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head shop part 2

head shop part 2An older woman, sitting in a velvet, wing back chair motioned to me. She was wearing a lace maxi dress. She tapped on the arm of a matching chair an...

freehand1713Jun 4Jun 4
London attack Prime Minister says Enough is enough

London attack: Prime Minister says "Enough is enough"London attack: Prime Minister says "Enough is enough"...

jarred1138-Jun 4
head shop

head shopI was taking an evening stroll, downtown, after my interview. I was a little wound up and wanted to walk it off. I wasn't so familiar with this city...

freehand1994Jun 3Jun 4
Unforgettable unforgiveable murders

Unforgettable unforgiveable murders...Everyone has one that pulls at their heart strings more so than most ... which is yours that time and understanding of the killer/killers can ever e...

itchywitch27511Apr 23Jun 4
Muslim Kids Play Suicide Bomber

Muslim Kids Play Suicide BomberMuslim Kids Play Suicide Bomber...

jarred1151-Jun 4

"FIGHTING FOR ISIS"I Will Never Understand How Some People Do What They Do...I Mean...Why Would One Want to Travel To The Other Side Of The World.....For A Bunch Of Nuts...

namaron36412Jun 3Jun 4
Track161601Jun 3Jun 3
The mother of all yard sales

The mother of all yard in this little oceanside village. Cedar Street is the most family oriented route in town, and each year on this first June Saturday, the whole s...

Aaltarboy16010Jun 3Jun 3

man or doglately I sees lots of women mostly out walking their doggies ....they treat them like babbies dress them up in little suits .and call them my babie...

johnjjm34228Jun 3Jun 3

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(110)"These Are Words That Are Being Layed Dowwn Here... That Have No Meaning Whatsoever.....They Are Only Being Layed Down... To Fill In Some Space...So I...

namaron48922Jun 2Jun 3
Cant Get You Out Of My Mind

Can't Get You Out Of My MindCan't Get You Out Of My Mind...

jarred1143-Jun 3

votingNext week we get to vote, let me encourage each of you to vote and above all , vote for what is good for America - not necessarily a party or a corpo...

studecar6103Feb 2016Jun 3
Another year older

Another year olderToday I turn 43. Nothing has changed. Last year I recieved no gifts. I got a few emails but that was it. This year i suppose will be the same . I have...

belly1872127Jan 2012Jun 3
Trump comes up trumps again

Trump comes up trumps again,...................So far pre election doing what he said he would, our General election next week, and listening to the normal drivel and lies time and time again to ge...

Unknown21618Jun 1Jun 3
I am on the other side of the coin

I am on the other side of the coin:There a lots of egotistical people who love to laugh at people and judge people and be self righteous. They need validation that they are better than...

jarred194-Jun 3
Track161416Jun 2Jun 2
Modern Man and Woman

Modern Man and WomanThe way life is today, and it is continuously evolving, has change drastically in the last 20 or so years. The question is, what real value can a man...

Johnny_Sparton48955May 31Jun 2

"FACES OF WAR"As We Go Along With Our Every Day Activities Through Out Our Relatively Peaceful Type Lives....We Must Always Be Remembering That There Are A Lot Of P...

namaron19510Jun 1Jun 2
The Genie

The GenieAn elderly woman was rocking on her front porch when her dog, Rover, appeared with a lamp in his mouth. The woman took the lamp from the dog and_poof...

Gentlejim1496Jun 2Jun 2
When the Hairdresser does your hair and you end up Grey

When the Hairdresser does your hair, and you end up Grey !Not a mindblowing blog ~ I had an early appointment today at Hairdressers, one of our better ones locally. I usually cover the greys myself with a N...

goldengloss32025Jun 2Jun 2
Little things in life that render us amazed

Little things in life that render us amazed.....and totally grateful. While tending to my manly toilet in the downstairs bathroom, the window of which looks onto a healthy apple tree, ceteris parabu...

Aaltarboy1586Jun 2Jun 2
Slow Day Huh

Slow Day Huh !This should get things moving......

nonsmoker1929Jun 2Jun 2
I am the Blogfather

I am the BlogfatherCome tell me your troubles or problems, let me see if I can help you out to resolve your situation,.................... This is a...

Unknown34128Jun 1Jun 2


jarred1117-Jun 2
stringman22716Jun 1Jun 2
Stop Being Dead Serious About Life

Stop Being Dead Serious About LifeStop Being Dead Serious About Life...

jarred1110-Jun 2

FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT ResponseFright is a startle response which allows us to react instinctively to danger. It is different from fear and does serve a purpose to ensure our survi...

daniela77723113Jun 1Jun 2
DANGER Freedom of speech at risk

DANGER ~ Freedom of speech at risk.It has become very apparent to me in recent days, that unless you share the same politics, s*xual, and otherwise as the Blogger, and agree with everyt...

goldengloss42932Jun 1Jun 2
Books for 8 to 10 year olds

Books for 8 to 10 year olds?I know this is an odd place to ask but a granny friend of mine was a little horrified to find her granddaughter has to read a school book which has to...

Elegsabiff27425Jun 1Jun 2

Chilling...just before I say goodnight......

Crazyheart382576Jun 1Jun 2
I came to say hello

I came to say hello!Hi every one hope you are doing good? Yes we doing very well. And we enjoy the sunny weather!...

Zeurich17110Jun 1Jun 2
Willy34111486Jun 1Jun 1

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(101)That Term Or Saying... That Weve All Heard...Time And Time Again...The One That Goes Like This..................."Its Getting To The Point"...You Mea...

namaron1681Apr 28Jun 1

"IF I WAS THE C S SHERIFF"This Place Is The Same Damned Thing As The Real World....People Boast How Many Times Theyve Been To Jail In The Real World.....................And It...

namaron52043May 19Jun 1

BlogsI am having a major time trying to delete...this new format OR perhaps I am just What bothers you?...

loulou7746942May 31Jun 1
word of wisdom

word of wisdomhow many knows the moral of this quote? “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained in sudden flight but, they while th...

georgie391,237116May 2016Jun 1

Track,I Hope These Will Make Your Day There...

Crazyheart381874Jun 1Jun 1

"SIMMO"..("TWO YEARS ON")Has It Actually Been That Long Already?...I Mean..Has Two Years already Gone By That Fast?........................ I Believe It Was Two Years Ago Yes...

namaron28612May 31Jun 1
Men Are Just Happier People

Men Are Just Happier PeopleWhat do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is...

Gentlejim1838May 30Jun 1
Whats worse than a no one cares post

What's worse than a "no one cares" postWhat's worse than a "no one cares" post is a "no one cares" comment.?...

jarred1101-Jun 1
Oh Trump When A Lie Becomes Truth

Oh Trump...When A Lie Becomes Truth...Just watched this video clip and thought it interesting...fake news and people being conned into thinking Trump is actually telling the truth...unfort...

loulou7742737May 31Jun 1

FlamencoThanks to the Flamenco music of Andalucia, Spain became the center for guitar making and playing throughout the 19th century....

posolet100-Jun 1
"PLAY NOW: Anvil"(meet us in the games)

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