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Beloved Toni Morrison Book


Love in Beloved Toni Morrison The Contrasting Nature Of Love Explored In Toni Morrison's Beloved. In her novel Beloved, Toni Morrison explores the pa...

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Nineteen Twenty My Plate Is Empty

When everything is going too smoothly, life is too good, and someone dips in and takes most of it away - That....

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stiegg Larsson Book

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Today I finished Book No. 3 of the trilogy. I am very pleased that I went ahead and bought the books. Now I wish I had someone to discuss the books w...

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Kane and Abel Jeffrey Archer Book

Kane and Abel

one of the best books ever written by jeffrey archer....

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The Drop

I like this book because the main character is complex. It has suspense and a twist that nobody would expect. Lehane is a master story teller....

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Operao Negcios Privados Paulo Reis Book

"Operação Negócios Privados"

"A current thriller on sex, politics, spies and power, with a detailed description of corruption in politics and the media, driven by the interests of...

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Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse Book


"How could you have loved so many wrong person, imagine how much you just loved the right person" Hermann Hesse "I was in heaven, a time in hell, bu...

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The girl with the dragon tatoo series stieg larsson Book

The girl with the dragon tatoo series

I've started reading them this year, I started slow and steady with the first, but when I got to the middle of the second, it didn't let me go till I...

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Fifteen Sixteen Maids In The Kitchen

Well now, going to quote straight from the latest review on Amazon instead of talking about the book. I like this review! While the majority of...

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Nine Ten Begin Again

This one. no question....

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One Two Buckle My Shoe

Starter book of the series, which are whodunits for armchair detectives, the kind of reader who likes to get clues and beat the characters to spotting...

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Five Six Pick Up Sticks

If I say it is a book about rich women getting murdered via singles websites, CS might ban it. So I won't. It's set in Scotland. :thumbsu...

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Three Four Knock On My Door

Back at the Lawns, with visitors including the enigmatic Dallas from Louisiana, Sylvia's handsome Australian nephew, and Death. In person. Complete wi...

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Seven Eight Play It Straight

You can't have a series of books set in the Edinburgh area without having at least one about the Edinburgh Festival. Murder and skullduggery ag...

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Seventeen Eighteen Past Lies Waiting

Tim's mum just killed someone - second time, but he doesn't know about the first - and this time, he's being blamed for it. Time to call for help from...

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da vinci code dan brown Book

da vinci code


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{"The Man With The Magic Spectacles"}

Friends, This is a spy novel written by me, but was edited by a journalist from Hamilton (Canada), Martha Jette. Since she new the publisher, Mary Th...

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A Love to Kill for Conor Corderoy Book

A Love to Kill for

Corderoy writes with the skill and assurance of a thriller writer at the top of his game, and he assuredly deserves a place among the great names in t...

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The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco Book

The Name of the Rose

It's a good book...

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To Die in Glory Stuart G Yates Book

To Die in Glory

Three men ride into the town of Glory and by the look of them, they are not coming to enjoy themselves....

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In the Blood Stuart G Yates Book

In the Blood

The second in the Unflinching series sees Simms coming up against a bunch of ruthless train-robbers whilst being stalked by the cold-blooded sharpshoo...

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Unflinching Stuart G Yates Book


This is my most successful book, and was actually a 'best seller' for a whole week! It is available in paperback and on the Kindle....

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i am pilgrim terry hayes Book

i am pilgrim

Yes I have read book but did not know how to post it on here and a little hunt and its here. Best book I have read in years, some stuff p...

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Eleven Twelve Dig And Delve

Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night Set in Scotland Witchcraft? well handled :thumbsup...

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Angles Demons Dan Brown Book

Angles & Demons

This is osm guyz...

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odd thomas dean kontz Book

odd thomas

it's the mistery and crazyness beyond imagination that drives you into Kontz's'll like this one if you're another fan of his books....

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the killer ascendant barry eisler Book

the killer ascendant

this book is amazing its funny, thrilling, great characters anther john rain novel great read 10 stars from me...

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one last kill barry eisler Book

one last kill

another excellent john rain thriller 10 stars...

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a lonely resurrection barry eisler Book

a lonely resurrection

excellent book one you just cant put it down i have read it three times 10 stars from me...

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The Movie Murders Carol Vialogos Book

The Movie Murders

For November 2015 get a free ibook copy at

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The Innocent David Baldacci Book

The Innocent

if you read the Kill list and thought it was good and a little too real, then you're gonna love this one. It has suspence, intrigue, a little romance...

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The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams Book

The Glass Menagerie

Great reading. People always wonder about a person's upbringing and u get a glimpse of why in this short story....

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A Rose For Emily William Faulkner Book

A Rose For Emily

Creepy but exciting to read. You think you know, but you have no idea!lol...

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the Cask of Amontillado Edgar Allan Poe Book

the Cask of Amontillado

I also read this short story during my studies. Very intriguing and if I wasn't a better woman today, there may have been times that I would have empl...

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Leslie Omar Tyree Book


Instant attention getter! Makes you wonder about the people you encounter even

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The Tattooed Girl Joyce Carol Oates Book

The Tattooed Girl

I read this book for a speed reading class. I absolutely loved it. All I am going to say is the ending was a trip and did not see it coming. But when...

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Coraline Neil Gaiman Book


I've never read the book. I've watched the movie. But I'll probably read it sooner or later....

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The Narrows Michael Connelly Book

The Narrows

Retired FBI agent Harry Bosch is now an investigator. Rachel Walling, FBI agent attempt to catch Backus. Rachel still has a lot to learn how to catch...

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The Bodies Left Behind Jeffery Deaver Book

The Bodies Left Behind

This is a good thriller mystery type book. Fast paced....

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Hannibal Thomas Harris Book


A winner good book...

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The Rainmaker John Grisham Book

The Rainmaker

Brilliant book it's in my favorite rack...

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