Fundraiser for your legal defense...

I see in the news that Donald J. Trump was holding a $100,000 a plate fundraiser dinner for his former attorney, Rudy Giuliani. The event was to be held at his Bedminster country club.

I haven't followed up as of yet, but one article brought some interesting reader comments and that is usually better than the story itself.

For example...
If Trump would have paid Giuliani for his legal fees in the first place, he probably would not need to have the fundraiser.

MAGA complain about prices and the economy, yet they continue to donate money to trump and his minions.

Trump must be scared that Rudy will flip on him.

Trump doing something to benefit someone else?? Somehow he will make it all about himself. There has to be something in it for him or else he wouldn't bother.

If Ghouliani thinks he needs money now, just wait until they see the settlement for Miss Ruby, his lawsuit for exploiting his secretary, and Jack Smith drops the J6th charges on him.

He's apparently trying to keep Rudy in the fold. Rudy knows where all the bodies are buried going back to the old days. Since Rudy is guilty as sin, the chances of him turning are good. djt doesn't want that.

Only a complete fool would give Rudy money, he created his own mess, let him pay the price!

Would love to know the number of plates sold and who paid for them. Also, the names of the people who actually attended.

(don't worry - it wouldn't surprise me if there will be investigations for the source of the funds)

Those who contribute to the defense of this traitor are traitors themselves.

Yeah, I’m totally sure ALL of it is going to Rudy, trump wouldn’t ever skimm

MAGA: My Attorney Got Arrested!!
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MAGA: My Attorney Got Arrested!!


The thing is, Giuliani famously said, "Truth isn't truth".

Why would anyone offer him a plea deal when anything his says after swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth can so easily be undermined by Trump's defense?

Just as an aside, it's not that I don't think Giuliani, Trump and many others shouldn't be tried, but does anyone else shudder at the thought of these old men possibly spending the rest of their lives incarcerated?
Do you mean that seriously, like you don't love the thought? Most anti trumperes here at cs seem to want just that; the orange jump suit being the top dream.
I felt that Trump let some of the guilty ones before him go (HRC for one) and me personally would feel uneasy with her in jail even of she may have deserved it. So no, no jail please. If some go they all most go. Can't have some in and some out.

The important is improvement of the corruption. Gradually. One foot in front of another.
Not a sudden change of strucktness just cos he is the exact 'bad guy' they want.
How selective are you in your perceptions and assumptions that you've never heard me going on and on about the US justice system, including the extraordinarily long sentences as compared with other Western nations?

In the UK we currently have 65 people who have been given a whole life order. An average life sentence in England and Wales is 15-20 years before being released on license.

In the US, some 53,000 people have life without parole, or virtual whole life sentences of 50 years, or more despite only having five times the population of the UK. Five times 65 is 325 compared with 53,000.

Personally, I think caging people should be reserved for those who are a danger to society and that whole life tariffs are a cruel and unusual punishment because they leave prisoners without hope.

Clearly Trump and Giuliani are alleged to be a danger to society, but at their age there will come a point relatively soon when they are not. If they received 10 years at their age it would a devaststing sentence.

They are already getting special treatment for being high status white males given they are both still on release. Perhaps it's time the US started treating everyone more reasonably.
"If Ghouliani thinks he needs money now, just wait until they see the settlement for Miss Ruby, his lawsuit for exploiting his secretary, and Jack Smith drops the J6th charges on him."

Rudy as Trump and others have already transferred assets, open shell companies, hide their monies, so if there are settlements they have no money.

Rudy took a private plane to Georgia with no money, enough said. frustrated very mad
So the answer seems to be 'yes' if the numbers of years they get is too many.

One day is one day too many for any of them.
Cos the accusations against them are insane.

"Trump and Giuliani are alleged to be a danger to society" - and this bullshyte you just accept like it's a normal day at the office.... confused
If Trump decides to call up his thugs to destroy property...hurt or kill someone in the process or result in people committing suicide...oh...wait he did play a part in that kind of crime...laugh so I guess that makes him dangerous...
The onus is on the court to prove it...

Make an example of him and his friends...this is not just about white crime anymore...he crossed the line...
Why on earth do you think Trump will lose 2024?
Mark these words, Trump is going to win by a landslide. At least a 60% percent lead. So stop being influenced by these jokers.
Some Republicans are full of 'crazy talk' like Sarah Palin alluding to a civil war and urged Trump supporters to “rise up and take our country back.”

My thought is back from who?
Probably the ones who want to abide from the constitution... that's who.

Her 'sister' Marjorie Taylor Green has made similar comments.

Mike Huckabee has accused President Joe Biden of trying to “destroy Trump” via legal actions in the courthouse rather than at the ballot box via an election.
Pretty funny Mike.
He compared the proceedings to those that go on in “banana republics and communist regimes,” where political opponents are imprisoned or exiled for “made-up crimes.”
Funnier Mike...
On his podcast Huckabee, Mike is saying it is going to be the last American election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets.
That's it Mike... maybe you can rile up the Proud Boys, Keepers of the Oath or whoever and start your civil war.
Luke, some of 'these jokers' are Republican strategists, attorneys and people with their finger on the pulse. The fact is with 4 indictments, is this the man America wants to lead the country?
Ok Luke. You may be one of the few who really listen when I speak.

Hear me: they will steal it again.

Now you could ask me why do I think that. I think that way cos after the last steal,
have you seen hard methodical efforts from the GOP- have you seen them make sure it's all cool now on state level, and that 2020 will NEVER happen again? No you didn't see that either? you just wait. He will be robbed the victory again. Sorry but I'm sure they will. There is NOT a concerted effort to make elections secure again after the last fiasco. I can go into details but ain't gonna or else Chat will blow a fuse.

Hope I'm wrong (..) but don't bet your savings on this Luke.
The whole enchilada is on the case again. Can't you sense it?
Trump claimed he's got proof the election was stolen... we're waiting.
Giuliani claimed he's got proof the election was stolen... we're waiting.
The only thing I sense is that Trump will win by a landslide. Don't be influenced otherwise and don't be a ongelowige Thomas. Have faith and believe bro.laugh The democrats pride themselves in spreading false or fake news and trying to break the moral values of good people in the usa. For them only money matter no moral obligations. Have faith and 2024 will be a Trump victory guaranteed.laugh
Why do you think they have this mortal fear of the man? He is a leader of note.thumbs up

The doom and gloom crowd...laugh

Funny you mention a border hugging neighbour...I never encountered people who are consumed with these notions as the political doom sayers...

It is business as usual...a fellow grocery shopper exchanged laughs regarding converting pounds into I grew up with both metric and imperial...she was visiting from the States...

Gives you an indication of the current climate of politics regarding people in general...laugh quite pedestrian...

Well Luke you're my brother!

To be a bit philosophical now late at night... I have seen things... and observed- and I can tell you wih 100% certainty that 2020 was a robbery late at night in 5 states (needed not more than that) and January 6th was a false flag operation and it worked just perfectly. And here we are.
God bless America, now more than ever.

Lou, you will never understand the power of Hillary and crew. And who she serves.

But I forgive you and chat too for insisting to wear blinds.
Your world view would shatter if you knew the corruption in house.

Coming from a person who does not reside or live close to the US...

That is wonderful, please I beg you, give all your 100% proof to the Supreme Court in the US, so we can all relax with knowledge, that the 2020 election was rigged.

We all await your infallible evidence with bated breath.

I promise to be among the first to acknowledge that I have been mistaken for the last 3 years.

My apologies are waiting to be posted.
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