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What couldve turned out to be a bad situation for a four legged fur baby turned out pretty good

What could've turned out to be a bad situation for a four legged fur baby turned out pretty good.I used to think that there were quite a few animal lovers in this world in up until someone proved me wrong the night before. We took our dog Bear o...

Bearwoman20313Apr 23Apr 25

Speed bumps...Speed bumps rate high in my pet peeve list. Considered a tool to keep you from going past the posted speed limit or risk damage to your cars suspensi...

chatillion1265Apr 25Apr 25
Another year just over and a worst one yet to come

Another year just over and a worst one yet to come!So has any government around the world kept their promises they made while running for office? do they think so little of us that they do the same thi...

knowledgeantruth2848Dec 28Apr 25
So whos worse the MEDIA or the GOVERNMENTS

So who's worse, the MEDIA! or the GOVERNMENTS?They both lie manipulate and cheat us on a daily basses. But who's so powerful to manipulate them. Think about it, if the media and our governments ar...

knowledgeantruth3189Apr 2018Apr 25

We PAID for the Mueller report (taxes). Thus, we should GET the full report (minus classified info)Yesterday in The Huffington Post; Nancy Pelosi Vows To Reject Classified Briefing On Mueller Report The House speaker said any briefing must...

JimNastics56235Mar 24Apr 24

So much to learnI haven't done any canning in over 30 years. When I retired and tried to get back into gardening I did everything wrong first. That seems to be my...

UnFayzed17915Apr 24Apr 24
I Wont Be Missing You

I Won't Be Missing You....God, exhausting days here...just want to chill. Anyone up for some fun here?...

Crazyheart3838033Apr 23Apr 24

GardeningI'm not any great 'green fingers' gardener but since cannabis has been legalized here I thought I would try see how difficult it would cultivating thi...

Lukeon1566Apr 24Apr 24

"POLITICALLY INCORRECT""There Are Categories On Connecting Singles................................For People Searching For Their Preferences What Are These Categories Anywa...

namaron1106Apr 23Apr 24

Pelosi: 'If I Am Not Elected Speaker, Millions Will Die'WASHINGTON, D.C.—As rumors swirled that top Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi may not retain her leadership of House Democrats, the congressional leader...

Willy341145523Nov 2018Apr 24

Childhood memories over the airwaysI believe we all have memories of such, be it the road runner, bullwinkle, daisy duke shorts, maybe a Jethro size bowl of cereal.........

Bentlee11612Apr 23Apr 23

Real TalentImagine winning 22 Grammys as a composer and piano player. Obviously, total respect by the music profession. But, you just like to 'play' for fun....

JimNastics722Apr 23Apr 23

Kinky SxYeah, it's happened. I remember a time during amorous physical interaction, when my girlfriend at the time on her knees, twisted her head to l...

JimNastics8813Sep 2018Apr 23
Track161020Apr 23
Track16964Apr 23Apr 23
Harbal1772Apr 23Apr 23

Caught on CAM; Fight ! Fight ! With the Easter Bunny ??Apparently in Florida you don't mess with the Easter Bunny. He will not only will give you an Easter basket, but a whooping too. Quick as a bunny...

JimNastics1242Apr 23Apr 23

A morning in the life.......As good as CS is in helping us vet away all the nutters and gold diggers, not to mention the truly dangerous sociopaths, as we cast our wide nets h...

Vierkaesehoch1662Apr 22Apr 23

Joanne's DreamAn example of the height of the Kustom movement is “Joanne’s Dream”. This remarkable automobile started life as a 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 coupe and w...

Willy34111021Apr 23Apr 23

You wouldn't do it to a dog!Nobody in there right mind would starve a dog or cat to death by cutting off it's food supply, but now by law it's fine to do it to a human being...

zmountainman1,321116Jul 2018Apr 23
a kind of magic

a kind of magicBig brand new rented car parked in narrow road. Add Spanish drivers, who are not always wonderful. Mix and stir, and you get a scrape across 2 door pa...

Elegsabiff26428Apr 22Apr 23

Al Gore Commemorates Earth Day By Using Private Jet To Write 'Save The Planet' In The SkyU.S.—In a gesture meant to call people to action on climate change and the environment, Al Gore took to the skies in a private jet to write "Save the...

Willy34111104Apr 23Apr 23
Thanks to CS

Thanks to CSAs I mentioned on my earlier blog Im in Trinidad. I messaged Annleerose to meet her. She called yesterday to ask till when I would be around. I mentio...

lshtar34024Apr 22Apr 23

C&PHDDR's Fakes, Frauds, and Phonies.... Kind of quizzical that the fellow who calls DR and myself a liar would post this profile: "I have completed...

Drcoctail1120Apr 23

ShoesWould you wear this?...

Track1621410Apr 21Apr 22
Track16960Apr 22

"YOU...THE PEOPLE"..("NORTH KOREA")"YesYou ............The General Population Of North Korea?................Are Caught In The Middle................You Live In A Country That Denies Yo...

namaron732Apr 21Apr 22
Learning About Grownups Volume 1

Learning About Grownups Volume 1Mister Godley’s gnomes Mister Godley is very proud of his garden. He is especially proud of all his gnomes, he collects them and can’t understand...

Harbal19722Apr 22Apr 22

Lovely, lovely springNice sunny weather, almost warm. You just ache to get out. Birdies chirpeth. Insects buzzeth. Wabbits mateth. Pollen spreadeth. I have all signs...

Tulefell14114Apr 21Apr 22
Smart Murican

Smart 'Murican'I am my own God. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, the state and our education system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to...

Still_notaDoctor19625Apr 22Apr 22
The new job

The new jobMy manager really believes in me. I feel an obligation to deliver. Keep in mind, I know absolutely nothing about automobile except, they are a method...

Palmfrond21811Apr 21Apr 22
She hates

She hatesMy daughter hates me. I left a Easter message. Last message in January. I'm not a great mom. I'm not a great person. I'm just a person trying to sur...

Palmfrond2406Apr 21Apr 22

The TIME for the impending impeachment of Donald Trump grows closerFrom TIME; Robert Mueller Told Congress They Can Prosecute the President. Now It Gets Ugly Alana Abramson Time•April 18, 2019 More than...

JimNastics28423Apr 20Apr 22

Easter weekend...On November 21st, 1999 14 Cubans left their country on a small aluminum boat headed North. The boat had a faulty engine and took on water during a sto...

chatillion682Apr 21Apr 22

FEASTING...I looking for good food and make me feasting all weekend long. In Delray Beach tonight and tomorrow. Watchout on Sunday I living in Miami and looking...

chatillion1579Apr 19Apr 21

You Were Born To Be My BabyI was made to be your man...

Track161083Apr 21Apr 21

"TAKE A LOOK AROUND""There Are Many Things That Mankind Has Learned.............But Unfortunately?.........................There Are certain Things .........................

namaron21544Apr 17Apr 21

Quotes of the day“Really the best day since he got elected,” said Kellyanne Conway, the president’s counselor, about a day on which 400 pages dropped into the public’s...

JimNastics1033Apr 20Apr 21
JimNastics1332Apr 11Apr 21

In The New Yorker today - Trump's fate lies in the hands of the votersThere are incidents sprinkled throughout the special counsel’s report in which President Trump’s behavior is clearly unethical, if not conclusively il...

JimNastics48938Apr 18Apr 21
My Dr said

My Dr said...I have to cut down my coffee intake to one cup a day I'll show him...

OIdblue27012Apr 16Apr 21
Im Fat But Its Not My Fault

I'm Fat But It's Not My FaultThere's always some excuse, isn't there? From glandular diseases to hormonal disorders (say that ten times fast). Slow metabolisms and genetic predisp...

BadlyDrawn32027Apr 16Apr 21
Hans4711: "Places on Earth 281"(meet us in the puzzles)

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