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ParodiesI've seen so many serious blogs lately (mine included) and decided it's time for a bit of fun. I'm a big fan of parodies, in particular music paro...

Annanda24713Nov 29Nov 30
Track161271Nov 30Nov 30
A Special Gift Or Is It A Curse

A Special Gift… Or Is It A Curse?Ever since I was a child I had the unfailing ability to annoy and irritate the hell out of some people; and the worst of it is that I enjoy it. As wit...

Catfoot19815Nov 29Nov 30

lolWhen you don't sleep for two days, your mind can get weird Fortunately I slept all day and back to normal again

Track161000Nov 29
Short lived

Short livedThank God...

itchywitch37910Nov 27Nov 29
Miss universe

Miss universeI see Miss Africa took the crown , but is there really one woman who could claim such title ? Women from all over the world ? I do not turn the TV cha...

Annleerose45340Nov 28Nov 29

Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader...

jarred193-Nov 29
Manspreading and the re evaluation of sitting

Manspreading and the re-evaluation of sittingSocial justice busybodies and greedy public transport people are attempting to eradicate manspreading, its illegal in some countries including the USA...

Mapmaker82575Nov 18Nov 29
Thirteen Years And Five Months

Thirteen Years And Five MonthsThe Supreme Court of Appeals found Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder and he was sentenced to thirteen years and five months in prison. The judge said t...

Catfoot38229Nov 27Nov 29

'I have taken poison''I have taken poison'...

jarred1163-Nov 29

Why is the US government always hiding itWhy is the US government always hiding it...

jarred197-Nov 29
Sorry America

Sorry AmericaIf all this crap was started by my blog, I’m ever so sorry for posting that blog in the first place, though I cannot understand why it offended some b...

Catfoot42938Nov 28Nov 29
Regular Sex Is Good For You

Regular Sex Is Good For YouBeing one of the rare pleasures in life that is not yet taxed by government, we often overlook all the other advantages of regular sex. Quite apart fr...

Catfoot56070Nov 28Nov 29
The American Nightmare

The American NightmareWhen I was a child – and even as a young man – I have always wished to be American. As I grew older I came to realize that it was not all milk and hon...

Catfoot1,21285Nov 24Nov 28


Track16890Nov 28

WORDS THAT STANDS THE TIMESJust having a little fun here, name some of your best quotes that have come out of the movies or any other situation that have remained with you. G...

wenever38545Nov 28Nov 28
stringman1315Nov 28Nov 28
Winter wisdom

Winter wisdomWith winter approaching quickly I thought I might share some sound advise with you. I am a professional tradesman. My specialty is HVAC installati...

Stuckinarizona28434Nov 27Nov 28
A I was Predicted in the Bible

A.I. was Predicted in the Bible! this was predicted 2000 yrs ago....

stringman19511Nov 26Nov 28
Fair taxation

Fair taxation.Y'all know, we see some folks who like to toss around the terms like racist, or fascist or homophobe---often without justification, and even without u...

Vierkaesehoch1275Nov 28Nov 28

Why Are Americans So Unfriendly And Hateful?Why Are Americans So Unfriendly And Hateful?...

jarred1130-Nov 28

How to create a terrorist...How to create a terrorist......

jarred185-Nov 28
Mr Netherlands

Mr NetherlandsNow you have 5 reasons not to come to our country! That great!...

Gentlejim31311Nov 27Nov 28

Scent of a WomanScent of a Woman...

jarred181-Nov 28
Im Great At Multitasking

I'm Great At MultitaskingI can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once....

Track161132Nov 28Nov 28


Track16943Nov 27Nov 27

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(137)For Once.......I Think Ill Live Up..................... To The Name Of.................. "Ramblin Man"..................................... And...In...

namaron45831Nov 25Nov 27
Fidel Castro was true to his words

Fidel Castro was true to his words...He vowed, decades ago, that he won't die before destroying USA. He died only after Trump had ascended the throne...

iotaoo30617Nov 27Nov 27

The Night comes to an endThe Night comes to an end...

jarred1103-Nov 27
Freedomofspeech977211Apr 2014Nov 27

Five Reasons Why America SucksFive Reasons Why America Sucks...

jarred1148-Nov 27
No pressure

No pressureIn UK and now in Spain, I can buy my groceries at an automated teller, with one human employee monitoring about 12 machines I can draw cash at an ATM...

Elegsabiff63166Nov 26Nov 27
Want to live to a ripe old age

Want to live to a ripe old age?become a US president! George HW Bush 93 and counting Ronald Reagon was over 93 Gerald Ford was over 93 Jimmy Carter is over 93

Elegsabiff29439Nov 27Nov 27
Bad days

Bad daysIts a bad thing when your not working and you have bills to pay and a whole lot of responsibilities to take care of, trying to get a job ain't as easy...

Syndilee42147Nov 27Nov 27

I Want HappinessI Want Happiness...

jarred196-Nov 27

UnhappyAt times am really unhappy its seems next to hate for my self, I know that one day God is going to make me shine so bright that its almost blinging to...

Syndilee438613Feb 2017Nov 27

"THATS GOOD TO KNOW"I Have Just Tested The C S Waters...............................There Is One Situation.......................... That I Think Should Be Brought..........

namaron28111Nov 25Nov 27
A Little Guitar

A Little GuitarLast weekend here at the house....

Track161654Nov 25Nov 27
The More I Try To Understand People

The More I Try To Understand PeopleThe bigger the headache I get. Sucks when you want to meet people but you have the social skills of a turnip...

Track162338Nov 25Nov 27
any tips

any tips?On how to unblock a c*ck blocker? My stupid, drunk, and ....well, drunk to the point of not even know where he is at friend c*ck blocked me twice...

Johnny_Sparton1,116143Nov 6Nov 27


Track161390Nov 27


Track16911Nov 26Nov 26
lorcan240: "how well do you know me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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