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Puerto Rico dam reported to be failing...and the people living below this dam cannot be contacted to be informed. The news states there is no electricity and telephone service, how does one...

Johnny_Sparton1091Sep 22Sep 22
stringman1293Sep 19Sep 22
Jennifer Michael

Jennifer MichaelShe's local and I met her online. I was briefly exchanging messages via email and Jennifer stated she 'feels safe talking with me'-whatever that mean...

TheAgnostic581604Sep 22Sep 22
A Wise Man

A Wise ManA Wise Man...

jarred155-Sep 22
Very quiet here

Very quiet hereIt's like a feminist convention, a feminist movie or a feminist rally Where have all the people gone too...

Freedomofspeech925921Sep 22Sep 22
NewYorkcitylove87-Sep 22

LifeLife is hard until you make it easy........

Anileo1201Sep 22Sep 22
We are the road

We are the roadWe are the road...

jarred165-Sep 22
He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb

He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb.The bulkhead yielded Anyone else remember that passage? How about the great desert acrpss the stars around us. Where every star system had been...

Ken_191345Sep 17Sep 22

The "Triple Filter" Test Of SocratesJust wanted to share this with you as I thought it might be appropriate and will give you something to ponder on? It certainly had an impact on me w...

daniela77740430Sep 4Sep 22
In My Opnion There Are Enough Suffering And Hate In The World Because Wars Let As Work For Peace

In My Opnion There Are Enough Suffering And Hate In The World, Because Wars, Let As Work For "Peace"Lets Do It For our Children And Grandchildren! What is your Oppinion? From Balicia Reply here or send me amessage [/...

Balicia1874Sep 14Sep 22
His hers

His & hersEarlier today whilst getting the hair done, picked up a magazine, flicked through the pages till something of interest caught my eye, then I began rea...

itchywitch41726Sep 19Sep 22
The dreamer

The dreamer...The chess analysts claim that if the best moves are played from both sides, all games must end in a draw. Earlier I vigorously refuted the claim but n...

iotaoo1095Sep 21Sep 22
online dating is a good way for people to never meet

online dating is a good way for people to never meetoutside of almost noone meets on free sites. moving is difficult everything is difficult. i thought having money and looks would help-it do...

inafunk2437Sep 10Sep 21


Track16791Sep 21Sep 21
Track16910Sep 21
stringman30522Sep 20Sep 21

"THATS THE WAY IT IS"Despite What Some People May Think.....Trump Will Do A Hell Of A Lot Better Than That Idiot Hitlery Clinton..... Who Championed The Rights Of Women.....

namaron1204Sep 21Sep 21

"PEACE IN THE C.S. VALLEY"Everybody Here... That Converses Back And Forth... With Other People Who Are On Here....Doesnt Have A Clue... As To Who That Person Really And Actua...

namaron52442Sep 19Sep 21
In a recent interview

In a recent interview..former Springbok lock forward and rugby hero Frik du Preez was asked how the bok team from his playing days would shape against the current bok team i...

Lukeon1334Sep 20Sep 21
The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for itThe price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it

jarred168-Sep 21

All we will ever be?Either the writer of Game of Thrones is a genius or he/she has a very vivid imagination mixed with a philosophical thinking that does not hold too muc...

Johnny_Sparton43648Sep 19Sep 21

Humans and MicrochipsI’m not talking about small boxes of French fries shoved into your wrist, but microchips that can and are being inserted into human hands and in cases...

Mapmaker46145Sep 21Sep 21

RedexJust for you....

Track161684Sep 21Sep 21
Seismic event coming soon

Seismic event coming soon....I had a disturbing dream/vision last night, I don´t know what to do, I´ll tell you about it sometime, someday, oh god, I´m wetting my pants...

Bnaughty28231Sep 20Sep 21
Crazyheart3834725Sep 21Sep 21
More Cajun humour

More Cajun humour.Boudreaux and Bertha Boudreaux, out in his pasture in south Louisiana , takes a lightning-quick kick from a cow right in the crotch. Writhing in a...

britishcolumbian1262Sep 21Sep 21
Hiri and Ottappa

Hiri and OttappaIn primitive times, before the advent of religions, human beings were guided by two main qualities. These two mental qualities are the underlyi...

usha12337939Sep 19Sep 21
Always Remember

Always RememberAlways Remember...

jarred164-Sep 21
urban dictionary

urban dictionaryjust thought i'd let you know. there is no definition for connecting singles on urban dictionary. be the first.or not....

charliejapartee4646Sep 2012Sep 21
Predictions or premonitions

Predictions or premonitionsOne person has a dream now everyone is dreaming.... So I'm going to give my predictions for CS blogs Please bear with me as the mist of time is hard...

oldblue5446030Sep 20Sep 21
Just a little Cajun humour

Just a little Cajun humourYOU MIGHT BE A CAJUN IF YOU START AN ANGEL FOOD CAKE WITH A ROUX... South Louisiana Cajuns (Acadians) are a very unique culture, best known for the...

britishcolumbian1021Sep 20Sep 21

"AT SOME POINT "At Some Point In Everybodys Life..........It Suddenly Hits You..... Right In The Face.........And You Cant Seem To Understand The Reasoning Behind Thi...

namaron1858Sep 20Sep 20
Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico Knocking Out All Power On The Island

Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico, Knocking Out All Power On The IslandHurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico, Knocking Out All Power On The Island...

NewYorkcitylove69-Sep 20
Past Present And Future

Past, Present And FuturePast, Present And Future...

jarred162-Sep 20
as a child

as a child, i was burdened with a religion. They made up i was born with a sin, only to point to their importance. They never answered my question that i asked...

bloodyawfull1886Sep 19Sep 20
Finally Back

Finally Back!Wow! I didn't think I'd make it. I had a colectomy done on me the 17th of August. 5 days in the hospital and 16 days on my back fighting the pain f...

Ed194134422Sep 15Sep 20

lolThis is what I go to bed to every night....

Track16985Sep 20Sep 20
St Louis Protests

St.Louis ProtestsDuring the weekend some violence broke out during a protest after the Justice Department refused to become involved in the investigation of a former p...

TheAgnostic5819312Sep 20Sep 20
PC vs iPad Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer

PC vs iPad. Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer?Two hundred dollar cheapskate HP PC was on the Fritz. Windows 10. Luckily had time left on Walmart 2 year extended warrantee. Sent it in and hoping t...

Aaltarboy1073Sep 20Sep 20


Track16700Sep 20
Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss47243Sep 19Sep 20
mcradloff: "Playing my music"(meet us in the poems)

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