Sitting on a powder keg, holding a stick of dynamite, fuse smouldering.

If any of you ever had a loaded gun pointed at your head then you should have a very slight feeling of how the people of Israel and the Middle East is feeling.

Palestine knew the consequences when Hamas attacked Israel but they chose to look the other way. Hamas is NOT Palestine.
Who is Hamas?
HAMAS–the acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (Islamic Resistance Movement)—is the largest and most capable militant group in the Palestinian territories and one of the territories' two major political parties.

Yesterday Israel dropped very many pamphlets telling civilians in, a nearly flattened city, Gaza to flee north. Just flee. Where to, only God knows.

For the first time in years, Israeli forces will have to penetrate deep into Gaza, a coastal enclave where thousands of Hamas militants operate out of an underground network of tunnels, while also hiding among civilians.

So far only Hamas is at war with Israel but what happens when Hezbollah joins in against Israel?

Who is Hezbollah?
Hezbollah is a Shiite Muslim political party and militant group based in Lebanon, where its extensive security apparatus, political organization, and social services network fostered its reputation as “a state within a state.” Founded in the chaos of the fifteen-year Lebanese Civil War, the Iran-backed group is driven by its opposition to Israel and its resistance to Western influence in the Middle East.

How powerful is Hezbollah?
Hezbollah wields significant power in Lebanon, where it operates as both a Shiite political party and militant group.
It opposes Israel and Western powers operating in the Middle East, and it functions as a proxy of Iran, its largest benefactor.
The group has faced unprecedented scrutiny from the Lebanese public amid the country’s political and economic crisis.
Nowadays, it has precision guided missiles. In addition to potentially bringing more sophisticated weaponry and fighters into the current conflict, Hezbollah's intervention could rope in other parties, too. Hezbollah is part of a coalition of Iran-backed fighters who are still stationed in Syria.

I say when Hezbollah enters the war then we need to be even more afraid.

My thoughts are that Israel will begin the ground offensive very soon, either tomorrow or the next day.

God be with the GENUINE innocent.

sad flower
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Hamas intentionally doomed the city of Gaza. Doing so served Tehran's purpose of making it hard for Saudi Arabia to enter into trade agreements with Israel while also making it harder for Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon to continue relations with Israel. Hamas (an Iranian Satrap (aka puppet)) launched the attack with the intent Israel would immediately attack the Palestinians that live inside Gaza City.

The attack was both well planned and very well done. A true sucker punch. However, like 9/11 it lacked follow-up knock-out blows and was therefore suicidal on it's face. Tehran doesn't care about that. Neither does Putin. Hamas is expendable in Iran's eyes. So too are the Palestinians living in Gaza.

The media is spending a lot of money keeping reporters and camera crews on the edges of the front. They want to see a ground offensive launched 5 days ago. It would increase the station / channel's ratings to have some good fight footage. Of course Israel doesn't give two figs about the viewer ratings of FOX/CNN/CBS/India 1, et al.

Every day the media asks when will the ground offensive begin, what is taking so long? LoL

From a military point of view, launching a ground offensive while the enemy holds the high ground guarantees high casualties. So a lot of those tall buildings (which make perfect observation points and sniper nests) need to be made a lot shorter. That work has been underway for several days now. There were many intelligence failures on Israel's part. But there were also some successes. Obtaining home address locations for many Hamas fighters could be classified as one of them. If the guy in the apartment above or below yours was a Hamas supervisor, don't be home when the GPS guided missile with a 240 lb warhead flies in his bedroom window at 2am.

There is other stuff going on too. Some of the Hamas guys that invaded took cell phone pictures of the things their teams did and put it on Telegram. Then they went home. Telegram like all websites collects the IPN of anything connecting to it. Israel got ahold of those IPNs and very quietly 'pinged' those cell phones to establish their GPS locations. Very stupidly a lot of those Hamas people were still carrying the phone they had brought into Israel. By last count over 75 of those cell phones have received large doses of high explosive and are no longer functional. Civilians in Gaza have been warned to move southward. We should anticipate more urban renewal is about to commence.

I would not assume a ground offensive will occur right away. I would expect when the Northern project is completed, the civilians in the area will be told to head North so an urban renewal of the South can commence. I don't consider the Special Forces Recon teams to be the main body of an offensive. That's just intel collection. I think while there may be some hostages still in Gaza, the important ones are someplace else. Yes, everyone is important, but some more so than others. Rich hostages by definition are worth more than poor ones, etc.

Hizballah and the Palestinian Front seem to be content to let their more suicidal members go to the border and attack Israel's artillery and claymore mines. There is no need for a full scale war just because Iran wants them to blindlyu follow the Hamas puppets into self immolation. The Revolutionary Guard does not represent Palestine and should therefore not become the last one standing. It will not be. Hexballah and the P. Front will wait for a time of their choosing.
It still remains possible the purpose of the attack by Hamas was to sucker US war ships within range of naval drones. Submerged ones with electric motors laying in wait (perhaps with compressed air tanks for bursts of speed and an AI that can tell the difference between the sound of a destroyer engine and that of an aircraft carrier within operating range of the drone, would be a tough nut to crack. Hamas would gain great prestige if something nasty happened and Iran would do much gloating over that. But that is a what if scenario...
Well, yes, I had a loaded gun pointed at my head...twice.
Hamas isn't Palestine.
Hamas was very dear to the West when they fought against Asad.
We need to go back in time and kill the root of this problem.
Because the root of this problem is the key to what's happening now.

I think we should go back further to the time of 'Lawrence of Arabia.' and how he randomly picked different tribes and carved up the middle East.
Hi Ten
Glad you haven't lost your head yet.laugh

As I stated, Hamas is not Palestine and what I gathered is the following.
Israel/US created Hamas and the general consensus outside of Gaza is to view Hamas as a terror or extremist group first and foremost. The international media – and Israel – only ever talks about Hamas, as though Hamas represents the entire Palestinian people and its interests, which is not true.
This is what the Israeli right-wing wants us to think that Hamas 'is' the Palestinians and the right-wing 'is' Israel – and everyone else, on both the Palestinian and Jewish sides, is excluded from the conversation.

There is so much more going on that we the public does not realize. Peoples lives have meant nothing to these Globalists, then and now.
Is that some kind of a joke?
T.E. Lawrence carving Middle East? How further in time? 1914-1915?
Like these countries never existed before him?
What I had in mind were the colonialist West and their arrogance in deciding other's Fate.
Just as the US is using the Ukranians (who are dying) to 'soften' Russia (who are dying) so too is Hamas being used to annihilate both Hamas and the Palestinians.
I got your point from the start, Luke!
I am just baffled how illiterate some people are. handshake
**Hamas being used as an excuse for Israel/USA ^^
Maybe not a matter of illiteracy but more a matter of brainwashing, years of it.
Must confess, I too believed absolutely everything I was told by our leaders and news media. But somewhere along the line one needs to start thinking for oneself.
You are forgiven.
I have always been a black societal sheep, my family history still follows me.
And then there's this.
“Before the Palestinian militant organization Hamas launched its unprecedented, large-scale attacks on Israel over the weekend, the Israeli government was repeatedly warned that ‘something big’ was brewing from the group that controls the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian intelligence official told The Associated Press.

Yet Israeli officials downplayed the threat from Gaza and instead focused on the occupied West Bank, the anonymous Egyptian intelligence official claimed, the news outlet reported on Monday.

‘We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big. But they underestimated such warnings,’ the Egyptian official told the AP.

The Egyptian official said that Egypt, which has historically acted as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, told Israel repeatedly that ‘something big’ was being planned.”

Of course, one should not need confirmation from Egyptian intelligence or any other source to understand that an attack emanating from the most surveilled region on Earth roughly the size of two Washington D.C.s involving tens of thousands of operatives, months if not years of planning, tons of equipment including tens of thousands of rockets imported and stockpiled in Gaza, and an influx of cash to make it all happen could have possibly occurred without the tacit blessing if not active facilitation by Mossad and/or the CIA

Almost immediately after the attack, the corporate state media launched a propaganda blitzkrieg to offer all manner of excuses for how Israeli intelligence “failed” to detect the most obvious buildup possible, precisely because it’s so patently obvious to anyone with common sense that nothing of the sort was possible that such a PR blitz is necessary to get out in front of the narrative. The provable untruth is any corporate state narrative is directly proportional to the intensity with which is is forced down the American public’s throat.

They claimed the IDF was caught off-guard because of Yom Kippur – despite the fact that Israel’s enemies launched a surprise attack decades ago on the same holiday. They offered the excuse that the IDF had moved its forces to the West Bank to quell uprisings against settlers.

The excuses defy basic logic.

In such situations, it’s also wise to ask the golden question: Cui bono? Who benefits?

Bibi Netanyahu and Ali Khamenei, the self-styled “Supreme Leader of Iran” are eternally bloodthirsty because war is the health of the state. There exists no better remedy for a political jam than an old-fashioned war. The vicious tribal animosities between Jews and Muslims existed long before either of these figures assumed power, but they exploit and capitalize on them for their own purposes.

On the American home front, as it seems funding for Ukraine may not be politically feasible in the long term, the weapons contractors that live off of perpetual war are going to feast on whatever larger-scale conflict emerges from the Gaza debacle.
Hi Ken20. I subscribe to your every word. because these are the words of a thinking, literate and sensible person. There is nothing to talk about with other members of this blog.Because it is useless to prove to a wall on which propaganda slogans from Russia and Iran hang, that it is just a stupid wall.
You can start a private conversation and talk only to each other.
Russian propaganda?
You can't be that stupid, can you?
Educate yourselves, it won't hurt you.
Imagine what the Palestinian people are up against Luke, they would have to say we support Israel or we support HAMAS as they flee to the south just to stay alive...

It's a military ruled placed that no human should be living in, recognize the Palestinian people and let them apply for passports so they can leave that shithole if they want to...
Thinking for oneself is paramount. There's so many different elements at play here - religious, ethnic, energy resources, world financial situation (in decline). Cui bono (who benefits - from any particular outcome)? Propaganda is everywhere. The fog is thick, particularly the fog of war. One thing I've learned in recent years is the extent of WESTERN propaganda. Of course other nations have their propaganda (Russia and China are two that obviously come to mind), but here in The West we are ourselves being propagandized to an absolutely enormous degree. Google, Wikipedia - that subtly but deliberately manipulate information. The social media companies such as Meta and Twitter and the massive influence of U.S intelligence agencies in particular, interfering and pressuring to get certain content and certain views banned, whether it's to do with Covid, elections, or War. We are being HIGHLY manipulated. Then we have the more recent 'censorship industrial complex' - which refers to a wide array of organizations - which claim to deal with so-called 'misinformation' and 'disinformation' - but in reality serve to manipulate information to the benefit of richest and most powerful. Many of these organizations operate within universities, and generally receive funding from the government of from rich donors (billionaires like Pierre Omidyar or George Soros).

God knows what will happen next. We should pray. Pray for calm hearts and cooler heads. Pray for a way forward.

P.S. one interesting viewpoint I've heard which has been little discussed is looking at this situation from the broader viewpoint of energy policy and the desire to benefit from energy resources. Iran in particular has enormous energy resources, and let's just say there's probably a lot of people who would like a piece of that particular pie. @MikeBenzCyber on X (Twitter) has opined on this - a lot of what he says makes sense I'd recommend checking him out for anyone who has an account there.
Whatever happened eith Kitty?
yesterday I saw a mother that had apparently 'lost it' mentally, after losing her home her family, screaming in the street that she hates Hamas and that all this destruction was their (Hamas') fault. She was going through these motions with her only surviving 10 year old daughter hanging desperately onto her arm, hysterically screaming for her to stop.
I have witnessed cruel scenes in my younger days but if scenes Luke these leave any human untouched there is obviously something drastically wrong with you. Toddlers lying in hospital obviously under morphine with limbs missing. How the f*ck must they move within hours?
God be with them and just give them a quick death as they have been suffering enough. And and all this just for the love of money.

Apparently a big portion of the Palestine population are children to Luke, many of the adults are dead or are old aged..
Mike Benz' thoughts on the situation as pertains to energy policy/incentives
Yes, no doubt in my mind that all this suffering,destruction and death is brought about by the love of money. GREED by individuals. Using centuries of inbred religious hatred of nations to fill the coffers. Capitalism and deceit of the masses is a disease that has no boundaries or compassion to human life.
And yet so many people condone this evil just because they are fed lies by the wealthiest media controlling war mongers that are insatiable for power and global dominance.barf
I think the powder keg needs to be arked up in the name of Netanyahu and Israel, Netanyahu is a bit jealous that Ukraine and Russia came close to starting WW3..

If anyone is going to start WW3 it has to be the chosen people of Israel, after all they are a pretty special race of people according to religious prophecy..
The world has to let religious prophecy happen at any cost, for it's written by the hand of God him self.. Amen
All religious teachings are quite mad, there is not even the slightest chance of a one god a one creator.
No chance what so ever; ourselves are the creators of our tomorrows as well as, our tomorrows created by collective energy. As you sow so shall we reap, quite simple actually negative energy has negative outcomes, positive energy positive out come.
Our true nature is energy not something else. Our physical shit doesn't get stored in a non existent heaven, nor our bones, nor wealth, it is just utter rubbish to think or propose, that people constantly engaged in violence in the name of some god or prick like Netanyahu, Biden, Albanese or any other lunatic who feeds the cycle of sufferings by actively promoting violence, violence can only leads to more violence.
Uncontrolled self cherishing minds e.g. big egos, will of course ague other, while the same self cherishing minds are to lazy to check up, always propose they know better.
The cycles of suffering energies have been built on since beginnings time and is without end. Positive energy produce positive out comes.doh
Health officials in Gaza report that about 1/3 of the dead and injured there are children and toddlers. Explosions do that sort of stuff if no one puts the children someplace safe.
Hamas has bragged they have about 300 miles of tunnels under the Gaza strip. I do not know why they don't open up their deep tunnels as shelters for the people of Gaza they claim to be defending.
Hamas pledged decades ago that they would annihilate Israel and they don't care who gets destroyed in the process.
Most members of the public haven't a clue about real life. Thats why they listen to and trust their governments mouthpiece, the media.
Its sad when you think about it but their minds can be swayed to believe just about anything 'they' want them to believe.thumbs up
And, here is the truth....actions speak the TRUTH...

Common sense is lacked by so many.
I don't really care who believes what, I respect all people and their beliefs. I've seen how Christians die a much easier death than the atheists. The problem arises when world leaders con the people through the 'word' to do their bidding, that's pure evil. The Christian faith helps millions of people from all walks of life that has problems. This I know. I
Personally I could not care if you believed in a rock or a fairy called Peter Pan, thats your perogative I guess.
Hamas is a problem created by Israel and the CIA, the sooner they are wiped out the better. Palestinians are NOT Hamas, neither are kids and the old.
Your way of thinking is troublesome, only when you have experienced death, destruction and real suffering you might change your outlook.
As Ive stated before, there is an ingrained hatred that Hamas has for the Jew. They are a problem which needs to be fixed.
If you agree with Ken and Biden then all Palestinians should be lined up against a wall and shot.barf

Palestinians are not Hamas.
Honestly...this is not kill all Palestinians...Nor, is this Biden wanting all Palestinians lined up against a wall..

I’m not sure we would be in this position if Trump had been elected...but, Trump would more than likely handle it in the same way....But, more than likely more funding for Israel and maybe even more troops...

The surrounding countries will not allow passage to their countries...They know that Hamas does not care for the citizens of the Gaza Strip...

BTW..I will never vote for Biden...he is a weak man...mentally and with his foreign policy...

My guess is, if Trump does not go to jail...and Biden runs against Trump..

Trump will be elected...

Many in the Democratic party eyes have been opened by the anti-Semitic members within their party...
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