Scalloped Fretboards...

I was going through some YouTube bookmarks and came across a video of guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen doing a tune called Arpeggios from Hell. He has another video describing his signature guitar and how the fretboard features scalloped cuts between the frets that allow for less resistance and much faster play.
It's not a new concept as some Asian stringed instruments dating back a few hundred years have scalloped fretboards, but in the rock music world some of the best (or flashiest) players have them.

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The average music listener probably doesn't know or have heard about scalloped fretboards but it's an example of how some guitarists can attain those blistering fast solos!
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What was Zappa's guitars like?
Possibly the worlds greatest guitarist.
does anyone know of any famous guitarist who uses scalloped frets?

John Petrucci
Steve vai
Sam Totman
Andy Timmons
Gus G
Jeff Beck
John Mayer
BB King
Eric clapton
Frank Zappa
you forgot lars ulrich
Billy Sheehan, but on a bass. He scalloped the top 5 frets below the G and D strings.
Yngwie is the only famous one... Wait I'll go check.
Edit: Apparently Ritchie Blackmore does it too.
Yeah. I'm glad I covered that.
I'll include Japanese guitarist HIZAKI who plays several custom models manufactured by ESP.

In an interview he mentioned the scalloping starts from the 12th fret up.
Decades old and covered by Guitar magazines.
Scalloped Fretboard Guide

he Beatles, Frank Zappa & Erkan Ogur: Fretless Guitar Innovation

Basically you just discovered something decades old and instead of doing a simple Google search on the how, why and who, you posted a single video of something you liked.
Cool with that. We all enjoy unique music and sounds.
But it is decades old and even B.B King used one.
I'm more impressed with the fruitless and wonder what those sound like.
It is like a theremin, you hear it once and it is cool. Then it is just blah.
Really you could have posted Buddy Guy or David Bromberg.
Like a comparison of unrecognized guitarists.

Actually, I've known about it for years... but don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want to upstage you on my blog.
Thanks for your help!
Hi Chat thanks for posting guitar/music stuff.

I'm a hobbyist who started playing around in my forties. I'm not good at all, when I play it's mostly a form of meditation. The most reliable path I've found to a flow state.

I think I like the gear more than I like playing though.

Like a dentist with a closet full of Les Pauls.

For years I was where cool gear went to die. laugh
Right, pull my finger would you the scent is similar.

My guitar has a scalloped fret board. Not like his guitar but they are slightly scalloped. I never knew till I had the guitar a few years lol.
Probably NO famous guitarists has scalloped frets. It's the FRETBOARD that gets scalloped.

Pretty funny... Lars Ulrich is the DRUMMER for Metallica.
Scalloped frets... for a drummer !!

laugh thumbs up
Check the link. Not my post.
Write them.
Cool you posted the guy who recently released his own brand.
Wow it is the Thermin all over or maybe Auto tune.
Listen to some Buddy guy and chill the feck out.
Maybe so Hawaiian slack key guitar.
Just because all your Biden crao gets you pimp slapped and leaves you with a red a** doesn't mean you don't deserve it.
It is from Ultimate dated back in 2009
"Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck"

Gibson brand forums
Scalloped fretboard? Opinions.

Fretboard Basics #1 - Frets and Inlays

Your guitar's fretboard has a sequence of raised metal wires called frets. Most electric guitars have 21, 22 or 24 frets and acoustics tend to have 20.

I guess you were wrong they are FRETBOARDS!
Soros really needs marters posters, noi wondre your Biden crap goes so badly.
Intellect is not your strong suiot. Plus I found all that on my bedtime meds.
Thus any spelling erroes.
By definition you are an instigator.
Not only are you trolling my blogs and my comments on other blogs, you go from blog to blog, forum thread to thread looking to get under the skin of the other members.
You don't have a nice thing to say about anyone, especially the women.

What's your real purpose for being on CS?
It's obvious you're not here to meet new people and generate long lasting friendships.

Is someone paying you to harass the other members here?
You're doing an excellent job.

Maybe you're a bot of the artificial intelligence variety. That's it an AI bot.
You're not a real person, real people don't act that way...
Unless you're maybe just a guy who has a vendetta with people who actually enjoy themselves because it eats at you to see other people interact at all levels. That obviously bothers you.

Stop trolling me.
some runs from Los Indios Tabajaras I never even tried to reproduce (see about 4:09):
(yes I know, no scalloping) sorry
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