I wonder how many steps I walk in a year..

My phone keeps up with how many steps I take in a day, and calculates that into kilometers. Since I have had my current phone, I have walked 423.456 steps, or 296.42 kilometers. In USA measurement, 296.42 kilometers is 184 miles.

How long has my phone kept a tally of my steps? Since mid-may, so I have been walking 184 miles in two and a half months. Let's say I keep this up, just for the sake of making the math easy, I will just count it as 2 months.

The math is as follows: 184 divided by 2. That's 92. Then take the 92 and multiply that by 12. That means that by June 2024, the number of steps I have taken will equal 1104 miles, or 1776 kilometers. For reference: 1104 miles is the same distance from Burkeville, Texas to Dragoon, Arizona. It's quite a distance.

It's important to point out, that this is just a quick average monthly number. It can be higher or it can be lower.

The point is - I have walked 184 miles in two and a half months. Something I didn't ever think was possible, given that I am the laziest person ever. It helps that I have a job that I love.

Does your phone keep a tally of your steps?
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Does one actually get an app that calculates the steps one takes??wow 8

It can be a great excuse not to go to the gym to work out...

Today I walked 5.521, steps = 4,00 km, distance rate: 4,2 km/h, or 2,48 miles, at a rate of 2,6 mph, but that's counting the steps I made whilst having the phone in my hand or bag. It would have been more, if I had with me whilst taking part in the church procession and other duties at church today.

I've been using one on this phone since mid january 2022, as we're not allowed to wear any jewellery on our hands or arms at work, before that, I was using a watch. This month, I've walked 208.253 steps = 145.78 km = 4,1 km/h or 90,58 mi = 2,5 mph and burnt 9.028,2 kcal and walked a total of 35 h, 39 m 11 sec.. You can download most step counter/pedometers for free from the app stores on your phones.
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