In the year 2525.

Remember the song? To ad-lib it. Cash is no more. All exchanges are done via apps, chips, etc. Bank are far and few between, mostly on line and only to lend money.
Your income is added to your on-line account. All debts come out of it. You must have a smart phone. The governments have the right to access your account at will. They watch where you shop, what you buy and all you do. Even at the rummage sale.
Some people sneak around and use barter. But, the sheep say they like the convenience. Until they dispute something societal or governmental. Then their account is frozen. Need food..too bad. No money for you sucker.crying
Sometimes the "banks" run into a glitch. You check your account and it shows zero!wow You go on line and question. Chase the menu. Finally, oh..we will check and get back to you in 5 business
Do not get a speeding ticket. It will be paid on scene or your account is frozen. Try a protest..same thing.
Well, you say, I can control where and what my kids buy. Yep..and so can big brother control you.
1984 was not a was a warning.very mad
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The Holy Bible is also a warning wave
Like I've told all CStonehenge personnel about 100x.
We all moved hard FEMA Pharma Left on 3/11/20
And there is no going back to normal.
Indeed 1984 was a warning, but Wisconsin seems to be ahead of St. Louis. Tickets are not paid at the time given and most are reduced by lawyers to non-moving violations. There are more banks than 10 years ago and that seems odd due to the depression. The stores (those that remain) carry more nonsense and less of what you want so Amazon is making a fortune.
I don't need to wait until 2525 to stop using cash, because I mainly use my card, except when I am on holiday.
I neglected to mention TV. The switch to UHF digital is far from an improvement. Digital screens are better because they have more pixels not because digital is better. UHF has always had higher interference and cable has less to offer than it did; the newer programs are not better. And this was done without referal to the voters because government can make money selling the VHF frequencies to the likes of Prime, UPS, etc.
Oh yes, digital TV is great. We can get a ton more stations that we can't watch due to NO SIGNAL. lol.
Not that I care since so many shows arent worth watching anyway.
I will stick to cash, checks and silver. Wait til that card gets hacked, the power goes out or the government decided you are a bad apple and locks your accounts.Ask a Chinese who the politburo decides your a dissident and locks your account so you can't even buy food. Ever hear the word "sanctions"? If not, go ask a Russian.
Digital currency is pushed by governments, corporations and the law so they know where you go, where you shop, what you buy, who you know...your nice diggi foot print. More and more the companies are coerced into coughing up your files to the law. Better watch that text you send less they think you are a terrorist.
Some guy once wrote he wanted to shoot Lydon Johnson and ended up in prison. So much for an idle threat. Now they have you on a text or email.
Yes, Russia is very much that way today. Woe to the Russian inside Russia who says anti government things on YouTube or Instagram. The latest law now prohibits posting videos of explosions or showing where something happened. A whole secition of the FSB is dedicated to tracking down those who post truths online.

Military draft notices are now approved online and the bank and drivers licenses of those named are now frozen until the people show up to be issued a uniform and sent to die in Ukraine (or come home missing a foot or a hand). Life is grand inside Russia.
Not too long ago my elderly aunt got banned from facebook, she had written in a light heart manner to another member " I'll kill you" .. but given what I've just read, she should thank herself lucky she never ended up behind bars.

When electronic checkouts first came in, like you with plastic I stood my ground " all for the right reasons" not to use them... but these days, convenience stepped in along with a reality check.
It must drive the algorithms nuts when bad words change into good. Like the word bomb now means something is super. How do they keep up with the changing slang the kids use.laugh
I wish I could find a record I have. It is a joke one where it is modern times and an old henchman calls Hitler in South America. They talk about old times and the guy asks Hitler about this guy or that..current conditions. And to each one, he answers.."hit by a tank". So that is the safe way, at least for now, to bad mouth anyone. I hope he gets hit by a tank.thumbs up
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