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Gender insanity

Gender insanity.What gender are you...every survey asks that question. They offer choices usually. The main ones list male or female. Then it gets weirder. Male, fem...

Orzzz1,09131Sep 2022Oct 13
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Hope-Faith-BeliefIt is true that nothing happens without reason in this entire universe. But it is not possible for human to know every cause and rectify it. So it's n...

Decent_Love2484Oct 11Oct 13
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chancer_returns66628Jul 2022Oct 13
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Billboard 101...You're on the highway doing 65 mph (or more) and there are billboards along the side of the roadway. That gives you 2 or 3 seconds to catch a glimpse...

chatillion2213Oct 12Oct 13
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MozambiqueMozambique has one of the most beautiful unspoiled coastlines in Africa. However, most beach tourism is confined to its islands. Dont come to Mozambi...

Lukeon4127Oct 9Oct 13
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Halloween costume partiesIt's that time of year where some of us will be going to some Halloween costume party. I had a fellow employees ask me if I were going to any of t...

SHAWNTHOR2092Oct 11Oct 12
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Microsoft is spying on me...New computer this week running Windows 10 Pro and updated Microsoft Edge started some things I didn't notice on my older computer it replaced. I'm on...

chatillion36715Oct 11Oct 12
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Breaking...Mctag. ) Dun told you TV heads years ago.. Official Government documents NOW available For your inspection. Alex Jones, CIA a$$et. Center column...

Agentbob3999Sep 2022Oct 11
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Highly educated, but...It's amazing to see the number of women on CS with a master's degree making less than $25,000. Many cannot type a coherent sentence. Highly educated,...

chatillion46310Sep 2022Oct 11
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Herschel Walker’s memory loss...Herschel Walker is running for office. The position is the Georgia senate. His party is Republican and it's important for Republicans that he gets thi...

chatillion3988Oct 2022Oct 11
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Don t listen to the will of your flesh

Don,t listen to the will of your fleshLive by the spirit will and reject the will of the flesh. in your spirit is truth, in your flesh is evil. Do the Will of the spirit but reject the w...

starrayfil207-Oct 10Go to Last Post
Where the heart is

Where the heart is...Today mine is with the people of Donegal...

CelticWitch6451710Oct 8Oct 10
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Biden Forced To Release Drug Offenders To Clear Enough Jail Space For All The Pro Life Activists

Biden Forced To Release Drug Offenders To Clear Enough Jail Space For All The Pro-Life ActivistsWASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, President Biden issued pardons to convicts who had been imprisoned for marijuana possession to make room for the influx...

Willy34112446Oct 9Oct 10
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THE RARE KIWIThe kiwi is a creature native to New Zealand. The Blue Kiwi is extremely rare, possibly due to its homo s*xual nature, and has a tendency to run away...

CROWNAFFAIR308-Oct 10Go to Last Post

Your daily dose of Donald... 9-23-2022People around the world are laughing about the latest comments Trump made on the Hannity show. The pathological liar has reached new heights, making R...

chatillion33211Sep 2022Oct 10
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20 years ago - the Bali bombingThe 20th anniversary almost coincides with the release of Umar Patek, one of the bombers who participated in building the bomb - 200+ people killed, 8...

FargoFan1420Oct 9Go to Last Post


Unknown41711Sep 2022Oct 9
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If it's not broken... don't (try to) fix it.I should heed my own advice about changing out old computer parts. Two computers failed last month and are being replaced. The good thing is the hard...

chatillion27314Oct 2022Oct 9
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Goodness and BadnessEvery human being in the world is born through the same process, but every person's abilities and qualities are different. The seeds of both goodness...

Decent_Love1620Oct 9Go to Last Post

Halloween pastWe all have memories growing up what it was like during the Halloween season. Seems like a lifetime ago, as I have fond memories of Halloween. The col...

SHAWNTHOR1671Oct 8Oct 9
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A curious observation on language, another languageI had been watching a TV series 'A French Case' about an unsolved murder of a very young boy, trying to listen in French. Reconstructing the dialogue...

FargoFan1803Oct 9Oct 9
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Dr Kildare and the stars who appeared thereI had a lesson today with an older Asian ESL speaker, now a medical intern in an Australian hospital, coping with bullying and prejudice, the arroganc...

FargoFan2615Oct 9Oct 9
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Halloween movies and musicI like certain ones, which seem to be the less popular Halloween movies. It's the time of year for them, love it! My top three are... 1. Ghos...

SHAWNTHOR1762Oct 8Oct 9
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Divine intervention or just luck

Divine intervention or just luck?I cannot explain this. No matter how much I go through it, in my mind, I simply cannot explain what happened today. Yesterday, after work, I went t...

Philipsen58633Oct 2022Oct 8
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MULTICULTURALISMWhat does multiculturalism mean? Well to me it means that through migration a country can undergo huge changes. With an influx of different races of p...

CROWNAFFAIR305-Oct 2022Oct 8
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Kanye West Was Tucker Carlsons Ultimate Grievance Interview

Kanye West Was Tucker Carlson’s Ultimate Grievance InterviewThough you might not think so at first, the musical artist Kanye West and the Fox News host Tucker Carlson actually have a lot in common. Both men are...

Willy34111941Oct 8Oct 8
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50 years ago...They must be lying to me as many people I come in contact with think I'm (much) younger than my real age. Thinking back more than 40 to 50 years ago w...

chatillion2120Oct 8Go to Last Post

WHYDo ShORT mEN In BiG HaTs Type iN CapITals AND DIssaLoW CoMMeNTS? ?????? Bump Bump...

Bluekiwi228-Oct 7Go to Last Post
A Short Apology

A Short ApologySometimes when I write blogs I never go back and comment. I apologize in advance if and when I do that lol. Not trying to offend anyone. I just get bu...

Mermaidhair54822Oct 2022Oct 7
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Those that Love are God s children

Those that Love are God,s childrenLove God with all heart..,and love your neighbours as yourself,neighbours are all people. IF you do this you will have life:Jesus said. So by love w...

starrayfil147-Oct 7Go to Last Post

Proud Boy pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy.He is expected to give evidence against 5 others of the group also on charges. What no Omerta amongst the not-so-proud boys!? Of course some of yo...

FargoFan1530Oct 2022Go to Last Post

DO WITCHES EXIST?Yes they do. So be careful, especially this time of the year. How do you recognise a witch? Well, they are very crafty and try to be friendly with sel...

CROWNAFFAIR308-Oct 2022Go to Last Post

The price of gas has dropped sharply. SOME PLACES HAVE DROPPED MORE THAN A DOLLAR A GALLON...About 9 weeks ago local gas prices peaked. Have you noticed? Prices appear to be going down sharply. Last month, some stations near the highway were a...

chatillion2,605110Jul 2022Oct 2022
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Get ready for 'The Pit'So, what is The Pit, you may ask. Good question The Pit is essentially a follow on from the 2000 Mules election fraud exposé. Approximately 100...

chancer_returns43421Aug 2022Oct 2022
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HALLOWEENSoon it will be Halloween. And you may be caught by the ghosts and ghouls. Have you ever been caught by the ghoulies? It can be painful....

CROWNAFFAIR364-Oct 2022Oct 2022
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DeSantis and the Migrant Flights to Martha's Vineyard...Different versions of this story keep popping up and the reader reactions are wildly opposites. As a Florida resident, I see lots of media about our...

chatillion3329Oct 2022Oct 2022
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Today is national grand parents day

Today is national grand parents dayIts a new one on me but its what I'm just after hearing on the radio. The idea behind it is share and express your gratitude of them, how they a...

CelticWitch643188Oct 2022Oct 2022
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SATAN THE CARING EXTRA TERRESTRIALYes, Satan was the extra terrestrial being that disagreed with his leader, who created the human race, and wished to give knowledge of all things that...

CROWNAFFAIR440-Oct 2022Oct 2022
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skulduggery or suspicion in the chess world!?Multi-time world champion Carlsen withdraws without explanation from the fourth round of the Sinquefield cup having been soundly beaten by a lower ran...

FargoFan3113Sep 2022Oct 2022
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Another puzzle following up the overwhelming clamour for the last onepic uploader This is the Magic square puzzle - Level 8, so definitely not easy, jus...

FargoFan1971Oct 2022Oct 2022
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Goodbye temp work and hello permanent employment

Goodbye temp work and hello permanent employment!I'm pretty happy that it's my last week as a temp worker at the warehouse. Let me explain why! My temp agency is as useful as a bag of overcooked n...

Philipsen4026Sep 2022Oct 2022
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Freedom of speech

Freedom of speechHow does one define this "freedom of speech" 'Freedom of speech is the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, by any...

Tiger_Moth45211Sep 2022Oct 2022
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