Another 'who killed JFK' theory...

This time it's actor, director and activist Rob Reiner who says he's followed the JFK assassination for 60 years and believes he knows who did it. For the answer... you have to tune in to his podcast!
Got it Rob... the podcast knows all!


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Rob has it down to 4 men who killed JFK...

January 30, 1976 – January 20, 1977
Off by 13years!
JBL,who might have landed in Jail,if JFK were re-elected might be a better suspect!
some interesting reading at that site,however!thumbs up
I haven't verified dates. Over the years, Bush was mentioned in several stories.
Now, I'm curious... why??

Now, I'm thinking Bush may have been working for the FBI or CIA when Kennedy was assassinated and later became the director.

More research is needed.
They expelled Santos from congress

Yes I'm off topic but this is a political thread
Okay, but the JFK assassination is much, much more than political...

I'm surprised they allowed that pathological liar Santos to stay for so long!
What? Iike mythology, or like Pearl-Harbour/Twin Towers?
c o n s p i r a c y
Yes that's what I meant by Pearl Harbour Dec 41, Sept 11; these things happen and conspiracy theories breed like the wind blows. Now Sonny Liston on the other hand might be a different story.
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