September 11, 2001

It happened on a Tuesday morning... and the world had changed.

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I was online in the Asiafriendfinder Chatroom at the time, and somebody announced the first building was afire. Lots of chatters there then, but the room emptied as we went a-googling/yahooing.
I remember watching it live on the news channel

I was kind of shocked at the time

Physics note. [ . aftermath
The wreckage of the combined demolition
Was about 59 feet 11 inches of debris.

Several other anomalies as well..
Stupid of you very mad
Who is your comment aimed at?
I sobbed for weeks I still shed a tear when that horrendous moment is on my tele sad flower
Definitely one of those "where were you" moments. I was at work when the news broke of the first tower and we all started Googling to find out what on earth was going on as rumours were going nuclear especially when the second hit happened and more planes were suddenly out of contact. I do remember our PM of the time scuttling off into a bunker and it was actually William Hague from the - at that time - opposition party who came on TV to share what information there was.

sad flower
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