact that 90% of the caravan are military age men. Border patrol unleashed tea...

Willy34112247Nov 26Nov 28

If We Treated Other Medical Ailments Like Mental IllnessNo one would ever say these things to someone with diabetes or a broken arm but people seem to think its fine to say to someone with mental illness....

Track1680771Nov 22Nov 28

Sometimes it isn't worth reporting a crime. Wow.Man walks into police station: Hello, I’d like to report a mugging. OFFICER: A mugging, eh? Where did it take place? MAN: I was walking by...

Elegsabiff49547Nov 25Nov 28
What Is Wrong With Men Dating A Younger Women Or An Older Women Dating A Younger Guy Your Thoughts

What Is Wrong With Men Dating A Younger Women , Or An Older Women Dating A Younger Guy Your ThoughtsHi All What Are Your Thoughts On The Above , The Floor Is Yours No Drama Please...

13Niggle1330025Nov 27Nov 28

Like him back - N/A ???This is the second time I've had a 'like' from someone who is still online but instead of the option of 'like him back' CS says N/A - It's not th...

Elegsabiff55850Nov 22Nov 27
Living in Denmark how good is it

Living in Denmark - how good is it?I noticed a comment on my first blog, that asked how it was to live in Denmark, so I decided to write a blog, describing how it is to live here in thi...

Philipsen2224Nov 14Nov 27
why some people each time put their own blog on the front page

why some people each time put their own blog on the front pageI ask my own wondering why some people each time put their own blog on the front page some are already months old Everyone follows everyone t...

jarred1103-Nov 27
The quality of our life

The quality of our life.................. The quality of our life is a result of the decisions we've made...

jarred196-Nov 27
Track162388Nov 23Nov 26

NO PROFILE PIC FUSTRATEING WHY HIDE ?Why Do So Many Women On Here , have no profile picture how can you get attracted to a poor drawing ....

Niggle69r65246Nov 20Nov 26
Country music

Country music!I am a big, big, BIG country music fan, and I have a playlist on my Spotify dedicated to that. Once the songs run out, and if you haven't pressed "rep...

Philipsen2168Nov 25Nov 26

Receiving "Likes" here on CS.....I am quite thankful for the real ones I get. But many come in without photos, and in black and white, and never seem to really exist. Not being a cybe...

Vierkaesehoch24918Nov 25Nov 26
I really hope everything is okay

I really hope everything is okay!Earlier today, I saw a car with no front or back license plates, which is required by law here in Denmark. That might not be so weird. What was weird,...

Philipsen2435Nov 26Nov 26
Try me

Try me................... Try …….

jarred1102-Nov 26

well... duh!!I try to backup my cellphone to a computer once a month. Since it's running an Android O/S on a Samsung, gmail handles all my contacts, data and apps....

chatillion1579Nov 24Nov 26

Cutting BackI've hit that stage in life where I need to learn to cut back, financially speaking. I'm finding that a tad difficult. Here are my thoughts on a fun...

UnFayzed37928Oct 28Nov 26

ForwardThe last time i was here in this blog more than 2 yrs i think and a lot of things happened in my life....but what i learned was happiness doesnt come...

cattaleya2739Nov 25Nov 26
Lets go back to those days

Let’s go back to those days........................... Let’s go back to those days.

jarred1148-Nov 26
A messiah a day

A messiah a day....How many have there been? Reincarnation or fairy tales? Poor Jesus. Just another hamster on the great wheel of karma

Midnitecwby30630Nov 17Nov 26

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