The Michelle Obama transgender conspiracy theory...

I thought that story was debunked and put to rest. Apparently, not. Today, Yahoo! is still talking about it. No, 'he' didn't turn into a 'she' and have two daughters that were conceived via IVF. The ID's and voters registrations posted on social media are a fake. Seriously, fake.
The Michelle Obama transgender conspiracy theory... some have their beliefs.

The photo that made my day is the one of her pregnancy that shows Michelle with SIX fingers. I guess that means, she's not only transgender... but an alien too!

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Hand errors are are/were common in ai generated images.
Also the he or she in the pic looks 60 years old doh
But the kids are adopted?
Michelle Obama's memoir reminds me of the joy brought by adoption. In her just published memoir, Michelle Obama revealed that her daughters Sasha and Malia were conceived via in vitro fertilization, or IVF.Nov 21, 2018
I have seen V, both series.
Yeah, 06... that's normal..sleep

Part Too..

.too bad the photo is cropped. Cuz that other hand is freaky as well.
You couldn't just go with the Oprah d*ck pic?
.it's that con pirate thingy again..the n0n popularity of my logic treatise
Vs. the population paradox of their accidental anecdotes n such...
Didn't Parkinson get right to the marrow & sinew of the problem..?
And doesn't the bobster redact him $cientiferously ?
..the work ] E X X X0 .N $ P A N D . S ..$0 as to fill .Up . The time
Available for the completion thereof..
..b. ) sub Ordinate don keys increasing @ A fixxed Rate... regardless
0f the work in Question.
.c. ) . More words ; less meaning..more law..3x more crime.
More weed. Less grass...
D. ) momma dun told me ..get a rabbit..- beeky buzzard...
E. ...70,000 miles w/ XinXi ping.. traveling w/ him..
F. ..but eYe don't know that for a fact ..
G. ) Porn cop was a bad man.
I. ) C'mon man.
J. ) Name one person who can replace Xi Xi Ping. Go ahead !
.....NAME ONE ! - Joe.
K. Vote for my friend, Barak Amerika.
L. ..a battle for the SOUL OF AMERIKA...
M. Adios, Amerika. - Ann Coulter.f. bob
N 0. . Time. - ) . Guess who ?
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