It's been a very wet day today!

After lunch, I looked outside, and oh boy! Extremely heavy clouds came gliding in. 30 minutes later, the first drops of rain fell on the roof. Then it got louder and louder, until the heavens opened and the rain fell hard.

I love rain, particularly when I am inside, so I was enjoying it immensely. The drivers - well, not so much.

Apart from the rain, the day was good. I have some new airtox safety shoes. "What is airtox?", I hear you ask? That's an excellent question. Airtox is a safety shoe manufacturer representing a genuine and authentic pioneering experience in safety footwear - and it made in Denmark.

The shoes are VERY expensive, so the fact that I was allowed to pick them blows my mind. How was I allowed to pick them? Well.. My warehouse- and logistics manager was in the building the day before yesterday, and the topic landed on my current safety shoes. During lunch, I told him that I really needed some new safety shoes, since the ones I was wearing were illegal. How were they illegal? The steel cap was visible at the front of my right shoe, which is a huge no-no. He then said "Find the area manager. He has access to the web catalogue, and you can pick a pair through there."

So I did - and by chance the warehouse- and logistics manager was talking to the area manager. "Let's find some new shoes for our friend here. What would you like?"

I jokingly said "airtox would be sweet," to which my area manager said "That's not gonna happen. We're not allowed to pick them", the which the logistics manager said "Yeah you are."

That's how I was able to snag a pair of shoes that retail for 2380 DKK, or $350. They arrived yesterday, and boy are they comfortable! I would love a bit more breathing material, but overall they are fantastic! I can also feel it in my feet. They aren't as sore and aching as before.

Tomorrow's the weekend - and it's gonna be great!
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They sound like a nice pair of safety shoes Phil, 2 to 300 dollars usually gets a decent pair of safety shoes..

How many times have you worn them and are they broken in yet ?
Lesson one...never say never and do not believe everyone...congrats on your new shoes...dancing

I am using them every day. They are very comfortable

I did not read the blog, my eyes glanced over words in the following order; very wet, louder and louder, hard, blows.

All the makings of a good blog in my book.
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