The next costume party is close and a wedding invite!

On the 29th of December, my cousin and her family is hosting our annual New Years Eve pre-party, since all of the family is spread all over the country, and can't get together on New Years Eve. It's an evening filled with food, snacks, treats, confetti cannons and fireworks - so basically a mini New Years Eve celebration.

Last year was fun! No theme, so it was just come as you are and BYOD. This year, however, there's a theme: The Great Gatsby. We each have to dress up in 1920's costumes, so I have bought myself a costume. You might think "did you buy a full suit?".. Yes and no.

I bought a gangster costume and an inflatable tommy gun. I still have makeup from the Halloween party, so I will use some of that to draw a beard on my face. You know, go full meta 1920 gangster.

I am also in charge of the champagne. I have my eyes on one bottle, but.. Well, it's quite expensive. 549 danish kroner, which equals to about $79. The problem with that, is that it's 1.5 liters, which is way too much for us to drink. So I am thinking about buying a regular sized bottle. I just need to find the perfect one!

Do I go with Bollinger? Or perhaps something else?

I also received an invitation for a Turkish wedding yesterday. The wedding itself is at the end of December, so I have some time to prepare. The invitation itself was very creative! It's a "passport" and a "ticket", with a boarding time. When I opened the envelope, I went "Oh that's very creative!"

I love when people do stuff like that!
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