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my bucket list...I'm thinking of the right tools for the job. Most of the vacuuming is done in my cleaning project, but the fine dust is more than my shop vac can ha...

chatillion17914Feb 8Feb 9

The Pressure CookerStove top pressure cookers have done nothing but terrify me so you couldn't give me one. However the digital counter top ones stole my heart after I...

UnFayzed1054Feb 9Feb 9

The Sanctity Of LifeLet me start by saying this is not another anti-abortion blog but is a blog about where this country is going after allowing at birth abortions in New...

Willy34111075Feb 9Feb 9

Silhouette of A Woman..I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start talking about breasts.. my breasts! A good advi...

Kalpataru1,601-Feb 2018Feb 9

Happy Valentines Day LadiesSo who wants to be my valentine?...

Track1619112Feb 6Feb 9

Evidence of just how stupid newly elected Democrat Congresswoman Omar is.Freshman Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar admitted Thursday that she has no evidence to back up her claim that Republican South Carolina Sen. Lind...

Willy341124011Jan 17Feb 9
Need some SAY

Need some SAYI need a break from work, I thought of travelling. My two other colleagues wants to go with me. I was searching in the internet which place is prefera...

ayoneq790Feb 9
Am so so so sick

Am so so so sickIt's been a busy with work and everyday activities. But believed me guys, I missed to be here. Am so sick today, the last time I was sick...

ayoneq19711Feb 7Feb 9

Stomach gurglingrotting tomatoes dried lettuce used as tobacco use of the naval cutlass for home defense why hearts do not look like valentines sex in a h...

Ken_191099Feb 8Feb 9

Bucket listHaving read eks blog on life got me thinking about a 'bucket list' the problem for me is I can only think of one thing to go on it, yes I've had a go...

emmy148638Jul 2018Feb 8

Thankless jobs......Will executoroni....The oldest of six, and hardly an attorney, my most recent family cross to bear. Reminds of a Jerry Seinfeld quip----"There's no such thing as fun for...

Vierkaesehoch840Feb 8
Daughters do never let you down

Daughters do never let you down.I am proud of you, girls. Congr...

iotaoo660Feb 8
A wish

A wishA professor finds a leprechaun, the leprechaun offers him one of three things. Beauty, wisdom or a million euro's. The professor wishes wisdom...

Len051967Feb 7Feb 8

Deadly WeaponsSO You want to ban Guns??--Below is the deadliest weapon ever known to man and it's legal--Just since 1973 it has killed over 60 million unborn Babies...

Willy34111102Feb 8Feb 8

Curious as to Your responseThe video speaks for itself with a educator that 'seems' to snapped. Put yourself in a position of authority for a moment and take into considerati...

Lukeon22619Feb 8Feb 8
The thousand comment blog

The thousand comment blogPlease help me I'm trying to cut and paste my way to the title of most commented blog.. If I post a comment every day it will take me just over 3...

Onthcrestofawave1,653149Jan 27Feb 8

Woman, who has been in a coma for 14 years, gives birth at a nursing homeJanuary 4, 2019 at 2:05 PM EST - Updated January 5 at 1:23 AM PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK/CNN) - Arizona authorities are investigating the rape of a female pa...

Willy341161641Jan 5Feb 8
Track161516Feb 7Feb 8
Climate changer big man on Campus

Climate changer [ big man on CampusLe notice: What we have here is the most straight forward, no nonsense writing to ever appear on a screen. And eYe can boast like this because all...

Agentbob22020Feb 7Feb 8
I spent like five minutes trying to figure it out

I spent like five minutes trying to figure it out................. I spent like five minutes trying to figure it out...

jarred172-Feb 8

Oil major Total makes significant discovery offshore South AfricaThis is very good news for our country. “With this discovery, Total has opened a new world-class gas and oil play and is well positioned to test se...

Lukeon1478Feb 7Feb 8

Purpose in life...What’s your purpose in life? And what’s the actual purpose of life? The purpose of life is simply.....not having a purpose in life! Mimi so...

MiMiArt105-Feb 8
The Grand Tour season 3 episode 5 a review

The Grand Tour season 3 episode 5 - a review!It is Friday, which means a new episode of The Grand Tour! This time, Jeremy takes The Grand Tour to Sweden, where he tests a Lamborghini Urus on s...

Philipsen640Feb 8

Anger management it really does work ..............just ask this guyWhen you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someon...

bcjenny19615Jan 28Feb 8

AddendaAnd so we shall ch Change style yet again. Have you noticed the X plosion In knowledge yet.? The FBI } fresno blitzkrieg inquisition Has taken cust...

Agentbob885Feb 7Feb 7

I adopted a liberalI have a pet liberal.... Yeah I have to confess. I found one I felt sorry for and kind of adopted it, probably because it wasn't very smart. I nam...

Drcoctail98256Jan 28Feb 7

How children see love, this is very precious, see the last one....................Here's a little something to put a little smile on your face. Adults recently posed the question "What does love mean" to a group of children aged bet...

bcjenny19415Jan 27Feb 7
Men Are Weaker Vessels

Men Are Weaker VesselsTell you why.Why a woman go without sex for long periods at a time,but men they are so different.Every waking day is that urge to carry out that act,s...

Goldenhoney54414Jun 2012Feb 7
Why am here

Why am here????Just like most who are here, obviously, looking for the love of my life.... I got registered at about 22:00 hour of June 24, 2016. After a few minut...

ayoneq26513Oct 15Feb 7
Thursday February 7 2019

Thursday, February 7, 2019Today has been a pretty hectic day. My wrist decided to just hurt whenever I moved my hand in a different direction. Up and down, side to side. Didn't...

Philipsen720Feb 7

Donating good thing for us to do. But having done so for decades, it's striking how things have changed to reflect on new knowledge and techniques. Cha...

Vierkaesehoch1656Feb 6Feb 7

Yet another federal subpoena issued against TrumpFederal prosecutors in the district of southern New York recently issued a subpoena to investigate the $107 Million Trump presidential inaugural fund....

JimNastics23221Feb 6Feb 7

Poetic Justice - Nancy Pelosi says 'Wall is immoral'ACTIVISTS JUMP NANCY PELOSI’S MANSION WALL WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, DEMAND ENTRY TO HER HOME Activists stormed the security wall surrounding House...

Willy341126125Jan 14Feb 7
Pop quiz

Pop quizA simple one. Using your memory of its sound & visual package, what would The discerning mind say is the core idea of the Last 2 Super bowl shows ?...

Agentbob1196Feb 6Feb 7
This is just creepy

This is just creepy Especially the dating show video...

Onthcrestofawave67356Feb 5Feb 6

Building a country girlCountry life is cool. She has been learning that. Her BF and I had her starting out with various types of .380s (Colts, PPKs etc), but I figur...

Ken_191,20745Oct 2015Feb 6

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(191)A Lot Of Us Will Think.........Or Say That We........................... Know An Awful Lot............................................ About An Awful...

namaron26726Feb 1Feb 6

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...........had honestly tried to shift a bit more from what many consider the death nail of this awesome site, namely politics, to more civil discourse. So t...

Vierkaesehoch2036Feb 6Feb 6

Flip FlopThe New England Patriots have done it again, folks! Who would believe that after all these years, they could inspire yet another drunken brawl on the...

BadlyDrawn870Feb 6

je t'aimeHow much do most of us want to hear these words said to us? What will you do, to achieve this?...

smiley96328728Feb 4Feb 6
Work Who Has Time

Work? Who Has Time?The predicted polar vortex hit us last night, with high winds and freezing temperatures that continue into today. Braving the winds this morning in my...

LadyImp20619Feb 3Feb 6
Trackdown end of the world

Trackdown [ end of the worldThis isn't about the SOTU. Its about alpha waves, predictive programming & the Eagle in the White House. Thanks to technology, no one who reads this...

Agentbob1030Feb 6
LadyFarmer: "LadyFarmer Compat Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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