I have an ambition! (part 2)

About a month ago, I published a blog, where I essentially said that I wanted to be more important at work, because I felt that I deserved it.

A few days ago - it happened! At first I thought I was in trouble, because he opened up with the classic "I need to speak to you in an office, privately". My mind raced, thinking I was gonna get fired. However, it was not the case!

We have had a temp worker for the past 2 months whom we are hiring, so my job is about to change. I was given the key to the main gate, and I was told that I was gonna be in charge of closing up the warehouse when my shift ended, essentially replacing the current person who does that, which is my team leader, and I will have our newest employee under me, doing my job. What it means, essentially, is a promotion. I am not sure if my pay is going to be higher, or if it's the same wage, but what I do know, is that hard work pays off!

I, for one, am thrilled!
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That depends on if it is a lateral or vertical move.
Lateral means more responsibility for less pay and you can be the whipping boy for management.
Vertical is either the same or less responsibility for more pay and benefits.
Last one to leave and lock up is the first blamed for any loss.
Business sucks.
Complements on being a hard focused worker. Not many of those around these days.

I really do hope they give you higher pay. Keep us posted.
There are 2 hobbies you can adopt that will help on the ladder
• etymology. } Word origins
• hot Mexican cuisine) one could probably make a small
. Fortune with a taco truck in your area...but first, 1 needs
Taco know know..yada yada..
There is a wide variety of them here & when done right, steak, cilantro, onion, jalapeno, salsa , lemon etc....is far healthier & cheaper than
The typical fast food factory.
And if you get bored with that , Chinese cuisine is a lil more technical.
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