Seems like there are more women participating in the Blogs than in the International forum.

Seems like there are more women participating in the Blogs than in the International forum.

I wonder why this difference exists?
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My guess: we don't talk like it's a closed small group here.
Any person is welcome at any moment, at least I hope they feel that way.
That helps on keeping the few wims that are still left around.

So when some of us, who love to talk a lot.. start some one on one or
some 3 sum, it's still possible for any 'intruder' (lol) to join in.

Yea, that is why I think it''s only male dominated by say 3 to 1 here
while at your 'home' over there it's slightly worse.

My2c, unqualified or less so, guess.

Probably because the blogs are more serious and more interesting?wink
There are soldiers ..Dee Jay's & Marines herewith..
..the Ladies prefer real, honest...Smack...or $0 I'm told.
@ grand … there are definite cliques in the forums. I Haven’t spent enough time in the blogs to note that here.
Right now it's picking up a bit ova there Gals,
a few in house regulars poppn up.
That good.
Dare I post a song that is totally unrelated... (or is it?)..
'oh I just need a place to throw it out there Gals,
it sounds a bit saturday night party anyway


Depeche Mode Never let me down again Eric Prydz Remix

As per creative format , I like Both , the Forum and the Blog ...

But , personally I feel more Comfortable in Blog because , Here I Have the Power to Monitor my Blogs ...

So that the topic I want to focus on , I can keep it To The Point as much Possible , not filled with Irrelevant Conversations .. Unneccessary Personal Attacks , Racist or Disrespectful s*xual remarks , I am able to Censor here Myself without waiting for the Staffs to get involved ..

Freedom of Expression is a Basic Human Right ..
But unfortunately , many people have this Miss Conception that , Throwing Garbage to Someone Elses' Personal Space , is also a part of that Freedom ..

So as per current features available in Blogs , as I can Create a Clean , On The Topic matter here , so I prefer it a bit more than Forums ...

Oh and also , I'm too Lazy to Type Replies mostly ... So I mostly Disable the Comments on my Blogs , as I Don't Want to Dissappoint the members by Not Responding on their comments ..
That option is also available here ... That is another reason for my preference too wink

giggle giggle
Many women in the to agree of disagree..with politics..

Myself, I see it as many calling long time posters..names.

If you don’t see things my way, you are a moron or deplorable.

Blogs of any kind of substance are few and far between. And sadly, most that are not about not get many replies.
I have interest in both as it happens but not being a full time poster ,only as and when , I really don't know.

I do find on the blogs there are some dominant male forces who take life far too seriously and hate being challenged especially by the opposite sex.

Put downs and innuendos are the norm on both sites unfortunately ,which says more about the attacker than the attacked to be honest.

Like most on here people get sick of the dictatorship taking place with regards how we live our lives, but that's nothing new ,they will always find another topic to graduate to when the latest has died a natural death.handshake
Well there's a fundamental difference between an open forum and a blog.

A forum, just like in the ancient Roman one, for which it is named, is wide open, from the scholar, the patricians, the more common plebians, to the unwashed rabble. There is no real sense of ownership. Noisy by design.

A blog is more personal. Remember the beginning of nearly every episode of STAR TREK (TOS)? Captain Kirk's voice would read from his Captains Log... it was his log, not someone else's.

Perhaps the Ladies, early on, kept a diary, in which they'd put down their thoughts, aspirations or events. It was personal. Other people didn't jump in and take over, or mess it up.

A blog is a little like those, only it's not secret, and others are invited to take part. But it's still more personal and associated with the owner than a forum post.

Each might have their own concept of their blog, but I liken mine to a public library (only talking is okay!)

The public is welcome, and people come and go, enjoying the library as a matter of course.

Maybe you have a public library where you live. A quiet and clean and safe place to sit and read.

But in many towns, there's a vagrant problem. Ragged, dysfunctional people coming in, stinking of urine, booze and body odor, sometimes yelling at and even attacking the patrons. Many townships were slow to react, but eventually logic prevailed and it was understood that there is a time and place and purpose for everything.

Stinky, aggressive vagrants destroyed the purpose of a library and destroyed its ambience.

So reasonable rules of conduct in the library are different than those of the back alley forum, in which just about anything goes..

My 2 cents.
Hmmm. Captain's log | supplemental

First line of Star Trek, pilot episode..
" Check the Circuit." - Spock / Nimoy

McBob. } Check this. ) Considered by the Few
To be Roddenberry's [ better ] work..
The Lieutenant. One episode in particular is shamefully stupid : instant Marriage.
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