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The Tell Tales of Tails: AnnyBee1

The Tell Tales of Tails AnnyBee1 Book
by AnnyBee1

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This book is a mixture of fiction and reality for all ages to enjoy.If you open your heart and mind to this book you will fall in love with each line.

The Carrier Of Burdens

1. Who ordered the day to weep on such a morning? The world sat solitary and sad,the town of Riverbed lamented behind thick fog falling like satin curtains around her.Gracy sat on her veranda lost in her misery,seeking comfort and warmth from the cup of cinnamon tea clutched tightly within her trembling hands. The cold swept threw her thin nightgown her soul desolate and empty she continued to sip the warm tea. The aroma invaded her senses and reminded her of tea time in the Village.
Somewhere a bird chirped then went silent as if defeated and decided to continue sleeping in such distressing weather.Daylight barely peeped out at six in the morning Riverdale would be warm by now...but this was no normal day. The town was resting too from a violent storm lastnight now there remained only a steady drizzle of rain that rocked the cradle of the earth into wet slumber. The newspaper boy was late too. Gone was the familiar tinkle of his bell up and down the street and muddy puddles decorated her Garden and driveway. Lost too was the ringing laughter of children playing in the front lawns or the sight of women trimming their roses.The entire town surrendered to the tranquility yet only in Gracy's mind a war continued to rage. She looked out into the woods where rain water clung like tears to the leaves and tumbled down to splash by the muddy trunks.The natural storm had died down but inside her an emotional storm was thundering and brewing dangerously.Despite her calm exterior she was fighting for control.
She felt like one banished from home.Lost lonely,without family,without hope. The fog kept coming steadily from the river that was tucked away in the thick ,green woods across the road. Riverbed was a community of nature mingled with modernization. Rolling hills of untamed woodland across a concrete street and on the other side exquisite houses with upgraded devices and working people snuggled behind their computers. Nature lovers and city lovers harmonize their lifestyle in peace here.Only two miles from the city for those who worked in offices and properties were affordable enough to exclude the riff-raff of society. Thus Riverbed was a safe place to live.
Her flowers were in bloom. Several pots decorated the veranda with pink,yellow,purple and white.Some of her orchids were from places she couldn't even pronounce the name of and were as expensive as a pair of her designer shoes. She made several trips to flower shows buying buds,seeds,pots and special fertilized dirt to nourish her treasures. She dotted on her roses the coveted love and attention one would give to a lover.Insecure in her looks and femininity...She sought all things undeniably beautiful in this world. She inhaled the sweet fragrances,the reward of her hard labour and her face sweet and childlike showed a brief moment of pleasure.
Gracy touched her midnight black hair cut fashionable above the nape of her Long,slender neck. The curls snapped back into place as her hands wiped across her thick dark brows. Beneath those were eyes the same colour as her hair that peeped out luminous under long lashes.Eyes so interesting and deep it often pulled you in and makes you wonder how deep the rabbit hole really goes. Her mouth was abit too wide for her small,dark ,heart shaped face but so plump that one longed for a promised kiss. No typical beauty queen was she but her exotic looks commanded a second glance.She wasn't aware of her s*xual appeal. It was there in the swing of her hips and curves. It hung in the air like expensive perfume when she walked by...yet she was as withdrawn,shy and timid as a cat caught in the headlights.Fearful of things nobody could understand she avoided prolonged conversations or contacts especially with the opposite sex.
Gracy got up and placing the cup on the wooden table she perched her hands on the blue veranda railings. The two bedroom structure was the only house in Riverdale with blue railings. Everybody else kept the white painted ones that came with the property. However Gracy in her isolated life had an underlying intrigue for uniqueness. She bought clothes that were never out of style yet not in style.She was different in every way without causing a scene and nobody in Riverdale felt threatened by her blue railings.
There were so many sides to this one woman often confusing those who came in contact with her.So many layers of herself that she hid herself. Gracy had always been a peculiar child and she had peculiar gifts. Visions,premonitions,feelings that were never wrong and it was these feelings that crippled her on this rainy day.
Apart of her was dying. The part that connected her to her Mother was sweeping threw her spirit like fine wine escaping from a crack in a bottle.Yet she resisted cleaving to it. She looked at the bottle and made no attempt to save the wine.
"Goodbye Mother."She said and heading to the door she felt her cheeks damp.As if on que the phone rang.
"Hello." She said picking up the slim white device on the table closest to the door.
"Gracy Clancy?"
"This is Her."
There was a pause as if the person didn't know what to say. Then the voice continued.
"This is Nurse Williams from the Peaks Psychiatric Center. Sorry to say your Mom just passed away."
There was a long pause to allow her to absorb the news. Gracy knew it. She sensed the moment the life left her Mother's body as she had sensed so many unexplained things over the years.Yet the pain was as real and fresh as someone who had just stumbled upon something shocking. There was a deep breath then the nurse continued.
"Whenever you can please come down to the center and of course Gracy our condolences."
They spoke a few minutes longer before the line went dead.Gracy placed the receiver down and with her back against the door,she fell to the floor and cried. She cried for a Mother she loved and yet never knew.
Sorry guys corrections being made I just wrote it as the words came to me. Should improve as time goes by. Keep reading .cheers
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