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Canadian WeatherThe weather is always a popular topic here

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1954. [ 2.Continuation of the big story.. 998. To understand [ perfectly 956.. Lodge. .. Though it be codified, date stamped. Kid tested, Good housekeep...

Agentbob26011Apr 15Apr 19
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Making plans for the USA! (part 9!)It's yet again time for your favourite blog - reading about a random Dane planning a trip to the United States of America. This episode is all about w...

Philipsen2787Apr 9Apr 19
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They don't come back...The problem with any dating site is they need to have a reason for new members to return. They don't come back if there isn't anything to keep their...

chatillion56411Apr 8Apr 18
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Chinese government police stations in the United States

Chinese government police stations in the United StatesTwo Arrested for Operating Illegal Overseas Police Station of the Chinese Government Defendants Are New York City Residents Who Allegedly Operated th...

Willy34111951Apr 18Apr 18
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Kokomo and the return of mic...Many thanks for CelticWitch keeping the flame for miclee who disappeared from CS a year ago. Sadly his enormously long blog disappeared and not archiv...

chatillion4238Apr 16Apr 18
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90 days love challenge

90 days love challengeOne of my psychologists' friends told me that singles men and women these days prefer same sex not opposite!? Perhaps that might be another factors fo...

summercold3714Apr 15Apr 18
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Travel Bug...My dad was born and raised in New York City. He and some of the kids in his neighborhood, joined the Navy during WWII and traveled across the Pacific...

chatillion1950Apr 17Go to Last Post
Losing the will to live

Losing the will to live........It appears that the men on the island that i live have certain category's It goes as follows. They are married .so they only want sex. They are...

angelteller1,06025Aug 2017Apr 17
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Unknown45310Apr 9Apr 17
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Dear people I missWhen I was here way back 2011-2013/14, I have made a great number of friends. We stayed connected even on other medias. I lost contact with them becau...

Nopenotshay0846211Apr 4Apr 17
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JUST HAD A DELIGHTFUL 2 HOURS STARING OUT MY WINDOW (UPDATE)Why you might ask (has our red lost her marbles again ) Nope i watched 2 birds who had made a nest down a chimney pot across from me. Too far awa...

EXRED340213Apr 8Apr 17
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Looks Like Romance Is Dead in Blogland

Looks Like Romance Is Dead in BloglandEven those who used to post romantic and erotic blogs have turned to politics and religion! I do take a sneak peak from time to time, just too busy t...

Crazyheart3855018Apr 11Apr 16
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Blessing In Disguise

Blessing In Disguise.Thursday is usually a jolly day for me but it did not start good today. It's cold and rainy here since yesterday. My son came home disheartened, he di...

Crazyheart382923Apr 13Apr 16
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Willy34112393Apr 16Apr 16
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Media memories from the fiftiesRight now I am watching Victory at Sea with its unforgettable music, Richard Rodgers (in part). A clear evening's memory from I guess 1957 (since we...

FargoFan1570Apr 16Go to Last Post

The Clarence Thomas fan club...In the past few weeks, Justice Clarence Thomas has become quite popular in some circles. As of Friday evening, he racked up 786,000 signatures that ca...

chatillion77413Jul 2022Apr 15
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Its Bad Driving Where I LiveYou got to watch out for the pieces of road in the potholes...

Track163074Apr 13Apr 15
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Ohhhhh A New OneRead a message saying she was a hooker and available. Much better than hello dear...

Track162721Apr 14Apr 14
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Fleeing to Russia...New news about the 'Merchant of Death' arms dealer Viktor Bout who was recently traded with Russia for the release of Brittney Griner. It's reported h...

chatillion3095Apr 14Apr 14
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Moto deaths.I heard on the radio this morning that northern Irishman Craig Breen was killed in prep for the WRC of Croatia, full details haven't been released yet...

Butcher5592163Apr 13Apr 14
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A hypothetical game where food hygiene laws do not exist:You own a business supplying meals that can be kept at room temperature for quite a lengthy period of time. Orders are sent by standard postal service...

jac_the_gripper66642Mar 23Apr 13
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Samsung DeX...I bought a refurbished Samsung phone last year to replace one that was around 5 years old. The old phone had a worn battery that needed to be charged...

chatillion3238Mar 17Apr 13
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Making plans for the USA! (part 10!)It's that time again - where a random Dane tells you all about his plans for his upcoming USA trip. This episode is all about being online in the US....

Philipsen1793Apr 12Apr 13
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HAS ANYONE AN EASTER DATE ?Have you been serenaded with a fancy Easter Egg ? No -- nor have I thats why i am here for the Happy Easter everyone wherever you are...

EXRED349832Apr 7Apr 13
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2024Is slowly creeping up on us and I'm pretty sure there will be many happy Americans. No doubt in my mind that this time he will win in a landslide vic...

Lukeon639-Apr 8Apr 13
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'Watch' this again...As followup to my 'Watch' this blog, about the number of people wearing watches that connect to their cellphones, I decided to buy a low-end 'fitness'...

chatillion2417Apr 10Apr 13
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How do you get off

How do you get off?Hopefully not in the same way this woman does. Mississippi woman charged with having sex with dog, says she was ‘forced’ If you want to date...

Unknown4566Apr 11Apr 13
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Just a small rant on myself

Just a small rant on myself.I didn't really get any answers on a poll I asked about a few weeks ago. It was based on the topic of height within a relationship, if it mattered. It...

Gothsonny47025Apr 10Apr 12
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Picture Of My House From A PlaneIt was cloudy that day but you can still see where my house is...

Track162702Apr 10Apr 12
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Faith in God will save youWhere come from the good and where come from the bad ? The good comes from God, the bad comes from devil. Anything against God is from evil , anyth...

starrayfil142-Apr 12Go to Last Post

Barry Lyndon - Stanley KubrickFrom Thackeray, amazing in that day that a work without humour redemption optimism, so dour, could be written. Then Kubrick turns it into a 3-hour ep...

FargoFan1230Apr 12Go to Last Post

PoetrySo my beau likes to write poetry to me. Yep, he’s a poet. As if he can get any better. So I channeled my inner poet too because it’s just another form...

Mermaidhair2170Apr 12Go to Last Post
More options within the site

More options within the site.Just was curious after talking with a few friends, if not only this site but other sites like this one should have more options as to the genders cate...

Gothsonny2074Apr 11Apr 12
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Antoine Baril: One man band...While surfing YouTube last year, Antoine Baril came on my radar as the one man band playing songs from top rock groups like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Th...

chatillion1230Apr 11Go to Last Post

Easter egg [ 2.I am a writer. Blogging is fun or silly, but mostly sophomoric, amateur. In the 90's I compiled & edited a book*. My Dad hated it, My girlfriend didn...

Agentbob2313Apr 10Apr 11
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Me FlirtingAh, um, ah, so, do you like bread?...

Track1632031Apr 10Apr 11
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61 000th blog

61,000th blogSorry mac seems the blog number reset...

OIdblue70911Apr 2019Apr 11
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Hypocrites all over

Hypocrites all over...I find it hard to understand people with such a devastating power-tripping attitude. Doesn't even care what others would think and feel as long as sh...

ehmzroldan2736Apr 10Apr 11
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immagrationhow do i get to live in uk and what do i need and for how long can i stay do i need a job first...

Genuis33115Apr 11Apr 11
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Top 10 reasons to vote Democrat

Top 10 reasons to vote Democrat#10. I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I've decided to marry my German Shepherd. #9. I vote Democrat beca...

Willy34111962Jan 31Apr 11
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Chanced to watch Kurosawa's Ran againand mused on the Shakespearean feel atmosphere and common elements of power, tragedy and family conflict. The language of Shakespeare is of course now...

FargoFan1220Apr 10Go to Last Post

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